Spiritual Warfare - more comments

A Christian lives in-a world system controlled by Satan, the enemy of God and is either defending against Satan or attacking him or always being ready to attack him. If they do not have the attitudes ready to do these things then they will be a victim of the war and a casualty of it and of little use for God and His Kingdom.

Correct Lordship and the pursuit of holiness are our defences against the attacks of Satan. The authority over Satan delegated to us by Jesus is how we attack him. and his plans and evangelism is how we plunder the only thing we can. -The people in his kingdom!

To survive in this war, you need to be guided by The Holy Spirit who knows when Satan is attacking you and how to deal with the attack and who will advise you of these things if you are listening to Him as well as how to deal with general problems you may face in your daily life.

This is why it is necessary to walk through life with one ear always ready to hear The Holy Spirit telling you things you need to know.

There are only three ways to deal with an attack of Satan:

l. You just ignore it - the demon keeps on attacking giving you no peace

2. You send it to Jesus. using the authority delegated to you by Jesus - Another demon will replace it

3 You give the area being tempted to Jesus to be Lord of and command the demon to leave in Jesus' Name.  Demons have to leave the area given to Jesus and cannot use at again. They have to convince you to give the control of the area back to them by having you accept what they suggest that causes you to take away control of the area from Jesus and give it back to them.

This third method is the preferred method as it does any deliverance you need in that area.

The Five Steps are a framework that removes demons and makes Jesus Lord of an area.

You have to accept what demon suggests and act on it, even if only in your mind you decide to do it, before it can be taken from the Lordship of Jesus.

You do not sin by having a wrong thought, emotion or feeling. You sin by having it and deciding how to act on it even though might not actually carry out what you decided to do.

'How to hear the Holy Sprint’ and the 'Five Steps' are dealt with in earlier talks.

Any wrong thought, daydream, imaginations, feelings, emotions, or anything else that affects you that does not give you peace is not from God but from Satan and should immediately be dealt with as follows:

1 Give the Temptation be Jesus

2 Repent of any sin and deal with any unforgiveness and desire not to reconcile with another

3 In the Name of Jesus command the demon in the area of temptation to go to Jesus and take all they did to you with them

4 Command healing and restoration in accordance with the will of Jesus

5 Ask the Holy Sprint to fill your soul so any demons cannot come back in.

Demons can only re-enter your soul if you accept what they suggest you do and decide to act on it even if only in your mind!

Satan attacks in very few ways

By placing thoughts, feelings, daydreams and emotions in your mind

By placing feelings, emotions and sensations in your body so your flesh and its lusts are excited

Deceiving you so you do not know the Truth you need to know

Side-tracking you so you do not do what Jesus desires you to do but do something else which may be good in itself but does not serve the purposes of the Kingdom of God.

This is why you need to know the truths of The Bible to defeat his lies and deception and how to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as He places unease in you to warn you that there is an attack of Satan in what you intend to do.

This is also why you need have holiness and lordship in place to have the desire to reject what Satan suggests you do.

According to your love for Jesus and hatred of the things He hates will be the degree you reject what Satan offers you to do and have you reject Jesus.

You will have wrong thoughts, emotions and feelings.  That does not mean you are a bad person as Satan will always place them there to try and have you give back your life to him by rejecting things Jesus desires you to do.

You are only an evil person if you embrace what Satan suggest and delight in acting upon them.