This page deals with the problems and heresied of modern bibles and the two authors who wrote the Greek behind modern translations.

Psa 11:3  If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

The modern bibles destroy the foundations of faith so that Christianity is in the mess it is at the moment.

What I cover in the following writings

Westcott and Hort we antichrists (against Christ) Iin there writings Jesus is made out to be born a man and not as God who became god by what he did. This is the same reason Mary was made Queen of Heaven

The Great of Westcott and Hort  have no codex  back their Greek. They said it was based on the Sinaiticus but really it was their own Greek because they changed the Sinaiticus to say what they want it to say and left out parts of it they did not believe in.

They made Jesus out to be a sinner so he could not redeem us which means we have to do something as well.

They use ‘Covenant’ and not ‘Testament’ implying to do something as in a Covenant (which is an agreement between two people stating what they agree to do) and that Jesus had not done at all as in a ‘testament’ which is something a person bequeves.

Vaticanus and and Sinaiticus are forgeries.

Mark 16 vs 9 to 21 was originally in both manuscript but we removed from both by the same person between 1845 and 1865

Westcott and Hort disobeyed the parameters they were given in other words they rebelled and did their own thing. Good cannot results from rebellion.

Where possible Westcott and Hort removed any indication of the divinity of Jesus.

The Fraudulent basis of modern bibles.

Some effects of the 'new Greek' on The Bible.

The reason for the heresy behiind modern bibles.

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