Our delegation to defeat demons (Mark 16:17)

Modern Bibles remove this delegation as they imply it is not in the original writings of scripture.  This means you cannot do spiritual warfare or us the delegation of Jesus if you believe modern Bibles are more accurate than the Bibles that have this passage in .

The delegation is found in Mark (16:17. Casting out demons is at the top of the list of signs that Jesus said would be done by those who truly believed in who He was as it is so important to be free from demons to effectively live the Christian life.

In a sense this sign shows you are of the Kingdom of God as only then will you have the authority to cast out Satan.  Demons can heal but they cannot cast out other demons as they are on the same side in this war.  So when a Satanist invades a deliverance ministry they are absorbing the demons that are supposedly cast out and adding them to their pile of demons in them.  The Christian has some deliverance but only because the Satanist wants more demons for them self.

The early church use to put people through deliverance before they admitted them to church membership.

The Kingdom of God comes forcefully through the removal of the opposition of Satan and his demons and the only weapons we have to do this is the delegated authority of Jesus.  It is also one of the few ways people can see the reality of The kingdom of God and its ruler, Jesus!

We are not given The Holy Spirit partially when we are marked by Him as belonging to Jesus, neither are we given partial delegation over Satan and his demons.  The delegation is complete, over every demon, or it would be useless for the battle. Satan is defeated and the delegated authority of Jesus is an expression of this victory over him so he has to obey it!

The removal of Mark 16:9-21

This passage was originally in Vaticanus and Sinaiticus and when these are examined forensically it can be seen that they were removed by the same person.

So they should still be in there. But Satan has his followers who removed these from the Bible so that we would not know we have Author over him.

Do the research beginning with a book called ‘The Forging of Sinaiticus. By Bill Cooper. This clearly shows Sinaiticus, Vaticanus and codex 2427 are forgeries and have no basis for being used to make a Greek to use for Bible Translation. What is worse the Greek used for the Revised Version was not even based on these but Westcott and Hort said they used the Sinaiticus to give their Greek credibility but edited the text to reflect their heretical beliefs.