The Need to show Christianity is different to other faiths

What is the difference between Christianity, Buddhism, Moslem faith, and many other faiths?

They all have a holy book

They all have a prophet to follow they believe is God or like one

They all have high morals

They nearly all have a heaven and an earth

You say Christianity has Jesus.

So how do you prove Jesus is real and not just a figment of your imagination?

You show He is God by using His authority over demons and nature as you express this delegated authority Jesus has given you over these things.

The use of this delegation was so important its demonstration was an essential part of evangelism.  This showed that Jesus was real and greater than their gods.

1Co 2:4 And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power: 

It was extremely important in Ephesus where Artemis was goddess.  She was the female equivalent of Jesus and it was only because Jesus was shown to be greater than her by the use of His delegation by Paul of the Authority of Jesus over her demons and nature that it was shown that Artemis was not His equal and not even a goddess.

Now you see the great strategy of Satan to make this delegated authority seem to be put in the Bible by man and not Jesus! So that it is not used in evangelism or against Him as it is the one weapon Satan cannot defeat!         

When you study its omission from modern bibles, you will see the lies told to make people believe its inclusion in The Bible was not warranted as it is implied it was not given by Jesus but by a man.

It is only as you demonstrate the Authority of Jesus over illnesses and nature that people will see He, The Kingdom and Satan are real!

The church does not do this so has a lukewarm faith with not real proof to give that Jesus and His Kingdom is real and has no authority or power to show Jesus is real and greater than any other god.

Ask Yourself:

If you are not using the delegated authority of Jesus to remove the threats of Satan to The Kingdom of God and from your family do you really belong to The Kingdom of God.  The only excuse would be not knowing how to use it but even then, you are supposed to learn this.

How do you use this delegation?

At home, casting out the demons suggesting to your kids to do things that are wrong or protecting it and things you ae a steward of

Casting out the demons trying to cause fear in your wife and secrecy about doing things you do not like to cause the question of the love your spouse has for you.  These should be discussed as it is a partnership and sometimes you need to do things you do not like.

Dealing with demons attacking you at your work or ministry service)

Anything Jesus shows you to use it on through the guidance of The Holy Spirit.

Anything that attacks The Kingdom of God in any way.

Pastors can protect their services using this and employers their businesses and employees working for them at their work.

You must be steward of something to protect it this way or you just attack the demons attaking it and cannot give it to Jesus to be Lord of.

How do you proclaim this declaration?


I give the area attacked (name it) to Jesus to be Lord of and in the Name of Jesus, I command every demon (name the activity) either directly or indirectly causing or using this to go to The Lord Jesus and take all they have done and are doing in this area with them.

In the Name of Jesus, I command healing and restoration on anything they did

I claim the area for The Kingdom of God and you Holy Spirit t occupy it so demons cannot come back and take it again.

As we say in Australia

;’ Don’t knock it til’ you’ve tried it”