What to Teach Children

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This is an overview of what I believe a parent needs to teach their children.  The parents will need to learn what to do in these areas as there is too much information for them to know to be placed in this book or it would be a small encyclopaedia.

This means they will need to study to know what to teach and show their children so that they will be able to do this correctly.

Unfortunately many parents were not raised biblically so that may be difficult for them to teach how a child should be biblically raised.

All God requires is for you to do your best in this as that is all God requires and to trust Him for the results.

You are not perfect and will make mistakes but The Holy Spirit will guide you into what to do about them.



A child needs to now basic information about God so they know who to have faith in.  So something like what follows needs to be taught to them.

There are three persons who make up God.  The Father, The Holy Spirit and The Lord Jesus Christ.  They are called God and all are equally God.

They control everything and make the laws we have to obey or they have to punish us.  Just like any parents  has to punish bad behavior in some way.

They made everything and gave you your life.

You have a relationship with them because they gave you life so that you are their child.  However if you purposely do anything wrong they have to punish you and you lose this relationship because you have deliberately disobeyed them.

However if you are really sorry and try hard not to do the wrong thing they forgive you and the relationship is restored.  This is because Jesus did not want to see you punished and came to earth and took your punishment so that God no longer has to punish you.  This means the relationship you have with God can be restored by being sorry and trying hard no to do the wrong thing again.

This means that you have to work hard at doing what you know is the right thing to do because the enemy of God, Satan, is doing everything he can to destroy this relationship you have with God so that you will be in hell with him and not in heaven with God.  God expects you to do what you know so that if you do something wrong and you do not know it is wrong He does not punish you.  But once you find out it is wrong you have to stop doing it.

If you try always to do what is right then you die you will have a wonderful place to go to where He is, called heaven where everything you ever wanted will be there.

But you will need to control what you want as God has an enemy called Satan who will try to get you do wrong things so that you will not go to heaven but to hell, where Satan is, and where everything is terrible and you never get to do things you want too.

What to pray for children

The moment a child is conceived a parent is in a spiritual battle with Satan, God’s enemy, so prayer becomes very important at all stages of a child’s development.  Satan is out to destroy the child and you work as a parent is to stop him.  This means you need to recognise when Satan is at work and it is easy to do this as every time a child is naughty a demon has influenced them in some way.  Anything a chilid does that is negative has a demon behind it in some way prompting the child to do it.

The child dos it as it does not realise the thought is not theirs but from an external demon suggesting they do it.  Because they think the thought is theirs they do it.  So a child needs to know that every thought they have is not necessarily theirs and you need to pray for this to be understood in a child,

So when a child is naughty attack any demons around him by in Jesus’ Name command the demon making the child (name what they are doing) to go to Jesus to be dealt with and to take they have done or are trying to do with them. Then ask The Holy Spirit to take the demon’s place so the demon cannot go back in and in Jesus’ Name forbid it from doing do.   Then you need to tell the child what happened so that they know next time to look at carefully at what they think so that they do not do the wrong thing.

You can also stop a demon attacking the child by forbidding then in The Name of Jesus from doing so.  You can also ask The Father to send angels to help.

You can also protect things by doing this.

My book on spiritual warfare on my web site nevillesalvetti.com will help you with spiritual warfare.

Unless you are spiritually warfaring for the child you will not  be defending them and stopping demons from attacking them and trying to move them to Satan’s way of thinking so that demons can basically do what they want with the child.

I have been in a mall and heard a child really putting on a scene.  I warned the demons and the child behaved.

Every area needs to be taught by the parent’s example

The parents are responsible for the total education of the child and not just the Christian side of it.  It is a total package and not just biased to one part of the education.  This means the child needs to be educated in the political, cultural and social environments they live in and need to learn how a Christian is to behave in these areas as well as what God disapproves of in these areas.

The child is to be taught how to relate to others in these areas as well as what is required of them to live as a Christian in these areas.  So the parent needs to know this to be able to teach these things and they need to live what they reach to show it is possible.

Parents need to study what God requires them to teach children so the children will be taught as God desires them to be taught.

