Satan attacks the Ministry of SJesus


Satan knew the Messiah was coming and was waiting for him. At various times he had tried to destroy Israel or the family lineage of Jesus so it could not fulfil prophecy by having Jesus born to it. But he had failed and now Jesus had been conceived and would soon be born so Satan tried to stop him being born.

Satan had to destroy the Messiah or the Messiah would redeem the world and Satan would lose his right to control it and the world could be taken off him whenever the Messiah desired too after He had redeemed it is so Satan had to destroy the Messiah to keep his control over it and you.

The Messiah had to die or have his ministry destroyed.

Satan used various methods to attack Jesus and from these we can see how he attacks us when his normal methods of attack fail. Once we know how he attacks us we will know how to defeat him. So in this document I will detail events and the attacks used by Satan in those events.

The first thing Satan tries to do was to kill the baby. He had two attempts at this:

The first attempt was to have Mary stoned as an adulteress so the child would be killed in her womb. God warned her through her future husband and she was not stoned.

The second attempt occurred two years after Jesus had been born when King Herod had all children less than two years old killed. Once again Mary was warned through her husband Joseph and they escaped to Egypt.

Satan could not persuade Herod that Jesus had not died so that Herod did not pursue Jesus into Egypt.

Throughout the childhood Jesus Satan would have tempted or tried to kill Jesus but failed in every attempt.

The childhood of Jesus was a time that Satan could indoctrinate Jesus with traditional religious belief so that Jesus would not preach what the father wanted him to preach. This was reinforced in the temple, (apart form the traditional teachings he would have received in the local synagogue) when He was presented aged 12 in the Temple at Jerusalem and the teachers there be used by Satan to present traditional Orthodox beliefs in the hope Jesus could be prevented teaching the truths God desired them to know.

Jesus knew more than them and was able to debate with them and explain God's truths with them.

Satan failed to use peer pressure on Jesus to conform to the established way of thinking


There were five stages in the presentation of Jesus:

Preparation for ministry

Demonstration He was the Messiah

The training of the 12

The sending out of the 12

His death and events leading up to it.

Preparation for ministry

The preparation of Jesus for ministry, apart from what The Holy Spirit taught Him, and what He learned in the local synagogue and from his family was finalised so He spent 40 days' in the desert preparing for ministry and then was baptised and anointed (appointed) for ministry by God as no man could appoint Jesus for the role of Messiah.

The three temptations in the desert

Satan tries to use our weakness because our resistance to defend against his attacks are lower when we are weak.  At the beginning of his ministry Jesus went into the desert for 40 days to spend time with The Father. He had not eaten for forty days and went Satan came to tempt him the first temptation was to do with food.

Jesus had to choose whether to take the food Satan offered or rely on God to provide. So Satan used the needs of the body of Jesus to tempt him to rely on him and not God.

In the second temptation Satan asked Jesus to test the father's love for him and was trying to create doubt in Jesus about his relationship with father.

In the third temptation Satan was very cunning. He offered rulership of the earth to Jesus without Jesus having to die to obtain it.

Satan had the right to offer this to Jesus but the price was for Jesus to worship Satan rather than dying and have the father give it to him. Satan was using man's natural desire pride, power and authority over others to try and cause Jesus to obtain with out suffering the reward father had promised.

If Jesus had accepted this would be guilty of idolatry and of rejecting The Father and redemption never have occurred.

The worship Jesus would given was not to Satan as a god but in recognition of Satan’s authority to be able to give Jesus the authority over the world.

Like every ministry Jesus had to be anointed (authorised) for it and this happened at the baptism by John where The Father declared His pleasure in Jesus and was when The Holy Spirit fell on Jesus (anointed Him for ministry).

Demonstration that He was the Messiah

After he had been anointed for ministry He went into the synagogue of Nazareth, the town he had been raised in and announced He was the Messiah.

It is obvious he had not done anything previously to demonstrate He was the Messiah.  Here it was the He announced what His ministry was to be.

He declared at Cana that it was time for him to Minister as the Messiah.

His fellow townspeople had seen nothing to verify His claim that he was the Messiah.

It was easy Satan to persuade his fellow townspeople that Jesus was blaspheming God by claiming to be God so that they would kill him and they tried to do this but Jesus was able to walk through them unharmed and escape.

This was the third time Satan try to kill Jesus and he would ultimately succeed in his third attempt where Jesus was nailed to a cross at Calvary.

Satan also tried to declare Jesus mad so that people would not believe what he said By calling into question his credentials so that people would consider him not normal because he did not preach what was Orthodox.  He claimed to be The Messiah so He had to be mad or deranged.

