Why Christians go to hell

Do you know why people who call themselves Christians end up in hell?

In Summary the reasons are as follows (as given by Jesus to people He took to hell):

Unforgiveness and not wanting to reconcile (Usually because of unforgiveness). If it is not safe to try and reconcile you must still forgive them in your heart and try to do what you can to reconcile with them.

Not wanting to give up a sin

Deliberately not wanting to obey the laws of the land that do not contravene the laws of God (tax evasion, speeding, wrong parking e.g.)

Not having a salvation relationship with Jesus and The Father because you have not desired one and so do not maintain it

Jesus is not Lord of their life so they ignore what He desires them to d or reject it

Rejecting The Bible and using modern ones based on forged codices so that you follow doctrine that is false or which suits your belief system

Deliberately not being guided by The Holy Spirit so you do what you want to do and not what Jesus needs you to do to be in heaven with Him

Following liberal theology and teaching wrong things

Not believing in Genesis and other miraculous events – no faith in the True Bible as being accurate

Not showing God’s Love in the way He desires you to show it so you do not represent Him but Satan. If you do not do what God desires you to do you are doing what Satan desires you to do.

Wrong sexual relations and their expression

Deliberately misusing what God has given you (bad stewardship)

Not encouraging others but criticising them destructively for purposes of self-esteem or control which destroys the expression of God's Love.

Remember that sin is a deliberate rejection of what God said you are not to do which means you must know it is wrong before you sin.

Remember the warning Jesus gave in Revelation 3:5 that you can be saved but lose your salvation through disobedience to Jesus or difference to Hus Will.

If you pursue Lordship, holiness and the expression of God’s quality of Love you will maintain the intimacy required by the salvation relationship you have with God and will not go to hell. You will live as a good citizen of God’s Kingdom and remember that it is whose kingdom you belong to when you die which determines which kingdom you go to