Advice Jesus gave to me about The Kingdom of God

This morning Jesus started to speak to me about The Kingdom and things in regards to it.

He said:

He judges you by how you related to Him and not how you related to the minister/priest, church or denomination and whether or not you wholeheartedly tried to obey him.  He does not look at results but the heart attitude in the way His things were done.

He said many Christians are in hell because they would not forgive another and would not reconcile to another because of unforgiveness in their heart.

Many Christians were also in hell because they would not give up a sin so that Jesus was not their Lord.

The expression of His quality of Love should be behind everything you do or it is not of His Kingdom but of your flesh.  In everything that happens to us we should appreciate that God’s Love is working in it for our best.   This is why we should be thankful whatever happens to us and not complain about what happens to us.  Complaining about it is questioning His Love towards you.

What your focus is on shows what is in your heart and which king you serve.  God’s Love must be expressed in all you do or your actions are not of Him.

To serve Jesus correctly you must also relate and serve The Father and The Holy Spirit correctly.

Spiritually you belong to The Body of Christ’s followers and to the communion of saints and not to a legal body like the church, a religious order or denomination.  Until you see this you will not relate to and fellowship with other Christians correctly.

You are a steward of all God gives you authority over: ministry, His Things, family and children, property, you mind, soul, body and flesh and will have to give an account of this stewardship to God when you die and face Him, as we all must do.

If you believe in whom Jesus is He said you will:

Do deliverance
Fight His battles (Spiritual warfare)
Do healing
Encourage and support each other emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally and financially
Defend His Name, morals and things of His Kingdom
Represent The Kingdom
Teach The Kingdom
Love The Kingdom and serve it in all else you do


The main thing is to wholeheartedly try to do these things.  It is up to God what happens and not you.

Remember that you are also a steward of these and will have to give an account to God for how you carried out these things.

Your relationships are all a form of stewardship so how you care for these relationships and the way you relate will also be judged by God.

Whatever you do to anything that belongs to His Kingdom: persons, property, knowledge and wisdom about it, you do it also to The king.  How you treat His Kingdom and all that is in it is an expression of your stewardship.

Love and its expression (The Fruit of The Holy Spirit) should be the natural expression of your character.   These are the natural expression of a citizen of The Kingdom of God.

It is what you believe in your heart that matters and not what you say or reason you should believe.

Unless hell and Satan is preached there is really no incentive to follow Jesus and be a disciple of Him.

Unless the Authoirty of the Kingdom is demonstrated there is really no p[roof it exists.