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This website contains a simple deliverance method which is non-threatening. You do not need to know anything about the person and you do not  fight demons.  It is based on the advice we are given in James 4:7 and is a simple Lordship prayer found here  ,

You may copy and/or reproduce anything on this web site as long as credit is given to the source of the quote and any alterations you make to what you copied are duly noted..

I am able to be contacted on if you have any questions, comments or suggestions or need deliverance ministry.

This web site deals with Deliverance from demons, Spiritual Warfare, The Kingdom of God, problems with modern Bibles and some other matters.  I do not place prophecy about what is to happen on earth very soon as our focus is Jesus and notwant to distract us from this.

I have a special page for writings I have converted to a font that dyslexic people can read.  Unforunately the index page cannot have this font but the material it refers to can.  This material is found here  D Y S L E X I C S .

Why  become Christian?

Deliverance/Lordship Prayer Audio Version

After deliverance

Why you need Jesus

Do you know the following?

Can you lose your salvation?

What does God require of you?

The main theme of the Christian Life

The Purpose of Life

Purpose of The Church

The Servant of God


Grace at meals

Redeeming the time

Prayer introduction

A demon questions a Christian

The Didache being the instructions of the apostles to the early church which the church ignores.

Not Believing part of the Bible

Snippets from my writings

Authority and Ministry

Authority and Ministry


Not believing Genesis 1 to 11

Sinaiticus is a fraud

Spiritual Warfare

The basics of Christianity

The four main attitudes

The Kingdom of God

The commands of Jesus

The antichrist New Bibles

Westott and Hort are anitiChrist as is shown by their greek text that has no codex as its basis for existing.

Romans and the New Greek Chapter 1

The 'Blood' and the new Greek

The Gospel and the New Greek

Modern bibles have no basis for existing.

It mentions 'bishops' which none of the Apostles mentioin in their known writings.  There are other writings people wrote and attribut ed to them which appear to be from a later date and in these are mentioned 'bishops''  But what is in th e Didache is inersting as  it has the practices of the church in the earoy 100's.



Spiritual Warfare

Salvation and Redemption


The Holy Spirit

The Kingdom of God

Attitudes of a Christian


Modern Bible Versions -- their problems

The Church and the Kingdom of God

Betrothal (Engagement)





The Rapture

 Sharing the Gospel

The Gospel of Redemption

If you have difficutlty shring the Gospel then give out a tract.

Many can be found here and they will often pay overseas postage.

I use the following three tracts

What did Jesus teach the disciples

Fear and Doubt

 The progression of faith


 Deliverance than anyone can do with little or no training.

A Deliverance Primer

Delverance Discussion

Going into the soul

The Regulations

 This section has a deliverance prayerand  a simple seminar on deliverance done in a way anyone can do it.

The Five Steps that form the deliverance method Jesus taught me
The Lordship prayer above will help you with deliverance.  This is because The basis of the deliverance method which is really a Lordship prayer and not fighting demons.
The Prayer of deliverance if someone is reading it out to you
The prayer of deliverance if you re praying it by yourself
This document is a seminar I have prepared to teach a simple Spiritual deliverance format.


Addition can be cured

For children

What to teach children
 A deliverance prayer for a young child.
Spiritual warfare for young children.  This is designed to give them a perspective of things associated with spiritual warfare and how to defeat Satan after recognising an attack of his.
The Five Steps for children
Theology for children
Why we need Jesus

Praying for children who are not Christians


Spiritual Warfare

A Spiritual Warfare Primer

Concise information on spiritual warfare

Jesus, Satan and You.  The battle you are in

Satan attacks Jesus

Satan attacks yuou

 The Silent War

Unbroken Chains

 The Battle we are in

How Satan Attacks

An outline of a Spiritual Warfare Prayer

What to do when tempted

Fear Not (an early book)

 'In My Name'

Continuing the fight  (See previous Document)


This is a simple seminar I wrote to teach spiritual warfare This document gives some advice on warfaring for children. The silent war we are in The Battle
Satan attacks
How to attack Satan  - an easy way


