Not Believing in Genesis


Many Christians belief the stories in Genesis are a myth.  They do not realise the consequences of this attitude.  Once you realise what you are actually saying by this attitude you will be horrified.

This little document aims to show you what happens when you do not believe in any part of Genesis or other parts of The Bible.

Genesis Ch 1, 3 & 8 Creation, the Fall of Man and the Worldwide Flood

Six day Creation

Evolution is the only alternative you can believe in for the formation of the earth and universe, which states

Do you modify Genesis to fit in with scientific beliefs?

The Fall of Mankind into sin

You will obey God to preserve these

You will tell others of these things because they are good for other people and God's Love in you causes you to do this

The worldwide deluge

You will not understand geology correctly

You will always be looking for explanations to refute the things that show the worldwide flood occurred regardless of how improbable or impossible these explanations are

You cannot believe what The Bible says in Genesis about the flood so you cannot use The Bible as you believe it has error

Overall consequence of saying "Yes" to belief in the above three events

Overall consequence of saying "No!"

You do not know what else is in error

You cannot accept what it says about salvation and redemption as it may be incorrect

You need to find a god you can believe in and trust

You need to find a 'Bible' you can believe in and trust

How God's Authority is affected by this rejection of any of these three events

You can do anything with what you have as He did not make it so you have the right to determine what to do with it

He has no right to judge anyone or anything in creation or to even interfere with it in any way as according to you He did not create these things so has no right of ownership or control over them

Jesus overcame Satan and obtained the right to control Him but as Jesus has no moral or other authority over you, you cannot use this authority to defeat Satan

Jesus is not necessary as there was no sin against an infinite God needing infinite sacrifice to appease

God has no right to destroy the earth through a flood as sin was not against Him as He had not created us to have the right to make our moral laws

If He made you His prisoner He would not be god of Love

The Love of God and The Father are not relevant as we have not sinned against God to need them

If God shows us His love it is not because of Jesus as Jesus cannot redeem us because we have not sinned against God (there was no fall to do this and He has no right to judge us for our failings anyway)

You are in charge of your life and purposes unless you find another god to follow and even then you will be the one determining what you believe and how you want to obey this god.


To say Genesis Ch 1-3 are myths or allegory is to remove the need for Jesus and His coming as one of the major proposes for this coming to earth is for our redemption, which only is relevant if there was a fall!

You cannot trust the prophets who were used to write The bible

Another result of not believing in Genesis chapters 1 to 3 is that you cannot believe anything a prophet said in the Old Testament.

God said he spoke through the prophets a prophet wrote Genesis.

If you are saying the Creation, The fall of mankind and the flood are not correctly told by Genesis, You are saying the prophet did not write what God said or that God did not speak through the prophet. This means you cannot really trust anything prophets said in the Testament.  If one prophet got it wrong how do you know others did not get it wrong?

Everything that was prophesied about Jesus cannot be believed:

All the requirements of Him to be born as The Messiah

The work The Messiah would do

The death of The Messiah and what would accomplish

What the Messiah would usher in (the kingdom of God)

All the Messiah tours and did

What the prophets said cannot be trusted because you do not believe what a prophet wrote about in Genesis which means you cannot trust that other prophets have written.

It also means that God of the Bible lied according to you about His ability to have His Bible correctly written down and passed onto to future generations.

The Gifts and the Fivefold Ministries

People say the gifts of The Spirit no longer apply to Christians or that the roles of apostle and prophet no longer exist.  Nowhere in The Bible has God told us these things have finished and no longer apply to Christians or are no longer to be used by Christians.  Man cannot assume these no longer apply.  So if you are not using the Gifts of The Spirit or believe the role of prophet or apostle no longer exists then you are adding to The Bible something that is not in it and calling God a liar.

What follows is from The Evolution Cruncher

by Vance Ferrell, B.A., M.A

Obtainable from

Evolution Facts, Inc.

Box 300, Altamont, TN 37301 USA

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Cover and Text Copyright © 2001


It is a remarkable fact that the basis of evolutionary theory was destroyed by seven scientific research findings,—before *Charles Darwin first published the theory.


Carl Linn (Carolus Linnaeus, 1707-1778) was a scientist who classified immense numbers of living organisms. An earnest creationist, he clearly saw that there were no halfway species. All plant and animal species were definite categories, separate from one another. Variation was possible within a species, and there were many sub-species. But there were no cross-overs from one species to another (*R. Milner, Encyclopaedia of Evolution, 1990, p. 276).


First Law of Thermodynamics (1847). Heinrich von Helmholtz stated the law of conservation of energy: The sum total of all matter will always remain the same. This law refutes several aspects of evolutionary theory. *Isaac Asimov calls it “the most fundamental generalization about the universe that scientists have ever been able to make” (*Isaac Asimov, “In the Game of Energy and Thermodynamics You Can’t Even Break Even,” Journal of Smithsonian Institute, June 1970, p. 6).


Second Law of Thermodynamics (1850). R.J.E. Clausius stated the law of entropy: All systems will tend toward the most mathematically probable state, and eventually become totally random and disorganized (*Harold Blum, Time’s Arrow and Evolution, 1968, p. 201).In other words, everything runs down, wears out, and goes to pieces (*R.R. Kindsay, “Physics: to What Extent is it Deterministic,” American Scientist 56, 1968, p. 100). This law totally eliminates the basic evolutionary theory that simple evolves into complex.*Einstein said the two laws were the most enduring laws he knew of (*Jeremy Rifkin, Entropy: A New World View, 1980, p. 6).


