Why you need to be led by The Holy Spirit

In the first 40 years after the death of Jesus there was little written about the Christian faith. There was The Old Testament and a few letters and maybe a Gospel but these were available only to a few.

So how were the early Christians guided?

It could only have been by The Holy Spirit so it was very important to be led by Him either directly or by people who could clearly hear Him.

This is why in Acts you never saw a book or codex referred too (unless it was the Old Testament) as they did not exist so that Acts showed how the early church functioned which is how Jesus taught them to exist.

The Spirit is central to all that happens in Acts so should be central in our life.

So what has happened?

Books started to be readily available and theologians came on the scene and these and there books were consulted and not The Bible.  So The Holy Spirit was not consulted.

This was not helped when theologians said The Spirit no longer related personally with Christians.  These same theologians made the modern bibles which are based on two forged codex and one that is ineligible for translation it is so corrupted.

Some say that homosexuality and lesbianism is not in the New Testament.  Which is correct. But they forget it is spoken against in The Law which Jesus said He did not remove so that it is still current but some parts redundant now because He fulfilled their requirements of people.

So people consult theologians who may not be correct in their view and ignore The Spirit who is trying to lead them into truth.

And so the church is becoming more worldly as it ignores The Holy Spirit and listens to the reasonings of man.



You need to have a personal relationship with The Holy Spirit if you desire to live the Christian life in the way Jesus desires you to live it.

It is up to you how you want to relate to The Holy Spirit and hear what God says to you through Him.

But you would be a fool not to desire to relate to Him personally as your relationship to Him is the secret of your relationship with Jesus and The Father which is what Salvation is (Jn 17:3).

Remember that you are only a citizen of The Kingdom of God and a child of God if you are led by Him in all you do.  So it pays t o develop your relationship with The Holy Spirit as He will prepare you for eternity with Jesus and The Father.