The Holy Spirits presence is in you so that you have an unbreakable link to Him so you can talk to Him and listen to Him any time you desire too.

The only way it can be broken is for Satan to convince you so that you have a wrong attitude or belief that will stop you believing this.

Satan has convinced most Christians they cannot hear The Holy Spirit on this way which is why the denominational church is in such a mess as they cannot hear The Holy Spirit to be clearly guided by Him.


The Holy Spirit is a person so should be related to personally and not treated as an it or a thing, someone or something that is impersonal and cannot be related too.

His presence is in you and He prays for you when you do not know what to pray. He is always there waiting to guide, teach and help you live a The Father and Jesus desire you to live.

You really need to know how to properly relate to Him.

One of the purposes of this book is to give you an appreciation of The Holy Spirit so that you can relate to Him properly.


The Holy Spirit Your Friend and Companion

If The Holy Spirit was to suddenly appear before you.

What would you do?

What would you say to Him?

Would you greet Him as a friend or as a stranger?

Would you be embarrassed because of your lifestyle?

Or would be joyful to meet one who is a constant friend to you? With whom you can always fellowship with?

One, who guides you, empowers you and strengthens you in whatever you do or in whatever happens to you.

The Holy Spirit is the one who is your constant companion. Who walks with you in all that happens to you so that you will be guided and helped to serve Jesus and live according to His principles. His presence is in and around you so that He is always with you to help you at any time.

He is the one God has given you to guide you to live in a way that will mature you and transform you into the image of the character Jesus Has as well as prepare you to live with The Father and Jesus in heaven.

What would you do if The Holy Spirit, who has done so much for you, suddenly appeared before you? Would you be ashamed? Or would you greet Him as a friend.

God is a God of Perfect Love and meets all your needs.

One of your needs is to know what God requires of you. As this is a spiritual matter it requires a correct spiritual interpretation.

You have been given The Holy Spirit so you can know what God requires of you so that you can do His Will for you (Job32:8, Jn 16:13). The Holy Spirit is the author of The Bible and God could not have done more for you to help you in learning what He desires you to do by giving you the author of The Bible to be your assistant in your Christian life.

It is His personal instruction and help as well as the spiritual knowledge He gives you and the interaction He has with you that separates you from all other life forms in creation which is also why we cannot be described in any way as being descended from animals.

Ignore The Holy Spirit and you will not live at the spiritual level God desires you to live at and may even end up in hell.

The promise of God is that The Holy Spirit will always teach what you need to know. You must desire this information though (Jn 7:17,16:13).

The Holy Spirit is not an 'it, power, force or influence'. He is the Third Person of The Trinity. He is God and a person.

1Jn 5:7 For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.