Not Believing in Genesis Ch 1 to 11

Many Christians belief the stories in Genesis are a myth.  They do not realise the consequences of this attitude.  Once you realise what you are actually saying by this attitude you will be horrified.

If you do not believe in Genesis 3 (The Fall) then there is no need for Jesus and The New Testament.

This little document aims to show you what happens when you do not believe in any part of Genesis or other parts of The Bible.

Genesis Ch 1, 3 & 8 Creation, The Fall of Man and the Worldwide Flood

These three events are a major test of your faith in God and who you believe He is

If you believe He is God you will believe in all these three things because you believe He is able to do these things

If you do not believe He is God then you will not believe in these things because you do not believe He is God and able to do these things.  You cannot be a follower of Jesus who believed these things.

Six day Creation

Do you believe God created everything in 6 days?

If Yes

You have the faith God requires to do His Will

You will not have the problems evolution causes people

You do not believe you are wiser than God to declare what He has or has not done (making you a god to be able to judge God)

You do not need to correct The Bible to say what you believe it says because you will believe He is able to preserve it as He said He could.

You will not need to find alternative ways for things occurred which require more faith than believing these events happened

If No

You are accepting beliefs and theories that have not been scientifically proved but only assumed and are really only hypotheses as they have not been proven only assumed and really cannot be proved given the short lifespan of mankind.

You do not believe God could create everything in six days or you would accept a six-day creation

You must find an alternative system for the formation of the universe and the earth

You must find an alternative to the God of The Bible and a holy book you can believe in because you say the God of The Bible lied or has been incorrectly quoted so you no longer can believe any of The Bible.

Belief in The Bible is all or none.

Evolution is the only alternative you can believe in for the formation of the earth and universe, which states that there was nothing before the universe occurred and you would break all the laws of physics having energy being created out of nothing

You are saying that:

God has no real part in the creation of all things we know exist and that all is an accident

Life spontaneously came into existence from things that did not have life (you believe life was created from nothing rather than an all-powerful God created it)

God's order and discipline is not in the universe or it would be firstly seen in creation

Chance is the guide in everything and there is no divine plan behind all that happens

God has no right to make plans for or to influence creation as He did not make it.  You cannot know they are correct because you judge them and they are not based on the morality of the god you are going to believe in  because you have not yet applied them to your life but only assumed they are the correct god.

You can have no moral absolutes unless you can find a god who morals you can believe in

You can have no eternal purpose for life as God has no authority to give you one as He did not create you

You are your own god as you reject the God of The Bible and can do what you want as there is no God to judge you (so you believe)

Life after death may exist but God has no right to have a part in it as He did not create you so does not own you to be able to make plans for you or to control what happens to you

Do you modify Genesis to fit in with scientific beliefs?

If yes

You do not believe God can create in six days so have the problems those above of those who answered ‘No’ above.

If No!

If you said ‘No’ because you want to believe the Bible but want to accept what science says then you really do not believe God would create in six days or you would reject this way of these events happening and you would have many of the problems of those who do not believe in six-day creation.

The Fall of Mankind into sin

Do you believe there was a fall of mankind into sin?

If Yes

You believe Jesus is necessary to complete God’s plan for you

You believe in Salvation and Redemption

You will obey God to preserve these

You will tell others of these things because they are good for other people and God's Love in you causes you to do this

If No

You cannot believe in Jesus and all He did for you as He is not necessary because there is no fall of man for Him to die and remove the effects, which was His main purpose for coming to earth.

You will not love others as God does and will have a self-motivated expression of love. You may try to love as God Loves but you are really following a god that works within the limitations you have given him and because He is not the God of true Love you will not be able to express this in you to its fullest extent

You need to find a way of salvation you can believe in and you know is correct as you cannot trust anything The Bible says about it or anything else it states about anything to do with these things. You cannot pick and choose what parts of The Bible you want to believe in.  It is all or none because once you start to pick and choose what you want to believe in you are no longer following the God who wrote it and have made your own bible

The worldwide deluge

Do you think there was a Worldwide Noahic flood?

If Yes

You will understand Geology correctly

You will know God's judgement on an evil world and Grace to Noah and all who follow God

You will not fruitlessly need to search for explanation of things in geology regardless of how improbable they may seem or scientifically incorrect they are

If No

You will have to believe in evolution as an alternative to the flood to explain earth geology and formation

You will not understand geology correctly

You will always be looking for explanations to refute the things that show the worldwide flood occurred regardless of how improbable or impossible these explanations are

You cannot believe what The Bible says in Genesis about the flood so you cannot use The Bible as you believe it has error

Overall consequence of saying "Yes" to belief in the above three events

You believe the God of the Bible and all He said

You believe all The Bible says

You know what Salvation and Redemption is

You know how to live to obtain and preserve these

You will express God’s Love and Control over all things

You will learn how to explain and defend these events against their critics

Overall consequence of saying "No!"

