What is a Christian

What is a Christian

There are two components to being a Christian:

Jesus is their Lord

They Have an intimate personal relationship with The Father and Jesus

Jesus is Lord of demons so they have to obey Him but t hey do not have the relationship which Jesus says is necessary to have eternal life wth Him (Jn 178:3).

They are a citizen of the Kingdom of God. Jesus is their King therefore He is their lord.

To remain a citizen of the Kingdom you need to continually obey him as your lord.

This intimate relationship means you obey Jesus out of Love and not fear of going to hell so the attitude of service to Him is different as there is no fear in it if you fail Him accidentally.

In this relationship The Father adopts you as His spiritual child which means you have a relationship with him as His adopted child and with Jesus as your step brother so there is this familial intimate relationship as a member of their family.

Why is it important to be a Christian?

A Christian goes to heaven and is with God for all eternity with all the good things God has for them.

A person who is not a Christian goes to the place God’s enemy is and suffers there terribly for eternity.

How do you become one

You must believe Jesus is God

Became a human

Died at Calvary to redeem you

You must believe in :

Who He is

What He has done

What He is doing

What He will do.

What are the benefits of being a Christian?

The Father in heaven adopts you as spiritual child with all the benefits of this relationship.

Because you are a child of The Father you go to be with Him when you die.  If he is not your spiritual father, then you go to be with His enemy when you die and will be tormented byhim for eternity.

What are the special relationships do you enter into when you become a Christian?

The Father adopts you as His spiritual child and looks after you, meeting all your needs, now and after you die.

Jesus becomes your spiritual step-brother and looks after you on earth, protecting you and all The Father gives you so that you can live the best life you are able too.

The Holy Spirit is like a wise uncle, guiding your learning so you learn what you need to learn to get to heaven.

Earth is God’s training ground for eternity and He does all He can to help you learn what you need to go there after you die.  You need to work at it properly as you only have one chance to live it correctly.

The Trinity

There are three separate persons in God.

Each one is God and they all work together as one in what happens to you.

They have chosen different roles:

Your Father in heaven has adopted you as His spiritual child with all the benefits that comes from this.

Jesus rules the earth and protects what The Father gives you so that you are able to use it

The Holy Spirit shows you how to use what The Father gives you as well as guides and teaches you in your Christian life.

The true Christian life is the expression of the intimate, love relationship you have with The Father and Jesus, guided by The Holy Spirit.