Spiritual Warfare


How Satan Attacks


Neville Salvetti


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Table of Contents

Introduction.. i

The two Kingdoms. i

What is Spiritual Warfare?. 1

Problems in modern versions Mark 16:17-18. 4

The Weapons of a Christian.. 10

A Christian has various weapons  against Satan: 12

Other matters on Spiritual Warfare. 21

Overview of a spiritual warfare prayer with some examples  41


Every Christian needs to know their enemy will attack them and how to defeat his attacks.  The reason Satan attacks you is that you do not belong to him and he desires you to be a part of his kingdom, now and in hell after you die.

The objective of this book is to give you some guidance in regard to recognizing an attack of Satan as well as how to defeat it so you will be able to defeat his plans for you.

The Last Commands of Jesus

Just before He ascended Jesus gave the following commands to His Disciples:

The first command was for His followers to go into the world (Satan’s system and kingdom on earth) and tell people the good news of what He had done for them.

Mar 16:15 And he said to them, "Go to the entire world and preach my Good News in all creation."

Those who would identify with Jesus would be publicly baptised to show this.

Mar 16:16 Whoever believes and is baptized has life, and whoever does not believe is condemned.

They would demonstrate the Authority of The Kingdom to show it and Jesus was real. They would speak in languages that was foreign to them (we call tongues). The only example of this in The Bible is Peter speaking in his own language and being understood by those around them who did not speak his language. What passes as tongues these days does not appear in The Bible.

Mar 16:17 But these signs will accompany these who believe: in my name they will cast out demons, and they will speak in new languages.

They would be protected from harm by Jesus and this would be a further demonstration that Jesus and His Kingdom were real and that they were His servants. They would further demonstrate The Kingdom and the reality of Jesus by being used by Him to heal sick people who would not otherwise have been healed by the medicine they had.

Mar 16:18 And they will take up snakes, and if they should drink lethal poison, it will not harm them, and they will place their hands on the sick and they will be healed.

Modern Bibles do not have this passage in them or imply it was not ion the original. This is a lie as it was in them but were removed before these Greek texts were released to the public.

This book deals with Spiritual warfare of which some of the above actions are a part of.

Telling of what I have done for them is warfare as it fights the lies of Satan.

Casting out demons in the delegated Authority I have given you is warfare.

Preaching The Kingdom and Who I am and being understood by others who do not know your language is warfare as it fights the lies of the enemy and demonstrates I and My Kingdom are real.

The supernatural protection of Jesus would be seen in those who did these things once again demonstrating that The Kingdom and Jesus is real.

It can be seen that the activities of a Christian are designed to demonstrate that Jesus and His Kingdom is real.

Unless you do these things you are not my follower. So are doing these things when I command you to do them or are you not demonstrating I and My Kingdom are real?

Each second of the day you are in spiritual warfare.

When you obey Jesus and resist the temptations Satan places on you, you are defending My Lordship and Kingdom values.

When you go out and evangelise and fight Satan you are expanding the Kingdom and the influence of Jesus.

As you do these things you are developing the personal salvation relationship you have with Jesus and The Father.

What excuse will you give for not doing this spiritual warfare and by this denying me before men. What will you say when you face me and give an account of your life and of your stewardship of the things I trusted you with of which spiritual warfare in all its facets is one?


The two Kingdoms

There are only two kingdoms:

Heaven where God rules

Hell where Satan rules which at the moment includes the earth.

The earth we live in is disputed territory which is why the battle exists only on earth.

At the moment, the earth is ruled by Satan, even though it belongs to God who will come here to claim it very soon (possibly the next 1-2 years).  Christians have not taken it off Satan, which is why he still rules it.

Our role is not to sit in a church twiddling our thumbs but to:

Take territory from Satan:

People (its most precious possession) from his kingdom

Take from him objects he controls and uses

Physical geographic areas he controls in the spiritual realm

The influence of his servants (demons, people, animals he controls) on the people of the earth

Stop his plans for the earth and its people

This is what spiritual warfare is all about.

If you are not doing any of this is some way or helping others do any of these things, even if only supporting them in the way God tells you too then you are missing your calling as a Christian.

Can you imagine God saying to His people:

Go to church, enjoy yourself, don’t worry about the people going to hell, just ignore them.  You do not need to show any love to them.  You have a good time.  Do not worry about Satan and what he does to others, after all you’re safe from him.

But that is how most Christians appear to live.

There are various reason for this:

They do not realise the war they are in because their minister/preacher does not teach them about it

They do not know their responsibility to try and save people from hell because ministers do not preach this

They do not realise what hell is because ministers do not tell them about it

They do not realise how Satan works and attacks because ministers do not teach them about this

They do not know how to fight Satan or free people from his influence because most ministers do not teach this.

They are not told about the spiritual war they are in and so are not taught their role in it.

Ask yourself when was the last time you ever heard a sermon on any of these things that was practical and not just theoretical that showed you your responsibility and how to meet it?

You will learn how to fight Satan from this book and will learn your responsibilities and how to perform it in the areas I do not cover (which The Holy Spirit will teach you if you desire to learn this). 

You need to find a mentor who will teach you these things as they are obligatory for all Christians to know how to do because God’s heart is in these things and if you love God you will do what is on His heart.

If you do not do these things and fight Satan, controlling his attacks on you and others, then he will control you in some way.  There are no fence sitters in this war.  You either fight Him or let him rule you and those around you, if only by being inactive in his war.


What is Spiritual Warfare?

It is the name given to warfare between the spiritual forces of God and Satan which is fought in the spiritual realm, invisible to the physical realm we see.  The consequences of this battle may be seen in the physical realm though.

It is fought over the allegiance of the most valuable possessions in the universe:

People, and

The thing and truths of God.

Each of the Kings: God and Satan seek to have people follow them.  The methods used are different:

Satan uses fear, deception and promises of things on earth that last only as long as you live, hiding what he will do to you when you die.

God uses Love, His Authority and rewards you can never lose in heaven as well as telling you what He has planned for you in eternity.

It represents the clash of the only two kingdoms in existence:

That of Satan

That of God

The Kingdom of Jesus is in heaven while that of Satan’s is on earth and under it and Satan surrounds Christians with his influences.  This also part of the spiritual warfare - the maintaining of holiness in a world corrupted by things that will defile you placed there by Satan to stop you going to heaven and have you unknowingly follow him instead.

What is the purpose of spiritual warfare?

Mat_11:12  And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

Its purpose is to:

Defend the Kingdom of God against the enemy (evangelism, apologetics and spiritual warfare)

Remove the demons attacking and obtain souls for Jesus (evangelism)

Remove the damage demons have done to a person (deliverance/healing)

Remove anything that hinders you living as a Citizen of The Kingdom should live

Does Satan attack Christians

The first comment is that God is economical and would not delegate to us the ability to cast out Satan if it was not needed to defend ourselves against Satan.

