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I do deliverance the way Jesus taught me to do it and not the way Satan taught the church to do it.

In James 4:7, Jesus said to make Him Lord of the situation then tell Satan to go (in The Name of Jesus) and He has to go.

Jesus added three more important things you need to do:

This explains how Jesus taught me to do deliveance

The following document explains what you need to do, gives you the prayer to pray He showed me and explains what to do after deliverance.

You do not need anyone else to help you pray the prayer and you can pray it quietly in y our bedroom and no one needs to know you are praying it.  The deliverance material and prayer is here:

This background to the five steps used may be helpful:

The following may also help:

Let me know what happens after you pray the prayer

I am in Sydney, Australia, time zone 10 from memory, which will determine when I am able to be contacted.


After Deliverance

After deliverance Satan will attack you with old temptation areas hoping you do not believe you have been delivered so that you will accept what he says and come under his control again.

These attacking demons are usually on the outside trying to get back in and they know what buttons to push to really convince you that you have not been delivered.

The first thing to check is if you have forgiven everyone who has offended you or there is a sin you do not really want to give up.  Also, you need to try and reconcile to all you have offended as not doing so is a form of unforgiveness.  If it is dangerous to try and do so, then ask The Holy Spirit what to do.

Deliverance in an area may be needed before you do the nest steps to deal with your current attacks.

Use the Five Steps to deal with any issues.

Now regarding your current situation

The Five steps are used as they cover demons inside and outside of you.

They are how I deal with attacks of demons.

So, give to Jesus the voices you are hearing, the emotional pain, any wrong attitudes and all else Satan is using his demons to do to you as well as anything else The Holy Spirit tells you to give to Jesus.

Give the causes of them the results of them and anything else to do with them.  You do not need to mention individual attacks but give the area they are in to Jesus unless The Holy Spirit prompts you to give anything specifically to Jesus to be Lord of.

Then do steps two to five of The Five Steps:

Check there is no unforgiveness or sin you do not want to give up.  Use The Five steps to deal with them.

In summary:

Give the area to Jesus to be Lord of (causes, results and anything else)

You can also give individual attacks to Jesus as step 1.  Just name the type of attack you are under.

Check for unforgiveness or any sin you do not want to give up

In the Name of Jesus cast Satan out of all the areas you have given to Jesus

Command healing and restoration in the Name of Jesus

Ask The Holy Spirit to fill you so no demons can come back into an empty house.

Let me know what happens