The Church

The church is on earth for a purpose and unless it fulfils this purpose it is not really a body that belongs to Jesus but to people who are guiding it in a direction that  Jesus does not desire it to go.  There is no excuse for it not doing what Jesus desires it to do as He has given us a Bible and The Holy Spirit to guide us so that we have no excuse unless we deliberately do not want to do what The Bible says or are ignoring what The Holy Spirit says.

This document examines what Jesus said about the church and what He requires His Citizens, who are really His church, to do for Him.

A complicating matter is that He has an enemy called Satan who rules the environment on earth God’s His Citizens live in and who is trying to destabilise and/or destroy the church and its purposes.

God’s Kingdom is only seen on earth through the lifestyle of its Citizens and through the expression of its authority it has over his enemy, Satan, his demons and his work.  This authority is expressed in miracles over nature and sickness and in the removals (casting) out of Satan from his trying to destroying and stopping the work of The Kingdom of God on earth.

In many respects the only real difference between Christianity and other faiths is the expression of the authority of Jesus over Satan because they all usually have hight morals and belief in a deity.

SO any church not expressing the character of The Kingdom of God or expressing the authority of The Kingdom of God is little different to other faiths and has no real reason for people to come to it and be a part of it especially when other faiths offer more in the supernatural and by this attract people from joining Christianity which usually has little different to offer to these faiths.

This is one reason Jesus is appearing to people because the church has failed Him in reaching those people and showing it is worth following Jesus because Jesus is greater than their God because He has authority over their God.

So any church deliberately not expressing the Character of God or the Authority of God over demons, nature and sickness (the workings of demons) must be careful or it may not be a part of The Kingdom and so not going to heaven.

Most churches teach the Character required of a Christian so there is no excuse for no doing it.  But unfortunately most churches have rejected the direct guidance of The Holy Spirit of the delegated authority of Jesus over Satan and his works so that  Christians do not use this authority because they have not been taught its use it by the church;  For not teaching this the ministers of the Church has a lot to answer for because nowhere in The Bible has Jesus withdrawn this delegation.

Purpose of Church

The church represents:


The Kingdom of God

And his expression of His Love and Authority on this earth

These are the main areas I will examine.  They have various aspects which is why they will be discussed separately

The church has a flat structure:  Jesus then us (1 Pet 2:25), and the current structure the church has is not in The Bible and in fact many churches these days promote and embrace Biblical error and follow a Nicolaitan pattern which Jesus said, in the book of Revelation, that He hates.

Note the following:

Of the thirteen letters considered written by the apostle Paul scholars consider only seven were actually written by him.  The rest are ascribed to others (anonymous people) who showed respect to Paul by using his Name as author.

Scholars claim this because the language in these six letters are different to that in the letters we know were written by Paul and words are used in them that are not used in the letters considered written by Paul.

Seven letters (with consensus dates) considered genuine by most scholars:

First Thessalonians (c. 50 AD)

Galatians (c. 53)

First Corinthians (c. 53–54)

Philippians (c. 55)

Philemon (c. 55)

Second Corinthians (c. 55–56)

Romans (c. 57)

The letters on which scholars are about evenly divided:


Second Thessalonians

About 80% of scholars think the following letters are thought to be written uasing Paul’s name.


First Timothy

Second Timothy


Accordingly an examination of how they deal with certain subjects will show whether or not they have the same approach to them as Paul does. In regard to church positions:


1Ti_3:1  This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work.

1Ti_3:2  A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;

2Ti_4:22  The Lord Jesus Christ be with thy spirit. Grace be with you. Amen. The second epistle unto Timotheus, ordained the first bishop of the church of the Ephesians, was written from Rome, when Paul was brought before Nero the second time.

Tit_1:7  For a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God; not selfwilled, not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre;

Tit_3:15  All that are with me salute thee. Greet them that love us in the faith. Grace be with you all. Amen. It was written to Titus, ordained the first bishop of the church of the Cretians, from Nicopolis of Macedonia.

Php_1:1  Paul and Timotheus, the servants of Jesus Christ, to all the saints in Christ Jesus which are at Philippi, with the bishops and deacons: Here used as a superintendent of a church and not an overseer of all churches in an area.


1Ti_5:17  Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.

Tit_1:5  For this cause left I thee in Crete, that thou shouldest set in order the things that are wanting, and ordain elders in every city, as I had appointed thee:


Php_1:1  Paul and Timotheus, the servants of Jesus Christ, to all the saints in Christ Jesus which are at Philippi, with the bishops and deacons:

1Ti_3:8  Likewise must the deacons be grave, not doubletongued, not given to much wine, not greedy of filthy lucre;

1Ti_3:12  Let the deacons be the husbands of one wife, ruling their children and their own houses well.

