The Gospel

The Gospel is also said to be ‘good news’ So what is this ‘good news’ about?

The ‘good news’ is about what God has done for you, is doing for you and will do for you:

Through faith in faith and obedience to Jesus you are saved from going to hell. Faith is olearned by reading The Bible and by experiencing God in daily living.

Through the redemption obtained for you at Calvary so can enter heaven. Something is redeemd when the debt is aid and it is restored t o the original owner.

God makes you His adopted children with all the benefits this has for you

He enters you into an intimate relationship with Him which is called a ‘salvation relationship’ (Jn 17:3) because you are His adopted child.

You enter into two relationships:

Through salvation you enter the Kingdom of God and become a citizen of The Kingdom of God ruled by its King Jesus.

Through redemption you enter heaven and enter into a personal relationship with The Father

There are four aspects to these relationship:

You are an adopted child of The Father with all the rights, roles, responsibilities and rewards of an adopted child because this adoption makes you a relative of Him

Jesus is a King so you are His servant

You are His citizen so defend His Kingdom and do your part to maintain it on earth– a caretaker being a steward of all He gives you to look after for Him

You represent Him and are to tell others about what He has done for them, is doing and will do for them. This is done out of His Quality of Love in you so that others can have the same relationship and benefits that you have because of your relationship with Him. In this aspect is also telling others about what The Father has done and has prepared for you in heaven.

You must satisfy the requirements of The Kingdom for in doing so you will also satisfy the requirements of The Father as The Kingdom uses His Laws.

This salvation relationship must be maintained to reap all the benefits of it. There are four main aspects to maintaining this:

Faith: Without faith in God it is impossible to please Him as you will not properly believe in Who He is and what He has done for you

Lordship (obedience): He is a king so needs to be obeyed or you do not belong to His Kingdom but to the other one ruled by Satan.

Holiness: This is a rejection of all the enemy king tries to have you do to remove you from this personal, family relationship with God.

Stewardship: This is correctly caring for all He gives you both physically and spiritually.These attitudes should result from your Love for Him and appreciation and thanksgiving for what He has done for you.

Our purposes and objectives should all be directed towards learning and promoting these attitudes.

What should be out response to His Love:

Treat Him as an intimate relative



In all you do His Quality of Love should be behind the motivation if you desire to be Like Him. After all God is Love and we are to be moulded to His Character in preparation to be with Him in heaven. Earth is God's training grund for this and we need to learn here the attitudes we need to havbe in haven.

You need to remember why God made you:

He is complete in Himself and does not need you so He created you for what He could do for you!

To relate to Him as His child. This is why The Bible begins and ends with mankind in a perfect relationship with God. Nearly all on between in the Bible is God trying to get you there.

To enjoy the relationship you have with His other children

To return to Him the Love He gives you.

Until you understand God’s Love for you, you will not relate to Him and serve Him and others as you should.

In Summary

Salvation is a relationship with your spiritual Father in heaven as a child of His because of His adoption of you as part of His Family with all the roles, responsibilities, rights and rewards a family member has as well as with Jesus as your King, with all the obedience required of this King.

The Christian life is an expression of these roles that show we belong to His Family and are as adopted relative of His if they are expressed correctly in some way even if only in the learning of how to express them.

This relationship is expressed also in how we obey Jesus, the person appointed to run The Kingdom on behalf of The Father.

As a child matures and becomes more responsible so too we mature and are more accountable for how we express these roles. Remember that god does not examine our results but our attitudes to Him. So you should always aim at developing correct family attitudes towards Him.