Introduction to the Christian Life

Why do we need Jesus?

We all know why . But I am going to tell you the reason why in the way Jesus showed me which is different to the way it is usually told.

There are two kingdoms: The Kingdom of God an the kingdom of Satan.

The Kingdom of God is not a physically territory on earth now but will be in The Millennium and was on earth in the Garden of Eden before man sinned. It is. however in the citizens of The Kingdom who are on earth and places dedicated to The Kingdom.

This is why it is good to dedicate places of Christian assembly to The Kingdom of God.

Jesus is here because we are meeting in His Name but that does not make the place they meet part of His Kingdom unless it is given to Him to be Lord of.

When man sinned they sinned against the King of kingdom. When you rebel against a king you are executed or removed from the kingdom.

So when man sinned he died spiritully to The Kingdom of God and was removed from its presence on earth to Satanís domain where he would die physically.

So there are two stages to being restored to God.

Salvation is by faith and does not need Jesus to do any thing exceed accent your faith. This gets you entrance into The Kingdom of God as an outpost of it on earth. But you still cannot enter heaven where the physical presence of the Kingdom is because you have not been punished and you are still defiled by the sin.

This is the first relationship entered into - that of King and subject.

Jesus tasking our punishment and the defilement that came with it and now we can enter Heaven. This leads to the second relationships which is with The Father as His child. We are all children of The Father so we are all step brother and step sister and also with Jesus as He too is a son of God.

So remember when you interact with other Christians you are talking to a family member. This is why denominations were introduced by Satan as they divide the Kingdom and the family of God. The King you are serving when you die is the one whose kingdom you will go to after death. This is why Christians end up in hell because they do not give Jesus lordship of an area they knew they are sinning in so He was not their Lord and they belonged to Satan because they were were accepting his will and not doing Godís Will.

Most Christians end up in hell because of unforgiveness, not wanting to give up a sin they like or not reconciling with another. All things Jesus said not to do. So they belong to Satanís kingdom and when they die and end up going there.

Why did God make you?

He is complete in Himself

He does not need you

You are redundant

So why did God make you? Knowing you were going to reject Him?

He made you for all the good things He could do for you
Of which a relationship with Him is the main one.

Man messed it up and sinned

This meant He was thrown out of The beautiful Place God had placed him in
In which He provided you with all you needed to live and relate to Him.

God even made the remedy so you could once again intimately relate to Him

He died on a Cross to do this.
So the relationship He originally had with man was restored.

The salvation he gave us allows us to avoid hell

It was the redemption that allowed us to enter heaven
Where once again He will provide all you need to live and relate to Him.

Having done all this

How can we doubt His Love
And Perfect Will for us?

Rom_8:15† For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.

Rom_8:23† And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.

Eph_1:5† Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will.

The Family Business

You have been adopted by The Father in heaven.

You are part of His family as is every other Christian who has been adopted by The Father.

All these Christians, are in a sense, relatives to be treated as such.

You also must look after the interests of this family as dictated by The Father of it in heaven.

If you love Him as a family member then your purposes will be His purposes and all you do will be an expression of the love relationship you have with Him.

This means the Christian life is an expression of this family relationship serving the family and its needs and purposes. Remember this next timeyou interact with a Christian or a Christian asks for help

The purpose of this family business is the reconciliation of everyone with The Father and Jesus by rescuing them from the enemy and training them how to live as The Father desires His family members to live as well as defending and promoting The Fatherís Kingdom.

As a member of His family these too should be your purposes.

So are they your purposes?

Do you live as part of Godís family or do you ignore this fact.

The true Christian will be doing their part, whatever God has told them it is, for the work of the family head which is The Father once they realise the relationship they are in. If they do not do the Will (Work) of The Father they do not acknowledge Him as head of the family so do not belong to it or His Kingdom.

So are you part of Godís family doing the type of family work which God has asked you to do? Or are you not relating to other family members as God desires you to relate to them or not promoting The Kingdom and Godís Love to others.

Not all are called to be evangelists but all are called to demonstrate the Authority of Jesus over Satan and to be able to tell all who desire to know what Jesus and The Father has done for them.Ē Ignorance is no excuse as God will bring to you the people you need to train you if you really want to be involved in the family business.

So what is the Christian Life?

The Christian life is an expression of the love relationship you have with The Father, The Lord Jesus and The Holy Spirit expressed:

Firstly as an adopted child of The Father

Secondly as a Citizen of their Kingdom.

Everything a Christian does should be the expression of one or both of these relationships.

Because it is a relationship with God we need His Guidance to maintain it properly which is why The Holy Spirit has been given to guide us in this relationship and its expression. To enter this relationship required faith and to maintain it also requires faith. Faith will become stronger as you experience the relationship which makes it easier to maintain your side of it. So you need to learn how to love The Father as a child loves their father and how to live like a citizen of Their Kingdom should live.

The Bible has been given to help you do this and The Holy Spirit has been given to guide you in this and help understand The Bible to be able to understand what you need to do. Now you know why you are to study these things so you can be approved (accepted) by God. If you do not know what you need to know from The Bible how can you fulfil your roles as an adopted Child and a Citizen of The Kingdom.

You can also see why the role of The Holy Spirit is so important and why you need to develop a personal relationship with Him.Ē


Because God is your father and His love and is always working for your best

Do you give thanks for what I allow to happen to you?
Not doing so questions Godís Love for you

He is in charge of all your circumstances and they are working for your best.

Jesus is in charge of what happens to you and protects what is His.

Do you believe The Father is a God of Love?

If not, whatever happens to you, you will question believing it is the wrong even if you do not say it out aloud.

Remember the Holy Spirit tells God what you need (Rom 8:26-27).

Doubt of any kind says Godís ways are not perfect or He does not Love you as He should.

Does it concern you that things are not happening as you think they should?

Or are not happening when you think they should?

This questions Godís love for you

If you start questioning Godís Love for you it causes doubts and damages faith. Remember you are a part of The Family of God so The Father will treat you as a family member not as a stranger or transient person in the Kingdom.

All God does is designed to help you grow and make sure you are to be ready for your place in heaven with Him.

Are you content or are you complaining about how God treats you?

How much do you trust your Father in heaven and Jesus will determine your degree of contentment with what happens. So if you re not content then check your relationship with God.

What is your Concept of God and your relationship with Him

How do you see your relationship with Jesus and The Father?

According to how you see this relationship will be how you relate to them./p>

Do you see them as all powerful, all knowing, everywhere, containing every thing, in control of all circumstances, having the greatest love anyone can ever have†towards you?

And that everything they do showing their perfect Love toward you?

Do you believe they desire to personally relate to you because that will also flavour your relationship with them and affect the way you approach them.

Examine your perspective of them, how you see them because that will affect your relationship with them and the way you approach them and serve them.

Remember that salvation is a relationship with The Father and Jesus guided by the Holy Spirit and how you see this relationship will determine how your relationship with them will unfold either resulting in salvation or damnation

In conclusion

Do you know how things work?

The Father provides

Jesus governs and protects what The Father gives you

The Holy Spirit gives you understanding and shows how to use what The Father gives you.

So when you pray

Ask The Father for what you need

Jesus to protect it

The Holy Spirit to give you understanding and to show you how God desires you to act and ask Him to empower you to perform it.

Not one member of The Trinity should be elevated or worshipped above the others. To do that is a form of idolatry.

So when you pray remember how each member of the Trinity performs their part in the answer to your prayer.

And when God does something remember that part each person of The Trinity plays in it being performed."