Satan goes around the earth seeking whom he can destroy.  He already has people to destroy so only needs to maintain them in this state.  It is Christians he hates most and seeks to destroy.  If Satan does not bother you it is because you belong to him already or he has made you ineffective in the Battle and he does not need to attack you to bring you under his authority.

Unless you have made a pact with Satan for your soul you can break free from this control using the principles in this book which are based on the Lordship of Jesus in your life.

It is the truths in the second part of this book that will make you realise how Satan has captured your will to think like he wants it too and by this bring you under his control.

Why is Satan allowed to attack Christians

Jesus is not Lord of an area of their life so it is not protected by Him as it is not part of His Kingdom to protect it for us

It is an area you are sinning in so Satan has a right to use it until you repent of that sin

Satan is allowed to attack you for the purposes of God to mature you but is limited by God in what He can do

It is the consequences of an action you do (Gal 6:7-8) which God must allow but who can also help you deal with the consequences of the sin if you desire Him too.

Why do you need to fight Satan?

When you become a Christian you automatically become a target for Satan, the enemy of Jesus, whose first objective is to get you back into his kingdom (his area of influence) so you will not go to heaven and be with Jesus but worship him in his kingdom.  He also tries to make you ineffective in your Christian like and able to be easily defeated by the attacks of his demons’. So one of the first things you need to know is how to defeat Satan’s attacks against you.  You also need to be able to recognise when He is attacking you.  So this booklet deals with these things.

Fighting Satan results in five important things

It keeps your focus on Jesus

It is your best defence against the attacks of Satan

Fighting him will stop you giving into the temptation he is placing on you

(When you resist temptation you are fighting Satan Anyway)

You are fighting for the Kingdom of Jesus as a good Citizen of His so you are correctly fulfilling this aspect of your role.

It shows you love Jesus or you would not be fighting for Him.

If you are not fighting a temptation then you are removing things from The Kingdom of Jesus to that of Satan’s (Souls, objects, territory etc.) or stopping God’s plans for someone.

Problems in modern versions Mark 16:17-18.

Your Authority

The most important thing to realize in spiritual warfare is that you can do nothing except command in Jesus’ Name according to His Will. You are only a catalyst to release the power of God. It is a partnership with you a very, very junior partner.

Your authority is delegated by Jesus

Your instructor and guide is The Holy Spirit

Your mandate comes from the Father as it is for the purposes of His Kingdom.

Your authority is that released by the death of Jesus at Calvary and delegated to you

The Kingdom of God comes through force (warfare) and even the gates of hell, Satan’s kingdom, will not be able to overcome it.

You have to fight to maintain it and to expand it because Satan’s pride will not allow him to give up his territory and possessions (people, objects).

To remove things from his kingdom (people, property)

You need to bind the strongman

This has already been done as Satan was bound at Calvary you just need to declare it.

You need to identify the area you are battling in

You need to fight in this area through using the delegation Jesus has given you over Satan

There is no battle as Satan has been defeated and all you have to do is cast him out in Jesus Name

He will resist these attempts

His pride will not allow him to lose things

He wants to control everything so cannot afford to lose anything

He will attack back in which case you attack him back as the best form of defence against him.

Your relationship with God must be squeaky clean so that you have no known sin you are holding onto and you are wholeheartedly trying to do God’s Will.

The Battle has already been won

Eph 2:6  And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:

A King’s seat is the place of their power and authority.

Jesus rules The Kingdom of God and we are with Him so our seat of authority is The Kingdom.  This is where our delegated authority comes from.  When we use delegated authority it is as if the King is speaking through us and what we command has the same authority as if The King was saying it.  The requirement being that it is The King’s Will which is actually being commanded.

The kingdom is above creation so all creation must obey The King’s Will and the commands of those who have His delegated authority and use it to command The King’s Will.

Satan was cast out of The Kingdom as he was defiled because of his rebellion and nothing defiled can enter or stay in The Kingdom.  He was cast down into creation and it is possible that creation was made to contain him as there was no place else for him and his demons.  It is not known when he fell but it was probably after the seventh day as all was good on those six days.  God knew Satan was going to rebel and made creation to contain him.

All in creation must bow to The Will of The King and that includes Satan and his demons.

Satan was taken captive at Calvary (Eph 4:8) so has no rights as prisoners have no rights in the country they are imprisoned in.  This means he and his demons can be sent back to prison anytime they are found in creation or elsewhere as they have no right to be there (being a prisoner).

Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil (1 Jn 3:8) so we are authorised to do this anytime we find these works in creation.

Satan tries to make us believe he has legal rights with people.  He has none as he is a captive (Eph 4:8) and has no right to be out attacking people (the Children of The Father) as he should still be in prison.  However, ths danger is to give  him a right by agreeing to what he suggests you do and by this removing it from The Kingdom of God.

The only danger, when attacking Satan and his demons, is to cast demons out of non-Christians as seven worse ones plus the original one take their place.  However, in Jesus’ Name they can be bound and forbidden from using the person or influencing the person in any way.

I deal with this near the end of this book when showering you how to pray for them.

Jesus said, that if we did anything according to His will it would be done and that if we loved him we would only ask what His Will is (Jn14:14-15).  So if we know it is His Will then creation and all in it must obey it as His will is from The Kingdom which is far above and greater than authority in creation.

This means the battle has already been won over Satan and his demons as well as his works against people and it is all a matter of removing demons and their works from people to the degree it is able to be done (as that is God’s Will) or commanding creation to obey the Will of God (which The Holy Spirit will tell you what it is you are to command and when to command it).

The Victory is there.  It is just a matter of taking up your delegated authority and applying it in accordance with The Will of God.   Everything has been prepared by Jesus so it is only a matter of having the required faith and making the effort to do it and requires no effort but obedience on our part.  Jesus commands it and The Spirit carries it out.  All we need to do is believe and command (speak it out) in accordance with The Will of Jesus.

We must remember that it is in God's timing that something is done in and not our own so we may command but God may delay the result of the command until it suits His purposes for The Kingdom.

God has prepared all we need to battle Satan.  All we need to do is go out and claim the victory as well as to attack Satan when told too by Jesus.

Dealing with attacks

Attacking Satan back is the best defence. There are three basic ways to defend against the attacks of Satan against you.

You can ignore the attack

The demons are still there attacking you

The attacks keep being repeated

They can be cast out in Jesus' Name

They can still return

The area can still be attacked by other demons

More worse demons can attack

Healing and restoration of any damage they did is not done

You can use the five steps

Attacking demons are removed

They are cast out and sent to Jesus to be dealt with

Jesus is now Lord of the area given to Him

The area now belongs to Jesus so is protected by Him

Healing and restoration is done

The Holy Spirit now there in place of demons so they cannot return

The spiritual damage they did is healed

Territory is gained for The Kingdom of God

The Five Steps are all based on Worship:

Step 1.   We give  things to Jesus to be Lord of.

