The way of the person who expresses God's Love to he Holy Spirit

A person with God's Love trusts God's timing of events

They are respectful of The Holy Spirit and will serve Him and will do whatever He asks them to do for Jesus.

They do not envy the gifts others have as they believe each is given the necessary gifts they need to serve God where they are at in their Christian walk and that others with different service to God will naturally have different gifts to them. They appreciate the fact God has given them gifts so they can even serve Him.

They realise that in their self they have no power to express the gifts or power of God. So they do not promote their own abilities but promote what God has done through them.

They do not bring The Holy Spirit into disrepute through inappropriate attempts at expression of the gifts or miracles, but only express these as The Holy Spirit directs them. Any other way is from their flesh and they will fail to please God and the incorrect expression of these will be brought into existence by Satan.

They do not seek their own recognition or promotion at the expense of that of The Lord Jesus knowing full well they are only able to do things because The Holy Spirit empowers and allows them to do these on behalf of The Lord Jesus.

Because they serve Jesus and are led by The Holy Spirit as they do this they realise that when people attack their service they are really attacking God so they give to Jesus their vindication and do not attempt to vindicate themself (Mat 25:40).

Because they see people as God sees them they do not seek evil in people but look for the good in them as well as how they are to serve people (as shown to them by The Holy Spirit).  They may shown the evil in people but do not seek it.  God does not clutter you with things you do not need to know.

They delight when God, His Kingdom and His Principles are promoted and they rely on The Holy Spirit to guide them in these and in the recognition of these things.

The do not complain when others ridicule or criticize them for expressing their faith as it is guided by The Holy Spirit and the only judge they are concerned in pleasing is Jesus and not man.

They have a positive attitude to what The Holy Spirit is doing in their life and the life of others and assist others in their spiritual walk, being guided by The Holy Spirit in this

They seek to serve others in their spiritual growth in the way God guides them too and are servants to others just as God is to them.

They have a correct relationship with The Holy Spirit which allows The Holy Spirit to empower them, guide them and express to others God's requirements of their service.

In Conclusion

The Holy Spirit is a person and unless you love Him as you love Jesus and The Father you are bringing Him into disrepute and not living, loving and relating to God as you should.

The only reason you can love with the same quality of Love that God does is because The Holy Spirit changes you to be able to do this.

The only reason you can exhibit the Fruit of The Spirit in your life is because The Holy Spirit guides you how too.

The only reason you can understand spiritual things is because The Holy Spirit teaches you how too.

The choice to listen to The Holy Spirit and put into practice what He teaches you is yours alone. You will have no one else to blame for not putting into practice what He teaches you.