The Glory of God!

Jesus asks:

How do you see me?:

Do you see as the most beautiful, most Majestic and Gloriously appearing being in the universe?

Do you see the Glory of my actions which are greater than anyone else can do?

How do you see me?

As more beautiful, more Majestic and more greater in Glory that anyone created in the universe?

Do you really believe these thing and show it in your lifestyle?

When you approach me do you approach me as a King above all kings?  Or as someone who is not really relevant and out of your sight so really out of your mind and attitudes in daily living.

When you approach me as a friend, is it as a close, intimate friend or just as an acquaintance.

How you see me will influence how you worship, serve, love and obey me.

So how do you see Me?

There is no such things as reflected Glory


Maintains us

Prepares us for the ministry He desires us to do

Prepares the circumstances so we can do it

Provides us what we  need to do it

Guides us how to do it

Helps us to do it

Then maintains the results for us.

Tell me how anyone can say they have any Glory in the event.

People say they have reflected Glory when in reality it is the Glory of God’s working in and through them that is seen. The moment a person is given any Glory for any thing God has done through or for them they have failed in their service of God by taking away from Him the Gory that is due only to Him.

A person can be praise for their obedience but not for being the cause of something God does or for doing something God has done.

This is why when you get to heaven the best praise you can get is “Well done! Thou good and faithful servant!”

Glory and Majesty

What is the difference between glory and majesty

Majesty is a result of His position and Stature (Status and standing)

Glory is a result of an action or the appearance of God.

People confuse these attributes and actions of God.

Majesty (from Webster’s 1828 Dictionary)

MAJ'ESTY, n. [L. majestas, from the root of magis, major, more, greater.]

1. Greatness of appearance; dignity; grandeur; dignity of aspect or manner; the quality or state of a person or thing which inspires awe or reverence in the beholder; applied with peculiar propriety to God and his works.

GLO'RY, n. [L. gloria; planus; hence, bright, shining. Glory, then, is brightness, splendor. The L. floreo, to blossom, to flower, to flourish, is probably of the same family.]

1. Brightness; luster; splendor.

2. Splendor; magnificence.

5. Honor; praise; fame; renown; celebrity. The hero pants for glory in the field. It was the glory of Howard to relieve the wretched.

10. Distinguished honor or ornament; that which honors or makes renowned; that of which one may boast.

His Majesty

If we have an earthly king who rules a small nation we give them deference and treat them as royalty how much more should we give deference and honour to God who rules the entire universe.

Satan hides God’s Majesty from us so we do not see God as He really is!

Expression of Majesty and Glory

His Majesty does not require anything to be expressed to show He has it as it is a result of whom He is and of the Authority and  Position as King of all the universe that He has.

His Glory requires activity for it to be expressed and to be seen.  People confuse Glory as a result of who He is (part of His Majesty), with Glory resulting from His activity (works).  He may have a Glorious appearance but that is different to the Glory He has from what He does and the Majesty He has from whom He is and the position He occupies in The Universe..

Only God has Glory

God has Glory because He is responsible for His actions and no one else.  Because He gives power to people to do things they cannot say they are responsible for it happening but only that God has used them.  This means we cannot take any glory for anything we have done but must still give the Lory to God who did it for us. All we can say is that we were obedient and did what God desired us to do so that we were a faithful steward of what He gave us to do.

We do not have even reflected Glory as that would take it from God who said He will not give His glory (or part of it) to another.  So no man can glory in the presence of God because of what they have done.

What is Glory and how do we relate to God’s Glory?

When God does something, even if only allowing us to see Him as He is,  that it brings him Glory.  Praise and adoration result after the act that causes God to receive Glory.

Glory is the result of the demonstration that results in an act that is the usual and amazing (often called a miraculous act).  Giving God the Glory is the result of our reaction to an act that is so wonderful we break into praise, adoration and worship.  In a sense, Glory is in the perception of the Observer.  We may see something God does as being glorious, but Satan would see it as a threat and perceive the opposite way to what we perceive it to be.

