Why is Jesus humanised in modern Bibles?

Modern theologians use historical methods to Judge Jesus and so cannot really see anything historically that would imply He is   Divine and so look to other religions to see what He should be like by looking at the religions of His time and arguing He should be like these and so modify The Bible to remove His divinity and all that would point to it so that He is like any other founder of a religion.  To do this they rationalise about the proofs of His Divinity and prefer negatives reasonings about it rather than positive ones built on faith.

By this, they show they are not listening to The Holy Spirit who is the guide God has given to us to help us interpret The Bible and so leave themselves open to guidance by demons which the alterations made to that traditional text shows has happened.

They ignore the warning in 2 Cor 10:5 to take everything captive to Jesus and not assume, imagine or reason things out without reference to The Bible.  This means anything supernatural done by Jesus is not considered real or possible or not anything really special because others are supposedly to have done the same things at the time, He was alive.

This means they believe that miracles really no longer occur which means the main proof of Jesus is not accepted as being a real event.  When asked why these occur, they cannot explain but reason there will be something found that will explain them as being not supernatural.

So, they do the following to show He had a human and not divine at birth:

Imply Jesus had a normal birth


Cannot be redeemer

Was not resurrected in a way different to the resurrection of others supposedly resurrected

They say we need to work at our salvation because the cross was ineffective for salvation.  This was incorrect as the cross was about redemption as salvation has always been by faith.  But they do not believe Jesus can redeem so replace redemption with salvation as the purpose of the Cross.  They also believe salvation is not purely by faith so that we have to do works to be saved.

He was promoted by God (made divine) for His sacrifice and obedience.

As a result, this makes Christianity like any other religion so all religions can use the new, modern bibles as Jesus is like the founder of any other religion and can also supposedly fellowship together (which explains why ecumenicism is growing so we now have a one world bible for all religions that want to use part or whole of it (including the new age and Satanists) because they will find little in it to offend them).  They just change the names of the Trinity in The Bible to match the names of their deities

Now to go into some detail in how they do some of these things.

They deny The Trinity because they do not believe Jesus is God so there cannot be a Trinity.  They do this by removing 1 John 5:7 saying it was not in the early Bibles, but there is much more evidence to show it was there and accepted by early Christians.

They remove Mark 16:9-21 and as a result remove a lot that makes Jesus Divine:

They remove the resurrection.  They cannot historically prove it and as no other person has ever been resurrected the way Jesus was, they assume Jesus could not have been.

They remove the authority delegated to us by Jesus over Satan and his works.  No other religious founder has been able to cast out demons let alone authorise others to be able to do so and as they consider Jesus’ human, He also could not do these things.

They remove the delegated authority to heal sickness which no other religious founder has or is able to give.

They remove the resurrection and the Ascension of Jesus as being special.  No other religious founder has been ascended into heaven in the way Jesus was.

The fact He did miracles in His own ministry or raised the dead and removed demons is nothing special.  After all Elijah and Elisha did those things.

They implied Jesus sinned in Matt 5:22 and John 7:8 so cannot be redeemer.

There are many verses dealing with these things and you will see this when you look at a modern bible that show these are removed.  You will usually find the margins saying older versions do not have these have where the verses have been removed or adulterated.

The older versions referred to are the Sinaiticus and Vaticanus which had them in but were removed from them before publication.  The other problem is that these two caudexes are forgeries so cannot be used for Bible Interpretation.

They deny His virgin birth deliberately mistranslating 'virgin' as 'young woman' and declare Joseph and Mary are His parent and not God and Mary.

The Modern new testament is full of these changes and there is 8000+ changes made to the King James to remove the Divinity of Jesus, so I mention only a few.

As you can see modern bibles are not based on faith but man’s reasonings about it based on historical precedence and the assumptions of their theology.

God was never asked about the correct translation of His Bible and often a vote was taken to see which was considered the best translation of a verse which unfortunately does not mean it is the correct translation of a verse.

The other problem is that they consider they do not have the original; Greek so do not know if their changes to it are correct.

Why do they need Jesus to be human?  So that he is no different to the founders of other religions and so they can all be combined in a one world religion using one basic belief system.  They do not realise Satan is using them to prepare the world for his antichrist so that they will soon be removed as the one world religion rulers and replaced by Satan.

The only way to show Jesus is superior is to show His Kingdom is real through the casting out demons, healing the sick and raising the dead using the delegated authority of His Name. But most churches do not do this believing it is not able to be done today or even applicable today.

Satan certainly has most churches and Christians really messed up and trained well.

This is why the three great revivals just before the tribulation occur to restore Jesus to how He should have been treated by showing He is superior to the founders of other religions by what is done in His delegated authority.  This shows He is God, able to delegate these things, and that He also causes them to happen which other religious founders cannot do and so show He is different to them and God.