Remember Philippians is written to a house church and refers to people who were overseeing the church.  It cannot mean a person who rules the church or an area as there is more than one so s not used in the modern sense of the word.  Note also that ‘elders’ are not referred to so that ‘bishops’ here means elder.


Eph_4:11  And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;



All New Testament references in Hebrews all are considered priests not just one person in a church.


A survey of the word in the New Testament shows that we are all ministers and its use  is not specific to a person who runs a church.

So it can  be seen that the current structure of the church is man made based on non-Pauline writings and not taught bu Jesus to Paul (or he would have dealt with these in his letters) and by this need to control others the true Nature of The Kingdom has been hidden.  Satan has successfully used this structure to hide The Kingdom of God and with the use of denominations has divided The Kingdom even further.

So we h ave a divided church where most  Churches not doing the work of Jesus and not representing His Kingdom in the way it should and we wonder why the church is dying in places where the Authority of Jesus over demons, sickness and  nature is not expressed and where witchcraft and Satanism, which does express authority in  these areas, but for Satan, is thriving.

The delegated Authority of Jesus

Along with hiding The Kingdom of God Satan has managed to hide the delegated Authority of Jesus by having modern Bibles imply it was not given to us by Jesus.  By this he has effectively removed the one weapon God gave against Satan so the church no longer offers this proof of The Kingdom of God and is not really able to carry out His last commands.

Proclaim The Kingdom of God has come

Jesus taught about The Kingdom and its relationship to God.

He taught what it required of us

He gave delegated Authority to express the Kingdom in this world

He taught us to act always out of God’s quality of Love

As we express these things in our life we will demonstrate The Kingdom and by ths show that The Kingdom has arrived.  Evangelism is the announcing of   the arrival of The Kingdom of God and what God has done for us as a result of this.

There has always been two Gospels:

The Gospel (good news) of Salvation that has  been  since Adam was created

The Gospel of The Kingdom, which came with the teachings and death of Jesus.


What The Kingdom of God declares

It does not declare The Gospel of Salvation as that does not depend on your being a citizen of The Kingdom.  God uses it to make you a citizen of The Kingdom of God.  It declares:

The Gospel of The Kingdom (The benefits of being a Citizen of The Kingdom)

The Lordship of Jesus (He is King of all and God so can do what He sad He would)

Salvation (from the kingdom of Satan)

Redemption (the removal of all that separate us from God because of our sins and what Jesus did to remove this).

The rapture (removal from the judgement to come on the world system Satan ruled incorrectly for over 6000 years)

Eternal Joy in heaven (the rewards of being a faithful Citizen of The Kingdom of God)

Whatever it does should be done:

In God’s Quality of Love

For the purposes of The Kingdom

And should

Bring Glory to God

Result in praise and thanksgiving to God

In some way give a new understanding of God and His Character

Deepen your relationship with God.

Proclaim The Lordship of Jesus

Jesus is God and has been given rulership of the Kingdom of God and of the earth.  All must do what He says if they wish to enter into His Kingdom after they die.

All we need to know about The Kingdom was given by us  by Jesus to teach others about it and so we could live a life meeting its requirements.  Our purpose is to teach others about its King and His requirements of them.

It requires us to know what Jesus taught as well as how to live the way He desires us too.

Integral to both Gospels is that Jesus is God and has done what is necessary for these Gospels to be complete and without what He had done we could not enter heaven.  Unless we obey Jesus as Lord we will not enter The Kingdom of God as He is its ruler and you do not belong to a kingdom whose ruler you do not obey.

The Commands of Jesus

Some people say Jesus made over 300 commands but in reality He only gave one command and all else are an expression of it.  If you obey this command you will do the things  which help others know Jesus and support them as they seek to live The Christian life.

The command was the one really behind the 10 commandments and all other laws in The Bible.

He said:

Joh 13:34  A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. 

Joh 13:35  By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. 

It was not a new command that we could love others but it was new in that God now said you are to love others in the same way Hr loves you and emphasised it with the following statement:

Mar 12:30  And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. 

Mar 12:31  And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these. 

Jesus specifically called these commandments.

AN expression of these are the other commandments that follow on from this was stated by Jesus just before He ascended into heaven so are imperatives we need to do.

Jesus said (summarizing His last statements before He rose into heaven):

“All power (authority) is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,

baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you

And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in My name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.

He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe;

In my name shall they cast out devils;

they shall speak with new tongues;

They shall take up serpents;

and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them;

they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover

and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.

