Prophecy Expanded

Prophecy is so abused as a gift that I am going to deal with it at length as well as how to know The Will of God for you which in prophecy seems to incorrectly be the main focus these days.  Prophecy has its place must it must be correctly used.

Very few prophecies in The Bible give a blessing unless it is conditional.  It is nearly always a warning or call to repentance

Ignoring of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is your guide and the one who empowers you to do supernatural things so to ignore Him is to ignore God's guidance for you and His empowerment of you. It is to ignore the one God has sent you to help you live as He desires you to live and serve Him.

This means He must tell you what to prophecy, when to prophesy it and how much of it to prophesy.

Without His guidance it is fleshly prophecy influenced and guided by Satan.  To ignore The Holy Spirit is to ignore God's provision for you as well as to ignore all that happened at Pentecost.  This is the reason much prophecy does not come to pass.  People prophecy what they wish will happen and not what God says is going to happen.

Without the guidance of The Holy Spirit you will try do the work of God without the guidance and empowerment of The Holy Spirit. You are then left only with reason (Man's Methods) and what the Bible says which does not cover many situations these days. The use of reason means you have to reason out what God want you to do and God says you cannot do that.

Isa 55:8-9 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

God says you cannot do that.

To ignore The Holy Spirit results in powerless person that will eventually be led astray as reason becomes all important and ends up overriding of the Bible because men make a god of reason.

The Holy Spirit speaks through The Word (Bible) giving you understanding of how a scripture applies to you. Demons can also give understanding of scripture but do not tell you how to apply it correctly - usually taking scripture out of context, twisting it or quoting it incorrectly, trying to make you feel guilty or unacceptable to God through giving it a meaning it was not meant to have and by this perverting your knowledge of the Bible. This is done to try and control your thoughts and eventually you.

The Holy Spirit guides you through His personally teaching you and giving you understanding of things as you meditate on what He teaches you (Job 32:8, Jn 7:17, jn 16:13).

Prophecy,The Word of Knowledge The Word of Wisdom

Demons can also to give you prophecy, a word of knowledge or a word of wisdom with the objective of misleading you. They will try to make you feel you have not pleased God and/or that God does not Love you. This usually happens because you are placing your trust in prophecy or word of knowledge or wisdom and not Jesus and what The Holy Spirit says about the situation.

They may also suggest that what you ae doing, which really is not Gods Will for you. Is pleasing God so en courage you to do more of what you are wrongly doing.

What they do is to have what tell you be partly true so you will think it is all true and so accept it.

The Holy Spirit will tell you something that will require faith in your hearing Him correctly to go and obey it. Satan will stir up reason in you to question that what you heard was correct and through that try to talk you out of doing what the Holy spirit wanted you to do so you will miss doing God's Will for you.

You need to trust the gift God has given your or you will not be able to be guided The Holy Spirit' as you should be and will miss out on doing God's Will for you. Remember, God will never give you anything that you are not able to use correctly or ask you to do anything you cannot do or which is against The Bible.

A word of caution! Demons also speak in these last three ways listed below but it causes fear or uncertainty when they do and they cannot imitate the peace of God in your heart unless you have corrupted your conscience so that you can no longer tell the difference between the demonic attempts to imitate God's peace in you and God's actual Peace, itself.

Also, if you desire something more than you should, demons can give you prophecy or similar for what you want, even though it is against God's Will for you, and you will have peace because you have lusted after the object wrongly and are expecting an answer to confirm your wrong desires. Usually this occurs with things that are not wrong in themselves, and which usually are godly pursuits, but they are not what God wants you to do.

Remember, Satan is at his most devious when he misuses godly things to lead you astray.

Emotion also can cloud your understanding of The Spirit's guidance, because your desires can influence what you hear. It is necessary to give all your problems and desires to Jesus so they do not influence your hearing the guidance of The Holy Spirit and then to tell Satan to leave in JesusName asking The Holy Spirit fill your soul so that they cannot come back in.

Never argue, react, reason or assume anything but take all things to The Holy Ghost to advise you on them (when the Bible is not clear on them) so Satan cannot use his past conditioning/habits of you to control you and so The Holy Ghost can guide you to overcome this conditioning. But to completely get rid of these wrong attitudes, habits and reactions really needs deliverance and willpower as well as desire not to allow these things to influence you.