Gender Roles

God made man and women at different times and they are made with different characteristics.  If He had not needed this difference He would not have had to make women separate or even (heaven forbid) make women.

Parents need to show this difference in the roles they have at home.  They need to point out differences and teach children how to correctly relate to opposite sex so they properly care for them in social gatherings, at home and when married or dating.

Satan knows the potential of a man or women living as God desires them to fulfilling the gender roles God gave them which is why Satan pushes same sex and equality of men and women.  To destroy the home Satan has made same sex couples as parents.

This needs to be taught to children when young so they will relate properly to the opposite sex in the way God desires them to relate to them.

They must have a desire to teach these to their children

If a parent is not committed to what is necessary to raising godly children then:

They will fail the task God has given them

They do not really appreciate the need for it

They may not even have considered it was necessary

They may not have realised they will have to face God and explain why they did not do it.

It must be carried out in Love and Patience

How they treat the child should be the best example of the character of a Christian.  Unless they are striving to mature as a Christian they will not impart to the child the need to work at the Character of a Christian because the child will not see a need for it as the parent is not giving an example to follow.

Encouragement and not ridicule for mistakes

God does not condemn you as you strive to be like Him but encourages you.  Condemnation destroys a person.  So a parent must correct in humility and love for they too were once like this child.  So a parent should show the child their error when the child does something wrong, teach how to not do it and encourage them to keep trying to get it right.

Forgiveness and guidance for sins

They must teach the child how to deal with failings remembering that shame, guilt and condemnation were dealt with by Jesus at Calvary and now they come from Satan either directly or using others to attack you with these.

A child should never be shamed, made to feel guilt or condemned as God does not do it to them. This means no emotional outbursts at mistakes or shouting or doing anything to destroy their concept of Love and acceptance.  The Fruit of The Spirit should be shown in all you do with a child so a parent really needs to know what they are and how to apply them in every relationship they have.

The Holy Spirit convicts us shows what God requires of us but does not destroy us with guilt, shame or condemnation.

When a mistake is made the child should be taught to:

Repent of any sin and how be shown how to deal with it

Be taught how to stop doing it

Reminded them that God looks at our attitudes and not results so that He expects us to wholehearted not do what is wrong but not to worry if we really try and fail as our attitude is correct and that is all He required by God.  It is the parents responsibility to show the child what they did wrong and how to stop doing it.

The parents need  to teach by their lifestyle and not just preach what the child should be doing.  After all parents are the role models for their children and the best and quickest way they will learn how to live the Christians life is from their parent’s example.

They are to teach their children how to live as a Christian should Duet 4:9 Duet 6:6-11

What parents need to be able to do this:

They must be guided by The Holy spirit because He knows exactly what to do and how to teach it.

They must demonstrate the Character of God as they do this

They must be an example of what they teach

They must have a good understanding of what they are to teach

They need to know what the child needs to learn

They must know how to teach the subject

They must know how to teach the child to apply the teaching

They need to know how to help the child learn and memorise the lesson

They need to know when their child needs help in learning the lessons

They need to know how t o reinforce and review the matter being taught

They need to praise the child when it does well and to encourage the child when it fails

They are to discipline the child when it misbehaves.

They must know how to correct the child without making it ashamed, feel condemned or feel guilty

Only as you hear the guidance of The Holy Spirit will you really be able to do this in the way God desires it done.

The parent must teach their children too

To read and write so that they are be able to read The Bible and write what they get from it for future purposes.

They must be taught how to memorise and meditate on The Bible.

They must be taught how to apply the principles of The Bible

They must be taught how to deal with Satan and any sin they do.

They must be taught Lordship and holiness (so they maintain the relationship they have with The Father and Jesus.

They must be taught stewardship so that they will look after what God has given them to look after for Him.

They must be taught how to be guided by The Holy Spirit so He can lead them and they will be children of The Father and have His values and not that of Satan and his worldly values.

They must be shown the Love God has for them in the things that happen to them.