Citizens of The Kingdom of God will be dong these things when they have the opportunity to do so given to them by God.

If you are not doing these things when God gives you the opportunity to do them is disobedience which is a form of rebellion against King Jesus then you need to be ether learning how to do them , teaching others how to do them or resting from how to do them.  In a sense it is denying Him and Jesus if you are deliberately not dong any of the above Jesus said He will deny you before The Father so that you do not enter heaven.

Into all the world

The church is told to go into all the world and proclaim The Kingdom and Express it.  Usually this means to go into the local community then surrounding areas as told us in Acts 1:8.

Act 1:8  But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in:

 Jerusalem, and in

all Judaea, and in

Samaria, and unto the

uttermost part of the earth. 

Note the progression.

So what does the church do?

It does not teach people how to present The Gospel and hires people to come in and present it to the community.  People qualified by or acceptable the denomination when the church should be going out so that there is a daily presence of The Kingdom instead of only a once year show of it.  Even then these ‘special’ people usually do not demonstrate the Gospel of The Kingdom but talk only about The Gospel of salvation.

What will ministers say to Jesus who do not train their people to present The Gospel and only have it presented once a year by specialists in complete contravention of what  Jesus sad to do.

Express God’s Love

The church needs to express God’s Quality of Love in all it does.  It would be hypocritical of a Christian not to tell others of what God has done for them and not  to express to others the quality of Love God has shown to them.

God said:

Isa 58:6  Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? 

Isa 58:7  Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh? 

And also:

Isa 61:1  The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound; 

Isa 61:2  To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn; 

Isa 61:3  To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified. 

Isa 61:4  And they shall build the old wastes, they shall raise up the former desolations, and they shall repair the waste cities, the desolations of many generations. 

By this you showed His quality of Love to others and The Kingdom will expand as promised in Is 61:4

In other words, if you show God’s Quality of Love you will help those in need and tell them of what Jesus has done for you and can do for them. 

There is nothing in there about church or denomination building but there is a promise that you will help build The Kingdom by doing these.

We are also told:

1Jn_3:17  But whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?

Not to show others the same quality of Love that God has shown you s to make you a hypocrite and hypocrites will not enter heaven.

Another important aspect is that as you express God’s quality of Love you are expressing the Kingdom so that to be a Citizen of The Kingdom you do this naturally or at least wholeheartedly try to do it.

More on God’s Love

It can be summarised as follows:

God’s Love defined in The Bible in the two main passages that describe it

Aspect of Love


1 Cor 13:4-7


Gal 5:22,23





V22 Gentleness





V22 Long-suffering

Not Jealous





Not Boastful





Not Proud




V23 Meekness

Not Rude





Not Selfish




V23 Temperance

Not quick tempered





Not keep a record of others wrongs





Rejoices in the truth




V22 Joy

Does not rejoice in evil




V22 Goodness

Is Always supportive














V22 Faith






Never fails









V22 Peace

One would think two passages describing God’s quality of Love would agree or be identical.  But it can be seen that the terms used are approximate so that you really need to look at both lists to get an overview of what God’s Love is like according to The Bible.

God’s type of Love expresses itself as The Fruit of The Spirit.

In summary you could say that Love is the result of an active belief in and appreciation of God and what He has done for you.  It expresses itself in selfless service and seeking only what God desires a person to seek.  It trusts God in all that happens so it is never troubled by circumstances and obtains its worth from what God thinks of them so is never defending whom they are as a person so can accept others as they are.  This means they can express the Character of God in them as they do not need to prove who they are to others as they know their worth because of their relationship with God.

This is attitude is obtained by seeing and understanding God’s: Love, care, provision, plans for them and protection of them through spending time with Him and experiencing these things as they serve Him.

To express the Character of God then you must remove self and its needs so that only God’s quality of character flows through you in all you do.  This can only be done through self-discipline and studying what God’s Character is like and applying it to your life which God helps you to do through trials and suffering as He builds your faith up so that you will try to be like Him character wise.

As you express God’s quality of Love to God it will become a natural expression of the way you express His quality of Love to others.

Finally, God’s Love never does for another what they should be doing themself.  It helps people accomplish hat God requires them to do and does not do it for them.


The concept of holiness is to dedicate something completely to a Deity so that  it serves no other purpose but to be completely for the purposes of worshipping that God.

It is an attempt to please that deity.  In religions it is an attempt to obtain favour from the deity by doing something sacrificial - even f it s only in spending time worshipping the deity. Christianity is different.