Step 2.  We repent (admit we have fallen short of His standards) or forgive others as He told us too.

Step 3.   We command Satan to leave the area given to Jesus and to take all he did to the person with him.

Step 4.   We command healing on all Satan did and restoration (in accordance with the Will of God) of all Satan did to the person

Step 5.   We ask The Holy Spirit to fill the person so that demons do not find the ‘house empty so cannot come back in to the soul.

They are how Jesus showed me to remove Satan and his effects on a person and are based on James 4:7 and are explained more on my web page nevillesalvetti.com

Attacks against family (Things you are steward of)

All three methods can be used as you have the authority over the family to do it

Attacks against other Christians

Only the first two methods can be used as you cannot give things to Jesus to be Lord of that  they control as you do not have stewardship of these things.

Attacks against non-Christians

You cannot cast demons out of non-Christians as 7 more worse ones and the original demons cast out come in to the person and the person is worse off than before the demons were cast out.  I have seen this happen.

The Weapons of a Christian

Our war is a spiritual one and so the weapons must be spiritual.  Their effects can be seen in the physical though, which is why some have assumed it is a physical battle.  Medicine is based on this assumption and is not successful in many illnesses because it treats only the physical so cannot explain what happens when a spiritual approach is taken and there is healing.   The flesh (man’s reasoned methods) does not work in a spiritual battle.

However, never stop going to a doctor or taking medicine until they have proof  you have been cured of the disease if only to have a witness this is has happened as well as show them the Authority of Jesus.

A Christian has various weapons
against Satan:

The delegated authority of Jesus used in accordance with His Will (Mark 16:17, John 14:13).  When you command anything in Jesus’ Name you are declaring you doing so in accordance with His Will and as you are commanding the event in His Name (Authority) you can only really do so if the command is actually in accordance with His will.  If it is in accordance with His Will it will be done.

The Sword of The Spirit, which is the Word of God.  The truths of The Bible (The Word God) sets you free from the mental assaults of the kingdom of the enemy as well as protect your mind (John 8:32).  The truths of God are used to attack the lies of Satan and free people from these lies as well as guide you to know what your King requires of you.

The Holy Spirit to guide you in what you do as well as authorising you to do it.  The Holy Spirit knows the strategies of your King and can guide you to fulfil your part in these.  He also will show you areas you need to deal with so that there are no weaknesses or wrong attitudes for the enemy to attack.

The truths of God to fight and expose the lies the devil is using to try and trap a person to sin.

The angels to minister to our needs and protect us.

The committing of all problems, circumstances and needs to Jesus to be lord of is important in an attack.  This removes the area from Satan’s attack and is usually the first step in a battle.  (The framework of the five steps is designed to do this).

There are other things like praise and prayer, but these only hinder demons and remove them temporarily.  It is the word of Command that sends them to Jesus that removes attacking demons permanently.

The Armour of a Christian

This armour has no back protection as a citizen is always to face the enemy and be ready to attack them or hold ground as is necessary.  There is no way to turn your back on the enemy and run from the battle without being seriously hurt.

The Christian life is a series of attitudes resulting from your beliefs.  The armour is one of these groups of attitudes.  These attitudes result in salvation and the maintaining of our position in the Kingdom of God as a citizen of that Kingdom.  We then will be in a position for Jesus to protect us and use His delegated authority to defeat Satan.

The armour is a result of our attitudes and position in The Kingdom of God and is a result of these attitudes and as long as we maintain these proper attitudes Satan cannot harm us spiritually or cause us to lose our salvation (Rev 3:5).  The two main attitudes are Lordship and the ‘pursuit of holiness’.

Armour is put on by a person before they go into battle.  It identifies them as belonging to a certain army and ruled by a particular king.  It allows them to fight with the weapons provided by their master.  In the armour, they are able to attack the enemy and plunder the enemy’s territory as well a defend their king and his  territory!  The armour of the Christian is received at salvation and is proof they belong to Jesus and The Kingdom of The Father and are a part of their army on earth and should never be taken off or they will not be ready to fight Satan when he attacks.

The armour will always be sufficient to repel an attack of the enemy or God would not be a God of Love allowing us to be attacked more than we can resist and endure.

As it is a spiritual battle The Armour is spiritual.

An Overview of the Armour

The attitudes of a person who has The Armour of God on them:

v10 They trust their King

v11 The fight The King’s Enemy, which is why they put on the armour.  It is not just for show!

v12 They realise their enemy and the battle is spiritual

v13 and the only way to defeat the enemy is to use The King’s Methods to fight him

v14 They know the truths to defeat the lies of the enemy

v15 they know the Gospel of The Kingdom and the freedom it brings people

v16  They trust Their King in all things so the enemy cannot in any way get them to doubt their King or His love

v17 They know they belong to the King and use His truths about He and The Battle (Bible) to defeat the enemy

v18 They are guided by The Holy Spirit, supporting each other in this battle to the death

v19 Being guided by Godly teacher who leads them into the truth of their King, teaching them how to live and how to fight this battle.

Now to deal with each verse of the passage.

Eph 6:10  Finally, be strong in the Lord and in hisqq great power.

The protection and authority of the armour depends on the authority of the King providing it and the way in which it is built to protect the soldier and more importantly, as to how much of it has been accepted and put on by the soldier.  The armour is only put on voluntarily, with the approval of the king and for his purposes.  We serve the mightiest and greatest King before whom all other kings must bow!

Eph 6:11  Put on the full armor of God so that you can fight against the devil’s evil tricks.

The armour is always put on for a purpose which is to defeat the enemy and their works.

The parts of the armour are the foundations of our Christian life.  If we do not have all of these on us then we will have difficulty protecting our self fully against the attacks on our faith.

Eph 6:12  Our fight is not against people on earth but against the rulers and authorities and the powers of this world’s darkness, against the spiritual powers of evil in the heavenly world.

The area of battle as well as who we battle needs to be known to effectively fight the battle and as the battle is spiritual, fleshly weapons are of no use.  You need to use God’s spiritual weapons as nothing else will work in this battle.  We fight the plans of the demonic leaders not just the individual demon soldiers.  Demons work to a plan given to them by their rulers so you need to hinder or prevent the plan they are a part of as well as the efforts of their soldiers enforcing these plans.  Just as God has a plan for each person so does Satan have a plan for each person.  God’s is to keep removing the leaders so that there is no one to coordinate the plans of amongst their subordinate commanders or order replacement troops into the field.

Eph 6:13  That is why you need to put on God’s full armor. Then on the day of evil you will be able to stand strong. And when you have finished the whole fight, you will still be standing.

The choice of armour is very important.  It must all be put on and must be appropriate for the battle or you will not be fully protected or able to stay in the battle for long.