The Training of The twelve

Jesus called rwelve people to follow him and Satan saw his chance and put one of his people in the group, a man called Judas Iscariot. Jesus knew Satan had done this but Jesus accepted this because He needed one of his followers to betray him and He chose Judas to do this.

Jesus went throughout Judea preaching what The Father had told him to preach. The truths He preached influenced many people but the religious leaders and the ruling majority rejected what Jesus taught and looked for a chance to kill him as He endangered the comfortable arrangement they had with the Roman Authorities (the establishment).

The sending out of the twelve

Have been trained the twelve Jesus now sent them out to do the work of The Kingdom.  Satan tried to make them proud of what God had done through them and tempted his disciples to rejoice in their ministry as if they had done it and not God through them and not rejoice in The Father and their relationship with the father (Salvation relationship).  Satan seems to have left Jesus alone and attacked the disciples aqnd we are told very little of the work of Jesus at this time.

Jesus had made many enemies in the religious establishment and these plotted to destroy him. Satan believed that if Jesus was removed the work He had done would fall apart and that what Jesus had taught would be forgotten.  (If the resurrection had not occurred this would probably had happened).  So he used his plant (Judas) to turn Jesus over to the religious authorities.

His death

Satan arranged for Jesus to die a death that brought shame on the person who suffered it. So he organised for Jesus to be killed as a blasphemer in the shameful way a criminal was killed. By this he hoped to bring Jesus into disrepute by demonstrating He was a criminal) so could not be The Messiah) so that people would not follow Jesus.

He also played on the fact that many people thought the Messiah would bring in the new nation of Israel and Jesus had failed to do this and so was discredited in the eyes of many who no longer believed He was the Messiah.

His disciples went away discouraged, in spite of the miracles showing Jesus was The Messiah as they expected him to bring in their new nation of Israel and this had not occurred.  Others had done the Miracles Jesus did so this was not that unnatural for  a prophet of God and others had died like Jesus did claiming to be a Saviour so this also was not unusual.

But the resurrection of Jesus removed their doubt by showing he was the son of God and the Messiah because no one else had ever been resurrected before..

Satan’s work after the death of Jesus

Jesus had died and risen, redemption had occurred and what Jesus taught and did was spreading very quickly. Satan had to act fast.

Persecution only spread faith in Jesus so he had to have an alternate plan.

The first thing he did was have the Roman Empire passed the Catholic Church so it was now ruler of the Roman Empire and after it was given the control of the emperor it ruled like a king with all the problems, pride and objectives of a king.

Then to stop the true Bible from causing problems he had that church make its own Latin version of The Bible, and only those trained by the church could read I or preach the church’s exposition of it. Any other version he had burnt along with its owner.

To control people the Bible was officially only in Latin which meant the ordinary people could no longer read it.

People who translated the Bible into their own language where possible were murdered by the Catholic Church.

God amalgamated various codices into a new Greek text and it was on this amalgamation that the King James version was made. Satan immediately counteract with the Douhey Rheims Bible. This did not stop the spread of the King James version so Satan had to corrupted it some way.

All Satan’s methods to stop the spread of Christianity had failed so he needed a new plan.

He would corrupt The Bible by pretending to help translate it.

Satan managed to persuade people that the Vaticanus, Sinaiticus and Codex 2742 were the best Greek Codex available. This was an outright lie:

Codex 2742 was proved be a forgery written about 1869

Codex Sinaiticus was not the Codex originally seen but was a different colour and was listed by Simonedes in his list of the forgeries he had done, which another testified he had seen Simonedes wrote the forgery on white parchment.   Others has seen it before Tischendorf and said it was white and did not consider it of any merit so did not announce it to the world as being important.

The Codex Tischendorf presented to the world was darkener and differed in colour to the one seen in the monastery so had to be a forgery. 

It has since been proved it is a forgery.

Codex Vaticanus was said to belong to the forth century and was considered to be a prime source for translation. Unfortunately it has been proved to be fifth century so should not be used as a basis translation.   Besides there are so many corruptions it is really impossible to tell which correction should be followed.

Satan managed to replace the King James with codices that are either forgeries or not considered useful as a basis for translation.

As a result he altered who Jesus really is, the redemption he obtained, what he taught, hell, Satan and altered other doctrines hiding these truths. He also has implied in two places Jesus  sinned so cannot be the  Redeemer. There are many other things he has altered that Christians do not realise have been altered.

Satan also had to hide The Kingdom Of God and its expression of the authority of Jesus. He did this through the Reformation assigning miracles, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the work of the Holy Spirit and the authority of cast out Satan to be early church only and declaring they were not for the current church age.

