We are citizens of The Kingdom of God

Jesus is its King

He owns everything in this Kingdom.

Everything we have of this Kingdom belongs to Jesus so we must ask Him what to do with it.

We have things Satan convinced us to get and we are stewards of them for Satan until we give them to Jesus to be Lord of this part of His Kingdom.  They are designed to hinder us in our service of Jesus.

So, everything we do needs to be evaluated against the Will of The King and the purposes of His Kingdom.

If we week to do His Will and seek the purposes (benefit) of The Kingdom in all we do then the promise of Matt 6:33 will be fulfilled and the King will provide all we need to live and serve Him.

This is why we always need to be ready to hear The Holy Spirit when He tells us not to do something or we will not be doing what Jesus wants us to do and He will not provide what we need to do it.

This is why churches are in financial trouble.  They do things without asking Jesus and He does not supply what they need so they need to convince people to give to them to help them meet the debt Satan convinced them to raise,

They do not believe Matthew 6:33 or they would be doing things Jesus desired them to do and said He would provide what they needed for them.

The same with people.

They do things Satan suggests and end up borrowing to meet the financial debt Satan convinced them to have to do the object or the activity and Jesus will not meet their needs to do it.

This is why that when you go shopping for anything including groceries you make certain you have God’s peace and guidance so you do not buy things, no matter how inexpensive, that Satan is suggesting you buy that would occupy stewardship time and activity you should be giving to Jesus

Remember, no matter how small the thing is you are doing, it is still a stewardship event for the purposes of The Kingdom of God and your salvation.


For stewardship to be properly carried out everything needs to be in its place in its proper order and everything that Satan convinced you to buy should be removed if God tells you to remove them as they will only hinder your stewardship.

God is a God of order and a Christian household should be a place of order.

Where there is disorder Satan has an influence as his purposes is to cause disorder in The Kingdom of God and your house should be an outpost of The Kingdom. So, if it is in disorder you need to ask The Holy Spirit what you are doing that allows Satan to make your house so disordered.


God promises to give you everything you need which includes what He wants you to tithe.

This means you need to order your finances so that you can tithe.

If you cannot do this, He cannot trust you with more and may remove things so you can tithe.