Why Become a Christian


What is the Christian life?

The Christian life is the expression of the intimate love relationship we have with each person in God: The Father, The Holy Spirit and The Lord Jesus Christ.

It is clear when you ask the question

Why did God create you?

Why God Made you?

This is so important because it will determine how you should live.  It will influence everything you do: objectives, purposes, obedience to His Laws, Stewardship and everything else in your life!

He is complete in Himself and does not need you or anything He has created!

You cannot really add anything to God or take anything away from Him.

In a sense we are completely redundant where God is concerned.

The Background

Before the beginning of everything there was only God – who always existed and has no beginning or end.

There was nothing but God!

No vacuum of Space

No Physical Matter

No such things as light or darkness

No such thing as time

No such thing as eternity

God decided to make a beginning and spoke.

Everything in the universe is a result of God speaking.

He spoke and the energy of His words resonated through whatever was there and energy came into existence as waves.

Everything is a form of energy/vibration, including what we perceive as matter and light which is a result of the wave vibration started by God when He spoke.

Physical matter, in any form” Liquid, solid, gas, plasma, is just an aggregation of these wave forms expressed as atoms.  They appear to form something solid when in reality everything is really space with wave energy in it in some form.

He then made angels to serve Him.

Some Jews believe He looked at the angels and said that He had servants but no friends.

Why mankind was created

So, He created mankind to relate to Him as a friend on an intimate, personal basis and to show His Love for them as their spiritual Father and Creator.

Like any good parent He did what was best for mankind and placed them in a perfect Garden that had met all their needs and He would walk in the afternoon and fellowship with them (Adam and Eve) and develop the face-to-face friendship He had with them (which will be restored in heaven).

Mankind was supposed to live forever with God in this perfect environment but did not do what God said so got evicted them and from His Kingdom into a world they would now die in.

They suffered the punishment of all who rebel against a King.

The Fall from God

Satan, whom God considered a servant, saw Adam and Eve were treated differently to Him.  There is a difference between the way you treat a servant and a friend.  So, Satan conspired to have them doubt God’s Love and Authority.

He made them doubt God’s Authority so they did what they wanted to do and not what God had commanded them to do.

They doubted God’s Love stopping them eating what must have appeared a beautiful fruit to eat and so their lust was aroused over the fruit and they ate it.

There always three elements in a sin and cause incorrect stewardship of a person or thing so that there are three things done when you sin:

Idolatry: by making yourself a God by ignoring His requirement of you

Doubting His Love and calling Him a liar by implying His Love is not perfect towards you

Incorrect stewardship of something He has asked you to look after for Him.

They sinned.

If Adam and Eve had not sinned, they would be married for eternity.

The Purpose of The Bible

The Bible begins and ends with man in this perfect environment and The Bible is designed to help us know about God and restore us so that we can be in this face-to-face fellowship relationship with Him again.

It tells us:

Who God is

What He has done

What He is doing

What He is going to do and

What He requires of us

It all is designed so we will know Him better and also His Love for us and develop the personal relationship with Him so that we will go to be with Him when we die.

To become a Christian, you need to believe:

Jesus is God

He came to earth

Taught us what God requires of us to be a Christian

Taught Salvation was a relationship with Him and The Father

Died on a Cross

Rose from the dead

Now rules leave and earth

He does everything out of Perfect Love for you

Jesus died on a Cross to remove the effects of The Fall on all who followed Him as their Lord.  By His death Jesus redeemed us.

The Purpose of Redemption

The purpose of redemption was to remove all that stopped us personally relating to God so that we could be His friend again as well as a spiritual child of The Father by His adopting us, Jesus becoming our spiritual step-brother as we are in the same family as Him so that we could be in a salvation relationship with them and have eternal life so that we would forever be with them in this relationship of a close, personal, intimate friend.

Salvation is a relationship

The Father has sent The Holy Spirit whose purpose is to help us understand God’s Love for us and to guide us to live as we should so that we end up in heaven once again in an intimate, personal relationship with God.

This is why relating to other Christians correctly done is so important as it reflects the relationship we personally have with each member of The Trinity.

This is why Jesus said that salvation is personal, intimate relationship with The Father and Jesus (Jn 17:3) guided by The Holy Spirit.

The Father is the ruler of heaven and Jesus is the ruler of all creation so you need to be in a personal relationship with them both to enter heaven and live correctly in earth.

The other lie of Satan is that you invite Jesus into your heart to become a Christian then continue basically to live as you did before, believing you will go to heaven when you are not working at holiness, obedience (Lordship) and the intimate relationship God desires you to have with Him.

It is a relationship with The Father as His adopted spiritual child which means Jesus is our spiritual step brother because of our adoption into His family by The Father.

