A Demon questions a Christian

A demon met a Christian and asked him

Demon: How are you saved?

Christian: Through faith

Demon: I have faith but am not saved

Christian: By faith in Jesus, who He is and what He has done

Demon: I know these things better than you do but I am not saved.

Christian: Through Calvary

Demon: You do not know your Bible because Calvary does not save you

Christian: By going to church and being a good church member?

Demon: My demons go to church but are not saved.

Christian:  AT this point the Christian was silent not sure how he was saved.  Then said, “By doing good deeds”.

Demon: We can do good deeds but are not saved

Christian:  By now the Christian was puzzled as he had done all these things but knew He was not saved.

Demon: You do not know your Bible and walked away laughing.