The Silent War

 Neville Salvetti


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Neville Salvetti iii

Preface. vii

How was this battle started?. vii

Introduction.. 2

Why is it a silent war?. 3

The War on Terror. 5

Satan is a defeated Enemy. 6

Overview of the war. 7

What is our protection in this war ?. 12

The objectives of each side. 12

Methods of attack. 13

The Basic Structure of the armies. 14

The Battlefield.. 15

Jesus is the Victor. 16

Attitudes to the war. 16

Comments on the War in General 17

The Hiding of The Kingdom... 20

What are some signs of this war. 22

Ignorance of the war. 23

Areas of Conflict 24

The use of media in this book refers to any way of communicating ideas or images  25

Why is it effective?. 26

Areas they use to influence people. 28

How does Satan hide this war?. 28

Satan’s Objectives. 29

What does he need to control?. 29

What He uses. 30

How He uses these things. 30

How to stop him using them... 32

Spiritually. 33

Physically. 33

Some things expanded.. 33

Evangelism... 33

Preaching. 35

Laws of the land.. 36

Education, How Satan has used it 37

He has rewritten The Bible. 38

Liberal Theology. 39

Satan tries to have you not believe in the Bible as being accurate especially in regard to Genesis  40

Genesis Ch 1, 3 & 8 Creation, the Fall of Man and the Worldwide Flood  40

Six day Creation.. 41

Do you modify Genesis to fit in with scientific beliefs?. 43

The Fall of Mankind into sin.. 43

The worldwide deluge. 44

Overall consequence of saying "Yes" to belief in the above three events  45

The overall consequence of saying "No!". 45

How God's Authority is affected by this rejection of any of these three events  47

Conclusion.. 48

You cannot trust the prophets who were used to write The bible  49

Satanism in Society. 50

Stewardship.. 51

The family. 52

He removes God’s values for the family and tries to substitute his own values for them to use  53

How to counteract it or minimise its effect on your family. 54

How does Satan do this?. 55

So how is the battle carried out 56

Areas of Conflict 57

The Weapons. 58

Strategies. 59

The smokescreen.. 61

Understanding what is in it is necessary. 62

The Commands of Jesus. 62

A summary of what His follower should do is as follows: 64

How to counteract the influence of Satan in silent war: 66

A Warning. 67

Your Part 68

If you love God you will fight for what is on His heart - the children of The Father that are going to hell! And you will support each other and help each other to care for and defend what He has given to you to look after for Him. 68

Conclusion.. 69

Appendix A.. 71

Other books I have published through 74




The Silent War

There is a silent war going on between God and Satan which is fought in the supernatural but whose effects are often in the physical world.  It often results in such things as:



Spiritual warfare

Divine events (miracles where natural things cannot happen)

Divine revelations (where God reveals something man cannot naturally know)

Visits by supernatural beings (God, Angels, Satan, Demons)

Events resulting from prayer where the action is not humanly possible

Visits to supernatural locations such ss heaven or hell

All things which are not normally possible in the physical realm or are by nature part of the supernatural realm.

In a sense these things demonstrate The Kingdom of God and if are not present in a church usually it shows it is not representing The Kingdom of God.

1 Cor 4:20 For The Kingdom of God is not demonstrated by just talking but by miraculous events that naturally would not happen

The discord and disorder on earth are also an expression of Satan’s work as these are from him as God is not a god of disorder and confusion or well as wars, all of which are a physical expression of the supernatural battle

The greatest example and culmination of this war was what happened at Calvary where the enemy was defeated, never again to have authority over the citizens of the victorious King, Jesus.  At Calvary Jesus defeated His enemy and took Him captive, so in a sense the battle has been won and the only way the enemy can obtain any control or influence over us is if we allow him to have it.

To do this Satan has to convince us to give him this control ot influence and he cannot do that by truth, as the truth sets you free.  So he has to do this by deceit of some kind to make us accept his lies as the truth so that we reject the real truth that God revels to us.

 How was this battle started?

It was started by rebellion against God in His supernatural Kingdom, which may have been heaven or another place that existed before creation (of which heaven is a part).

The enemy was cast down to earth where he subverted the perfect creation God had made and continues the battle on earth at this moment and will do so until he is finally removed from creation forever!

The enemy’s attack resulted in man being separated from God and man also dying spiritually.

God sent Jesus to teach man what God required and to die at Calvary removing all that hindered man relating personally to restore man to a constant relationship with God as well as restore spiritual life to mankind, to all those that would follow God and not his enemy, Satan.

 1 Cor 2:4 and my word and my preaching was not in persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power

The battle is won, not by just speaking against the enemy and his ways of working, but by defeating him and removing him through the use of the delegated authority Jesus has given us as well as by the guidance of The Holy Spirit to speak the truths we need to know to be free from the enemies deceits and world system he has placed around Christians over the last 2000 years.

It is won, not just by  praying, but by confronting the enemy and removing him from the earth as well as healing the damage he has done to people and to things on this earth.

This is what the Christian life is all about: the removing of Satan and his damage done to people and God’s earth as well as expanding God’s influence throughout the earth to restore it to what God desires it to be.

If you are not doing this then you need to ask why as you may not be living the life God desires you to live.

If you are not fighting the battle, teaching how to live and fight, resting from the battle or learning how to live and fight, then you need to ask why as you have missed your calling as a Christian and may not even be a Citizen of God’s Kingdom because you are not obeying Him in the way He requires you to obey.  If this is deliberate then you are in danger of losing your salvation because you have not repented of the sin of disobedience you are doing.

