What is Deliverance

Deliverance is the removal of Satan and his effects on you.

It is a Lordship decision which gives an area to Jesus to be Lord of so that it becomes part of His Kingdom so that Satan has no right to stay and has to go when commanded in Jesus’ Name to do so.

You must make certain you do not have a hindrance to it such as a sin you will not repent of or unforgiveness or lack of belief in deliverance.

The basic format for a deliverance prayer is as follows:

Give the area (not individual sins) to Jesus to be Lord of.

Make certain you do not have forgiveness or a sin you do not want to give up

In Jesus’ Name command Satan to leave and take with him all he did to you

In Jesus’ Name command healing and restoration in accordance with the Will of Jesus

Ask The Holy Spirit to fill you so the demons cannot come back in.

While our spirit is filled with the presence of The Holy Spirit the soul is not and must be given to Jesus.