A Christian pursues holiness for four reasons:

As an act of love and gratitude to Jesus for what He has done for them

To continue to be in a correct salvation relationship with Him through the attitude of holiness rejecting all that would destroy this relationship with Jesus which is the b asis of obeying His Lordship over them

To show they belong to The Kingdom of God and so do not pursue worldly things but demonstrate the character of a Citizen of The Kingdom of God.

To be like Jesus because they love Him and desire to be like Him.

Jesus has delivered us from the control of the kingdom of Satan and The Bible states:

Lev_11:45  For I am the LORD that bringeth you up out of the land of Egypt, to be your God: ye shall therefore be holy, for I am holy.

And and it is repeated even more strongly in The New Testament:

Heb_12:14  Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

If you do not follow the path of holiness then you are not following Jesus so you do not belong to His Kingdom and will go to the kingdom of His enemy when you die.  This is because the pursuit of holiness means rejecting all the enemy suggests you do.  Satan cannot make you sin.  He can only suggest something and your lusts cause you to accept it so it becomes sin by accepting the thought without ever even doing the action Satan suggested.

To follow holiness and reject all that Satan offers you and what the world he controls suggests you do is solely your choice. God never forces yout o do anything.  If He desired perfect obedience He would have made us robots. But He gave us free will so that our positive responses to Him are even more precious to Him as they are a result of a choice we have mae and not the result of fear or coercion.

The Attitudes expressed

A citizen of The Kingdom of God must live a life expressing the requirements of Jesus in regards to obedience to His Kingship and the attitudes of The Kingdom a Citizen of The Kingdom of God should have.

Love and Holiness are the two attitudes we need to have to be  follower of Jesus and these result in certain attitude to Jesus, The father and The Holy Spirit and are the two from which should be the basis of all our actions.

These attitudes are designed to maintain holiness and obedience to Jesus as we go about our daily life.

It is one thing to be obtain salvation and another to continue on from there, maintaining this salvation relationship in your daily life.

Each day start off by giving it to The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit thanking them for it.  Each of them will have some part to play in your life today so thank them for what they are going to do for you that day and have done for you already while you were asleep.

Guard your mind as to what it accepts as inputs into your soul and spirit. This will help keep your ‘temple of God’ pure. The best input is The Bible and mediation on the Bible. Sound teaching is also good in whatever form you obtain it.  Remember that Satan and The Holy Spirit can place thoughts in your  mind, emotions and sensations on your body and will suggest what you are to think about so that you need to take what is in your mind back to what Jesus said.  If the thought makes you uneasy then it probably is from a demon and needs to be rejected and cast off to Jesus.

Develop intimacy with The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit and learn to hear their voice as they speak to you through The Bible, your conscience, your mind’s thoughts and Godly counsel.  Salvation is an intimate relationship (Jn 17:3) and an intimate relationship is not one sided but a continual dialogue between you and the other person.

Don’t talk to people about your salvation if they do not believe in salvation (unless The Holy Spirit tells you too) but tell those who need hearng it and are willing to listen in the hope they accept it about how Jesus set you free and the freedom He offers them.  God will bring these people to you and The Holy Spirit will guide you and tell you what to say to them.

DO NOT SEEK MIRACLES AND SIGNS. These are a result of your relationship with Jesus and if you seek them wrongly Satan will give you his versions of them.  Develop intimacy with Jesus and these will be a natural result. If you seek them before seeking God you make them into an idol and Satan may be able to give you his brand of miracles.

Anything placed before God and His purposes is an idol.

Do not seek prosperity  as the world measures it.  God’s prosperity will naturally result from the relationship you have with Him (Mat 6:33). It will be prosperity as God  desires it  and not as Satan wants you to have it.  Satan’s prosperity will lead you astray from God and bind you up in the world and its system (Ps 75:6-7).

Do not fall for the trap of giving to God and expecting Him to give back more.  After all, you are only giving back to God what He has given you to care for Him.

If you are trying to impose your will on His. It is also giving for the wrong reason and God will not honour it.  It is giving to get something back from God and that is not giving as God defines it.  Besides you are only giving back to Him what is His so your rally have not given anything of yours except your fee will.

Remove all from your house that is ungodly. Ask The Holy Spirit to show you what to remove. If you are the owner of the house, dedicate your house and all in it to Jesus and the purpose of His Kingdom. If renting then the area rented can be dedicated.  Al that you are steward of can be dedicated to Jesus as that has been given to you by Him to care for Him.

Keep every area of your life under the Lordship (authority, requirements and purposes) of Jesus. If Satan does attack and Jesus is your Lord of that area then you will not fall.

