Step 2.We repent (admit we have fallen short of His standards) and forgive others as He told us too.

Step 3. We command Satan to leave the areas or things given to Jesus and to take all he did to the person with him.

Step 4. We command healing on all Satan did and restoration (in accordance with the Will of God) of all Satan did to the person

Step 5. We ask The Holy Spirit to fill the person so that demons do not find the ‘house empty so cannot come back in to the soul.

Must help others through it and after it

Must do it to demonstrate The Kingdom and the authority of Jesus

Doing it shows Jesus and The Kingdom of God are real

Everyone must learn to do it (In My Name you will do these things)

A strategy to expand The Kingdom of God and demonstrate Jesus and it are real

The work of the citizen of The kingdom includes deliverance ad removing Satan’s influence on and in this world