James 4:17 So if you know what you have to do for God and you do not do it you have sinned (fallen short of His requirements of you)

 Ignorance of the war

One of Satan’s techniques is to keep Christians ignorant of this war and their role in it.  By this he has unfettered access to what he wants to corrupt for his purposes.  Because Christians have not bothered to even consider this war Satan now controls many western nations who were once Christian but now are more Satanic in their laws and behaviour so that Satan can now plainly place his symbols in public and do things that the bible warns you not to do.

And the warning is as follows:

Lev 18:24  Defile not ye yourselves in any of these things: for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out before you:

Lev 18:25  And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants.

 God calls these things abominations and warns His people not to do them. Or He will remove the people from the land like He did Israel.

This book aims to warn you of this war so you will fight it and not be removed from the land into the control of another who will treat you in a way that will not be good for you or your Christian faith. 


By hiding the reality of whom He is and his kingdom of hell from the church or making believe he is irrelevant to them Satan has pulled the rug out of the need to evangelize.

The church no longer grieves over the lost and do all it can to save people from hell.  After all, they are blind to it and the sufferings of people there because they do not think about it or what happens th ere.  Satan has seen to that.

They no longer have the Father’s Heart or the Love of Jesus for those going to hell and blissfully play church, not doing what Jesus commanded to do about those going to hell, and so disobey Jesus in blissful ignorance that they may be going to hell for knowing they have to reach the lost but deliberately ignoring this command, even if only through apathy or an ignoring of the fate of those in hell.

Or they salve their soul by hiring others to evangelize for them.  People who are ‘trained’ to evangelize and believe they are satisfying God by this ignoring the fact He told all His followers they needed to be able to tell others about Jesus and why they need Him.

The Church is not far from the ignorance of the middle ages where people were told what to believe and believed what was taught but those in authority in the church and did not search the scriptures to see if what was said was accurate.

They ignore the advice of The Bible to study the Scriptures so you will know how to do what God requires of you.

So Satan has made a church that does not do the work of Jesus and believes that by paying others to do it they have fulfilled their Christian obligations in these areas.

If they do bring a person to salvation they do not know how to train them usually and leave it to the paid professionals even though all are supposed to be able to help people mature into Christianity and in fact the command is not just to evangelize but to train as well (2 Tim 2:2).

So Satan has negated the influence of the church In the physical as well as the spiritual and the church wonders why things are getting more worse in society when it does not do the work of Jesus to be the salt of society and lets another salt it with his values that corrupts and pollutes it.


Satan has guided the church so it no longer preaches the requirements of Jesus to fight him or evangelise (plunder souls from Satan’s kingdom) and that sermons on things like Hell, Satan, Spiritual warfare and anything that would offend outsiders is not to be preached so that people will come into the Church and be saved.

He also has persuaded the removal of Mark 16:9-21 so people will no longer believe the delegation Jesus gave to us to control Satan.  They say it is not in the earliest manuscripts using Vaticanus and Sinaiticus to back this up.  Unfortunately this argument does not stand because these two codices are proven forgeries and both had Mark 16:9-21 originally in them but the same person removed this passage from both codices.

Jesus said to cast out demons and attack Satan, to go into the world and evangelise and not to adopt the principles of the world of Satan to the life style of a Christian.

Satan also made The Holy Spirit as being impersonal so people would not preach Him as well as make many believe the casting out of demons, miracles and The Gifts of The Holy Spirit are all only for the time of the apostles, so the church no longer believes in them as being relevant or even applicable to this age so the church uses the methods of the world to do its work as it no longer has what God provided for them to use because they believe it is not for them to use these days.  So they no longer demonstrate The Kingdom of God and its authority over Satan and his plans but have a faith that has little in the supernatural to draw people away from the religions that Satan offer which are based on supernatural experience.

 If Jesus and The Holy Spirit are not personal and cannot communicate with us then it makes The Bible a liar.  Bu then you cannot trust new bibes based on the Greek of Westcott and Hort which really has n o Greek text to back it up.

They say their text is based on the Sinaiticus but they only used the parts of the Sinaiticus they wanted to changing the text to suit their theology.


To do his ‘work ’Satan has to hide:


His kingdom and its promises

His authority over Satan

as well as discredit the Bible.

So the activities of Satan are twofold:

Hide the above items

Fight Jesus to control people for his purposes

To do this he has set up a smokescreen and conditioned the world’s and its environment and many Christian churches so that his activities are hidden (silent) and people do not know or believe in judgement his existence/Demons or hell.

A Christian has three purposes:

Fighting the kingdom of Satan and rescuing people for Jesus while demonstrating The Kingdom of God as they do this

Exposing the smokescreen of Satan and removing it

Protecting  anything that God has on earth: people, territory, truths – anything that belongs to God’s Kingdom on earth

Sadly few churches do the first thing in any way as Jesus desires it done and nearly everyone is ignorant of Satan's smokescreen so not exposing or fighting it and may even be Jesus living according to the guidelines Satan promotes through.

This book deals with exposing Satan's smokescreen as well as how to deal with it.

How does Satan do this

Satan has to convince you to do what he desires you to do and he cannot do this by appearing to you and asking you to do what God does not desire you to do.  He has to deceive you some way so you will accept what he asks you to do.

So he has created an environment on earth that promotes his values and purposes and by this deceives people into doing his will.  He does not tell them that they are obeying his desires so they do not know what they are doing is against God and His Kingdom.