Glory is perceived in the eye of the beholder and will be appreciated in different degrees, according to the perception of its beholder.  This means that there can be no definite scale of Glory in the eyes of man as it varies according to the perception of the beholder.

Your perception of God's glory depends on your ability to see it or on how much of it God allows you to see of it.

Not all will see the glory of God in the same way or to the same degree as their perception of it will be different.

So if no one is there to see the act that results in Glory, is there any Glory?

Does a person need to be there for Glory to be perceived to an act that God does?

In other words, does Glory occur if no one is there to see it.

To say there is no Glory is to make man important in declaring God’s Glory.

God does not change.  All he does brings Him Glory because He is God and all He does are acts of God or allowed by Him and under His control.  The fact that no one is there to see the act does not change its nature of being an act that brings him Glory.  The fact that all He does expresses and brings Him Glory is a natural part of His Character because of whom He is.

Our degree of perception of the Glory associated with an act cannot affect appreciation or magnitude.  But it does limit our appreciation of the act that brings God Glory.

Whenever God acts it is to the maximum that can be done in that act and brings Him maximum Glory.  This maximum Glory occurs whether or not anyone is set to see it.

Only God has Glory

God has Glory because He is responsible for His actions and no one else.  Because He gives power to people to do things they cannot say they are responsible for it happening but only that God has used them.  This means we cannot take any glory for anything we have done but must still give the Lord God who did it for us. All we can say is that we were obedient and did what God desired us to do.  That we were a faithful steward of what He gave us to do.

We do not have even reflected Glory as that would take it from God who said He will not give His glory (or part of it) to another.  So no man can glory in the presence of God because of what they have done.

When we approach God we must remember we are approaching a King and must respect and treat Him as one.  However, we also approach Him as our most intimate friend and should confide in Him as such. In both areas it has to be our all or it is nothing. You cannot half treat God as king and most intimate friend.

As you grow closer and more intimate with God He is able to reveal to you more of his Glory.  But we will never see the fullness of His Glory because it is impossible for us to comprehend all He does as well as see the fullness of His Glory associated with any act He does.

All we can do is to be thankful for what He does for us and be appreciative of thankful for what He reveals to us of His Glory.

The degree of Glory we perceive will be determined by what He reveals to us of His part in it.

All God's acts are so far above our ability to perform them that all will have great glory attached to them in our perception of them.  If you do not see His Glory as you should, you need to ask why you do not see it that way.  Your perception of them may be inadequate or you do not understand or appreciate what God has done.  Even then you will find it difficult to describe what you have seen as it is above what words can usually describe, except in a poor way.

Those who are redeemed and pursue their relationship with God will see His Glory as a positive thing in a more increasing way.  Those who are not pursuing this relationship with each member of The Trinity, will not see it or if they do will fear it or see it incorrectly  because Satan hinders their not seeing it.  This is because God's glory always works against Satan and judges him and his works.

Satan tries to obtain Glory through what he does.  If Christians do not try and stop him, he succeeds after a fashion, but not like God does.  Whenever he succeeds against God in any way it gives him a type of glory.

Gods said that His Glory He will not give to another or his praise to Graven images, which is why Satan tries to displace God and take His Glory from him.

We are not to take Glory from God.  We are to allow Him to work through us to be shown to all around, so that people see it is God who has done the act and we are only His instruments used to do the act that brings in Glory.  He also says we are not to divert, His Glory to anything we make (to anything as that becomes an idol to us).

Only as you desire to bring glory to the Lord Jesus and show, His quality of Love in all you do will use serve Him properly.  This is because you are fulfilling the requirements of Ministry:

You are not trying to take Glory from God.

You are Ministry to others on His behalf with the same quality of Love He has towards them.