Show God’s Quality of Love to all around you, in all you do. Develop the mind (attitudes and thought patterns) of Jesus. Develop the Fruit of The Holy Spirit in your life.

Continually walk in fellowship with Jesus talking to Him, The Father and The Holy Spirit as you walk through life. This will stop your mind being invaded by demons. If your mind is caught up with Jesus and His things Satan cannot successfully place his thoughts in it.  Satan has to displace your Godly thoughts with his ungodly ones so he can deceive or distract you to sin.  Meditation on the things of God and focusing on holiness helps in keeping Satan out of your mind.

In everything give thanks to God (1 Thes 5:18) and show you appreciate what He has done for you as this is the Will of God for you. God has either caused it to happen or allowed it to happen for your best interests.

Never doubt God’s Love, Control, Plans or purposes for your life as that questions His Nature and His Love for you. Besides, there is really nothing to replace these things except the reasonings of men and the prompting of demons, both which result in harm to you and possibly a loss of your salvation.

This is why you never reason, argue, assume or react to things but ask the Holy Spirit what to do.  God is original and unless it is stated in His Bible how a matter needs to be dealt with then ask The Holy Spirit so Satan cannot use your  reasonings, arguments, assume or reactions to lead you astray and possibly sin.   Sin is deliberate disobedience to God and not an unintentional disobedience.

In Summary

You are to pursues holiness in all you do as that maintains The Lordship of Jesus in your live as well as the salvation relationship you have with Him, The Father and The Holy Spirit.

You should express the same quality of love to all as The Father does, in that He loves everyone, not just those who are in a correct relationship with Him.  He must hate their sin, but He loves them as His Children as He created them and they are still His children.

Remember that only The Father can judge or condemn someone and He chooses not to do this.  So you cannot condemn or judge someone but just humbly point out what The Bible says so that God is their judge and not you.  He gives every opportunity to repent but judggges them after they die.  We are to love them because they are Children of The father, like you are, but we are to hate the sin they do and help them to overcome it and return to Jesus just like He does for you.

You should ask The Holy Spirit what the Father’s will is for you to perform in regard to a person and then do it.  If the Holy Spirit is silent, then you must use the guidelines of The Bible as to how you are to relate to others (in love: in sound, positive, edifying speech; in having a servant heart, etc.) illustrating the character of The Father and Jesus.  Remember that silence can also mean that you are not to do anything so you need to make certain The Holy Spirit desires you to do something.

Because God is Love, you can wholeheartedly trust Him as you interact with Him.  His love keeps you in the Kingdom and helps you to stay there.  You can trust His Love in all things. The moment you start to doubt God’s Love, you start to fall from the main guiding principle of The Kingdom: faith and trust in His Love.

How to Live Each Day

As you obey God in all the small things you do each day as guided by The Holy Spirit and The Bible, you turn your life into a worship offering as you show, by your actions, that God and His guidelines are worthy of being followed in all things, not just the ‘important’ things.

You do not go to heaven for doing great things for God but by doing the everyday things propetly.

Christian living is not a matter of doing great things for God but doing well the everyday, mundane and daily tasks He gives you to do. Few of you will do ‘great things’ for God on a regular basis, but all of you can do properly the little things He asks you to do each day.  Remember that doing these properly is an act of worship to God.

When you do all things out of Love for Jesus and His Kingdom (so He gets all The Glory) as well as expressing His Quality of Love for the one in need, you satisfy the requirements of God.

So you should

Put God and His Kingdom first in everything

Do everything in God’s Quality of Love

Obey the Bible

Develop the relationship you have with God as a citizen of His Kingdom

Listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance

Cast out every negative or wrong thought in Jesus’ Name asking The Holy Spirit to replace them.

In everything give thanks to the The Father, The Holy Spirit and Jesus

Never doubt God’s Love, Control, Purpose and Plans for you. If you do there is nothing left to replace these but your own efforts and reasonings or the suggestions of demons. They will only lead you astray and compromise you holiness, prossibly losing your salvation..

Christian Dissatisfaction

If you question something God has done, you are considering that it was the wrong thing to do.  So by complaining about something or questioning what He is doing you are saying He has made a mistake and is not perfect so is not showing Perfect Love toward you, therefore subconsciously in your eyes He no longer is God and you cannot believe anything He says in The Bible. This also applies to saying God should have done something or that He is not going to do it now without actually being told these things by Him.

It also questions His Love which is the basis of all He does for you.

Be careful what you say about the workings of God in case you call Him into question and by this imply you believe He is not God or a God of Love.

The Mat 6:33 lifestyle requires a complete trust in God.  You cannot successfully partly love God.  It is all or  nothing.

