Why am I still here?

God seems to have forgotten me!

Ministry has dried up or seems to serve no purpose any more.

Blessings seem to be far and few between.

My health is not good.

There seems to be no more purpose for me on earth.

There seems to be no reason for still being here.

I am better off in heaven where at least I can be useful for Him!

Why am I still here?

Then God answered

Because He still has a purpose for you in the future

Where He is going to ask you to do something new for Him !

Or He needs you here to be steward of something for Him that no one else can be steward of for Him.

We look at meanings in terms of what we know.

God is not limited to this for His use of us.

So while we hold onto the meanings of the past

He cannot give us new meaning and purpose.

He will use the past

As it is His preparation for the future

But while we look or our meaning in past things

He cannot give us what He desires us to do for Him in the future.

Now I understand Luke 9:62