A Clear and Simple Gospel


The whole purpose of the Christian life is to guide people into an intimate, personal, relationships with The Father and Jesus, teaching them how to be guided by the Holy Spirit in these two relationships.  It is not just to teach them to obey the commands of Jesus but to develop a love relationship with Him and The Father

The Gospel is the expression of God’s Perfect Love for us.  But it is usually taught as a list of scriptures you have to obey or go to hell and the Love of God behind it is hidden.

When it is presented this way, the purpose for which God created us and for which Jesus died for us at Calvary, is hidden.

In John 3:16 17, God stated Jesus came to save the world and not to condemn or judge it and He says He desires us to obey him out of love and not fear of judgement

A gospel presentation that does not present the love of God but focuses on judgement does not present the gospel in the way the that God sees it.

What follows is a presentation of The Gospel, focusing on God’s Love for us and of His desire for us to be His friend forever.  Now, and later, in eternity with Him in heaven.

This relationship is our salivation relationship which is entered in to by faith that makes us desire Jesus to be our Lord!.

God is Perfect Love

Everything God does for you is a result of His perfect Love directed toward you for your benefit to enable you to develop the salvation relationship and to mature in your Christian life in preparation for you to be with Him in heaven after you die.

God’s purpose for you

God loves you and desires to have an intimate, personal, relationship with you and has done all He can to make it happen.

He created mankind to have an intimate, personal, relationship with Him in the Garden of Eden and would spend time talking with the first man and women in the cool of the evening as you would talk to a close friend.

Jesus came to help us enterinto and then develop this relationship

This is why God sent Jesus to teach us what He requires us to do to enter this relationship and maintain it and then have Jesus die on Calvary to remove everything thtat stops you entering fully into this intimate, personal, relationship.

God is king of all

God created everything and is King of all.  He made it so He owns it.  When you do not do what a king wants it is called rebellion and is punishable by death and/or exile.

Rebellion leads to death or exile

So, when you die, you are sent to the spiritual prison called hell because you die a spiritual death because you are defiled by sin and nothing defiled can enter heaven and hell is the only other place you can go.

God looks at your attitudes

God does not look at your results but at your attitudes in how you do things.  These are what we need to work at as what we do is a result of our attitudes which are formed by how we deal with the information we take in which is why it is so important to take in The Bible and its principles as our key reference in h ow to live as God desires us to live.

Be wholehearted in all you do

If you wholeheartedly try to do things correctly and fail God is satisfied because your attitude towards Him in the doing of it is correct. Even if you do fail or sin all He requires is for you to wholeheartedly repent if you need too and continue wholeheartedly trying to obey Him  and develop the salvation relationship you have with Him.

In the bible is all we need to know about this relationship

You need to study the Bible and find out what God requires of you as well as what He is like, what He has done for you and is doing for you so that you can develop a greater love for Him and get closer to him and become more intimate in the relationship with him.

Salvation is a relationship with the father and Jesus (Jn 17:3)

Salvation is an intimate, personal, relationship with The Father and Jesus guided by the Holy Spirit whose sole purpose in your life is to develop this relationship in you so that you need to learn how to hear Him clearly to follow His guidance.

All God asks you to do is for the purposes of developing these relationships so you are prepared to spend eternity with Him in heaven.

Jesus needs to be your king

To enter into this relationship, you need to make Jesus your King so that you belong to His Kingdom and have the salvation and the relationship He offers you resulting from this relationship.

You also need to relate to Jesus as your spiritual stepbrother because The Father has adopted you as His spiritual child which means you need to relate to The Father as your spiritual Father.

So, you need to earn how to develop these relationships and spend time with them on an intimate personal basis.

You obey Jesus as Lord of The Kingdom but serve Him because you love Him and not  because you will be punished if you do not obey Him.

Faith in who Jesus is and what He and The Father has promised and done for you

You do not need to do anything except to believe in who He is and accept what He has done for you and is doing for you and to obey His requirements and His Will for you.

It is your Choice

Only you can develop this salvation relationship and work at it to mature it in you as it is used to prepare you for heaven and you alone will be to blame whether you end up in heaven or hell when you die.

The Father will help you as much as He can so that you will reach your full potential on earth.  But it is up to you how much of His help you will accept and according to how much of it you accept will be determined your rewards in heaven.

Develop this relationship and go to heaven or ignore it and go to hell.