Deliverance or a better understanding of Salvation may be necessary to be able to put on the full armour.  These will remove weaknesses in our attitudes that Satan can try and use to attack us.

Eph 6:14  So stand strong, with the belt of truth tied around your waist and the protection of right living on your chest.

You must know what you are fighting for and live according to the requirements (truths) of the King to be authorised to battle on His behalf.  You need to know God’s truths to fight the lies of the enemy and be in a proper relationship with God so there is no weak spot or wrong attitude in your life that the enemy can use to attack you.  Jesus must be Lord of every area of your life so there is nothing unprotected that Satan can attack. The framework of five steps will help you in this.

The belt holds the armour together and the truths of God that fight the lies of Satan hold together the attitudes required for the armour to be complete.

Our position in The Kingdom protects us, but complete protection occurs only if every part of your life is given to Jesus to be Lord of.

Eph 6:15  On your feet wear the Good News of peace to help you stand strong.

Reconciliation with God must first occur (The good news of the Gospel of Peace with God) so you can be a part of His army and worthy to fight His battles. The Gospel is also a weapon in stealing people from the enemy kingdom.  Without reconciliation with God there is no foundation to the Christian life.  We preach reconciliation and peace with God as our main weapon.  Remember, we preach the Gospel of The kingdom and demonstrate its authority over Satan as part of our preaching.

It also means we have the same attitudes as God so that our objectives are the same as His.

It is the demonstrating that The Kingdom of God is different and superior to that which Satan offers that frees people from their security in the things of Satan so they can trust God and His Things.

Eph 6:16  And also use the shield of faith with which you can stop all the burning arrows of the Evil One.

You must have faith in the strategies of your King and in His ability to supply your necessities to fight as well as to heal any wounds obtained in the battle.  You must believe He is more powerful than the enemy and is worth following otherwise Satan can make you doubt these and the Kings love for you so you become weaker in your resolve to fight the battle.

The arrows (fiery darts of the enemy) attack our mind so we need to protect our mind through faith in Jesus, Hos Love for us  and the truths of His promises to us (so we need to study The Bible to learn and understand these) and through putting every thought under His Lordship and Will for us.

Eph 6:17  Accept God’s salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

You must accept the call of the King to join the army as well as use the weapons He provides for you to fight with.  You must know what the weapons are, how they are used and where to get them.

You must also understand God’s Salvation so you know that you have it and are part of The Kingdom of God and thus part of God’s Army

The helmet protects the head where we think.  God’s Salvation places us under His protection in His Kingdom (He becomes our head) and His truths protect our mind. It is the truths of the Word in your mind that keep you from the deceits of the enemy (Satan and his kingdom). It is a spiritual battle which is why The Word, as explained by The Holy Ghost, is such a strong weapon.

If you do not study and meditate on The Bible you will not know the truths of God that The Holy Spirit will use to set you free and use to guide you in this battle (Jn 8:32).

18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

This is prayer as led by The Holy Spirit for the purposes of The Kingdom.  It is not for our needs as Jesus promises to provide these as we do His work Mat 6:33). As it is used in warfare it can only be a command in Jesus' Name after asking (praying to) The Spirit what we are to command.

We are to ask for fellow labourers and the things the enemy has as they really belong to Jesus and He will work to help you obtain them if they are in accordance with His Will.  We are also to war for our fellow Christians who do not see they are under attack or have a need of deliverance.

All prayers of request and commands (in Jesus' Name) should be in accordance with God’s Will or for the purposes of doing God’s Will.

Eph 6:19  Also pray for me that when I speak, God will give me words so that I can tell the secret of the Good News without fear.

You must support each other in any action against the enemy, either as trainer, teacher, helper or servant.

The Gospel of The Kingdom is an attack on Satan’s kingdom and we should warfare and support those preaching and teaching The Gospel of The Kingdom (but only as The Spirit says to give and not from guilt or emotion).

When Paul preached The Gospel he demonstrated the superiority of The Kingdom over Satan so that he warfared against Satan as a part of his evangelism.

1 Cor 2:4-5 , And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:  That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

The armour of a Christian is dynamic based on what Jesus has done for us at Calvary and upon our accepting what He has done.  It signifies that our citizenship belongs to the Kingdom of The Father and that our battles are those of Jesus for despoiling the Kingdom of Darkness and rescuing souls from its clutches.  It shows we stand for Jesus, His rules and requirements and like all soldiers, are willing to die for our commander.

It is also relational, based on our attitude to our King and the resultant position in His Kingdom (Jn 17:3).  As long as we seek to have the Mind of Christ in all we do this relationship will never be broken.  When it is broken repentance is necessary and possibly also deliverance to help you restore and keep the attitudes necessary for this relationship with your King.

A soldier goes into battle knowing he may die but he obeys the orders given to him as they are the best chance he has for life and carrying out the King’s Wishes!  The soldier is willing to die for His King and for the sake of The Kingdom and the people in it whether related to him or not.  So it should be with all who serve in the army of Jesus!

This spiritual armour of the Christian is God’s preparation for you to be able to take part in His battles as well as be protected in the battle.  It is interesting that the armour has no back to it as if a Christian’s only defence against Satan is to attack Satan.


If Jesus is Lord of your life you will not sin for various reasons:

It is disobedience

You Love Jesus and do not want to hurt him by rejecting Him through sin

Satan is the enemy of your King so you fight him to preserve the things of your King.

The attitude of Lordship prevents Satan from influencing your mind with his thoughts, which is the only way he can get you to sin as you must agree to what he suggests to do before you will sin.

Other matters on Spiritual Warfare

A little background

Satan is created being and he knows that.  He knows he only takes his next step and ‘breath’ because God allows him too yet he resists God even though he knows he is defeated and will one day be sent to the lake of fire.  Having been condemned eventually to go into this lake he seeks to take as many people as he can with him to this lake of fire and so attacks God’s creation with the objective of destroying it and taking as many of the people (God’s Children) as he can with him to the lake of fire.

This is your enemy who goes around as a roaring lion seeking to destroy you.  You either fight him or are overcome by him and possibly may eventually lose your salvation.

Comments on their attacks

An attack is always started by Demons.  People do not ask to be attacked by demons.  The demons attack your mind and body trying to find a weakness in you.  If the demon is cast to the The Throne of Judgment the temptation finishes and a different demon will attack.  The demon may use the same type of attack to exploit the same weakness or may try a new area to attack.  If the attack is successful the demon may enter you trying to build in you incorrect coping mechanisms or incorrect attitudes and reactions so they can control you. Once in, or if there is a weakness in you they are using, deliverance is needed to remove them.

They use the incorrect reactions and attitudes to build on and gain more ’control’ of you through engineering the way you think and react.  They place thoughts in your mind hoping you think they are your own and will accept them and act on them.  They build on this basis to condition you more and more to what they desire you to be.