To be able to these things the parent must be living them in their own life so if they cannot teach any of these things or are not practicing them then the parent needs to examine their Christian life and get it right with God so He can guide them to teach these things.  Not to do this is sin for which you will be held accountable because God says in The Bible that the parent has the responsibility of training children to follow Him.

Teaching by example

Children learn from their parents which is why Christianity should be learnt at home with external teaching enforcing what is learnt at home.  This is especially true of how to behave as a Christian in various circumstances as well as in prayer and spiritual warfare.

Christian parents need to set the example which is why they need to live as a Christian should and teach spiritual warfare (which primarily how to deal with Satan and his Attacks) and show this by their example, teaching the child to recognise an attack of Satan and how to deal with them.

How to behave to others should also taught in the home as is prayer and children need to see correct behaviour from their parents as well as how to pray.

Prayer is taught by the parents praying with the children as well as the children seeing them pray when they are not in prayer with the parent.

Part of the example of parents is to teach good works and show them how to do them

Prayer for the children

The parents should be continually praying and defending the child from the attacks of Satan. Part of the stewardship of parents is to protect their children spiritually as well as physically and to provide their spiritual and physical needs.

As you teach the child Satan will counter attack to stop the child learning what you are showing them.  So you must protect their mind and know when Satan is attacking them so that you can remove him.

At times a child will disobey and/or throw a tantrum because they think they want to do something because they accept the thought demons place in their mind as being what they want to do.

They need to be told that a naughty person (who is invisible because he is a demon who, like angels are invisible to us) will tell their mind to do wrong things and to do what they want to do and not what their parents what them to do so they will be punished. If they still disobey you and continue to do wrong things them punish them and tell them that the naughty person got them punished because they listened to him.  Tell them that you still love them but have to punish them because they have been naughty.

I discuss spiritual warfare later on.

How to be led by The Holy Spirit

To be a child of The Father you need to be guided by The Holy Spirit

This you need to teach them.

How does He guide?

Unless The Holy Spirit or Satan actually appears to you, they can only place thoughts in your mind. When they are communicating with you it is as if they are your own thoughts or that you are talking to yourself. People often mistake this for a disorder as if there are apparently two personalities in them when demons are speaking audibly in their mind. Also, when The Holy Spirit is speaking, they usually think it is their own thoughts. So you need to know who is interacting with you.

They both can communicate through: thoughts, dreams, day dreams, emotions, sensations, feelings etc.

If it is from The Holy Spirit it will:

Obey The Bible or

Obey the laws of the land that do not go against the laws in The Bible

You will have peace in your heart

It will bring Glory to God in some way.

The parent needs to share examples of you hearing The Holy Spirit and how you heard Him.

They need to be shown what Glory is and how obeying God brings Him Glory because they declare God is worth following and Satan is not.  Also that obeying Satan also gives him glory ad makes him an idol until you reject what he is trying to get you to do.

You need to teach them that Satan tries to imitate The Holy Spirit to try and guide you to do what Satan desires you to do against  the Laws of God.  This is why you need God’s peace about what you are to do and you will not get it if Satan is suggestion what you do unless you want what He suggested to you so  badly that  you ignore The Holy Spirit so you cannot hear Him trying to warn you against it through a lack of peace in your heart.

The Gospel needs to be explained to them

So they know why they need Jesus

The gospel of salvation is a result of faith.  This is different to the Gospel of The Kingdom as the Gospel of Salvation is enter by Faith in whom Jesus is and deals with salvation from Satan and his Kingdom.  This does not remove the defilement of sin and we cannot enter heaven until this is removed.

The gospel of The Kingdom is a result of the Redemption Jesus obtained for us at Calvary and is different to the gospel of Salvation as this is entered because of the Redemptive work of Jesus Christ at Calvary taking our punishment for our sin and removing the defilement of sin which means we now can enter heaven with all the benefits of this of which one is being able to approach God and relate personally to Him in heaven.

Salvation by faith is an act we make where as redemption is faith in something Jesus has done in which we can have no part in the doing of it except to believe Jesus has done it.

The child’s role in spreading The Gospels needs to be told and that it is not from legalistically obeying The Bible but from a concern for the salvation of others so that we will be in heaven with them and they will not with Satan in hell.


