Blasphemy of The Holy Spirit

Unintentionally ignoring The Holy Spirit is not Blasphemy. Blasphemy is deliberately ignoring The Holy Spirit, by this bringing Him into disrepute and not ever desiring to repent of this. You lose your salvation as a result of unrepeated disobedience to Jesus.

The verse in question is literally as follows:

LITV Mat 12:32 And whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him. But whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, not in this age nor in the coming one.

There are two definitions of Blasphemy

Blasphemous language (expressing disrespect for God or for something sacred)

Blasphemous behaviour; the act of depriving something of its sacred character

Easton's Bible Dictionary says: Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost (Mat 12:31, Mat 12:32; Ma _3:28, Mar 3:29; Luk 12:10) is regarded by some as a continued and obstinate rejection of the gospel, and hence is an unpardonable sin, simply because as long as a sinner remains in unbelief he voluntarily excludes himself from pardon. Others regard the expression as designating the sin of attributing to the power of Satan those miracles which Christ performed, or gener- ally those works which are the result of the Spirit's agency.

Blasphemy (ISBE)

blas'fe-mi (aedoorieid, blasphemi'a): In classical Greek meant primarily "defamation" or "evil-speaking" in general;"a word of evil omen," hence, "impious, and irreverent speech against God." In the New Testament blasphemy, substantive and vb., may be (a) of evil- speaking generally.

It appears blasphemy is to deliberately speak evil of a member of The Trinity or to take away something from their Holiness. To Blaspheme The Holy Spirit is to talk evilly of Him or to remove some of His Characteristic as God, such as deliberately ignoring or negating His role in the working of the church or your life. This is be done through deliberately rejecting His teaching and guidance of you and can be done through deliberately rejecting or altering adversely parts of The Bible as The Bible is His main document used to teach you.

There are people in hell who lived 'good' a Christian live but deliberately ignored The Holy Spirit in one area. By this deliberate rejection of The Holy Spirit in this one area, they lost their salvation (Rev 3:5).

The Holy Spirit is so important as your guide that deliberately rejecting Him in any way and not wanting to repent of this after salvation leads to loss of salvation. When you deliberately reject His Guidance because you want to do want you want to do, you become your own god. You reject The Holy Spirit as God and by this also Jesus as The Holy Spirit represents Jesus to you. Heb 6:4-6 will eventually apply as you have tasted the goodness of God and have continually rejected it.

Heb 6:4-6 For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost, And have tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come, If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame.

This rejection is of the person and/or work of the Holy Spirit and not just of a deliberate sin that you can repent of after being convicted of it by The Holy Spirit. It is rejecting The Holy Spirit personally through willful, unrepented sin that sears your conscience and rejects His work in you so that you can no longer hear Him and have become your own guide determining what is right or wrong. You may appear to be a godly person on the outside. But in your heart you have rejected The Holy Spirit and are destined for hell.

One of the main areas of rejection is refusing to forgive another when The Holy Spirit is gently telling you that you need to do it. So many people are in hell only because of unforgiveness.

Mat 6:14-15 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

If God does not forgive you your sins you do not go to heaven.

Usually others cannot see this rejection as it is hidden at first so the maligning of Him is in the spiritual. Afterwards it is evidenced by your life in the natural. By their fruits you will know them Jesus said and the fruit of rejecting the Spirit and the resultant blasphemy of Him is a damaged mind.

To Blaspheme The Holy Spirit you first of all must have been led by Him or know who he is.

People who follow Satan often do so as the church was not there to help them and have no idea who The Holy Spirit is so cannot Blaspheme Him because they do not have knowledge of whom He is to be able to reject Him.

Because of this Jesus accepts them when they turn to Him and The Holy Spirit as they chose Satan because they knew nothing else but what demons had told them and when they knew the truth about Jesus and The Holy Spirit they embraced it.

Sin requires knowledge. So until you have knowledge of whom The Holy Spirit is and what He requires of you, you cannot sin against Him.

Blaspheming God

People talk about 'blaspheming the Holy Spirit', but what about blaspheming God, or The Trinity or a member of The Trinity?

Whenever you deliberately speak in a negative or disrespectful way about God or something He has made or allowed, you cause Him grief by calling His Love, character or abilities into question you also bring His Name into disrepute - Both in the spiritual realm and the physical realm. If this is not repented of it will result in a loss of your salvation (Rev 3:5).

This is why we are to do all things with thanksgiving, without complaining or being critical of whatever happens to us. This is because God is in charge of all our circumstances and is working for our good through them and The Holy Spirit is there to help us in this and not to hinder us.

Blasphemy by the church

Blasphemy of God means to call into disrepute His character or person or to denigrate Him in some way.

Is the church guilty of blaspheming The Holy Spirit by ignoring His power and Guidance or not believing He is a personal Holy Spirit, through saying that His power and guidance are no longer a relevant to this day or church age or that you can no longer relate to Him on a personal basis?

Or through saying His Bible at times is mythology or man made myth? and by this denying Gods ability to create the universe in 6 days?

If unrepented questioning of and/or ignoring the power and guidance of God is blasphemy, then the church may be guilty of blaspheming God. I can't say either way but it is logical, especially as The Bible clearly shows The Holy Spirit is a personal spirit sent by Jesus to help and guide you in your Christian walk.

If deliberately ignoring the requirements of God in regard to His will and commands is blasphemy, then the church may be guilty of it.

I don't know.

But at times I wonder