Your Relationship with God

The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit are persons.  They created you to be their friend and so naturally want to interact with you.  This is why salivation is a relationship guided by The Holy Spirit.

When you become a Christian:

The Father adopts you as His spiritual child

The Lord Jesus becomes your Lord and spiritual step brother

The Holy Spirit becomes a mentor to you like a wise uncle.

So, you must learn how to hear each one and interact with them on a personal basis.

The Father is the father of all comfort so must be able to comfort us which means He must be able to communicate with us in some way.  He also was the one Jesus said to pray to so He hears what we say to Him

Jesus has communicated with many people in dreams and visions so He can talk to us and hear us.

The Holy spirit is given to personally guide us into all the truth we need to know which means He must be able to communicate with us to do this.

So, we know The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit can hear us and can communicate with us which is what you do with your close friends whom you are intimate with which is the type of relationship we have with each member of The Trinity.

So how does this relationship affect us:

When we evangelise we are talking about someone we love.

You should love to talk about Jesus and what He has done for you and can do for them.  If you do not, do you really love Jesus or have a salvation relationship with Him?

When we conduct spiritual warfare, we are defending someone we love or something of theirs, which, because it is theirs, is also precious to us.

How do you value what Jesus has given you?  As something precious? Or just as something normal?

When we study The Bible, you are learning about someone you Love.  If you love someone you will want to learn all you can about them.

How much do you want to learn about Jesus, The Father and The Holy Spirit?

When we pray, we are having a conversation with someone we love with expectation He will hear us. When you pray how much faith do you have God hears you and will answer prayer in the way that is best for you and not as you want it answered?

Prayer is only a part of the conversations we can have with God where you share your heart with Him and show your love for Him by what you say.

So how should this affect our attitude as we do these things?

We should be in awe that the God of this universe desires us to relate to Him in an intimate, personal way.

It should foster love in us toward Him

As we do these things, we need to remember that we should be expressing His Quality of Love to Him

As we converse with Him, Love should be raised in our hearts that He humbles Himself to talk to us when He does not have too.

When we are in their presence, we should have a sense of holiness but there should belove in our hearts as we relate to them.  After all, they call us their friend and desire to relate to us personally and provide all we need like any Loving father does for His children.

It is because of this relationship that in all things we should be thankful because the Love of our Spiritual father is behind it.

As we go through life, do we have one ear open to The Holy Spirit to hear God’s Will for us?  Or do we decide what to do and do not listen to God to hear what He desires us to do.

Remember, to be a child of God you need to be guided in all you do by The Holy Spirit so you hear what you need to do to stay on the path God has prepared for you which will prepare you to be in heaven with Him.