This is why you must never react, argue, reason or assume that what a person says to you, or that what demons in your mind say about you is correct, but go to the Holy Spirit and ask Him what to do.  Satan also lies to you or tells you half-truths to mislead you or sidetrack you from what Jesus desires you to be which is why you must never assume things but ask The Holy Spirit how correct the thing is.

His most dangerous attack is to misquote scripture so it says something different to what it means or to have you chase godly things God does not want you to do so that you do not do what God desires you to do.

God will never place in your mind any thoughts that cause you to feel negative about yourself or do anything that is against His revealed Will.

You will need to find the root cause that has allowed the access of the demon or caused the weakness they have exploited.   Once in they will use your reactions, attitudes and emotions they have fostered in you as well as compensations and other pleasurable things they have taught you to try and control you.  You will need deliverance to remove the demon once he has entered your soul.

Wrong vices, addictions and pleasures are forms of

Sometimes others are used by demons to attack you.

They will also use other people to attack you in some way, either physically (with actual or implied violence) or mentally (words or body language showing negative emotion towards you).

Demons can also enter through shock or trauma but these are easily cast out as they have no right to be there in the first place.

The objectives of demonic attack are various:

To take your focus off Jesus so that you will doubt His Love for you, doubt His control of your life and doubt His purposes for your life

To build fear in you (imply God does not Love you)

To cause you to be rejected or to self-reject yourself

To sidetrack you from what Jesus wants you to do by offering an alternative you prefer or which hides what Jesus wants you to do

To have you accept them into your soul by accepting what they suggest you do.

Conflict results in the person attacked and there are only two possible results.  You reject the attack or give in to it.

The demonic attack is unsuccessful because:

The authority of Jesus has been used to cast demon(s) to the The Throne of Judgment because

The Will of Jesus is obeyed

Your desire not to accept what the demon offers

Your focus stays on Jesus and His requirements of and promises to you

You have had any deliverance needed to defeat the root access demons are using to attack

You believe 1 Cor 10:13

The demonic attack is successful because:

You accepted what the demon suggested you do

You do not believe 1 Cor 10:13

Your attitude towards God is wrong

You need deliverance

You need the truths of God that will set you free

Your focus has been taken from Jesus onto your problems

You do not believe God will do you good things

You desire the pleasure more than God’s Will

You believe the devil’s lie that you cannot defeat the temptation

Remember that demons are subtle in their attack on you and use your emotions, desires, feelings and reasoning patterns against you through suggesting things that appear to come from your own thought processes but are really from them.  They must make you accept what they want you to do or else the attack cannot succeed.

In this is perhaps the secret to overcoming them, to just simply not accept what they want you to do and send them to the The Throne of Judgment in Jesus Name, asking The Holy Spirit to replace them.

For a demon to have you accept what they want you to accept they must persuade you that something is not there that is, or is there that is not. In other words whatever they tell you as truth is really the opposite or they would not have to tell you it so you will accept it becaue you are at that time not doing it.

Authority and Power

It is no use having armour if you are just going to stand there and not attack.  Authority and power are given to us to attack the enemy.  They are used to destroy the works of Satan and attack his possessions so that his plans are prevented and people are released from his intended captivity.

The battle is for the souls of people and not for physical territory or wealth and the main use of our authority and power is to destroy the works of the devil so that the Kingdom is demonstrated and people are won for The Kingdom as a result (evangelism) and to remove the effects of Satan's plans from people (deliverance).

We also demonstrate The Kingdom of God is real when we defeat demons using the Authority Jesus has given us.

This power is from God and really is empowerment as God empowers (makes it occur) when we command it in accordance with the Will of Jesus.

Act 1:8  But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

The word used here for “power” is the ability to do miracles and similar but there is a condition to this being granted to a person.  In other words, you have been appointed (anointed) and by this authorised  to be in that position of authority and authority.  The Holy Spirit must come upon you in a supervisory position.  The idea behind this is that you are both as one in that His Will (which is the Will of Jesus) is your will.  It is a voluntary arrangement on the part of you both and the communication can only be broken by you through rebellion or just plain ignoring The Holy Spirit.

This empowerment is a result of our attitude to The Holy Spirit in us and it is not of anything we can do spiritually or physically, but only mentally by a decision to allow this union of purposes (wills).  We are then used by Jesus to express His power and Authority and through this show His Glory (Greatness) and Kingdom Authority to all.

As a result of God using us miraculously we also receive ‘glory’ because we are used by Him.  In a sense it is reflected from His Glory because it only exists when His Glory exists through our being used by Him.

As we agree with the Will of God and do what He asks us to, by commanding it in Jesus’ Name, Jesus brings it to pass on His behalf.  We are vehicles to express the Will of God so He can manifest it in this world through our faith as we declare the Will of God to this world.  This is the way He has usually chosen to work in this world. According to our faith will be what we ask or declare.  According to our relationship with The Holy Spirit and how well we hear Him will be the accuracy of what we ask or declare as being the Will of Jesus.

As we express this authority we will automatically be involved in spiritual warfare as it is expressed over Satan and his demons, the enemy of Jesus.

For God to use you effectively you need to learn to walk with one ear open to The Holy Spirit so you can hear what He wants you to do and then declare it on the behalf of Jesus so that it can be brought to pass through your obedient faith.  It is as if our expression of God’s Will allows Him to do it on earth so that it is not an imposition of our free will by God, but on acceptance of His Will as ours, He is able to express His Will in our life.  God does not rely on us but has Graciously chosen to work this way with us for our benefit and encouragement.

All Power, Glory and Authority is in Jesus and He has delegated to us only some of His Authority (that to do with demons and health, the latter which deals with removing the effects of demons on our body).

Power is expressed by His representative on earth at the moment, The Holy Spirit.  We have been delegated the Spiritual Authority of Jesus to be used according to His Will.  The Holy Spirit empowers us as we seek to use our delegated authority for the Will of God.  Glory results from our correctly carrying out His Will.

Demons recognize the Authority of Jesus and defer to it.  They have to as they are spoils of war, being defeated at Calvary and no plan of theirs can stand if it is attacked in Jesus Name in accordance with the Will of God.

We have been delegated only spiritual authority so we can only fight spiritual battles, the effect of which at times will manifest in the physical realm. We are told in Ephesians 6:12 that our battle is against spiritual leadership and not against the physical out working of it.  Healing and deliverance is the result of victory over the plans of a ruling demon that the lower ranking demon enforcing.

All that happens in the physical is a result of a spiritual choice made at some time.

How do we get this empowerment

Jesus told us to wait until He gave it, so you must wait on Him and He will give it to you to do His work and not just because you desire it.

Acts 1:4 And, being assembled together with them, commanded them that they should not depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father, which, saith he, ye have heard of me.