You must teach them who to have faith in

You just help them correctly develop this faith

You must teach them how to correctly act on their faith

You must teach them how to correctly evaluate the results of their faith.

This is done by

Reading and teaching faith through the examples of it in The Bible

Reading and teaching the principles of faith as taught by The Bible

Being shown how God is working in the lives of others

Being shown how God is working in the lives of their parents

Being shown how God is working in their life

The best example children have of the Christian life is their parents who need to communicate how God has shown them to handle situations and problems and also show thankfulness for how God helps them in these things.

 The parents are to demonstrate their faith in God’s control of all their circumstances s and how it works for their best.


The concept of Lordship is very important.  If that is in place then they will do all Jesus says they are to do.

Jesus is Lord.  He makes the laws everyone has to obey.

Keep these Laws and you go to heaven.

Reject these laws by deliberately not doing any of them or ignoring them and you go to hell, the place where the enemy of God is in charge and where only bad things happen to you.

We have to obey different laws:

The Laws of Jesus

The laws of the land that do not tell us to do wrong things

The laws our parents make for us

The laws people who have authority over us for any period of time

Laws that are correctly made will be for our safety as well as to help us grow up properly.  They will be acceptable to Jesus as they will obey His Principles.

We must learn to obey these laws so that we will not do things that Jesus says are wrong. Remember they are not a sin until we know it is wrong to do them.



Holiness is a way of thinking that is:

Necessary to get to heaven

To reject all Satan offers us to do which mans we must know how to remove Satan when he attacks which is why we need to check what spirit is behind everything we do (God or Satan).

To stay a friend of God you need to do what He asks you to do.  God always tells us what we are to do for Him out of our Love Him and also because He is God and sets the rules.

This means we need to reject everything His enemy, Satan, suggests we do as it will always be against God’s rules and desires for us and will always cause us problems.

So we need to know what God desires of us and we learn this through:

What He tells us in His Bible

What we learn through what our parents teach us which is why it is important to obey them so we learn how to handle what we have problems with or may have problems with in the future

Through what we learn through others teaching us about what God says and does

What The Holy Spirit tells us in our mind.

Those who love god will always do what He says to do. If we deliberately do what we know is wrong we reject God and are no longer His friend so we will not go to be with Him in heaven if we died.


God made everything

God owns everything

He promises to give us what we need if we wholeheartedly try to serve Him

Anything else we get is a result of suggestions of from Satan we desire to have and will harm our Christian life in some way

It will distract us from what God desires us to do

We will waste time looking after it or in dealing with the results of our choice to have it.

It will lead to wrong Christian attitudes

It may replace Jesus and become an idol

This is why we need to take care of what we have and the parent’s work is to teach children how to take care of anything they have been given to control.

Unless we learn to look after things properly God cannot trust us with things.

Stealing is not taking things from a person but from God who gave it to the person to look after for Him.

What to pray for children

The Bible says the first child belongs to God so we need to dedicate this child to God but also all the others as they are his anyway.

Each day pray:

For the protection and safety of the child in all areas but especially for their mind

That it will; understand what The Holy Spirit is trying to teach it

That it will see and understand the workings of God in their live, especially His love, protection and provision.

Forbid Satan from attacking it in any way that day and that The Holy Spirit will stop it accepting the wrong ideas Satan is trying to place in its mind

Remember, we are war with Satan so protect the child or leave it at the mercy of Satan.

Spiritual Warfare

They need to know who God's enemy is (Satan)

They need to know what sin is (sin is deliberately doing something God does not want you to do)

You need to teach them

How Satan attacks them

How to defend against his attacks

If you ignore the demon it will come back

If you cast them off to Jesus others will replace them

If you have Deliverance from the demons the area they are attacking belongs to Jesus so they cannot use it again without His or our consent

How to free people from his control (deliverance) which is best done by parents until the child know what they are doing and how to do it.

Successful deliverance can on lay be done by the person giving authority to the person delivering them or a child or other person you have authority over.  Otherwise spiritual warfare is needed.