This environment is called a smoke screen as it hides the truth using lies and deception to screen the truth from people.

He also has to deemphasize the importance of Doctrine and replace it with feeling and emotion so that how you feel as a result of the religious experience is more important Thant how accurate it is.  This also mans new doctrines are made or old ones modified incorrectly because the doctrine is not considered that important and the understanding of the Bible (something Satan also has to stop being important in the live of people so they do not know w hat it really says) is not what God requires it to be.  Especially when they use modern bibles whose text is based on lies.  This means people make or alter doctrine or practice on an incorrect understanding of it so that error creeps into their Christian life.

This is not helped by the various translations based on the belief of their editor and not on what god says so that different versions say different things so that at time you cannot really know what God meant to say.

 So how is the battle carried out

Satan attacks your mind directly or using his smoke screen hoping you will accept the thoughts, emotions or feelings the demon paces in it as being your own so he can subtly affect the way you think and train it to the way he desires you to think so that he sets up a point of control in your mind he can use against you and for his purposes.

He also hides his demons, hell, your delegated authority over him and other things from you and tries to make you ignore the battle against him so that you will not fight it even though The Bible plainly states it exists and we are to fight it.

He also tries to hide God, Jesus, what Jesus did and is doing for you as well as God’s Love for you so that you will not know what God requires of you to obtain eternal life and defeat him.

He especially hide from you that salvation is a personal relationship with The Father and Jesus guided by The Holy Spirit so ministers preach knowledge and not how to relate personally to each member of The Godhead.

Jesus said only 20% of Christians would go up in the rapture.  The other 80% know of him (knowledge) but do not know Him personally (relationship).

Satan controls this world and its systems and uses them to create the values he desires in a person’s life as well as peer pressure from those in it to try and force Christians to conform to his way of thinking and living.  This is why we are to reject his things (separate ourself from his world system = holiness) and focus on God, Christ and their truths we need to know to live and fight in the way God desires us to fight.

Without this holiness Jesus we would not enter heaven.

This means we need to know exactly what is of God and of Satan in the environment around us as well as how to deal with the things of Satan that are around us.

 This book is divided into various sections

The combatants in this silent war

How they influence people


laws of the land

Controlling education

Controlling the judiciary and legal areas

Compromising Bible truth

mythologizing Genesis

Teaching evolution

Teaching ownership instead of stewardship

Provide alternatives to Christianity more acceptable to people

And other areas

Areas of Conflict

The battle is for the mind and demons will live in a soul to try and influence our thoughts to build in us ways of thinking that follow what they desire us to think so they can eventually guide us and control us.

If they can control us then they can control the environment around us and the things we are steward of and use us to influence others and further their plans.

Because most Christians do not know how Satan influences them he has in the last almost 2000 years been able to influence the church so that people do not realise how far he has drawn it from what Jesus desires it to be and do and how it has become more inefficient in the fight against him and even changed doctrine and Bibles  so it no longer believes what it should because it has a Bible that does not truly reflect what God has written in it.

What is unfortunate is that the church has been brainwashed by liberal theologians so it cannot see these things and that it has diverted from what Jesus said it should be because it has ignored the battle for the mind and does not know how Satan attacks people.  Most think they do but have been trained in what Satan taught the church as the way he attacks which is why  most church goers do not cast out demons or evangelise as required by Jesus of those who truly believe He is Lord of all.

If you do not believe this ask yourself:

Are you telling people about their need of Jesus?

Do you know what you need to say to them for them to follow Jesus?

Do you know how Satan Attacks?

Do you know how to fight him so he does not attacks you in the same area again?

Answer yes to any of these then state before Jesus what you think the answer should be to these questions and see how far you get.  Even better try and explain these to another Christian or non Christian and see how you go.

If you cannot explain these to another then you do not know them and Jesus cannot use you as He desires to use you for His Kingdom.

 The smokescreen

What is the best way to hide Jesus, His things and His purposes for us?

By creating a smokescreen of disinformation lies and half-truths!

Satan can do this because he controls so many areas of our life: government, laws of the land, education, the media, Bible publishing to name a few. He also has shaped modern liberal theology to water down the Bible so that it no longer reflects what God has said but what editors believe it should say.

Unfortunately many Christians are like sheep blindly accepting everything the church sprouts and because of this acceptance compromise and pollute Christianity making lukewarm in practice and irrelevant to most non-Christians and churches in the West wonder why their numbers are declining and Christianity is disappearing as an influence in the world.

The West is where Satan's smokescreen is thickest as this is where he needs to work to remove the influence of Christianity in the world. In pagan countries all it has to do is maintain the status quo but in the West he has to actually change their way of thinking and destroy their belief system.

Understanding what is in it is necessary

To understand what Satan promotes through his smokescreen you need to understand the requirements of God which is why Satan has raised liberal theologians to destroy the credibility of The Bible or edit it in a way that reflects their erroneous viewpoints on God.  By this God’s values are compromised, misrepresented or even removed from modern bibles so that Satan has clouded God’s values using political correctness to enforce his values on Christians, amongst others.

It is sad when Bibles have reached the stage when cults prefer the new versions to their own erroneous translation because they reflect their beliefs better than their own translation or Satanists can use part of it for their own worship and praise of Satan, but that is how far modern bibles have been eroded by the ‘scholarship’ of liberal theologians.