Jesus is irrelevant to you as all these point to Him in some way

You Believe God lied in the first verse of The Bible and in subsequent chapters of Genesis so you cannot believe anything in The Bible as you do not know where else He lied.  If you believe God did not lie but that the translation of these chapters is wrong you cannot believe anything else in it as they may have been wrongly translated.

You do not believe what Jesus did as He believed in all these events

You cannot be a follower of Jesus as you do not believe what He believed

You worship a different God to that of The Bible and Jesus and need a different holy book you can trust in place of The Bible

You cannot believe anything The Bible says or use it as you believe it has error in it so by using any of it you may be promoting error

You do not know what else in it is in error

You cannot accept what it says about salvation and redemption as it may be incorrect

You need to find a god you can believe in and trust

You need to find a 'Bible' you can believe in and trust

You have to create your own morality without any absolute being (a god) to compare your values with you can trust completely and believe in and then pick a god that matches your moral values and beliefs

You will have to promote evolution or modify the Bible creation in some way (which is the same as rejecting what it says and is what modern theologians have done in modern bibles to justify their lack of faith) and will have to promote whatever you believe in and not what God says

You will have trouble relating to a God you reject in part or whole as salvation is a relationship and you will compromise your salvation and even lose it.

How God's Authority is affected by this rejection of any of these three events

You believe God did not create everything

He does not have ultimate authority so there is no absolute authority to underpin all other authority (you can basically do what you want).

He does not own all things as He did not make them

His Will is not important as He has no right to enforce it on a creation He did not created

You can do anything with what you possess as He did not make it so you have the right to determine what to do with it

You do not believe He has moral authority over man as He did not create mankind

He has no right to punish anyone as He did not make them and cannot make moral laws for them because He is not their creator or maker

He has no right to judge anyone or anything in creation or to even interfere with it in any way as according to you He did not create these things so has no right of ownership or control over them

Jesus is not necessary as there was no sin against an infinite God needing infinite sacrifice to appease.  This means redemption is not necessary

God has no right to destroy the earth through a flood as sin was not against Him as He had not created us to have the right to make our moral laws

You do not believe God has any authority to formulate or evaluate morals

God cannot make you obey His laws unless He makes you His prisoner and forces His Will on you because He did not create you.

If He made you His prisoner, He would not be god of Love

The Love of God and The Father are not relevant as we have not sinned against God to need them.  The Holy Spirit has no right to guide and instruct us in the things of a god we do not believe in.

If God shows us His love it is not because of Jesus as Jesus cannot redeem us because we have not sinned against God (there was no fall to do this and He has no right to judge us for our failings anyway as He did not create us)

You are in charge of your life and purposes unless you find another god to follow and even then, you will be the one determining what you believe and how you want to obey this god.


You cannot reject any part of The Bible in part or whole as it means you cannot trust any of it or The God who wrote it.

To do this you must believe the reasonings of men who do not believe God could create things in six days or that the other events happened.

The only person who promotes this belief system is Satan so that those believing these things have been deluded by Satan to believe these things as God would not persuade them to believe these things.

There are no fence sitters as there can be no grey area in belief for or against these things.

You will not seek the scientific truth to show the possibility that God created in six days or that the other events happened

To not believe in an infinite God, whose marks are all over creation, takes more faith to believe in men, who are finite and cannot prove what they believe is correct about creation and the deluge but only reason it from what they see and do not accept any other rational explanation because they do not really believe in God or they would accept all these events as being under the control of God.

To say Genesis Ch 1-3 are myths or allegory is to remove the need for Jesus and His coming as one of the major proposes for this coming to earth is for our redemption, which only is relevant if there was a fall!  You also remove the need for a New Testament.

You cannot trust the prophets who were used to write The Bible

Another result of not believing in Genesis chapters 1 to 3 is that you cannot believe anything a prophet said in the Old Testament.

God said he spoke through the prophets so according to you deluded prophets or normal men wrote Geneses ch 1-11 as you believe they are myths, You are saying a prophet did not write what God said or that God did not speak through the prophet because the prophet misheard what God said. This means you cannot really trust anything prophets said in the Old Testament.  If one prophet got it wrong, how do you know others did not get it wrong?

Everything that was prophesied about Jesus cannot be believed:

All the requirements of Him to be born as The Messiah

The work The Messiah would do

The death of The Messiah and what would accomplish

What the Messiah would usher in (the kingdom of God)

All the Messiah taught and did

All these were accidents.

What the prophets said cannot be trusted because you do not believe what a prophet wrote about in Genesis which means you cannot trust that other prophets have written.

It also means that God of the Bible lied according to you about His ability to have His Bible correctly written down and passed onto to future generations.

Who do you prefer to believe:  God or man?