You demonstrate that you are a child of God as you let The Holy Spirit guide you in your daily life. It is also a form of worship through showing that God (The Holy Spirit) is worthy to be followed. There are many areas in which God has plainly made His Will known, and these absolutes (things you must do) are known from studying The Bible. Then, there are the grey areas, and it is in these areas of uncertainty that The Holy Spirit must guide you to know God's Will. When you do not know what to do about something ask him what to do. If you do not know how to pray about something or what to pray about something then ask Him to pray for you. (Romans 8:26,27)

Why do you not ask The Holy Spirit more things? Satan has conditioned the world to reason first in using its values and to ask God second. Each moment should be a continual dialogue between yourself and The Holy Spirit (even if only by listening for Him to communicate with you). Remember, Jesus said that The Holy Spirit will guide you into all Truth and not just spiritual truth. So whenever you need His help you can just ask Him. If He does not answer, then you know it is not the time to know the information you sought or you have asked the wrong question or He may even be not the answering so Satan will not know His plans. After all, only God needs to know things and all you are required to do is to obey Him how He tells you too.

Just in case a demon is blocking you hearing The Holy Spirit, in Jesus' Name cast any out that might be doing this and ask The Holy Spirit to replace them and ask Him again what you desired to know.  Pray as follows:

In JesusName I command any demon blocking me from hearing The Holy Spirit to go to the Throne of Judgment to be dealt with and take all they did to me with them and I ask you Holy Spirit to fill my soul completely and take the place of any demons that have left me.

You are never alone because The Holy Spirit is in you. He is always there to talk with you and listen to you and you can hold a conversation with Him in your mind any time you want.

How to Hear God and His Requirements:

There are at least ten ways that God uses to guide you apart from the direct guidance by the Holy Spirit and these are often confirmed by The Holy Spirit but not necessarily always.

Five Ways God Speaks:

Through what He says in His Bible (where possible, everything must be taken back to the principles in God's Bible).

Godly counsel (which includes Words of Knowledge and/or Words of Wisdom.)

Current circumstances (if the door is not open to do the action, don't push it open. Let God open it).

Answered prayer, (but be careful as the devil also answers prayer and may provide his answer first in order to try to displace God's.)

The witness of peace in your spirit over any decision.

The last is the most important for those who are citizens of The Kingdom. The Holy Spirit will fight gently with your spirit and will not give you peace while you are being disobedient or planning to be disobedient.

There are at least five Other Ways God Speaks to people

Dreams and visions

Audible speech or personal visits with Jesus, The Father or the Holy Spirit

Thoughts, images, emotions placed in your mind

God-inspired prophecy

Visits by angels.  Remember Angels are only messengers and will never ask you to obey them or do their will or promote truths not in The Bible.

All of the above ways are still subject to the witness of peace in your heart regarding what was advised or communicated to you. It is very important to discern the spirit behind these as Satan can appear as a messenger of God and try to mislead you. When he tries to mislead you, there will be fear and not peace in what you see, hear or feel.

God is original in what He does and is not limited to the above means.

How does one deal with what they are told using these guidelines? You place them in storage in a mental pigeonhole for future reference or use unless there is a warning, in which case, you act on the warning, or there is an action you need to do, in which case you do it.

There is a warning that if you desire something excessively (lust after it), Satan can give you an answer in one of these ways. Because you desire it so much, you cannot hear God's Spirit and you will have peace when you should not. To avoid this, you must not covet something so that it becomes an idol because then Satan can mislead you concerning it. This is why you take all things to the scrutiny of The Holy Spirit and if possible have a second witness to what you are told.


What does a prophet or prophetess do?

They are people God uses to declare His Will. He uses them too:


Warn and correct


Promote unity in The Body of Christ

To help The Body of Christ mature into the Character of Jesus.

Eph 4:12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ:

They are messengers and not message originators  so must give the message without alteration and as God is the message giver they should refer all criticisms of the message to Him and let Him deal with them. They are only message bringers and should ignore criticism of the message God has sent them to bring to a person.

If the person does not accept the message is from God then it is God's problem not theirs. It is not the prophet or prophetess that is rejected. It is God, the message originator whom they reject.

The prophet/prophetess needs to know the appropriate time to give the prophecy, how much of it to Give and how much of it to retain. They are to remember that with every warning is a way of escape (1 Cor 1:13). They are to remember that every blessing will have a qualification for it to be fulfilled if it has not been already fulfilled and they need to tell these to the people they are prophesying too or they are not giving all of the prophecy they should.