Live a life demonstrating Kingdom Authority

The main difference between Christianity and other religions is the expression of the delegated authority of Jesus over Satan, his demons, illness and nature. Without the expression of these Christianity just becomes like any other religion or faith having a God, moral values and belief in an after life.

Other religions Teach to love in a similar way that Christians love but do not have authority over demons that Christians have and try and control demons by ritual and sacrifice.

Any church not expressing the delegated authority of Jesus is no different to many other religions and has little to offer people that other religions do not offer and in fact  may lose to these religions because they do not have the supernatural as part of its lifestyle while these other religions do and so attract people to them because of this. 

This is why Satanism is so popular!  It has a supernatural element which people seek and the western church usually does not provide.

To demonstrate The Kingdom of God requires two thing:

Relating to all with the same quality of Love He has towards us.

Fighting Satan and his plans by using the delegated Authority of Jesus He has given to us and by this declaring Jesus is God and Lord of all; nature, his demons, his works, his plans and sickness.

If you are not doing these two things or are learning how too or resting from them then you are not demonstrating The Kingdom of God and may not even belong to it.


Structure of the church

If you examine 1 Pet 2:25 you will see The Bible States that our spiritual head is Jesus so that no one else can have spiritual authority over us.  Nowhere else in The Bible is any structure stated except that people ministering spiritually do not get involved in the administration of the assembly.

The minister is there to advise what He believes The Holy Spirit wants done in a situation.  This is why there is a separation of administration and spiritual roles in a church.  The minister is not burdened by every day concerns about running of the church.

God requires us to do things of our own free will which is why ministers and mentors can only tell us what God or The Holy Spirit states about a situation and then they are to help you to do what they have been told by God to do for you.


God created every thing so owns everything.  He gives it to us to use and maintain and care for on His behalf.  So we need to ask God what He desires us to do with what He has given us this stewardship of.

The importance of stewardship can be seen in that a failure to maintain it cause the first sin. If Adam  had been correctly carrying out his stewardship of the garden he would have protected the tree.  If he had correctly carried out his stewardship of Eve she would not have eaten the forbidden fruit.  This is why it is said that he man sinned because he did not do what God had told him too so that sin resulted - Eve eating the forbidden fruit.

You need to determine the source of what you obtain because Satan will give you things that seem good to you but which God does not desire you to have because Satan can use them to mislead from what God desires you to do you or guide you to sin.

This is why we need to be guided by The Holy Spirit in everything so that we correctly do what God desires us to do in a situation like becoming a steward of something or allowing another to obtain it.

Stealing is usurping someone’s stewardship of property and  because God owns it you are not really stealing from the person but from God.

Stewards are required to be faithful so they use what they have as God directs so that His purposes are carried out.

Spiritual Warfare

Every Christian needs to know how to attack Satan and defend The Kingdom.  Any Christian not doing this does not realise their role in The Kingdom and does not realise the war they are in.

Roles in The Kingdom

You need to know what role you should be doing at any point in time (You do not need to know the king's, plans only your part in it.)

You need to know how to carry out each role:

What is expected from each role

God’s provision for you carry out your role

The rewards for carrying out these roles correctly

You need to know the spiritual environment you are in

You need to understand what is necessary for you to carry out your role:

Problems resulting from carrying out your role and how to meet them

How to meet these problems

What the King has given you to help meet these problems (Holy Spirit/Bible)

You need to know the enemy of the king:

Who he and his representatives are

The battle you are in

How the enemy s attacking

Your strategy and weapons as well as his strategies and weapons.

How victory over the enemy is measured

The above will be perfectly performed in The Kingdom of Heaven and by those from heaven who serve Jesus in the Millennial Kingdom.

Part of your role is to know what the king has done for you so you will appreciate him and love him for this and serve him out of love and not out of duty (like his enemies do).

But we are on earth and the Kingdom of God on earth is in us so that there are two aspects to our obedience on earth: The spiritual obedience we need to carry out and its effect in the physical realm of earth.

It is to be remembered that earth is our training ground to learn this obedience and prepare us for heaven so learning how to properly obey should be a focus of all on earth who say they follow the King.

What does the citizen of The Kingdom do?

They worship The King

They serve The King

They represent The King

They fellowship with The King

They place the requirements of The King and The Kingdom (which is an extension of The King) above all other requirements they desire and The King above all other people. This is not hard for them to do because of the nature of The King being so beautiful and desirable that they want to be like Him and to spend time with Him and serve Him.