Acts 1:8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

Anyone person or church not illustrating the power of God or the delegated authority of Jesus when it is appropriate to do so, is not fighting spiritually and has lost the battle before it even starts.  Satan knows this so has people fight the physical outworking but not the demonic forces behind it which is why so many churches lose out in the battle against Satan and so many people go to doctors first for healing and not too Jesus.

So ask Jesus once to heal when you realise you are sick you and if He does not then go to the doctors.

When you fight the battle spiritually then the physical result will occur as the effects of the victory flow there through in the physical what has been started and won in the spiritual by Jesus at Calvary.  But I emphasise it will be in His timing and not ours because it is His Glory and purposes that are being proclaimed and not ours.

Power is the result of authority (the right to do something)  It is either imagined, assumed or real (granted by one authorised to grant it).

God gives you authority and empowers you to minister for Him.  It is granted as needed and not as we believe it should be as it is dependent on the Will of God and how much authority is needed to proclaim and carry out that Will.  It is a result of promotion by God (Ps. 75:6,7) and is a reward for service to enable you to do greater service for Jesus.

It is humbling that The God of All sees fit to empower us and give us some of His authority when He does not have to do so but does it out of Love for us so that we have value and worth and can show our Love to Him through the way we use this empowerment and delegated authority.

You do not study, obtain a diploma in theology or similar or get appointed by man to obtain the authority of God.  God appoints you and authorises you to the ministry He wants you to do for Him and trains you to prepare you for it.

It has been said that God does not use the qualified but qualifies those He chooses.  In other words God does not necessarily use those that man chooses to train but trains those He wants to use.

Theological colleges are only really necessary if you want to satisfy denominations.  God never authorised them as He does not need them.  He needs people who are willing to listen to Him and learn from Him and of Him through personalised training by The Holy Spirit and God appointed teachers and mentors.

People denominationally trained can often hinder the work of God by being in the wrong place as they are often placed there by the denomination and not by God.  They are often in the wrong ministry as their ministry was determined by denominational guidelines and not by The Holy Spirit.  These people can actually hinder The Holy Spirit working in the church by placing denominational plans, guidelines and theology before His truths and blocking the plans of Jesus that He is trying to guide them to implement.

This being in the wrong place is why so many ministers burn out and/or leave the  ministry.

Happy is the man who is in the ministry God has called Him too and is where God wants them to be doing what God wants them to do.

The Ministry of deliverance

In the bible deliverance is never mentioned as a specific ministry.  It is what Jesus did as a natural part of His ministry.  This work is the natural outflow of one who serves Jesus as it is his ministry expressed through them.

It is a form of spiritual warfare as demons are confronted and removed from a person.

So where does the idea of a deliverance minister come from?  From the denominations who have to categorise everything and not from God.  It is part of every ministry but more so the pastoral ministry but every Christian needs to know how to do it.  Every Christian can do deliverance in the authority of the Lord when led by and empowered by The Holy Spirit.  This ministry is not dependent on the deliverance ministers except for them to be a vessel to use by Jesus to express His Will and Authority through and help the person being delivered to focus on Jesus and His Lordship.

You do not need a deliverance minister to be free from Satan as Jesus does the deliverance for everyone so all you need to know is how to do it.  The framework of the five steps makes it easy.  It is all explained in my book on deliverance which shows a method anyone can use and requires the person seeking deliverance to tell you nothing about themselves, even their name.

Every Christian has this delegated authority to cast out Satan and so are able to do deliverance so the only excuse they have for not using it is that:

They have not been taught about it or

They have not been taught how to use their delegated authority or

They are not able to hear The Holy Spirit so they can be led by Him to do the Will of Jesus.

Does Satan have any legal rights?

No! He lost the war at Calvary and so all he has belongs to Jesus as spoils of that war.

Satan knows his time is short because Jesus is coming back soon to claim His spoils of war (Satan’s kingdom).  Antichrist and the one world religion is a last ditch attempt by Satan to take all the world to hell with him and prevent the Millennial rule by having no one left on earth for Jesus to rule when He returns with His saints.  It is going to be tough before tribulation when Satan steps up his attempts to stop the three last great revivals.  But as you battle, remember!  Satan is defeated and all he has is spoils of war belonging to Jesus.

Of Jesus it is declared:

Col 2:15  And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.

Eph 4:8  Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men.

In other words, Jesus won the battle with Satan which means Christians are the occupying troops of the victor living in the enemy’s land (earth).

Remember Satan has the right to rule hell as that was given to him when he was cast out of heaven so whatever he says is law in hell

How then does Satan get authority over a person?

Like any authority it is accepted by a person or it is forced on them.  Satan cannot make you do anything you do not agree to do so he has to have you accept what he wants you to do!  You either accept this suggestion willingly or believe you cannot overcome it and so do it.

A person chooses to obey Satan and his suggestion and by this they give him authority over them in that area.  But Satan has no real authority because he lost the war so he has to convince people to obey him and while they give authority over an area of their life to Satan they will not obey Jesus in this area.  It is authority by default as Jesus is not longer their ruler in this area so Satan can take it over.

Who you follow is your master.  Jesus said you cannot serve two masters.  If you accept Satan and his things in an area of your life he is your master in that area and can use it for his purposes.  If you give it to Jesus to be Lord of it is His to protect.  What Jesus is Lord of cannot be used by Satan because the authority of Jesus is greater than that of Satan.

It is only as the truth of their situation is understood by people and they accept the truths of Jesus instead of the lies of Satan can they be delivered from Satan and His assumed authority.

It is the truths of Jesus that said you free and keeps you free (Rom 8:32).

Deliverance is really telling Satan to leave because the person no longer wants him in authority over them as they want Jesus to be Lord of that area of their life and Satan and all his workings in them are to go in the Name of Jesus (the victor over him)!

Satan really has no kingdom, except hell.  It is just that Jesus has not returned to claim the spoils of war (the earth) and the rest of creation, so Satan has not left the world yet and does as much damage as he can in the time he has left.  Outside of hell Satan has usurped the authority of Jesus his conqueror and assumed the authority he has.

Satan is biding his time until Jesus come and removes his followers from earth then Satan will rule the world unchallenged by The Kingdom of God..  Satan really has no real authority over a person and can only control in their life what they let him.  He tries to blind them to the truth of this so they believe his lies and delusions and become more bound as a result of listening to him.

The fact he is the god of this world does not give him authority over it.  The people in the world give him any authority he has by accepting what he offers them.

The fact he rules the world system does not give him authority to do so.  All authority belongs to Jesus and He has delegated some of that to us. The reason Satan can rule so freely is because Christians do not use the authority delegated to them to destroy the works of Satan and plunder his assumed kingdom.  The church has not done this which is why Satan still has the control he does these days.

It does not help when modern Bibles imply we do not have this authority over Satan so people do not know it is there for them to use.