Guidelines for Prophecy

What is the purpose of Prophecy

The purpose of prophecy, as is the purpose of all the gifts, is to help the citizens of The Kingdom of God to prepare for life in heaven and to spend eternity with Jesus. Pastors do this as well as teachers and those who use words of Wisdom and Knowledge.

Why then do we need prophets?

Pastors and teachers prepare people in their present situation. People with words of wisdom and knowledge deal with the spiritual side of things and give a prcis of a situation and what to do in respect of current situations while pastors and teacher deal with the more obvious things that do not need supernatural input from God.

The prophet is used to foretell the future and what God requires of you in the present to prepare you in some way for the future. There will be one or other of the following:

A warning with a way to avoid the judgment (1 Cor 10:13

A reward with a condition for receiving it to encourage you to keep going or an explanation of what they have done to receive it (Heb 11:6)

Guidance (Ps 32:8, Jn 16:13)

Promises for the future to encourage you to endure the trial you are in (Jer 29:11)

Prophets are to call people to repentance and because prophets do not call people to repent the church is in the mess it is in.

Sometimes there will be judgment pronounced without a way out of it as the person's sins have placed them beyond redemption. This is rare though.

Guidelines for asking prophecy for another or yourself:

Ask The Lord Jesus if you are to ask Him if He has a prophecy for you or for the person who is requesting one from God. He is your King and The Holy Spirit serves Him. If you expect one and there is not one Satan can give you one that suits his purposes, which will appear to be from God and answer in some way the question you wanted to ask God. The answer will appear to be correct but will only cause grief.

If God says that there is a prophecy for the person then ask the following:

When are you to give it

How much of it are you to give of it

If there is no answer from The Holy Spirit then in Jesus' Name command any demons blocking to leave, ask The Holy Spirit to take their place and then ask Him again and if there is no answer then ask why He did not answer.

He may not say anything in which case it is not time to give a prophecy or have an answer or He may give an answer for the reason He does not want to give a prophecy. Ask Him why he did not give a prophecy as at times this answer may provide more guidance than an actual prophecy.

Remember that God may not tell you or someone else something because you or they already know the answer or so that Satan will not find out what the answer is and try to stop it or substitute his answer for it.

After finishing the prophecy just ask Jesus if there is any more to tell them.

Do not ask for feedback but listen if the person wants to give any.

Problems with hearing The Holy Ghost

To hear The Holy Ghost you need to remove that which hinders you from hearing Him. Usual hindrances and how to correct them are as follows:

You do not believe The Holy Ghost is personal so that you do not believe He speaks to you.

You have no desire to hear Him or you are distracted from hearing Him

You do not know how to hear Him (training in this may be required)

Demons are blocking you from hearing Him (tell them to go in JesusName to The Throne of Judgment and to stay there and ask The Holy Spirit to take their place)

You hear Him but cannot understand what He is saying (ask for the understanding to interpret what He says)

Unrepented sin or unforgiveness or not reconciling to another when you have offended them is blocking you hearing Him (repentance required)

Personal thoughts or external sounds are distracting you crowding out what He is saying (learn to block them out and bind any demons causing them)

You doubt you can hear Him properly (not trusting the gift He has given you).

You are afraid that what you hear is incorrect. (Learn to tell Gods peace from the devil's anxiety)

You will have peace prophesying if the prophecy is from The Lord. If it is not you will feel uneasy or sense a blockage.

When you give a prophecy you should stop when told to by The Holy Spirit.

To not stop is disobedience and a misuse of your gift.

No matter how silly the prophecy or word may appear to be, give it. It may mean nothing to you but it may to the person receiving it. You are there to give the prophecy, not necessarily to understand it. You are a transmitter of the prophecy not the originator. To evaluate it and give what you think you should to the person so you are not rejected in any way or thought to be wrong for what you said, is rebellion against God. You need deliverance to deal with this problem.

When warning someone, remember God always gives a way out. Every warning prophecy has a way to avoid the judgment or to minimise it, so you must give that way out. If it is only judgment, hold it until you get the way out or it will not be complete. The exception is when the person does not want to repent of sin and is not seeking a way out of it and in a sense the prophecy is passing Gods sentence on them. This is usually done by a prophet sent specifically to do this

When you are to give a prophecy you will have peace about the timing of it and the amount of it. Do not give the prophecy until you have this peace.