By doing this the expression of Christ on earth was stifled and the church no longer demonstrated the kingdom of God or the authority Jesus over Satan and by this lost its main evidence for its existence.

The new Bibles Satan has used to prepare the world for a one world Bible and one world religion which is why the current church is so weak and almost apostate in many places, condoning things that were originally rejected by God and the early church.

Soon Jesus will return and remove Satan and his world system in preparation for the Millennial Rule of Jesus when all will be as it should have been and then will come the final battle where Satan will be removed forever from the universe he has defiled and polluted to never more trouble the people of The Kingdom of God.

Methods of attack

Satan's purpose is to divert you or distract you from what God desires you to do. To do this he has to hide the truth from you. He does this by:

Making you believe something is true when it is not true, or

Making you believe something is not true when it is true.

The truth frees you from Satan's control which is why you need to know it. When you do not know what the truth is never argue, reason, react or assume because Satan can use these against you but ask The Holy Spirit.

Satan knew he could not use these tactics against Jesus so had to try other ways to make Him sin or to stop His ministry

Satan tried four times to kill Jesus so He would not minister and the fourth time he finally killed  him to stop him ministering and to discourage His disciples through the way Jesus died implying that Jesus could not be The Messiah.

He used peer pressure and the established teachings of the Jewish religion to stop Jesus teaching new ideas to the people by trying to brainwash Jesus so Jesus would not teach what The Father desired Jesus to teach.  This is how Satan uses the church today to stop 80% of Christianity knowing the truths they need to know and the church is blind to this. 

This is the percentage of people who call themselves Christian that Jesus said would not go up in the Rapture.  They know of Jesus but do not personally know Him and Salvation is a relationship (Jn17:3)

In the desert Satan tried to have Jesus:

Rely on what he provided and not on what God had promised to provide

Test God’s Love for Jesus (cause doubt in Jesus)

Obtain the promised reward (rulership of the earth) directly from Satan without doing what The Father desired Jesus to do to obtain it from Him.

He then had the people of His hometown try to kill Him because they considered He was deranged and blaspheming God by saying He was The Messiah.  He obviously had not performed any acts The Messiah would perform as His time to do so had not yet come.

Satan placed one of his own people secretly in the twelve Jesus was training to follow Him in ministry.  This way he could use this person to criticise or cause doubt about what Jesus had said to them.  Satan also had this person (Judas) steal ministry funds to hinder the work of their m nistry.

He could not subvert Jesus so had the twelve take pride in what they did and not in what God had done when they returned home the first time Jesus sent them out.

Satan organised a cruel, humiliating death for Jesus that showed Jesus could not be The Messiah because Jesus had not restored Israel and had died the death of a criminal.  Satan misrepresented the death of Jesus.

Not able to discourage the disciples because Jesus had risen from the dead Satan had to find other ways to hinder the ministry of Jesus.  His main strategies these days is to corrupt Bible so they will say what Jesus desires it to say as well as to stop people reading The Bible, both of which Satan has mange to do with the new Bible versions we have these days.

So in summary Saran tried to:

Kill Jesus

Have Him declared mentally deranged so people would not listen to Him

Use peer pressure to stop Him teaching anything different to what was traditionally taught

Have Him doubt God’s Love and provision

Have Him try to obtain the rewards without doing what God required Him to do

Discourage his followers

Misrepresent Him and His work

When Satan cannot deceive or distract you he uses methods like the above which are a sign you are successfully fighting his temptations an errors in the church.

How did Jesus respond to these attacks of Satan

To the three temptations in the desert Jesus did as follows:

His reply to the first temptation was that he said he said you had to live according to God's guidance and not what Satan said you should do.

His reply to the second temptation was that you had to trust God's love and not doubt it.

His reply to the third temptation was that you had to obtain God's rewards in God's way and not be easy way Satan offered and that God had to be worshipped to do this and not Satan.

I would times it all Satan to go away from him.

At other times He used the truth to fight the errors Satan used others to tell him.

He resisted Satan even though it cost him his life on the cross. In other words he was willing to lose everything on earth to obey God. He did this because he believed what God had for him in heaven was better than anything on earth.

Remember that temptations are Satan trying to ground your faith because you are causing him problems.  The promise of Jesus is that there is always a way out of the temptation (1 Cor 10:13).

In summary

You must place God first in your life in all things, trust his love and be willing to die necessary to do his will.

To this we add Revelation 12:11 where it says you must also believe in your redemption by Christ, tell others about what Christ has done and be willing to die to do this.