So how do we apply this to our life

It is only as we declare God’s will for our life and agree with it in our hearts that He is able to do the good He wants to do for us and through us and be used as He desires to use us.  Remember, the good may only be seen in eternity in the rewards we are given for what we do for Jesus.  But then Jesus told us to seek rewards in haven and not on earth so we should not be upset if nothing seems to be given to us as a reward on earth for our service of Jesus.  He has sent it ahead to heaven.

It is only as we understand the Delegated authority of Jesus and the empowerment by The Holy Spirit will we defeat Satan and capture territory of the enemy for which Jesus has already obtained the right to rule as a result of His victory at Calvary.

I asked The Holy Spirit once if He wanted to tell us anything about authority.  He said:

To be humble and Give Jesus all the Glory

To walk as Jesus walked

To Love as Jesus loved

To do only as He has you do

To be totally dead to self

And be used as His vessel

To shine for Him into the dark places”

The mission statement of Jesus was

Matthew 4:23 And Jesus went about all Galilee,
teaching in their synagogues,
and preaching the gospel of the kingdom,
delivering people from the effects of Satan on them
and healing all manner of sickness
and all manner of disease among the people.

As He did so should we!

Why do Christians not have power?

Christians do not have power because:

They do not know their delegated authority

The do not live lives worthy of the delegated authority (e.g. unconfessed sin or lukewarmness in their life)

They do not understand authority principles in the supernatural

They do not understand the twofold mission of Jesus: evangelism and healing (spiritual deliverance and inner healing)

They trust in their own strength and power and not that released by Jesus at Calvary

They are insensitive to the leading of the Spirit and so do not do what is necessary or they pray against the wrong things

They are afraid to be involved in the battle.

In a sense Jesus is not Lord of their life

Your Authority

The most important thing to realise in spiritual warfare is that you can do nothing.  You are only a vehicle to release the power of God.  It is a partnership with you a very, very junior partner.

Your authority is delegated by Jesus

Your instructor and guide is The Holy Spirit

Your mandate comes from the Father

Your authority is that released by the death of Jesus at Calvary and delegated to you

Some comments on the authority of Jesus

Jesus is able to delegate this authority to us as He has ALL AUTHORITY in heaven and earth and so has the right to delegate authority to us (Phil 2:9-11).

He gives us all we need and no more so to overstep what He has given us causes us problems and will not achieve His Will for us.

It is in only His Name (authority/Will) that we can use the authority delegated to us.

He said those who believed would cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead etc. and not doing that is not using His delegated authority as He commanded us too.

Why do people not do this?

Jesus said: “Mat 9:29  Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you”

We do not have the faith to allow the Miracle to occur as we do not command in the faith we should be commanding in.

We do not have the experience of God working in a Miraculous way to encourage our faith In His ability to do Miracles.

We do not believe He can do these things today or at all

We do not believe Jesus is really able to do these things

We don’t want to do them

We are disinterested in doing them

We out all of the timing of God so he will not do a miracle

They use modern Bibles in which the authority has been removed by implying it is not in the early Bibles

Sometimes it is not the right time for the healing so that Jesus will hear your command to heal but do it in His timing which will be best for all concerned.

If any of these apply to you then you better do something about it or God cannot and will not use you and you may even be in danger of losing your salvation through knowingly rejecting Jesus and His requirements of you.

In conclusion.  The battle is won.  It is up to you to declare this and remove the enemy from what Jesus is the rightful ruler of: all creation (except hell at the moment until it is cast into the lake of fire and is no more) along with the people in it.

It is your choice.  Choose wisely as your eternal fate will depend on it.


Every Christian needs to know how to attack Satan and defend against him or else you are just fodder for him to use as he desires.

When the church ignores Satan or says he cannot attack them after Calvary they have fallen for his deception and the church will be run by him so that, while it has the appearance of Christianity, it will not be doing the work of The Kingdom and may even become liberal in its theology so that it no longer truly represents God and His Things.

What did Jesus say His people would do?  The last words of Jesus to His people can be summarized as follows:

 "All power (authority) is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations I have risen,

Baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you

And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in My name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.

He that believeth and is baptized  shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. 

And these signs shall follow them that believe;

 In my name shall they cast out devils;

They shall speak with new tongues;

They shall take up serpents;

And if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them;

They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover

And, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world."


These actions will be observable in the life of a follower of Jesus as an expression of God’s quality of Love in them working through them to others.

Remember you are either on the side of Jesus or through inactivity serving Satan.

Overview of a spiritual warfare prayer with some examples

I open with a prayer that shows the format of a spiritual warfare prayer (of which the prayer for deliverance is one).  It is a prayer of command using our delegated authority over Satan which you have in the King James Bible but not in modern ones that implies it is an addition of man.

If you believe modern Bibles are correct in their omission of the delegation in Mark 16:17-18 then you have no basis from which to conduct spiritual warfare or to do deliverance.

Mar 16:17  And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; …

This is the only place we have been delegated authority over Satan.

Now for the prayer showing the format of a spiritual warfare prayer of command.

First part - the giving of something to Jesus to be Lord of

Give to Jesus:

An area of weakness in your life

An area of sin in your life

Something you want to protect

Something you are doing

Something you want to do

Circumstances in your life

A relationship you are involved in or intend to pursue

Anything The Holy Spirit tells you to give to Jesus to be Lord of

Second part - to check if there is a hindrance that will stop the command being heard by Jesus.

You need to check if there is:

Any unforgiveness or

A desire not to reconcile to another or

A sin you do not want to give up.

These all stop deliverance and need to be dealt with.

You may need to ask Jesus to help you deal with these things so give any problems you have in this area for Jesus to be Lord of.

Middle part - may change according to what is being commanded against.

In Jesus' name I command every demon in the areas I have given to Jesus to immediately go to Him and to take all they did to me with them.

In Jesus Name I forbid any demon at any time from replacing them or replacing what they have been doing to me.

In Jesus' Name I command anything they have done to be undone

In Jesus Name I forbid any demons from hindering anything I have just given to Jesus.

Removing the damage Satan has done in the areas given to Jesus to be Lord of

In Jesus Name I command healing of all that demons have done to me and any of the above areas or people in these areas and command restoration of all they took from these areas in accordant with the Will of Jesus.

Stopping demons re-entering your house (soul)

I ask you Holy Spirit to replace every demon that has left and to let the presence of God fill me, especially these areas I have given to Jesus to be King of.

Thank you Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Example of the first parts of the command

Prayer against the enemy's plans

In Jesus Name I forbid Satan from hiding any plans or things he is doing or has done against me or my family. I command them to be immediately exposed the moment they are drawn up.

In Jesus' Name I command all the demons behind any of these plans to immediately go to the Lord Jesus the moment any plan is conceived or acted upon.

In Jesus’ Name I forbid any plans of Satan that he has against me from being enforced.