Guadeloupe Woman Found (1812). This is a well authenticated discovery which has been in the British Museum for over a century. A fully modern human skeleton was found in the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe

inside an immense slab of limestone, dated by modern geologists at 28 million years old. (More examples could be cited.) Human beings just like those living today (but sometimes larger), have been found in very deep levels of strata.


Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) was a creationist who lived and worked near Brunn (now Brno), Czechoslovakia. He was a science and math teacher. Unlike the theorists, Mendel was a true scientist. He bred garden peas and studied the results of crossing various varieties. Beginning his work in 1856, he concluded it within eight years. In 1865, he reported his research in the Journal of the Brunn Society for the Study of Natural Science. The journal was distributed to 120 libraries in Europe, England, and America. Yet his research was totally ignored by the scientific community until it was rediscovered in 1900(*R.A. Fisher, “Has Mendel’s Work Been Rediscovered?” Annals of Science, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1936). His experiments clearly showed that one species could not transmute into another one. A genetic barrier existed that could not be bridged. Mendel’s work laid the basis for modern genetics, and his discoveries effectively destroyed Brief History of Evolutionary Theory 19

the basis for species evolution (*Michael Pitman, Adam and Evolution, 1984, pp. 63-64).


Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) was another genuine scientist. In the process of studying fermentation, he performed his famous 1861 experiment, in which he disproved the theory of spontaneous generation. Life cannot arise from non-living materials. This experiment was very important; for, up to that time, a majority of scientists believed in spontaneous generation. (They thought that if a pile of old clothes were left in a corner, it would breed mice! The proof was that, upon later returning to the clothes, mice would frequently be found there.) Pasteur concluded from his experiment that only God could create living creatures. But modern evolutionary theory continues to be based on that out-dated theory disproved by Pasteur: spontaneous generation (life arises from non-life). Why? Because it is the only basis on which evolution could occur. As *Adams notes, “With spontaneous generation discredited [by Pasteur], biologists were left with no theory of the origin of life at all” (*J. Edison Adams, Plants: An Introduction to Modern Biology, 1967, p. 585).


August Friedrich Leopold Weismann (1834-1914) was a German biologist who disproved *Lamarck’s notion of “the inheritance of acquired characteristics.” He is primarily remembered as the scientist who cut off the tails of 901 young white mice in 19 successive generations, yet each new generation was born with a full-length tail. The final generation, he reported, had tails as long as those originally measured on the first. Weismann also carried out other experiments that buttressed his refutation of Lamarckism. His discoveries, along with the fact that circumcision of Jewish males for 4,000 years had not affected the foreskin, doomed the theory (*Jean Rostand, Orion Book of Evolution, 1960, p. 64).Yet Lamarckism continues today as the disguised basis of evolutionary biology. For example, evolutionists still teach that giraffes kept stretching their necks to reach higher branches, so their

necks became longer! In a later book, *Darwin abandoned natural selection as unworkable, and returned to Lamarckism as the cause of the never-observed change from one species to another (*Randall Hedtke, The Secret of the Sixth Edition, 1984)


The well known Solar disk theory

People believe that the solar system was formed from a cloud of dust circling the sun.  Scientifically this is impossible as any clumps of matter over 3 ft (1 metre) in size would collide and destroy each other so that the biggest clump of matter would never be greater than 3 ft (1 metre) in size, let alone planetary size.

The other problem is the planets are the wrong size and in the wrong place for a solar disk of dust to have formed them.  The only way they could be where they are is if God put them there as it is scientifically impossible for them to be there any other way.


The Big Bang

There are too many problems for this to have been the source of the universe and it is impossible for the universe to have been formed the way the Big Bang says.

The evidence for the above is more than this little document can deal with but I have given sites to go to if you really want to prove me wrong.




It is all a matter of faith

Because evolution has not been proved it is still a matter of faith, just like belief in six day creation is a matter of faith.

In evolution we are asked to believe life and order resulted from nothing and chaos.  God is able to make things and life from nothing, but evolutionists believe a hap-hazard process created life from nothing.

Evolution is not a theory but only a hypothesis as a theory requires some proof that it is possible.  Evolution cannot show that it is possible but only assumes it is possible.  It has no evidence to base a theory on and must clutch at straws of chance and unbelievable ‘accidents’ to make its hypothesis even begin to work.

When you begin to examine evolutionary theories as to why they say things happened you will soon see their theories are improbable if not impossible and must have a greater degree of faith to defend than faith in God requires.


Creation, the Links for the evidence
Also shows how incorrect evolutionary theories are

And many others


The true history of the world and not as evolutionists need to tell it


A Warning

The Bible was written by men inspired by The Holy Ghost; If you attack the Bible you attack the Holy Ghost.  If you knowingly call into question the Bible in any way you are demeaning the Holy Spirit as He is the writer of it (Job 32:8, 1 Pet 2:21).  To doubt parts of the Bible as being accurate also questions the Holy Spirit’s credibility.

It is a brave man who questions God and The Holy Spirit’s credibility.

You either accept The Bible as it is and what it says is there or has happened or you cannot accept any part of it and worship a God different to Jesus and must find a way of salvation elsewhere, as you cannot believe any part of The Bible as you do not know what parts are not correct.