The Holy Spirit Your Friend and Companion

If The Holy Spirit was to suddenly appear before you.

What would you do?

What would you say to Him?

Would you greet Him as a friend or as a stranger?

Would you be embarrassed because of your lifestyle?

Or would be joyful to meet one who is a constant friend to you? With whom you can always fellowship with?

One, who guides you, empowers you and strengthens you in whatever you do or in whatever happens to you.

The Holy Spirit is the one who is your constant companion. Who walks with you in all that happens to you so that you will be guided and helped to serve Jesus and live according to His principles. His presence is in and around you so that He is always with you to help you at any time.

He is the one God has given you to guide you to live in a way that will mature you and transform you into the image of the character Jesus Has.

What would you do if The Holy Spirit, who has done so much for you suddenly appeared before you? Would you be ashamed? Or would you greet Him as a friend.

God is a God of Love and meets all your needs.

One of your needs is to know what God requires of you. As this is a spiritual matter it requires a correct spiritual interpretation.

You have been given The Holy Spirit so you can know what God requires of you so that you can do His Will for you (Job32:8). As The Holy Spirit is the author of The Bible God could not have done more for you to help you in learning what He desires you to do by giving you the author of The Bible to be your assistant in your Christian life.

It is His personal instruction and help as well as the resultant spiritual knowledge and interaction that separates you from all other life forms in creation. Which is also why we cannot be described in any way as being descended from animals.

Ignore The Holy Spirit and you will not live at the spiritual level God desires you to live at and may even end up in hell.

The promise of God is that The Holy Spirit will always teach what you need to know. You must desire this information though (Jn 7:17,16:13).

The Holy Spirit is not an 'it, power, force or influence'. He is the third person of The Trinity. He is God and a person.

1]n 5:7 For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.

The Holy Spirit in he Old Testament

]ob 32:8 But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.

Our understanding of the things of God comes from The Holy Spirit in you

(if you are willing to listen to His teaching).

(Jdg 3:10 and many other references)) When The Holy Spirit was on people they were empowered to do things for God. This is the same as The Baptism of The Holy Spirit in the New Testament where the effects of the Baptism are permanent while in The Old Testament the anointing may have only been for a period. Anointings in The New Testament are cumulative (the build on the previous gifting and anointing) where in the Old Testament they were not.

(lSa l0:6) And the Spirit of the LORD will come upon thee, and thou shalt prophesy with them, and shalt be turned into another man.

(1Sa 16:13) Anointing for service to God

(1Sa 16:14) They could lose the anointing of The Spirit through Sin

(2Sa 23:2) The Holy Spirit told people what to say

(1Ki 18:12) He directed people where to go

(Isa 40:7) The Spirit carries out judgment

(Isa 40:13) No one can guide or teach The Spirit ( as He is God)

(Isa 59:19) He is with you in battle against the enemy (Satan)

(Isa 61:1) The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;

(Isa 63:14) Leads the people of God in a way that will bring God Glory. (Eze 37:1) Gives prophetic visions

(Mic 3:8) Empowers His prophets to call His people to repentance (Gen 1:2) He was there when the earth was created and took part in it (Gen 41:38) Spirit led people will stand out from the crowd

(Exo 31:3) He fills us with wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship, to do the work of Jesus

(1Sa 10:10) Guides people to prophesy for Him

(1Sa 11:6) Convicts people of their sin

He makes us and keeps us alive:

(Job 27:3) All the while my breath is in me, and the spirit of God is in my nostrils;

(Job 33:4) The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the

Almighty hath given me life.

God Creates (Gen 1:1) and man can only build on what He has created. God gives life to His creation (Gen 2:7) which is why the spirit/soul and the fleshly body can be treated separately by God so He can restore the spirit in this corrupted body of flesh and later in heaven give you a pure (resurrection) body to replace this corrupted body of flesh.

It can be seen that the work of The Holy Spirit in The New Testament is a car- rying on of His work in The Old Testament with one difference. His presence is now permanently in the people of God so there is no diminishing or reduction in His work as it is permanent, building on the past of the person unlike the Old Testament where He may only have resided on a person for a period then left.

The Holy Spirit and Authority

Jesus is King. The Holy Spirit is His representative as well as God. He quietly and gently suggests things to you but in reality they are a command as it is God telling you something.

The importance of The Holy Spirit can be seen when you look at the purposes of God and Satan. God tries to develop you into what you can become as a citizen of His Kingdom. Satan tries to control you or destroy you. It is how you listen to The Holy Spirit that determines whether or not Satan succeeds in his plans for you.

Satan tries to centralise power and control in himself to remove the Holy Spirit in your life. This is because The Holy Spirit is God's guide and empowerer on earth. If Satan can remove this role of The Holy Spirit in a person's life then he can make them ineffective for the purposes of The Kingdom of God and setup his own guidance system with his values (which is the reason they are not doing the work of Jesus as they should be).

The structure of The Kingdom is flat. God is on top (the Holy Spirit in us ensures we make direct contact with God without the need for an intermediary) and we are directly under Him. This structure ensures all are equal in The Kingdom and are in a position to help another. It also means no one has spiritual authority over another as there is no one person between God and you in this structure.

As The Holy Spirit is over us we need to be led by Him in all we do or we will break this command structure by placing our desire in the road of what God desires us to do. This rebellion is idolatry and sin if wilfully done.

God does not expect you to do what you do not know but expects you to study The Bible so He can show you more of what you are to do as a citizen of His Kingdom.

The church that rejects the personal guidance and empowerment of The Holy Spirit as not being relevant these days becomes worldlier. No longer demonstrating The Kingdom of God and using more and more of the World's methods in the way it does things. This is where much of the Western church is today. Which is why it looks more and more to successful worldly business practice rather than to the practices and guidelines of The Bible (as interpreted by The Holy Spirit.