How Satan attacks them

He places wrong thoughts in their mind and they will not feel right about doing them and will disobey God in some way.

He makes them feel like they want to do something they know is wrong and he does this to try and control them by them liking something so much they do not listen to God or their parents and do the wrong thing.

He uses wrong things on television, games and movies try and have them learn them what  he wants them to believe and do things because everyone else is doing what is in them.

He will bring people along to be their friend who will teach them wrong things and Satan hope’s you do them to keep them as friends.

Just because everyone else is doing it does not make it right.  Most people around you reject God or do not really do what He says to do which is why you need to ask your parents if it does not seem right.

Do not place yourself in an area controlled by Satan otherwise you could be led by others to sin, rejecting God by doing what they ask you to do or say.

Spiritual warfare how to pray against demons

Jesus is Ruler of all including Satan and His demons and has given us the ability to remove them when we use His authority over them that He has given to us.  When we use this authority  to do His Will then it  will occur and one of the things He wants us to do is to remove demons from attacking His people of which you are one if you believe in Jesus and try to obey Him.

So when you have a wrong thought, feeling, emotion or think about doing something wrong you command the demons as follows:

In Jesus name I command you demon that is (then state what they are doing) to go to The Lord Jesus and be dealt with by Him and take all you are doing or have done to me with you.

I ask you Holy Spirit to come and replace all the demons that have gone from me.

If you do not ask The Holy Spirit to take their place seven worse ones will come in along with original demon.  I saw it happen to a close friend and she was worse than before she cast the demon out.

If the attack happens a lot then give it to Jesus to be Lord of before you send them away.

This is how you keep your relationship with Jesus by removing all that would have you do things to break this relationship which is what demons try to do.

How to deal with sin

Satan can only get you to sin if you accept by doing what he suggests you do.  You have no one else but yourself to blame if you do something wrong that you know is sin (doing something you know God does not want you to do)

Sin occurs when you deliberately do something you know God does not want you to do.

When you do this you have rejected God so you no longer have a relationship with Him so that when you die you will go to be with His enemy Satan because you obeyed Satan when you rejected God and who you obey when you die is the one whose kingdom you go to.  So you will not go to heaven but hell where everything is terrible.

However if you truly tell God your sorry for what you did and you try very hard not to do it again God restores the relationship you had with Him so that you are back in a personal relationship with Him which means you go to heaven if you die.

Doing this is called repentance.

You do not go to hell for not knowing something you do is wrong but for doing something you know is wrong and not trying to stop doing it.

They need to be told that if they go to heaven then they will have everything they need which they will never lose.  So obedience to God brings great joy in heaven.  Rejecting God results in going to hell where Satan removes all that  gives you pleasure and you will never have anything to have fun with  This is why you need to try  obey God in all you do.  God does not look at what you do but how you think about what you do.

Promises to parents that train their children properly

Their children will live Godly lives Prov 22:6

The child will obtain all God has for them Duet 4:1

The child will live correctly in their relationships with each person in God

As a Child of The Father in heaven

They will have a personal relationship with Jesus and The Father (which is what salvation really is Jn 17:3)

He will be able to give them every good thing they need

As a citizen of The Kingdom of God.

They will relate to their King correctly

They will carry out their roles in The Kingdom Correctly

They will be guided and taught by The Holy Spirit

They will have Him answer the child’s questions and problems if God wants them to know the answer.

In Conclusion

The Bible says to teach a child what they need to do to live as a Christian when they are young and when they are old they will not depart from it.

Satan knows that the sooner he gets his values into a child the more chance he has of stopping them living a Christian life when they are older.

This is why you need to carefully examine all the inputs a child has:  Television, movies, books and other media which in the public area usually are controlled by Satan.  This means you will need to fight the demons trying to make the children so obnoxious over not being able to watch or play computer that you will give in.  This is when you need to attack the demons trying to influence the child.

The Holy Spirit will show you what to not allow the child to see.

One day you will face God and give an answer for how you raise your child.  For the sake of the child I hope you will not be found wanting.