If prophesying only blessings or similar, you must also give the qualification that will allow the blessing to be received. If you do not have this then wait until you do or the prophecy is not complete.

A prophecy can be one word. Length does not mean quality. Say only what Jesus tells you to say. No more! No Less! You are only the transmitter, not the Author of the prophecy.

Prophecy given to a non-Christian

This type of prophecy rarely gives a blessing from God to the person but is warning to repent and follow Jesus and to get their life in order and not to resist or reject Jesus. It should encourage the person to consider the claims of Jesus as well as show why the person needs Jesus.

Given to churches

These usually bless or rebuke the church and are followed by a list of the things God is either pleased with or hates in that church. Remember, while it is given to a church it actually refers to the people in the church as a building has no life in itself. Only the people in it are answerable to God. Examples of this sort of prophecy are in the letters to the churches in the Book of Revelation and, apart from the listing of things the Lord hates or delights in, they follow the pattern for personal prophecy to Christians.

Timing issues

If you tell a prophecy too early, Satan will know what is to come and will try and stop it or replace it and the person may try to bring it to pass too early which allows Satan to work. You could upset their entire life with a badly timed or given prophecy. The timing issue makes prophecy a heavy responsibility.

In prophecy, timing is perhaps the most important thing. Anyone can give a prophecy, but few seem to be concerned about the timing of it or how much to give to the person.

You need to know how much of the prophecy to give and when to give it.

As for lifestyle of a prophet/prophetess

Holiness and obedience to Jesus is a must

You must walk continually being led by The Holy Spirit.

As you meet people listen in case The Holy Spirit has something for you to say for to person on behalf of Jesus.

When not to consult prophets and prophetesses

You do not need to consult at prophet or prophetess if:

The answer is plainly clear in The Bible.

You already know God's Will in the matter and it has been confirmed by two witnesses.

The guidelines on "how to know the Will of God" have helped you reach a conclusion as to God's Will in the matter. (These are listed earlier in this chapter)

You know the answer you want is against Gods revealed Will

When to consult a prophet or prophetess:

None of the above has helped you discover God's Will in the matter.

You think you know His Will but are still unsure, as it is not clear and you need a prophet to be a second witness to whether it is God's Will or not.

You feel you need to know something but don't know what it is. Before consulting a prophet or prophetess you need to ask The Holy Spirit if you should. You may not need to know the answer yet or God may not want you to know the answer yet (Deuteronomy 29:29)

God may not want you to know the answer so that you do not "help Him" make it come to pass and wreck what He wanted to do. Another reason is for this hiding of prophecy is so that Satan cannot try and stop the plans, divert them or offer his answer before God's. Remember, if Satan can, he will offer an answer that appears to be God's and will try to get you to accept it before God can give to you His answer.  The promise is that if we seek to obey God and promote His Kingdom we will be given what we need so prophecy really is not necessary except to guide us back to the path we should be on or encourage us to continue on that path.,

A good prophet or prophetess will know if God has something to tell you and will do so guided by The Holy Spirit. They will tell you what God wants to reveal to you, or that it is not the right time to reveal all or part of it, or that He is saying nothing and will explain why if The Holy Spirit tells them why.

Does a prophet or prophetess need to know what the person is asking?

No! As that is usually between the person and God.

All they need to do is hear the answer and give it as The Spirit requires them to give it.

Attitudes to living and prophecy

Mat 6:30-34 states:

30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, 0 ye of little faith?

31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall you eat? or, What shall you drink? or, Wherewithal shall you be clothed?

32 (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.

33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

34 Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

There are various principles these verses:

v30 God cares for inanimate things how much more will He take care of His Children

v31 So you should not worry about your provision for this life if you follow Him wholeheartedly and not ignore Him by trying to provide for your own needs

v32 People who do not know God seek for these things as they do not seek the requirements  of Gods Provision

v33 As you seek God's Kingdom (His will and purposes) He will give you all you need to do His work. You will never need to ask for ANYTHING YOU REALLY NEED!

v34 You have enough things to deal with today without looking for things in the future to deal with.

So the way to not worry and be anxious about the future is to do God's will as He promises to provide all you need in this life if you do that. This provision includes preparation for the future as well as a future and a hope in heaven as promised by Him to all who obey Him as Lord!