The Servant Spirit

The Holy Spirit is your example of how to serve God. He humbles himself to serve God and you and is your example of how people in authority should minister.

He never promotes Himself but serves quietly and unnoticed. Always pointing to Jesus. Giving Him the Glory for whatever happens.

He serves out of His Love for you and the way He deals with people illustrates His Character (Gal 5:22-23 the Fruit of the Spirit) which is also the Character of The Father and Jesus.

He fellowships with you; encouraging, empowering and strengthening you.

He guides and mentors you quietly and gently and never overrides your free will.

He will tell you all you need to know about (Duet 29:29) anything and does this humbly. Freely giving you the knowledge you need without requiring anything from you except for you to use it for the promotion of Jesus and The Kingdom of God (Jn. 16:13 and the benefit of others).

He does not force anything on you but patiently waits until you are ready to accept what He needs to tell you. He quietly and gently prompts you about any sin you have until you either repent or reject His advice.

He desires fellowship with you because He joys in the relationship He has with the 'sons of God' that joyfully follow His advice and guidance.

He will be with you now and in eternity, forever! So it is advisable to get to know Him now rather than after you die so that you do not miss out on all God has for you to do and enjoy together with Him. Here on earth and later in heaven.

Life on earth is a preparation for heaven and The Holy Spirit is there to help you in this preparation for The Kingdom of God (if you let Him).

So appreciate the humility and the gentleness of The Holy Spirit. How He quietly works for your good. His only reward being the Glory Jesus will get from your service of Him as well as the Joy The Father, Jesus and He have in seeing you mature into the person they desires you to be.

Never ignore or abuse the relationship you have With The Holy Spirit and He will be able guide you and empower you to do great things for God and The Kingdom of God. Not great things in the way the world sees it but as God sees these things.

The Character of The Holy Spirit

He is God and part of the Trinity (1 Jn 5:7). Therefore He has all the attributes and character of God and is equal to The Father and Jesus in everything. The difference between them is solely because of the different roles they have chosen to assume. The Holy Spirit has chosen to be a servant to The Father, Jesus and us, in a way that brings no glory to himself but instead brings Glory to Jesus and The Father and helps us to live and mature in the way God desires us too. In the same way as Jesus did not bring Glory to Himself but to The Father and did all He could for us in life and death.

He is called the Spirit of Holiness (Rom 1:4). His presence in or around something sets it apart as being sacred to God. It is interesting to note that in the New Testament no earthly places are declared to be Holy to God. Only people in whom the Holy Spirit dwells are Holy to God - His sacred (special) possession.

Objects and places dedicated to God are sanctified because man and not God has declared they are set apart for God. Only God can declare something as Holy. Man can only declare something as sanctified (set apart for God) and perhaps God may hear Him and make it Holy to Him.

He is the Spirit of Grace (Heb 10:29). He is the one who gives us all we need spiritually to minister. The Father provides our needs (physical side), but The Holy Spirit administers the, gifts etc., (the spiritual side) we need to minister and He encourages and helps us in ministering.

He is The Spirit of Glory (1 Pet 4:14). He is the Spirit that shows the Glory of God to all. He rested on Jesus and will rest on us in our life as we uphold Jesus. His presence refreshes and strengthens us to endure trials.

As He ministers to us and through us (2 cor 3:8) it also brings Him Glory because of what He does in and through us. This is unintentional as He seeks only to lift up Jesus and in doing so is Glorified Himself. In the same way we have reflected glory by our being used by Jesus. Jesus also receives Glory as people see Him in us through what we have been used and empowered to do for Jesus by The Holy Spirit.

He is The Spirit of Truth (1 Jn 5:6). All truth that we need to know (Duet 29:29) is revealed to us by The Holy Spirit (Job 32:8). He is the one that will keep us from error if we listen to him (Jn 7:17, 16:13).

Everything He does for us is for our best a result of His Perfect Love for us. Love being the basic character of His.

Admonitions in respect of The Holy Spirit

You are to use the Sword of The Spirit, which is the Bible, as it contains all the truths you need to do the work of God (Eph 6:17).

You are to use your reason as guided by The Holy Spirit to understand the things of God and not to add to them (Job 32;8).

You are to walk in the Spirit (be guided by Him) as then you will be doing what God wants you to do (Gal 5:25 26, 1 Pet 4:6) and you will no longer be condemned by The Law (Rom 8:1,2) and will fulfil the righteousness The Law requires (Rom 8:4).

Because The Holy Spirit is in you (Rom 8:10,11) and helps you put to death (self-discipline) the flesh (Rom 8:13). You have freedom in The Spirit (2 Cor 3:17) to do the spiritual works of God and will not fulfil the lusts of the flesh (Gal 5:16,17).

You are to wholeheartedly love others with a pure heart (1 Per 1:22)

You are to be continually filled with The Spirit (His presence, Eph 5:18) through faith and praying as guided by Him (Jude 10). This infilling of the soul occurs as you give more and more of your self to Jesus to be Lord of. Deliverance in some area of your life may be needed for this.

We are to pray always guided by Holy Spirit. Then you will know we are praying in accordance with the Will of God and your prayers will be answered (Eph 6:18 ) and your faith encouraged.

Do not; grieve (Break the heart of ) The Holy Spirit, cause Him to feel sorrow (Eph 4:30) or quench (Suppress or crush completely) the Holy Spirit in you (1 The 5:19)

Other activities of he Holy Spirit

In heaven The Holy Spirit and The Body work as one (Rev 22:17).

Jesus offered His Blood through The Holy Spirit (Heb 9:14)

He showed Jesus was just and righteous before God (1 Tim 3:16)

He raised Jesus to life (1 Pet 3:18).