The Holy Spirit Authorises you and
empowers you

The Holy Spirit authorises and empowers each one of us personally to minister on behalf of Jesus and His Kingdom.

Act 1:8 but you will receive power, the Holy Spirit coming upon you, and you will be witnesses of Me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.

If He was not a personal Holy Spirit He would not be able to do this. It would also be wrong of God to say that each of us would receiveThe Holy Spirit individually and He would work with each of us individually. It also means that if we are not listening to Him we are not being empowered by Him to do the work of Jesus. Then who is helping us? It can only be man or the devil or a combination of both.

If we do not have the empowerment, guidance and gifts of The Holy Spirit it means God is asking us to do His work without the tools He and the apostles had available. He cannot be a God of Love then if He asks this of us.

The Holy Spirit shows us what God wants us to pray, do or command for Jesus. This guidance is especially important in intercession, spiritual warfare, deliverance and prayer which will only be successful if they are done in accordance with The Will of God.

Pentecost - The Anointing for Ministry

While a person can serve Jesus without the empowerment of The Holy Spirit they will not be able to minister as Jesus desires them too for two reasons:

They are not usually anointed (authorised) by Jesus for the ministry they are carrying out.

They must use reason and the Bible to guide them in ministering as they do not hear the Holy Spirit's guidance in the way they need too for the ministry they are doing.

If they are ministering out of Love for Jesus and the person being ministered too Jesus will honour it and may even give the gifting necessary to minister to that person. But if it is done as denominational/church duty it may be for the wrong reasons and Jesus may not be able to honour the person ministering. Jesus may still help the person being ministered to though.

Without the anointing (empowerment) of The Holy Spirit you cannot demonstrate the Kingdom of God with signs and wonders. This is why the apostles had to wait in Jerusalem until they were empowered for ministry. This is why Jesus began His ministry only after John The Baptist baptised Him and The Holy Spirit descended onto Jesus. This is why we need to wait for the anointing by The Holy Spirit.

The church that denies the Baptism/Anointing (authorisation and empowerment) of The Holy Spirit is powerless in the spiritual realm which is why many church groups are weak and dying and must turn to man's methods to try and survive.

Too many people go out and minister in the wrong area as they have a piece of paper that authorises them to minister in that area. But they are not where God wants them to minister and so do not have the empowerment (anointing) of The Holy Spirit and the blessing of God on that ministry. They have not sought wholeheartedly God's Will as to where they are to serve Him and thus are not where God wants them to be and they wonder why they are ineffective in ministry or struggle so much. They are ineffective because God cannot fully Bless or guide their ministry as it is not in His perfect Will for them. As they are ministering in their own strength they will eventually burn out or be discouraged by the results they achieve.

Why do some of these ministries prosper? Because they use man's methods and at times the devil helps them prosper and keep the incorrect ministry going so the minister believes God is blessing that ministry and is encouraged to keep going in it. God can possibly still use this ministry but not as He would like too (Rom 8:28 still applies).

Before you minister ensure you know where God desires you to minister and seek His empowerment (anointing) for that ministry.

To illustrate what happens when man uses reason and is not guided by The Holy Spirit an example is given in Acts.

Acts 1:23-26 records the selection of the apostle to replace Judas. Note the apostles had narrowed the field to two people through reasonings that these two were the most suitable. Then they prayed to get God's guidance and of course picked Matthias. If they had waited for The Holy Spirit to fall on they would have waited until He told them who to select and there would not have been a choice but they did not do so. Matthias is not heard from again in the New Testament in any capacity. The question arises then as to who actually guided them as The Holy Spirit would not have condoned the choice of Matthias and would not have approved of him. So Satan must have pretended to be God so they would pick Matthias and not Paul.

This shows how careful you need to be to ensure the right spirit is behind your decisions.

Using reasoning (that Judas needed to be replaced) resulted in wrong choices and gave Satan a chance to sidetrack the work of God. They expected The Holy Spirit to guide them so Satan steps in and gives them guidance. They cannot hear The Holy Spirit as they have made up their mind what the answer should be (one or the other of the two men).