 The Combatants

God, His angels and His Citizens are on one side and against him are Sana, his demons and his followers.

Each tries to condition the thought patterns and processes of people.  God does this for their best by guiding them to heaven and avoiding hell.  Satan does this for his best so he has the person guided to  hell where he can torment them forever!

Each tries to have people follow them.

God tells them of His rewards for them and what will happen to the if they reject Him.  Satan tells people of their rewards but does not give it to them in hell and does not tell them what he will do to them in hell.  by this Satan deceives many into following him.

He church does not show the reality of the battle or the evilness of Satan and what he does to people in hell as many go to hell because of the inactivity of the church in this battle.

They also do  not teach people how to recognize an attack of Satan and how to deal with it.

 The Weapons

There are two main weapons:

The truths of Jesus which are found in The Bible which is called the “Sword of The Holy Spirit”

The Authority of Jesus delegated he has delegated to us over Satan and his plans and working.

There are other things that drive demons into a frenzy such as:




Thanks giving.

These are not weapons but more area defences that drive demons away but do not  remove them as they will comer back after the session is finished.

A main defence is our relationship with Jesus.  When Jesus is Lord of our life in an area of our life, demons cannot attack th at area unless we give them permission by accepting what they suggest we should do in the area.  If we go to Jesus when they attack they cannot do anything and must leave when attacked back by us. Remember that Salvation is a relationship with Jesus and The Father and Satan tries to destroy this relationship and by doing this destroy our salvation.


Whatever Satan has to do to have you do what He desires you to do he will do.  But basically he deceives and sidetracks.

He makes you believe something is not real when it is

Something is real when it is not

Something is fully true when it is only partly true, or

Something is not fully true when it is.

Being sidetracked is really a result of his deception and is a result of you believing that something you are to do is correct when it is really is not or only partly correct.

This is why Satan is called the father of lies as lying is really the only things he can do to deceive you.  Even when he tells you the truth he will have you interpret it incorrectly so that what you believe you have to do is  really a lie by Satan and may only be partly true.

Truth sets you free which is why Satan must compromise truth to bind you or have you think the way he desires you to think.

Compromise is a great weapon of his that makes a person appear to accept what is happening but really means the person has compromised something to agree with what is required.  This is why doctrinal compromise or the ecumenicism which results is really a tool of Satan to water down the beliefs of a person and draw them away from a proper observance of doctrine as they compromise doctrine to be able to share a common believe with another who does not believe the truths of God in some way.

So if you compromise the truth in some way you have given up a belief you hold and have modified it to please another.  The church has done this by ignoring doctrine or accepting doctrines people have made from erroneous assumptions resulting from an incorrect interpretation of Scriptures.

Satan also uses guilt, shame and condemnation to bind a person as well as hiding God’s Love from them so they believe God cannot love them or forgive them.  He also tries to isolate people so they will not have the help they need to fight the battle for their mind.

God uses truth and forgiveness to free a person from Satan’s mental attacks and does this through The teaching of The Holy Spirit on how to recognize and deal with the attack and uses the truths of The Bible to show to us to fight the lies of Satan.  He also will bring people alongside us to help us deal with any problems we have as a result of the attack.

We also have the delegated authority of Jesus to remove attacking demons and punish them. Satan cannot command us but we can command him and deal with him for attacking us.

So God has given us The Holy Spirit to guide us in the battle with Satan as well as to show us how to deal with Satan and learn the truths we need to fight Satan.  So to ignore His role in our life means we lose the battle before we start.  While we may have a victory, we will not defeat Satan permanently in an area he attacks if we do not use the weapons God has shown us to use if we do not have the guidance of The Holy Spirit in the correct use of them.

 Areas of Conflict

The battle is for the mind and demons will live in a soul to try and influence our thoughts and they use all they can to do this.  One of his greatest weapons is the media because people watch so much of it these days either as television or DVD’s.  This is why Satan now controls the entertainment industry as well as the printing industry (especially newspapers and magazines) which he has used to gradually convince the world of his values being the normal way to behave.

 The use of media in this book refers to any way of communicating ideas or images

Satan has managed to compromise the guideline rating system for media that means what is now normal was considered restricted only 20 years ago so that what people watch now would have been considered evil less than a generation ago.

How Satan has used it?  Through it he:

Promote ungodly laws in the land

Promote Satan’s immoral values

Condition people to accept what he is promoting for them to do or think

Any other thing he wants people to accept

He portrays these as being the normal way of living so people accept them as the correct way to think and behave

He uses it to crowd out Christian values so that these are rarely portrayed by the people in control of the media

Examples of his use of it

Promote laws for same sex marriage

Promote laws that make it illegal to express Christian values (discrimination laws for example)

Promote laws that limit Christianity, its values and its expression.

He  uses them to indoctrinate children so they learn his values at an early age

He  uses them to values so he can replace them with his own

Why is it effective?

Christians are not exposing that what Satan is promoting in the media is not normal according to God

People assume it is the normal way to live so accept it

Peer pressure causes people to conform and as there is no great visible expression of Christianity to show it is wrong people assume what is promoted is correct

How to counteract it or  minimize its effect on you

Learn what is Godly so you realise the error in what the media promotes

Expose the error in it so you will not be caught by it and others will know the truth that God desires them to know

Show there is a battle so people will realise demons are behind what is promoted in the media

Keep your children from watching this material

Teach your children the truths of God that counteract this material

Teach your children how to deal with this  material

Teach your children the consequences of living in the way this ungodly material teaches:

Physical consequences such as illness, injury or death

The emotional consequences such as mental illness and depression

The ungodly attitudes that result which causes people to do evil things

The spiritual consequences of not repenting of these attitudes which is eternal death in hell.

