Should we desire the gifts, especially prophesy?

Why do you want the gifts? If it is to be more spiritual then your motive is wrong and the devil will give you his version of them. If it is to minister, then you may obtain them if they will assist you with the ministry God has planned for you.

The Bible makes the following statement:

1 Cor 14:1 (LITV) Pursue love, and seek eagerly the spiritual things, but rather that you may prophesy.

The Message Bible comments on the desire for gifts:

1Co 14:12 It's no different with you. Since you're so eager to participate in what God is doing, why don't you concentrate on doing what helps everyone in the church?

Prophesying is not just telling the future. It is speaking Gods words to the church to encourage and build them up as well as warn them to repent. This is the main role of a prophet. Telling the future is not important as it confirms the prophet's gift but does not mature the church, but a prophecy may encourage a person to endure in trials.

In The Old Testament the role of the prophet was usually to call people to repentance and this is still what you should be doing, even if only encouraging them not to do something rather than stating The Bible says they are sinning.

If you are so concerned about the body that you want a gift, serve the body out of His Love for them and God will then give you a gift to help you. If you serve so God will give you a gift you make the same mistake of prosperity theologians who say God must do something if you do something. That God must prosper you if you give more than you have to.

This is wrong because God only gives you what you need and not want you think you need. Beside you are only stewards of what you have and what you give back to Him is what He already owns. All you can really give Him is your loving obedience and faithfulness.

God says to show that you are worthy of a gift and then He will give it to you to bless you so you can serve Him more through serving His Body.

God does not honour the flesh and serving to get a gift is fleshly, as it is from the wrong motive. It could also be a sin by not doing what God really wants you to do. He may want you to do something else He needs done and you are not doing it as you are pursuing your will and not His will.

Should we desire Prophecy above all?

Gifts are used to minister to the body while signs and wonders are usually reserved for the demonstration of the Kingdom during evangelism.

People usually desire prophecy as a gift when they minister to the body but prophecy is of little use in deliverance or pastoral counseling, which is a large part of Christian ministry. 'Words of Wisdom' and Words of Knowledge' are more useful in deliverance and counseling (pastoral type work).

Should we seek gifts instead of prophecy? Paul says not too. He says that love is more important as it is the basis of all ministry.

So should we seek Love? Jesus said not to. He said we are to seek to develop further the relationship we have with Him and to seek the purposes of His Kingdom and all we need: gifts, provision, spiritual authority, Fruit of The Spirit etc., of which Love is the prime one, would be given to us.

Seek Jesus and not the manifestations of His Kingdom: signs, gifts, the five- fold, His provision and ministries etc., and all you need of these will be given to you and not what you think you need (Mat 6:33).

Prophecy Types

There are two classes of prophecy:

Prophecies God makes for His eternal purposes which always come to pass

Prophecies given to a person which are always conditional

These always have a condition of obedience (Faith is understood as being there to cause the obedience Heb 11:6)

Four types of prophecy given to people:

A promised blessing because of past obedience

A maintaining of current events because of continuing obedience

A promise of future blessings requiring obedience now and in the future

A warning requiring repentance

If a prophecy given to a person does not eventuate then the condition for the prophecy to occur has not been fulfilled or the prophecy was from man and not God.

God knows the person will not fulfill the condition but has to tell them the prophecy or He would not be a God of Love

The condition will always require an action based on Faith in God and His Love for them