So do we really need prophecy if we have this attitude and are being led by The Holy Spirit?


Why then do we have prophecy?

To encourage us to keep going by showing God knows our situation so He can comfort us in it and to warn us if we are doing something wrong. But then Words of knowledgedoes that also.

So what is the difference between them?

Prophecy is can only ever be for the future while Words of Knowledgecan be for a current or future situation.

As you walk in the principles of Matt 6:33 all that has been prophesied or promised to you will occur as they are part of the path (Eph 2:10) prepared by God from before the foundation of the world for you to walk in and so that all on that path will eventuate. This includes ministry and all the future promises He has for you. But you must stay obediently on that path, walking one day at a time doing each moment what God desires you to do and not worrying about the future in any way.

On this path are also all he requires you to do to reap the full reward He has for you in eternity and The Kingdom as well as prepare you to live in The Kingdom with Him in eternity.

If a person is led by God's Holy Spirit, seeking The Kingdom of God and God's Will, they do not need to know what God has for them in the future as they know whatever it is will be for their best. Prophecy is not necessary, as they will be content in whatever state they are in. They realise they only need to know what God has for them to do next. They trust God and are happy to accept whatever He does to or for them.

Prophecy may be given at times to encourage you but usually the faith walk only is given prophecy at crucial times as God desires the person to rely on Him alone and to trust regardless of what happens. He will guide you through the situation by The Holy spirit and this is usually sufficient to help you in this walk.

Prophecy for the future is normally only for those who cannot hear God's Spirit or who do not have complete faith or trust in God and His Plans for their life. Prophecy is designed to correct, guide and encourage you in your Christian walk. It is also for those who have strayed, lost hope or need guidance and who cannot hear the Holy Spirit usually because of fear or sin.

Sometimes you will be given a prophecy to help you in something, especially when God is going to do something unusual and by this prophecy prepare and encourage you as you go through whatever is about to happen to you.

We are told to be content in all circumstances. The only way to do this is not to be anxious or worried about anything but to trust God completely in all things. His Love, His Plan for your life, His Purposes, His Control over all our circumstances, over every area of your life:

Ministry (Spiritual) Employment (physical) and recreation

Physical need and things He has given to you to be a steward of which is an expression of His Love and stewardship of you.

Relationships to God, family, Christians, non Christians

Spiritual growth and rewards

Faith trusts in the promise giver Jesus and not in the prophecies they may get that are said to be from Him. At times Satan will try to sneak a few in so you need to be careful and check the source of all that comes your way.

Sometimes your path is clouded by prophetic promises. This is because you put faith in the promises and not the promise giver, Jesus. The seeking of Jesus and His Will is more important than any prophecy you are given so you need to leave the fulfilling of these prophecies to Him and continue in the walk of Mat 6:33 trusting in His Love for you, that whatever happens is for your best regardless of whether these prophecies come true or not.

If they do not come true then obviously they are not from God and Satan has managed to sneak a prophecy in. You may need to repent of something, making Jesus Lord of that area again.

Faith believes Jesus can do what He said and accepts the waiting period for the prophecy to be fulfilled and does not worry if things are not going the way they expect things to go for the prophecy to be fulfilled (Rom 8:28, Gen 50:20, Ec 3:11)

Remember the perspective of God in regard to Prophecy

God looks at things in seasons and not years so to divide up your life into years and relate prophecy to those years is incorrect. You also live in eternity and so you need to look at things from that eternal perspective and not from earth time. Perhaps that is why it is so hard to place a date or time on a prophecy as dates are not relevant to God's seasons but only to man's timing.


The most parodied gift of God that Satan uses to control people is to do with prophecy' and 'words of knowledge' but perverted for his use. Examples are:

Astrology and fortune telling

Mediums, Psychics and spirit guides

Demonic prophecy and 'words of knowledge' through Satanists and carnal Christians

Demonic prophetic teaching imitating The Holy Spirit

A Christian should never be involved in these as it removes the Lordship of Jesus from their life and makes them vulnerable to demons. If a Christian has been involved in these then deliverance is needed and any prophetic words received should be taken to The Holy Spirit for confirmation.

Prophecy and Suffering

You need to trust God: Who He is as well as what He has done and all the promises you have through what Jesus has done.

You also need to trust His Control, Purposes and Plans for you to endure the suffering. He will also provide the strength you need to go through it if you let Him.