We are told to train up a child in how they are to live and they will not depart from it to follow what Satan offers if we do this properly.

So you need to learn what it means to be a godly parent so you can be one and this you find in the Bible and not the ungodly methods promoted these days in the media by Satan so he can control your children when they grow up and become teenagers.

You know things are bad when the latest psychology handbook in the USA describes any one as normal as having a mental illness. 

Laws of the land

Satan is a legalist so he knows how to use rules and regulations and so it is natural for him to use the laws and regulation made by governing bodies.

The church disassociated its role in forming these so Satan stepped in and used them for his own purposes to set up his idea of rules and regulations that contravene Christianity.  This is why so many laws now oppose Christianity and it is become illegal to do express or do Christian things.

Satan talked the church out of being involved in law making and then took it over to make his own laws that bind the Christian church and prevent it doing things like street evangelism and even feeding the poor in some places (by making these illegal) .

The judiciary is part of the law making system and Satan uses it to back up the laws he has made so that they are imposed on Christians by the judiciary.

What you need to remember is that you must obey them if they do not contravene God’s Laws or you are in rebellion against God and that you  must trust God as you obey them, even though it may cause you loss.  But then what is worth holding onto if it is going to cost you your salvation because of holding onto something God said you had to let go.

The battle is first won in the legislature, where the laws are made and the in the courts where the laws are upheld.  Satan knows this which is why he has taken control of these two areas.

 Education, How Satan has used it

Satan knows he has to influence and train the thinking of people from an early age so he has made an education system, backed up by the media, that promotes his values from an early age and teaches these to students in public schools and tries to control what is taught in private schools by making  his ideas part of the educational criteria..

He took over education when Christians formed their own schools and left the public school system leaving it open for him to take over.

Instead of staying in it and changing it from the inside out, they left it and allowed Satan to take it over.

He placed people who supported his values on the boards that made the decision for education curriculums and experts backed up their curriculums so that people accepted them.  As Christians were not in control of the boards Satan was able to influence them to make his values the important ones being reinforced in education.

All you need to do is look at th e number of curriculum that have material that The Bible forbids to be done let alone taught to children

So Satan has corrupted the truths of God by substituting it with his own truths using textbooks, school curriculums, mainstream media to back these as well as liberal theologians to promote these.

Some examples that contravene The Bible but which are in education are: evolution, that God does not exist is or is not relevant, Genesis being promoted as myths, same sex marriage, sex as an expression of love, man is a descendant from apes so is of no greater value than them, promoting alternative lifestyles and religions in school systems instead of The Bible and Christian education, promoting witchcraft and Satanic practices to young schoolers, sex before marriage and free sex.

Anyone who opposes these being taught is often disciplined by the school board and may even be expelled from school, especially if you are a teacher that has trouble teaching these things and speak up against them.

A similar problem occurs at university where anyone believing in education where people can freely thing and explore and who is daring enough to question a current viewpoint is often ridiculed and failed in their subjects, or if they are a professor or other class of teacher or mentor are ridiculed and removed from the university and may have trouble finding employment in a publicly funded university.

So Satan controls the teaching at all levels and the experts that back up what is taught so he has a complete system to indoctrinate the youth with his principles,

 The only way to change this is to change the educational curriculum to remove these limitations as Satan uses the curriculum to dumb down people to try and control them.

The Bible tells us what God requires of us and has done for us.  So if Satan can make this book appear to be inaccurate or only a suggestion people will not use it for guidance or for following Jesus and the salvation He offers people but will follow what experts, such as what liberal theologians tell us God said, even though it contradicts what The Bible says God told us.  But them modern bibles have been altered to allow this to happen.

Before I go further I need to inform you of the manuscripts used for modern Bible translations are less than .1% of all known ancient manuscripts we have and are all based on forgeries..  A good example is Marl 16:9-21 where they imply it is not in the originals and that only  a few manuscripts have it.

Of the 1775+ manuscripts that have the end of Mark in only 5 do not have this ending.  Of these 5, one has space for it and another, the Vaticanus, was doctored to remove the ending of Mark between 1845 and 1856 so that this passage does not appear to exist in this manuscript, having been removed from the end of it.

The Sinaiticus has also has this passage removed and it is interesting that both passages were removed by the same person.

The removal of this passage takes away out delegated authority over Satan so that we cannot cast him out according to modern theologians.

This Greek text used for modern Bible translations is supposedly based on the Sinaiticus but the Greek text is altered to fit the theology of its creators: Westcott and Hort so have no real Greek text to back it up.

So modern bibles a based on Greek texts that are forgeries or have been manipulated to express the false doctrine of its creators so really a modern bible translation has no basis for existing or being called a real bible.

I ask, do you want to use a bible where Satan has influenced the editors so He will not be attacked or considered a threat or even real and which makes Jesus a sinner so that He cannot be Saviour or Redeemer?  Or has no real codex to back up its translation.

I deal with this matter on my website: 

Liberal Theology

Satan has many theologians working for him who do not believe the Bible and so question what is in it.  In this Satan hopes to remove its importance in the life of  Christian so he can replace Biblical ideas and concepts with his own so he can control Christians and they do not realise it.