They serve The King in various areas:

Representing Him as His ambassador

Defending his kingdom

Promoting the king and his kingdom

Teaching about Him to others

Guiding and helping people to join His Kingdom

Obtaining ground (people) from the enemy for The Kingdom

Serving Him in The Kingdom itself.

They do not strive for greatness in The Kingdom as it is for The King alone to give.  They realise they can only do things because The King has prepared all that is necessary for them to be able to serve The King in the activity.

They study to be approved by their King then He promotes them.  They realise that greatness in The Kingdom is not obtained by doing great things but being faithful in the daily things The King requires of them.  Their daily life is centred on The King’s will for them and they consider how it relates to what they are doing as they go around their daily activities:

The husband at work and guiding the family

The wife as a mother and housekeeper, guiding and keeping the household

The children obedient and learning from parents and teacher

Those ministering doing so out of love and not duty

The leaders having their household in order before leading other Christians

The employers treating their workers in Christian love

People paying their correct taxes, observing road speed limit and rules and meeting other governmental responsibilities

All spending time to listen to The Kings Counsellor (The Holy Spirit) to hear The Kings Will

All relying on their delegated authority, gifts and guidelines (Bible) from The King in their daily life as citizens

All serving each other in unity, desiring only to help each other obtain The Kingdom and to reach their potential as citizens of this Kingdom.

They realise that the salvation relationship offered them is reflected in their role as a citizen of The Kingdom of God.  The more they get to know the workings of The King in their life and of His Counsellor (The Holy Spirit), the more they love them.  The more they love them the more they desire to serve them, spend time with them and learn of them.

The more we identify with The King and His Counsellor, the more people will see them in us and their Kingdom in our lifestyle.

Some definitions about how we relate to God after Salvation

Holiness is the voluntary state of rejecting everything of The Kings enemy and the influence of the enemys territory in all its aspects.

Sanctification is the setting apart of us, by The King, for His purposes.

Righteousness is being in a correct relationship with The King.

Justification is the removal, by The King, of every spiritual impediment (sin and its defilement) that would stop us relating correctly with The King.

All this is done so we can enjoy our relationship with The Father, The King and His Counsellor (The Holy Spirit) and joyfully serve them as a result of this relationship.

If you have neither a joyful relationship with The King or serve Him Joyfully, take stock of yourself and see what is hindering you otherwise you will never really be able to serve God to your fullest ability as a citizen of His Kingdom.

The Bible says that we are solely responsible for two things:

The choice of The Kingdom we serve

The rewards we obtain in this Kingdom when we return home to its home base (Gal 6:7-8, Heb 11:6).

It is up to you alone. The choice is yours and you must make one or by default end up in hell!  There are no fence sitters in The Kingdom of Heaven but there are many in hell!

What is the work of The Kingdom?

The work of a Citizen of The Kingdom of God can be summarised as follows:

Serve its King Jesus, which is expressed in serving others on His behalf.

Evangelism which is rescuing people from the kingdom of darkness

Deliverance which is removing the damage the king of darkness did to a Christian

Defend the Kingdom (Which includes the Character of God, people and property of The Kingdom) which is called spiritual warfare

Training people to do these things and to be a good citizen of The Kingdom which is called discipling

Encourage each other in this which is called fellowship

Expressing the Character of The King in all you do which is called The Fruit of The Spirit.

The basic character behind everything is God’s quality of Love and its expression of it in all they do.

It's guidebook is The Bible and The Holy Spirit is its interpreter and their guide in all they do.

The four 'R's

They are: relationships, rights, responsibilities and rewards (for carrying out your citizenship roles and responsibilities correctly). Salvation is a relationship that gives you certain rights, responsibilities and rewards.


You relate to: God

God The Father

As an adopted child

As a citizen of His Kingdom

As a worshipper

A beneficiary of His Love

God The Son (Jesus)

As your Lord (King)

As your redeemer

As your Friend

As part of His family (Step brother or Step sister)

God The Holy Spirit

As a student of His

As His temple (a vehicle of His in this world)

As your Guide and Comforter

As your Empowerer


Inside or outside your family

Those under your authority (you serve them) Those in authority over you ( you obey them unless they ask you to do something against the Law of God)

People you are sent to minister too (serve and mentor them)

People sent to minister to you (we submit to them only for the period God has sent them to minister to us so God can use them for the purpose for which He has sent them to you)


Your Spirit: to keep it in harmony with The King and His Kingdom

Your heart: so that it is continuously focused on the things of Jesus

Your  soul (mind): to keep it sound and focused on The Kingdom

Your flesh: to discipline so Satan cannot use it

Your body: to keep it fit for the work of The Kingdom


To serve God and then, as directed by Him, His citizens and others

To expect the support and protection of The King as you serve Him

To approach the King and expect a hearing

To have your needs met so you can serve Him as He desires you too

All the rights and rewards you have as an heir of Salvation

These rights are gifts granted by The King because of your relationship to Him and not because of anything you have done to make you worthy to receive these gifts. They are an expression of His Love and Grace towards you.