The Holy Spirit does not give a choice as God knows whom He needs, where He needs them and when He needs them. In fact He waited over three years to replace Judas with Paul. He had to wait for Paul to convert to Christianity and be trained by Him for three years before Paul was ready for the ministry God had called Him too.

Just because you are trained in an area does not mean you are the replacement for the leader of that area when they leave. God may want you to develop skills in other disciplines through involvement in other types of ministry work.

Just because a denomination authorises you to preach and places you to fill a vacancy in a church does not mean God wants you to go there.

Now to the passage itself. But first a comment

In the upper room at Pentecost there were men and women gathered there (Acts 1:14). All received The Baptism of the Holy Spirit and anointed for ministry ant not just the men. Why were women anointed for ministry if God was not going to use them to minister His Love and truths to people both in and out of the church?

In the early church before Paul came on the scene, men and women ministered as equals, so why not now?  All Pauls early letters have women as important as men.  The latter ones (the pastoral epistles, Ephesians) it is believed were written by others but using Paul's name as a mark of respect have women not as important as men and subservient to men in marriage and ministry.

It is in these that we have the subordination of women and clergy/laity dichotomy that the Nicolaitans had.

God has a special place for women in His heart which is why he appeared to them first after the resurrection. They can love others in a way men cannot which makes them more fragile and easier to be emotionally bruised and damaged than men. Also, each partner has complimentary gifts and it is only as they work in unison will ministry be truly in unity with God and demonstrate His complete character.

The only criteria for women to minister are:

A single woman does not minister to a single man

They are anointed to minister in the ministry they are working in

Their house and marriage is in order if they are in a leadership position. This does not stop the ministering under the leadership of another if their household is not in order.

In the spiritual realm that we are suppose to minister and in heaven (our example in all things) there is no difference between male and female.  So why do denominations and Churches make this difference when it is not there in the early letters of Paul that are recognized as being written by him?

Gal 3:28  There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

The Holy Spirit and Authority

Jesus is King. The Holy Spirit is His representative as well as God. He quietly and gently suggests things to you but in reality they are a command as it is God telling you something.

The importance of The Holy Spirit can be seen when you look at the purposes of God and Satan. God tries to develop you into what you can become as a citizen of His Kingdom. Satan tries to control you or destroy you. It is how you listen to The Holy Spirit that determines whether or not Satan succeeds in his plans for you.

Satan tries to centralise power and control it himself to remove the Holy Spirit in your life. This is because The Holy Spirit is God's guide and empowerer on earth. If Satan can remove this role of The Holy Spirit in a person's life then he can make them ineffective for the purposes of The Kingdom of God and setup his own guidance system with his values (which is the reason they are not doing the work of Jesus as they should be).

The structure of The Kingdom is flat. God is on top (the Holy Spirit in us ensures we make direct contact with God without the need for an intermediary) and we are directly under Him. This structure ensures all are equal in The Kingdom and are in a position to help another. It also means no one has spiritual authority over another as there is no one person between God and you in this structure (1 Pet 2:25).

As The Holy Spirit is over us we need to be led by Him in all we do or we will break this command structure by placing our desire in the road of what God desires us to do. This rebellion is idolatry and sin if willfully done.

God does not expect you to do what you do not know but expects you to study The Bible so He can show you more of what you are to do as a citizen of His Kingdom.

The church that rejects the personal guidance and empowerment of The Holy Spirit as not being relevant these days becomes worldlier. No longer demonstrating The Kingdom of God and using more and more of the World's methods in the way it does things. This is where much of the Western church is today. This is why it looks more and more to successful worldly business practice rather than to the practices and guidelines of The Bible (as interpreted by The Holy Spirit).

When The Spirit is ignored or rejected man must look to reason which is why the reasoned methods of the world are so attractive to Churches today because they work in the world.  Unfortunately churches forget they are not of this world but only temporary residents in it.