Jesus is also Lord of all so we have the relationship with The Father as His spiritual Child and as a citizen of The Kingdom of God and with Jesus as our Lord.

We do not serve Jesus out of fear but out of love for our step brother and our desire to help Him in His work on earth.

The Christian life really is a reflection of our degree of intimate, personal relationship with God.

The Basics

Faith helps us to realise who God is and our relationship with Him.

We realise He is Lord of all so we practice Lordship.  He is our king whom we obey in all things.

To stay in this attitude, we practice Holiness and as a result are a good steward of all He gives to do or look after for Him.  Holiness is the rejecting of all that is against The Kingdom of God

The practice of Lordship and Holiness as well as our knowledge of The Bible is the best defence we have against Satan as he cannot take our focus off Jesus onto what he desires us to do or think and knowledge of the truths of God and His Bible allows us to fight Satan’s lies and half-truths (Jn 8:32) he uses to try and cause us to sin.

We study God’s requirements, found in His Bible to learn about Him and His character so we can express it to those around Him and be like Him (This approach is commended by God in Acts 17:11).

Who does not like to be like their hero!  And Jesus should be our hero!

We study also to see what work He has asked us to do for Him as well as how and when we are to do it.  It is carried out in an attitude of Love for our spiritual step brother out of a desire to help Him do His work.

God has given us three things to help us live as we should

The Bible:  Which has in it all we need to know to know about God and obey Him.

Jesus: who explained what God requires us to know to stay in this salvation relationship

The Holy Spirit:  whose presence is in us marking us as belonging to Jesus and who teaches us how to know what The Bible means and Jesus taught.

How we relate to each person in God

There is one God but there are three persons in God.  Do not try to understand it as you cannot.  Each are equally God and each are a distinct person.

The Father provides every good thing we need and sends His angels to help us.  The Father is our spiritual father who adopts us as His child. He asks us  to speak to Him like we speak to our earthly father

Jesus rules creation and maintains it for us to use and limits what the devil can do to us.

The Holy Spirit is our guide in how to live the Christian life.

The work of a Christian

The work of a Christian is to do whatever Jesus asks you to do.  The Christian does it out of love for Jesus because of what He has done for them and not out of fear of punishment if He disobeys, even if Accidental.

Jesus does not look at your results but at your attitude you had while you did the task He gave you.

Also, you are only expected to wholeheartedly do what  you know and not what  others expect you to know.

Sin only occurs if you deliberately disobey Jesus and not if you unknowingly disobey Him.

After Death

When you die Jesus will ask you what you did with what He gave you to do for Him

Where you end up after death will be determined by which king you were serving when you die.  If you were obeying Jesus you go to heaven otherwise you go to the only other place. Which is hell, where Satan rules whom you were obeying by rejecting what Jesus asked you to do for Him.

The king you are serving when you die is the one whose kingdom you go to after death which is why it is always a good practice to be always right with God no matter what the cost.

The Father is waiting to receive you in heaven and Jesus is on earth helping to protect you and limit what Satan can do to you so you can do all The Father requires of you so that you can be with The Father in heaven.

So, remember, God made you so He could show His Love toward you and for no other reason except He wanted to be friends with you in an intimate personal relationship.  This realization should Affect how we approach God and everything He asks us to do for Him!

What you need to do to maintain this salvation relationships

This is why you need to pursue:



Be a good steward of all God gives you to look after and do for Him

Develop the personal relationship you have with God

Seek to develop His Character in you

Learn to be able to hear The Holy Spirit clearly so He can guide and teach you how to live the Christian life

Study The Bible to know its truths and learn how to apply it.  Meditating on the Bible will help you in this.

Perform the work of The Kingdom and show that Jesus and The Kingdom of The Father are real.

To maintain the personal relationship you have with Jesus and The Father

Our relationship to Jesus

All who believe are able to be part of God’s spiritual family

John 1:12 KJV But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:


Jesus said we are no longer servants but His friends if we do what He commands us!  This is because we are in the intimate, love relationship God created for us to be in.

Joh 15:14 Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you. 

Joh 15:15 Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you. 

He also said we were His Family

Luk_8:21 And he answered and said unto them, My mother and my brethren are these which hear the word of God, and do it.

Rom_8:15 For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.

Gal_4:6 And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father

Learn to develop the relationship you have with The Father and Jesus guided by The Holy Spirit.   Always have one ear open to them and always remember they are there to talk too and help you.

Remember they Love you deeply and will only ever do what is best for you.

In the Old Testament we have this:

Micah 6:8 (Brenton) Has it not been told thee, O man, what is good? or what does the Lord require of thee, but to do justice, and love mercy, and be ready to walk with the Lord thy God?

Note: ‘walk with’ as if they are a friend and ‘not walk’ behind which a servant does.

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