The Fruit of The Spirit -  a new approach

The passages on love a found primarily in Gal 5.22-23 and I Gr 13.4-7. We are told that it is the Fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life and expresses the character of God as it expresses the character of The Holy Spirit, who is God.
So if you want to be like God thew express His quality of love and its Characteristics in your life.
This is the attitude God has toward you and every one else and expects you to express this to others,
Love is very important. Thu is why it is the first ‘Fruit’ of The Holy Spirit’s presence in you and the other fruit of the Holy Spirit are how this love is expressed.
The world says you show love through having sex or buying things for a person. God says you show His type of love by helping people when they need help, expecting to receive nothing in return.
The fruit of the Holy Spurt in your life are the altitudes that should result from your relationship with God which will result in His Love being shown (expressed) through your life!
The joy you have was because of your relationship you have with God with all the benefits it has now and in eternity.
If you love others you will want them to have this Joy because of their relationship with God  which is why we Tell them about Jesus.
The peace you have because you are a citizen of His Kingdom. under His protection and care,
knowing He is a good King so that every thing that happens to you is under His Control and is for your best.
Patience (long-suffering)
You realize how patient God has been with you so you show the same patience with others. He waits until you are ready for What He desires To do in your life and does not expect instant results as He matures
you and prepares you for life in heaven. you realize this is the attitude you should also have to others.
God does not force you to do things but gently encourages and guides you in what you are to do and does all He can to help you do His Will. He does not control  or threaten you but patiently helps you understand what you are to do for Him. An service is really to God who tells us then how we are to help others to know and obey Him.
All God does is for your benefit. There is no evil in it. If we think there is evil in it then it is because we do not understand what God is doing in your life.  To be like God then whatever you do for others must has no selfish motive in it but is purely to help them know God and His Will for them in a better and clearer way,
You trust God completely which is why you can have there altitudes and can do all you can to help also others trust Him
Meekness (Humility)
Being meek does not mean obeying the will of another. It means placing the needs of another before your own so that they become more important than your own.
Remember! Never do for another what they should be doing for themselves. Love helps another to do things when they need help but does not do for them things they should not be doing.
God does not ask you to do more than. you car so neither should we ask others to do more than they can.
The idea behind this concept of Temperance is to have self control to do only what God desires you to do
Or to obtain only what God wants you to have. Anything more than thus causes problems as you have to care for things you should not have which takes up time or money from  God maintaining these things
you should not have.  They also can replace what you should haver so you do not have what God needs you to have to do His Will.
This is why Satan encourages people to spend without asking God wants them to buy.
In Summary
If you have there altitudes you will never do what God does not want you to do and you will not sin against Him.
Sin is a deliberate rebellion (disobedience) against God so as long as you wholeheartedly try to obey God you will sin if you fail to obey Him in an area. It just means you have a weakness you need to make Him Lord of and that deliverance is probably necessary.