He says in Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

And in Prov 3:5-7 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.

One of the problems of prophecy is that what is prophesied can become an idol so you hold onto and hope in it for your future happiness instead of the control Jesus has over circumstances. Instead of placing your hope in Jesus and being comforted by Him, you take our eyes off Him and look to the prophecy for comfort.

As your current situation often bears no resemblance to the events necessary for the prophecy to be fulfilled you get anxious at the possibility of the prophecy not coming to pass and often you cannot see any humanly possible way of it ever occurring and may try and help it come to pass. You get stressed out and often become an emotional mess. Your forget faith is usually crystallized in an instant. God is a God of the suddenlies. In an instant the promise has occurred, the trial is over and the season of promised blessings commences.

If this idolatry has occurred you need to repent of this idolatry you have indulged in and refocus back on Jesus.

All you need to really know is the next step God wants you to do and not the future because it is in His hands and is part of His Perfect Plan for your life. If you do His next step for you, you will be in His perfect Plan and what He has promised in The Bible as well as prophesied for you will eventually occur. The promised future will take care of itself (Mat 6:33).

So how are you to approach prophecy?

You are too accept a prophecy and wait for it to happen and not try to find out more about it unless God tells you as Satan often will try to help you with a prophecy so you will be led astray and not do the Will of God. You take things as they come and not plan for the future unless told to prepare in some way By The Holy Spirit. Whatever Jesus asks you to do will contain what is necessary for you to do for the future He has prepared for each of you individually and at times has prophesied to you as well.

So you may get a prophecy but it is necessary to live moment by moment in God's Will for it to come true. This stops you helping the prophecy to be fulfilled and by this hindering it. If you do what God wants you to do at that moment you are doing His the requirements for any prophecy to be fulfilled.

Not knowing the future is normal for Christians (Is 50:10,11) which is why it is a walk of faith. Reasoning what it will be (even if only filling in the gaps left from prophecy) will only result in sorrow as you can reason yourself out of God's Will for you into a discomfort zone not of His Making and expose yourself to Satan and his attacks.

Prophecy will guide you but will only tell you what God wants you to know (Duet 29:29) so that you can do His Will. The danger is to try and fill the gaps in the prophecy through using reason and leading yourself astray from God and His Will for you.

The only prophecy you must act on immediately is a warning to correct something you are or are not doing or on that requires you to act immediately in some other.

Dealing Prophecy if it affects others adversely

No matter what a prophecy says you cannot desire its fulfillment if it means another is to suffer or you will:

Not show God's Love to them

Be side tracked in your focus away from any tasks you are doing

Desire it more than Jesus

Try and help to bring it to pass or stop it and get in the road of God

Take you out of God's perfect will for you

Allow Satan to offer an inferior answer

Remember what happened to Jonah, the reluctant prophet.  Besides it is none of your business what God does with the prophecy.

You must patiently wait and work at doing what He has asked you to do until you understand the prophecy so He can implement it in your life, trusting in Mat 6:33 and saying:

James 4:15 For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, you shall live, and do this, or that.

The Holy Spirit will always prepare you for the fulfillment of a prophecy so don't try and reason how it will be implemented as often understanding this is impossible . As He matures you to be ready for the prophecy you will start to understand it and see things in a different spiritual light.

You may not desire the prophecy to occur but you must be willing to accept it if Jesus does bring it to pass. If Jesus brings it to pass it will be for the purposes of His Kingdom and thus best for all concerned. It will not be because you desire it to occur but will be because it is His perfect Will.

Prophecy from The Holy Spirit is the Will of Jesus for His Kingdom, so you cannot criticise, reject, alter or grieve over it as that would be to say Jesus is asking you to prophesy something that is not the best for another and would imply He was not Perfect and thus not God.

Dealing with desires resulting from Prophecy

No matter what a prophecy says you cannot desire its fulfillment in a way that it becomes a consuming thing in you or you will:

Be side tracked from Jesus in your focus on it

Desire it more than Jesus

Try to help bring it to pass' taking you out of God's Perfect Timing

Allow Satan to influence it in some way with other prophecy

You are to patiently wait for it to come to pass, continually giving it to Jesus to be Lord of, doing what He asks you to do each day and trusting Him to bring it to fruition (Mat 6:33 applies), saying:

'1f the Lord Wills you shall do this and that".