With these two correct attitudes, you will begin to Minister correctly each time so that success, as God and not the world measures it, will be assured.  You will be a servant who truly has on your heart what your master desires you to have, either as ministry to others or ministry to what he gives you to care for Him (stewardship).  You will then be a profitable servant who will enter into all the rewards.  The master has for you.

Areas of Glory

The Areas of God’s Glory all fall into three majour categories:

The expression of His Character as God

His appearance as God

His activities at God.

They are all subjective definitions based on how a person sees these three areas and describes what they perceive as a Glory of God.

These manifestations may or may not be seen on earth in the physical plane as some may only be seen when our spiritual eyes are opened

The expression of His character, the most Perfect Love ever known, brings Him praise, adoration and wonder, which is the essence of recognition of Glory.

His appearance is mentioned in the Bible and in the appearances to people in visions.  Once again the descriptions of God fits in with what defines a Glorious appearance.

His activities are wonderful and bring Him great Glory.  These are dealt with in the next Section.

The Greatness of God’s Activities

Things He has done

These bring Glory to Him alone.  Like His Character and appearance, these are things far above man’s ability to have or express .

In the beginning all was at peace and in unity with God.  God was alone by Himself in His Kingdom.

He created Angels that truly reflect the Glory of God in nature, appearance and activity.  They look like God, (as He has shown Himself to us) have a character like God and are able to do far more than we are able too. They truly reflect God and live in heaven, a truly Godly place.

God then created every thing else and gave order to the universe.

Earth was created for man to live in for eternity.  But it was defiled so now man goes to the habitations prepared for angels or demons (Heaven or Hell).

He then created life, Every attempt to clone a human has failed as they cannot give them life.

He created a world wide deluge to destroy all Satan had done to pervert the perfect environment God had originally created.  He will also create a new heaven and earth that are undefiled after this current one is destroyed.

Hell was created for Satan and his demons, Satan caused creation to be defiled so could no longer live in the undefiled Heaven.  It was holy and he and his demons were defiled and tried to permanently defile mankind.  God created hell in the defiled creation as a prison for Satan and his demonic followers.

God became a man.  How can God, infinite and eternal, fit into a man?  How can The Holy spirit live in a person.  These are Glorious acts of Love!

God died on a cross and redeemed mankind. The eternal, living God died on a cross!  Another act of Glory resulting from His Love.

The resurrection of Christ from the dead and the new body He will give all who go to heaven are created by Him.

A heaven to spend eternity with Him

The ability to make time and eternity

These are all things Satan or mankind cannot do but which only God can  do and which show His greatness.

Things to come which will show His Glory.

The defeat of Satan and his Antichrist. before the Millennium.  Their world system is destroyed and replaced by a thousand year reign of Jesus in which He shows how Satan should have reigned, and by this judge him.  The way He rules judges the rule of Satan and shows Jesus is correct in throwing Satan and all that he ruled into the Lake of Fire.

The ability to quickly restore the earth after the tribulation in preparation for the Millennial rule of Jesus.

The magnificence and Glory of the Great White throne judgment, Where all receive their rewards or final judgment sentence after hell and all that is in it is thrown into the Lake of Fire

God then replaces the defiled creation so it can once again be part of the Kingdom of God.

And all is at peace and in unity again with God!


God’s Glory is seen in the eye of its beholder according to the way and degree God allows them to see it.

As a citizen of His Kingdom we should be declaring the Glory and Majesty of God in all we say and do, if only by our character and witness of what God has done for us and  should do this in a way that is clearly seen or understood by all who hear us. We should also demonstrate and give Him Glory by the way we show how much superior God is to His enemy Satan.

The closer you become to God.  The more of His Glory He can show you And the and the more of His Glory you will demonstrate to others.  So if you want to see more of God’s Glory expressed in your lifr draw closer to Him and obey Him in all he asks you to do.

Remember, how you see God will determine how you worship, serve, obey and relate to Him and how you do these things will determine How much of His Glory can be shown through you and your rewards in heaven or even if you get to heaven.