It is because of liberal theologians that we have so many Bible versions that at times contradict one another and are used by Satan to water down the faith of Christians.  It is to be remembered that modern versions are copyrighted which means they cannot say the same thing or use the same phrases as that would be a breach of copyright.  This means they will say different things in verses that should be the same or they would breach copyright.  By this Satan modifies the truth to meet the requirements of copyright so that these Bibles will sell and make money for the publishers.

The same publisher publishes the Satanic Bible and a popular modern version which shows money is more important these days than the accuracy of the Bibles they publish.

Satan tries to have you not believe in these Bibles as being accurate especially in regard to Genesis

Many Christians believe the stories in Genesis are a myth.  They do not realise the consequences of this attitude.  Once you realise what you are actually saying by this attitude you will be horrified.

This little document aims to show you what happens when you do not believe in any part of Genesis or other parts of The Bible.

Genesis Ch 1, 3 & 8 Creation, the Fall of Man and the Worldwide Flood

Do you modify Genesis to fit in with scientific beliefs?

Modern science backs Geneses but modern scienctist do not believe in Geneses so hide the truth and remove those that tell the truth from mainstream scientific academia.

The Fall of Mankind into sin

Do you believe there was a fall of mankind into sin?

If you do not believe this then you remove the whole purpose of Jesus coming and dying and He becomes irrelevant except as a good man and teacher.

Overall consequence of saying "Yes" to belief in the above three events

Overall consequence of saying "No!"

You do not know what else is in error

You cannot accept what it says about salvation and redemption as it may be incorrect

You need to find a god you can believe in and trust

You need to find a 'Bible' you can believe in and trust

How God's Authority is affected by this rejection of any of these three events

You believe God did not create everything

You can do anything with what you have as He did not make it so you have the right to determine what to do with it

You do not believe He has moral authority over man as He did not create mankind

He has no right to judge anyone or anything in creation or to even interfere with it in any way as according to you He did not create these things so has no right of ownership or control over them

Jesus overcame Satan and obtained the right to control Him but as Jesus has no moral or other authority over you, you cannot use this authority to defeat Satan

Jesus is not necessary as there was no sin against an infinite God needing infinite sacrifice to appease

God has no right to destroy the earth through a flood as sin was not against Him as He had not created us to have the right to make our moral laws

You do not believe God has any authority to formulate or evaluate morals

If He made you His prisoner He would not be god of Love

The Love of God and The Father are not relevant as we have not sinned against God to need them

If God shows us His love it is not because of Jesus as you believe Jesus cannot redeem us because we have not sinned against God (there was no fall to do this and He has no right to judge us for our failings anyway).  We may sin but it is against man if it is not against God.

You are in charge of your life and purposes unless you find another god to follow and even then you will be the one determining what you believe and how you want to obey this god.


To say Genesis Ch 1-3 are myths or allegory is to remove the need for Jesus and His coming as one of the major proposes for this coming to earth is for our redemption, which only is relevant if there was a fall!

You can see  wehy science is so I mportant to educators as it destroys faith in God which is why it is promoted iin school at all levels.

You cannot trust the prophets who were used to write The bible

Another result of not believing in Genesis chapters 1 to 3 is that you cannot believe anything a prophet said in the Old Testament.

God said he spoke through the prophets a prophet wrote Genesis.

If you are saying the Creation, The fall of mankind and the flood are not correctly told by Genesis, You are saying the prophet did not write what God said or that God did not speak through the prophet. This means you cannot really trust anything prophets said in the Testament.  If one prophet got it wrong how do you know others did not get it wrong?

Everything that was prophesied about Jesus cannot be believed:

All the requirements of Him to be born as The Messiah

The work The Messiah would do

The death of The Messiah and what would accomplish

What the Messiah would usher in (the kingdom of God)

All the Messiah taught and did

What the prophets said cannot be trusted because you do not believe that a prophet wrote about in Genesis which means you cannot trust what other prophets have written.

It also means that God of the Bible lied according to you about His ability to have His Bible correctly written down and passed onto to future generations.


Satan has promoted ownership and hidden the stewardship we really have so that people believe they can the decision of what to do with things instead of asking God their real owner.

God created every thing and the creator of something is its owner.

Job 33:4  The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.

God gives us life and so is our owner, but out of His Love for us gives us the free will to do what we desire but within His guidelines.

When we follow Jesus as Lord we give back to Him our free will to use as He desires to use for His purposes because we love Him sufficiently to do this.  That is the only thing we can really offer Him as He owns everything else.

Satan tries to teach you to do what you want to do so God cannot use you or what He has given you to be steward but Satan can use it to give you pleasure to draw you to his kingdom and way of thinking.

He has used feeling and desirable emotion in the church to represent spirituality and by this removed the preeminence of doctrine so that people seek the experience and not the truths of the Bible so error creeps into the church.

He also makes knowledge desirable so that people seek it and do not put it in to practice so they know what to do but are too busy improving their knowledge about it to do it.

God made all things for His purposes

Rev 4:11  Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

So you need to ask what He desires done with the things He has given to you to care for Him on His behalf.  Satan tries to hide this truth so that you will do what you desire with it and so God cannot use it for His purposes.

This is why the world system Satan rules promotes self interest and selfish desires so that people will not go to God and find out what they should really do with the things God has given them and Satan can then use them for his purposes, even if it is only that God cannot get to use them.

 The family

The family is God’s unit for raising children so if Satan can destroy this or change its purpose he can ruin or destroy the Godly training it should give to people and replace it with his ungodly values

Ir is also the basic unit of worship where children should be taught about God and their roles for Him as well as learn how to worship and study about Him.