To serve and represent The King as He directs you too

To defend the King, His Will (desires, rules and laws), His Name (His Character) and His Kingdom.  Jesus builds His kingdom but we must be available to go wherever He wants us too and do whatever He asks of us so He can use us in His tasks for us.

To be good stewards of what The King has trusted you with (relationships, knowledge, ministry, things He desires you to be steward of on His behalf )

To do your part in the salvation relationship and develop it as He asks you to through wholehearted obedience to His requirements of you.

To love others and yourself as He loves you and everyone else

Remember that ministry is first to God.  Then He will tell you when, where, how and in what way He wants you to serve Him but has the right not to tell you why you are serving Him that way.  It is wrong to talk about 'our' ministry.  We, as citizens of the Kingdom, do not have our own ministry. What we do have is service to the King and then to others as directed by our King. This means you minister/serve as He directs you too and uses this to teach you and mould you in an area. This is the way He matures you into His image (Character) so you can be like Him in thought and action and be prepared by Him for heaven.

We really only have one ministry and that is to our King, Jesus.  All Kingdom ministry to others is a result of this.

Rewards (Heb 11:6, Ga1 6:7-8):

Being in His eternal presence with Him in heaven and beyond

His eternal provision for your needs: now, in heaven and beyond

Rewards in Heaven (including a place to live in with Him for ever)

Rewards of additional spiritual responsibility (promotion on earth) and the resultant appropriate empowerment

The rewards of an heir of Salvation


Rom 8:14  For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. 

Joh 16:13  Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. 

Joh 16:14  He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you. 

As it can be seen Jesus says we are to be led by The Holy Spirit because He is the one Jesus has sent to show you what Jesus requires of you as well as give you understanding of it.  This is why we need to learn how to continually hear from The Holy Spirit and have a personal relationship with each member of The Trinity so we can always be in tune with God’s guidance for us.

He uses our understanding of The Bible that He gives us as well as His guidance so that God can tell us what He desires of us.

This is why denominations that do not teach how to hear The Holy Spirit must be led by man’s reasonings which is why they are what they are today.  Most Evangelical denominations do not fully express The Kingdom of God and of little relevance to a lost world that needs Jesus.  And they wonder why the Evangelical Western church is dying.  They have remove their guide, The Holy Spirit, so cannot hear what God desires them to do to expand His church and removed the evidence that they belong to The Kingdom of God by not expressing their authority delegated to them by Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is our companion and guide as we live as a citizen of The Kingdom now and in heaven so we really need to know Him well.

The Holy Spirit is God and a person so you can hold a conversation with Him.  He is so important to your spiritual life on earth as a Citizen of The Kingdom that you need to know a little about Him so you can relate to Him and be guided by Him in all you do.   Remember God says you are a child of God if you are guided by Him in all you do.

He has likes, dislikes, feelings and emotions (in other words, personality).  Because He is God He is also Love which is why the first fruit that shows His presence in a person is Love, from which all the other fruit flow.

He is God’s guide for you (Jn 16:13, Rom 8:14)) to give you understanding of what you need to know to be a good Citizen of The Kingdom of God.  He is given to you to guide you in your relationship with God so you will know what you need to do to obey Jesus, The King of The Kingdom.  His presence in your spirit indicates you belong to God (Rom 8:17).

If He was not a person you could not personally relate to Him and Jesus would be a liar, saying He was going to send a personal Holy Spirit while not doing so.

Knowing Him and how to hear Him is very important as the only way to be an adopted son of God and live properly as a citizen of The Kingdom of God is to be led (guided) by Him (Rom.8:14).

You are never alone as His presence is in you. All others on earth may reject you or desert you but He will never leave you or give up on you unless you reject Him completely.  If you reject Him He has not left you but you have left Him.

He is a gentleman and a servant.  He is gentle and will never force you to do anything but will gently guide you into God’s Will.  He is a servant as He humbles Himself to guide you and meet any of your needs that you let Him meet (and a few you do not know about), but only ever in accordance with The Will of God.


Citizens of The Kingdom of God deliberately not expressing the Authority Kingdom of heaven or not expressing its Character might not be a part of The Kingdom of God and when they face Jesus and are asked what He did with the life and the things The Father gave them to look after for Him will find it was inadequate and will go to hell instead of heaven.