Christian on earth

  1. There are two kingdoms
    1. The Kingdom of God in heaven
    2. The kingdom of Satan under the earth
    3. We need to know your relationship to both kingdoms
      1. You are either serving one or the other, either by
        1. By obeying one of the kings
        2. By rejecting the rule of one of the kings
        3. By being indifferent or careless about the requirements of the King of heaven
      2. The king you serve when you die is the one whose kingdom you go to after death
  2. The home base of a citizen is The Kingdom of heaven
    1. It is where the King is
      1. The King and His authority are based there
      2. It is where the administration of the Kingdom is
      3. It is where His army and servants are based
    2. It is also where true treasure and rewards are
    3. It is where the moral laws of the universe (and earth) are made
      1. The laws of The King override the moral laws of earth
      2. His Laws must be obeyed on earth
      3. Earthly laws made by authority God has allowed over you must be obeyed unless they go against the laws of God
  3. You are born on earth
    1. You are born in enemy territory
      1. You are at war from birth with the enemy of The King, Satan
      2. You either fight him or be controlled by the him in some way
    2. Training ground for heaven
      1. You obedience on earth prepares you to live in heaven
      2. You obedience brings Honour and Glory to the King
      3. You obedience shows you belong to Him
      4. Sin (disobedience) is deliberately rejecting a law of God that needs to be obeyed on earth.  Either:
        1. God's moral law
        2. Laws of the land that do not go against God's Laws
        3. The rebellion needs to be repented of (stopped) or you go to the kingdom of the enemy when you die
    3. Earth is the only place we can be born
      1. Only way we can be born is physically - hell and heaven are spiritual realms where birth does not occur.
        1. If there had been no fall we would not suffer the consequences of being born in a world that is not ruled by God but by His enemy. Such consequences such as:
          1. Sin and its consequences
          2. The decay of our body
          3. Being involuntarily at war with the enemy
          4. Losing all we have on earth when we die as it belongs to a defiled world
          5. Being separation from God personally
        2. We need to be redeemed to be restored to a relationship with God
          1. You need to obey God to be
          2. You were redeemed by Christ at Calvary
          3. Redemption removes barriers we had separating us from relating  God
          4. Redemption allows a 24/7 relationship with God
  4. Role on earth
    1. We do the work of a citizen
      1. We represent The Kingdom - Ambassador
      2. We attack God's enemy - Spiritual warfare
      3. We defend The Kkingdom - Defender of the realm
      4. We proclaim Th Kingdom - Teach about it and its requirements
      5. We serve The King - You are His servant because you are His citizen
    2. You are also an Example of how The King desires you  to live
      1. Witness by your Life demonstrates how to obey The King
      2. You demonstrate the King's authority over the enemy king and his kingdom by:
        1. Casting out Satan
        2. Rescuing people from Satan's kingdom through evangelism
        3. Removing Satan and the damage he has done to people and objects
        4. Destroying the work Satan has done and his plans for things
    3. Holy Spirit given to us
      1. To guide us how to live as a citizen of The Kingdom of God
      2. To give us understanding of the Things of God
      3. To anoint us (mark us out for specific service)
      4. To give us power us to demonstrate The Kingdom of God
  5. Your Leaving earth
    1. There are only two ways to leave earth
      1. The Rapture - a Once only special event
      2. Death: Normal event for all of us that removes us from the earth
        1. We must accept we may die doing the work of The Kingdom of God
        2. Death is the way  we are relieved of a body that cannot inherit eternal life or enter The Kingdom of God
    2. You go to heaven or hell after death
      1. Absolute obedience required to get to heaven (no deliberate unrepented sin or unforgiveness - the main causes of going to hell)
      2. We must live as if our next breath or step will be out last so that we are always focused on Jesus and His Will
      3. Remember that the enemy spends all our life trying to get us to follow him and go to be with him in hell and he has had 6000 years to practice doing this
      4. We need to be guided by The Holy Spirit to know when Satan is attacking and how to avoid giving in to the attack.
      5. God promises us that there will always be a way to avoid doing what he desires us to do
  6. Home base
    1. Heaven
      1. This is our true home (heaven sorts out where people are going resulting from their accepting or rejecting Jesus and prepares us to live in heaven)
      2. Redemption removes all that sin did to us that stopped us getting to heaven
    2. There are major differences to life on earth
      1. No demons
      2. No decay or degeneration
      3. A new perfect body that never dies or degrades in any way
      4. All is perfect and in place - no disorganization
      5. God's type of Love rules and not self-interest
      6. You are with God personally and not separated from Him by being on earth
      7. Faith no longer is necessary
      8. Hope no longer is necessary
      9. All serve each other selflessly
      10. Love alone is necessary
  7. Conclusion
    1. We need to know our relationship to both kings
      1. The Bible has been given us to know this so we need to study it
      2. The Holy Spirit has been given to us to help us understand The Bible and to guide us to live as God desires us too
      3. God promises to give us all we need to obey Him if we wholeheartedly try to obey Him and do the work He desires us to do for Him
      4. You will have no one else to blame but yourself if you do not make it to The Kingdom of Heaven