Satan uses anything he can to stoop this happening in a family which is why he has his values taught in schools and tries to remove Christian values.

His world system is designed to teach self interest so that children rebel against their parents trying to meet their self interest and the family does not spend time together as each pursues their own interests.

Also Media intrudes into the time that should be spent as a family unit learning about and worshipping God so that God is given secondary place in importance in the family entertainment and relaxation.

Television and Multimedia such as DVD and movies have been used by Satan to destroy family time and create an environment where selfish pleasure is more important than relating to another unless that relationship gives you selfish pleasure.

By these things the family unit is fragmented and God cannot use it for His purposes of training a child and protecting them because Satan has made his world system their trainer and taught that they must protect them self and not rely on others or God.

 He removes God’s values for the family and tries to substitute his own values for them to use

He promotes that;

Marriage is not important as long as you have sex and live as a couple and that you do not need to commit to  a marriage in this state (people are in hell for having this attitude)

Both parents need to work to obtain what is necessary to be successful.  He promotes the idea that keeping up with the Joneses is important – maintaining social status and life style.  These result in the children being neglected as is the family prayer time and quality relationship time.

Children are placed in front of TV as parents are too busy to look after the children so the children are not taught family values and learn Satan’s values.

Children are allowed to watch shows or play games that promotes his values so that the values of God are removed from their life or suppressed because of the attitudes they learn in these media experiences

Promoting government control of children over the rights of parents to nurture their children.

How to counteract it or  minimise its effect on you

Parents need to promote Christian values in the home and live them

They need to spend time with their children and teach them God’s values.

They need to remove all ungodly influences from their home replacing it with godly things

They need to show the reality of God in their life

They need to spend time with their children teaching them about God, praying with them to show God is personal and is interested with them and just showing their love for them

They need to show how God is and has worked in their life and promises to work for them

They need to discipline their children and drive the values of the world out of them and replace these with the values of God.

They need to show the children have value to them as they are because of what they think about them and because of what God thinks about them and did for them in Jesus.


Having reduced the visibility of the church so that to many it is a closed social club, Satan set about replacing it with something visible that would worship him, even if only indirectly.  His new religion is Satanism but not openly at first so that people are not wary of it.

He introduced it at first slyly through the arts (pornography called art), media (pornographic writings called art) and through experts who gradually eroded what was considered bad into something that was acceptable so that the public’s reliance on experts would dull their wariness of Satan’s principles.

He then wrote books promoting it such as the Harry Potter series, which are really a primer on witch craft designed to draw children into its practices as well moves that depicted the supernatural, ignoring God but having demons as being the good or bad in them.  They also promoted white witches as being good and black witches as being bad and left the church out of them, except in a way that caused the church to be ridiculed or rejected because of the image Satan had them portrayed as.

As a result of his control of the media and now education, people have become assimilated to Satanic practices and portrayals without realising they are now, in a sense. Satanists doing things Satanists do but in the respectability usually of a school or even in some times, a church.

Why?  Because the church ignored this war and did not go to the Bible to check up on what the experts were promoting but blindly accepted their alterations of Bible and education so that Satan was able to alter these to what he needed them for to make his environment in which there would become a one world religion and one world government controlled by him so that Jesus could not return and rule the world in the Millennium.

 The Commands of Jesus

 What does God require of you?

 Jesus gave the following commands to His disciples. If they do not apply to us it leads to the ridiculous scenario that we do not have to tell people about Jesus and all that He did was limited to his own generation. It also means we are at the mercy of demons and cannot be used by God to heal or show His power or to demonstrate The Kingdom of God! This makes Christianity a very dull religion indeed.

 It also means He lied when He said we would greater things than He did.


What follows are what Christians should be doing. It was commanded of all His followers and not just the Apostles. The verses are as follows:

 Mat 28:18-20 And Yeshua spoke with them and he said to them, “All authority has been given to me in Heaven and in the earth; in the manner in which my Father has sent me, I am sending you Therefore go disciple all the nations and baptize them in the name of The Father and The Son and The Spirit of Holiness And instruct them to keep everything whatever I have commanded you, and behold, I am with you every day, even unto the end of time. Amen”

 Mark 16:15. And he said to them, “Go to the entire world and preach my Good News in all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized has life, and whoever does not believe is condemned. But these signs will accompany these who believe: in my name they will cast out demons, and they will speak in new languages. And they will take up snakes, and if they should drink lethal poison, it will not harm them, and they will place their hands on the sick and they will be healed.”

 Luke 22:19-20. He took bread and he gave thanks, he broke and he gave to them and he said, “This is my body, which shall be given for the sake of your persons. You shall be doing this to commemorate me. And thus also concerning the cup after they had dined, he said, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which shall be shed in your stead.

 Luke 24:46-47 And said unto them, Thus it is written,  and thus it behoved Christ to suffer, and to rise from the dead the third day: And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.

 Jn15:12  This is my commandment,  That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

 Acts 1:8. “But when The Spirit of Holiness will come upon you, you shall receive power. You shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and in all Judea, and also among the Samaritans, and unto the borders of The Earth.”