Pray for protection of family

In Jesus' Name I forbid any spirit of darkness tempting or attacking my family, spouse, children, their spouse and my grandchildren either directly or indirectly through another.

In Jesus Name I forbid any spirit of darkness from using any person or thing either directly or indirectly against me or my family.

Any that do the above command in Jesus' Name to go to the Lord Jesus to be dealt with and to take all they have done to me or my family with them.

Giving to Jesus plans, events and circumstances to Him to protect as its Lord

Lord Jesus I give to you (name what you intend to do, circumstances that are occurring or the situation you are giving to Him to be Lord of - Anything you want Him to control.)also  give anything associated with them in any way, either directly associated or indirectly associated with them.

In Jesus Name I command every demon to leave what I have given to Jesus to be lord of and to go to Him to be punished and to take all they have done or are doing with them.


Parts 3, 4 and 5 are always commanded, Part 2 is always necessary to be checked and part 1 is the only part that changes.

Prayer for your house.

Lord Jesus I give you the house and all in it, the land it is on and anything under or above the land or house or associated with these for you to be Lord of it.

Satan you now have no right in any way to this house or these associated areas as they belongs to Jesus

So in Jesus’ Name I command every demon to leave and take all they did or are doing with them and to go to Jesus to be dealt with.

In Jesus Name I forbid any demon from replacing them at any time or from ever doing what they were doing or did.

Holy Spirit take their place and let your presence fill this place to the Glory of God

Then look for idols, diagrams or other things of Satan that may be in your house and burn them if possible.

General curses may have something buried in the ground or house and this prayer should remove the demons attached to them.

For Non Christians

The belongs to the kingdom of Satan so you have no right to cast them out which is why they can return with more demons if you cast them out of a non-Christian.

However, they are attacking a child of The Father.  Note: not an adopted one but one He has created.  Because of this you can punish the demons.  So whenever they attack the non-Christian in any way you can punish them.

So command as follows:

In Jesus’ Name I command that any demon that attacks (name the person(s) here) in any way the Holy Fire of God is to pour over that demon until the person is doing what God desires they do in the area attacked.

In Jesus’ Name I command this to apply until the person dies.

So, while they are not cast out, whenever they attack a person they are punished.

Appendix A
A handout to give to someone
desiring |deliverance

This may be copied and used freely providing the only charge made for it is to cover costs of printing and distribution or making new copies of this to give away or use.

The following is a prayer Jesus gave me to give to people to take them through deliverance (broken into five easy to understand steps)

All but steps three and four can be prayed silently in your heart.  Steps three and four can be whispered so only you, God and Satan hears them being commanded.

This prayer can be said without the need of another to be there so that only you and Jesus know what is being prayed.

Step 1

Give to Jesus, quietly in your heart, anything that troubles you. You do not need to name the sin(s) but just the area the sin or problem in you which you desire Jesus to be Lord of. All you need to do is to agree to give it in your heart for Jesus to be Lord of.

So give to Jesus (that is relevant) any:

Moral weaknesses you have

Sins you have trouble defeating

Loveless acts toward others

Circumstances or events you are anxious or concerned/worried about.

Wrong emotions, habits, attitudes, values or wrong coping mechanisms you have

Wrong understanding, knowledge and learning, wrong worship or attitudes to God

Hurtful memories you have that cause you problems of any kind.

Wrong relationships you have

Betrothal (engagement) and social activities

Marriage, family and any problems in that area



Fear of Authority
Fear of Failure
All others fears

Any wrong agreements or contracts or similar…whether or not you know you have made them

Past hurts, traumatic events and other events that have hurt you in ally way

Anything, in you or that you have done that is, not of Jesus or His Kingdom which He is not already Lord of. Whether or not you know they are there,

Anything The Holy Spirit tells you now to give to Him for Jesus to be Lord of and to make certain you have not missed anything,  then pray as follows"

Give Jesus also the causes, results of all these things as well as anything else associated with them.

General Repentance

Lord, Jesus, I want you to be Lord of all my life. I give it to all You, as well as anything that stands between You and me, whether or not I know they are there. Show me these things Lord that separate us so I can deal with them as you desire me to deal with them. I want to do Your will in all I do Lord, and I ask You to help me to do this. I give it all to you Jesus, for You to be Lord of so that You are Lord of all I am.

Step 2

The Lord says you are to forgive everyone who has hurt you in any way. If you deliberately do not forgive anyone who has hurt you, the Father in heaven cannot forgive your wrongs against Him. So you do not go to heaven (Matt 6:14-15).

You may need to pray as follows

Jesus, I forgive all who have hurt me.

Lord! Help me to forgive those I have problems forgiving. So I can obey you in this area,

Give any problems you have reconciling to another as this is usually caused by Unforgiveness or fear of man (or woman).

You may need to pray: as follows:

Lord Help me to reconcile to those I need to reconcile too and to do what I need to do this.

You may also need to repent of a sin you know you are doing.

You may need to pray:

Lord I repent of name the sin(s) or are of sin(s), and I want to stop doing anything that I am doing that is wrong. Help me to do this so you can be completely Lord of m life.

Step 3

Now command Satan to leave and to take all He did to you with him to Jesus:

Satan I have given all, these areas of my life, to Jesus to be Lord of. So you must go from these areas in Jesus’ Name to the Throne of Judgment to be dealt with by Jesus. In Jesus' Name you are, to take with you everything in, on or around me or that you have done to me at any time.

Step 4

In accordance with the Will of. God, I command in Jesus' Name healing of everything Satan did to me and In Jesus' Name 1 command restoration of the sound mind as well as all else that Satan took from me.

Step 5

Holy Spirit please fill me completely, refresh me and anoint me freshly to serve Jesus as an obedient citizen of the Kingdom of God, and member of The Body of believers on earth.

The following prayer gives permission to Jesus to do whatever He needs to do for you without asking your permission and needs to be prayed only once or repeated only if The Holy Spirit says to do so:

Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, ministering angels.- I give you all permission to do anything you need to do too me or for me without the need to ask my permission to do these things.

Satan will try and convince you by placing thoughts or feelings in you or emotions on you that you have not been delivered.  Just give these to Jesus using the following five steps which form the basis of the prayer above.

The five steps in summary

Give it to Jesus to be Lord of

Repent, forgive, reconcile

Cast out Satan

Command healing and restoration

Ask Holy Spirit to fill you completely

You need to find people who will help you in your Christian life and encourage you in its trials as Satan will try and isolate you from them so that it is easier for him to deceive or doubt God’s Love for you.

You need to study The Bible so that you know what God’s Will for you is and to hear The Holy Spirit so He can guide you when you are not certain of what God’s Will for you is.

The decisions you make will determine your salvation and you will have only yourself to blame if you do not get to heaven as it is your decisions that will stop you going there.