 A summary of what His follower should do is as follows:

 They will teach all nations about Jesus and The Kingdom of God as well as what He had taught and done for them

 They will preach repentance and remission of sins (redemption) in Jesus’ Name

 They will witness to Jesus in all the world

 They will baptise people in the Name of the Trinity

 They will teach people what Jesus requires of them

 They will demonstrate The Kingdom of God, showing signs promised by Jesus to those whom have His delegated authority (all His followers so there is no excuse):

 They shall cast out demons

 They shall speak in new tongues

 They shall capture serpents and scorpions (demons) They will drink poisons and these will not hurt them They shall heal the sick They will love others in the way Jesus loves them

 They will fellowship together and remember what Jesus what Jesus did at Calvary when they eat together (have communion).

 They will minister and be empowered by the The Holy Spirit

 These are the marks that should be a part of the Christian life. Any Christian not living them is not following Jesus and what He commanded. It also means they either:

 Do not believe in whom He is, orAre hypocrites, saying they follow Jesus but do not do what He said they should.

 Any fellowship, church or denomination not doing them  or not training others to do them is not doing what Jesus commanded.

 You either wholeheartedly to follow Him or try to follow Him as Lord or you are trying to serve Him and another master (yourself ). Jesus needs to be Lord of all of you do and say and not just of what you want to give Him.  If you keep wholeheartedly trying to make Him lord of all then that is all that He requires as it the attitude of the heart and your purposes that Jesus looks at when you do things and not your successes.

 You may not succeed but the important things it that you wholeheartedly tried to serve Jesus in the way He desires you too serve Him.

 Remember what we are told:

 James 4:17 (CEV)  If you don't do what you know is right, you have sinned.

Remember the condemnation of the Laodecian church.  They knew what to do but did not do it and so were in danger of losing their salvation.  According to Revelation 3:5 you can lose your salvation.

You have no excuse for not doing what Jesus said or learning how to do it and when you face Him and your life is judged you will be asked what  you did with what He taught you and gave you to be steward of.

 What will you say then when He asks you if you did His work and did the above things?

 How to counteract the influence of Satan in silent war:

 You need to know how he has influenced the environment round you which means you need to know what The Bible says about things so you will know when something contravenes what The Bible says

You also need to know how to fight Satan and remove his influence (Spiritual Warfare)

You also need to know how to deal with those who have been hurt by him (deliverance and inner healing)

Unless you know how Satan works and how what he does contravenes what God says, you cannot expose him and his plans or defeat him and his demons so his plans become ineffectual.

This means you have to walk around examining everything to determine the spirit behind it, whether it is of God or Satan.

This means you need to be able to hear The Holy Spirit so  you know how He is advising you as God promised The Holy Spirit would:

Jn 16:13 (ESV)  When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.

Rom 8:14 (CEV)  Only those people who are led by God's Spirit are his children.

These verses have no expiry date which means they are still current so that those who say you can no longer hear The Holy Spirit communicating with you are incorrect.

This means you must listen to The Spirit if you want to survive the attacks of Satan so that He can guide you in the fight against Satan and his schemes.

This means you need to know how to hear The Holy Spirit when He is communicating with you, a thing that is not taught in churches.

 Your Part

If you love God you will fight for what is on His heart - the children of The Father that are going to hell! And you will support each other and help each other to care for, train and defend what He has given to you to look after for Him.

You will do what is necessary in this silent war to defend God and His things as well as take territory (souls) from the enemy and will be willing to die for Him to be able to do this.

As you battle, what you need to remember is that it is really a spiritual fight and the evil you see on earth is just the result of plans made in the spiritual realm by evil, supernatural entities.

You primarily need to remove the spiritual side of this war by dealing with the spiritual beings whose plans are being carried out which means you need to know how to do the necessary spiritual warfare to remove them and replace them with the things of God.

Satan has hidden the supernatural side of the battle so the church is fighting what it sees and not what is really attacking them so that they will never get rid of the attacks until they remove the attacking demons and the leaders of these demons who are sending the lower ranks of demons against thm.

It is your choice to be involved in the battle even if only by trying to learn how to battle so you can fight later.  To know the battle is on and ignore it is to ignore the commands of Jesus to evangelise the lost which is His way of attacking the kingdom of Satan and removing people from it to His Kingdom.  It is also rebelling against Jesus and if not repented of will lose you your salvation.

 How the battle ends

The battle on earth ends with the death of a person and they go to the kingdom of the king they were following:

They go to heaven if they were wholeheartedly following Jesus

The go to hell by rebelling against Jesus  even it if it is only by inactivity in doing the things of Jesus they knew they should do.

For creation, it ends when it is destroyed by fire and recreated in perfection again as it was created in the beginning.

Satan is removed to a place where he can no longer influence creation and the people in it so all is as it was in the beginning except for the people now living in it who had successfully obeyed God in the battle.


How you fight this battle will determine your rewards in heaven and may even determine your salvation.  Only those who serve Jesus as He desires them too and fight this battle wholeheartedly for His Glory and purposes will obtain rewards in heaven.

No bystanders or observers obtain rewards from an activity but only those actively involved or supporting the activity obtain rewards according to their degree of service in this activity.

You would be great in The Kingdom then fight this battle with all your heart.  You would be even greater?  Then train others to fight this as well and mentor them in it.

The choice is yours to ignore this battle or be involved in it and you will have no other to blame but yourself if you are not rewarded because of not doing The Will of Jesus when you get to heaven, if you get to heaven, because the attitude that stops you fighting is also the one that will stop your salvation. From being obtained.

Consider carefully your part in this battle let you fail in your attaining salvation a a result of your attitude to the enemy and the silent war he has around you.