Salvation and Redemption

 On Calvary and Redemption

How to maintain your salvation

Redemption and The Gospel of Jesus

An overview of Redemption

Gospel of Redemption


Our Father in heaven and on the Trinity

Our FatherOur Father

The Lord Jesus

Who is Jesus

The Lordship of Jesus


The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

The guidance of The Holy Spirit

Older Work

The Fruit of The Spirit - a new approach

 The following is from version 1 and has been updated in version 2

Introduction to the subject of The Holy Spirit Receiving The Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit anoints and Authorizes The Holy Spirit our Teacher
Why we need The Holy Spirit The Gifts of The holy Spirit The Fruit of The Holy Spirit Guidance and Prophecy
How you hear The Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit in Acts Blasphemy of The Holy Spirit Types of Prophecy
Online prophecy guidelines The error of Cessationism    
  Glory and Worship

The Glory of God and Worship


The Kingdom of God

 The Kingdom of God  

As Little Children

The Kingdom of God - older material

Comments Jesus made to me about The Kingdom of God Roles and responsabilities - an outline
The Faithful Love of God
Introduction to The Kingdom of God
The Gospel of The Kingdom Another look at the Gospel of The Kingdom of God
The Gospel from a Kingdom perspective
A second look at the relationship of Citizen to The Kingdom of God The servant of The Kingdom Attitudes of a citizen of The Kingdom of God
Grace This is an early work and will be revised one day
The Christian on earth Prayer Stewardship. The whole Christian life is an act of stewardship which is why it is so important to be a good steward. The Holy Spirit and the Citizen of  The Kingdom of God
Authority always comes from The King Why Christians go to heaven or hell Pentecost and Acts

 The attitudes of a Christian

A citizen is being prepared by their life on earth to live as a citizen should in the Kingdom of God.  This means we need to learn the lessons God has for us and express the attitudes required by a Citizen of The Kingdom of God in all we do.
The Character of a Christian in Summary

The Ten Commandments
Why Christians go to hell
A primer on Love
Faith Hope and and Love

Faith (A short article)

What is a Christian

Wrong Attitudes

A Christian should always be joyful regardless what happens to them.

Forgiveness and Confession

The tests of Doctrine

God has a plan for your life

Spiritual health checklist

A meditation on Miracles

Contentment in all circumstances



This is so important I have placed it in a separate Category

God owns everything and so a Citizen of The Kingdom of God  is only a steward of what the King has given them to administer on His behalf.  This is why stewards are required to be faithful or they are disobedient to God and can lose their salvation if they do not correct this disobedience.  As we do not own anything we should always ask its owner, God, what He desires us to do with what He has given us to be a steward of for Him.
A Primer on Stewardship   Audio

Prosperity Theology 


This is so important I have placed it in a separate Category
We are told that if we are not holy we will not see God.  This means that any Citizen of The Kingdom of God that does not practice and pursue holiness will lose their salvation as they will not be able to go to heaven and appear before God.

 A Primer on Holiness Audio


Modern Bible Versions

The Greates Fraud in Christian History

 What texts to use?
How modern Bibles Humanise Jesus and why.
The heresy  behind modern bilbles
The humanising of Jesus in modern Bibles and its purpose
Modern Bibles and the problems of their foundations

Ephesians and the effect of the modern Greek on it


Earlier Material
 The one world Bible\

  How would Satan attack Christianity and hinder the work of the reformation?

How would Satan attack the church

The Destruction of Christianity

The problems with modern theology

Why is the matter of Bible versions so important?

Since the modern Greek has been use by the western church the western church has declined and no longer demonstrates The Kingdom of God like the early church did and so has lost a lot of ground to the new age which people find more attractive as it does have a supernatural side to it, even though it is demonic. 

Siniaticus is a fake

Not believing Genesis chapters 1-11

My first writing on the matter asking the question "why would God make the changes that have been made in the Modern Greek Text.  They seem to go against the nature of God!

 My second writing on the subject looking at criteria and other matters to do with the New Greek Text

My third writing on this subject examining the error of the committee doing the New Greek because they were in complete rebellion against the spiritual authority over them that gave them the task of revising the King James Version so that God could not bless their work on this New Greek.  They were suppose to update the King James Version and not remove 20% of it replacing this with an inferior text in their new Translation of The Bible

Mu fourth writing on the subject deals with the attitudes of the people who manufactured the New Greek text

My fifth writing shows their deceit in the manufacturing of the New Greek text

My 6th writing is on how they humanised Jesus and why they did it

The Witness of one of the earliest Bibles

Modern theology (excuse my calling it that)+

Modern theologians and why they think the way they do

Pleasing pagan gods in the church

The Age of Siniaticus

Problems with using the Vaticanus and Siniaticus

The origins of Vaticanus and Siniaticus

A lawyer looks at the New Greek

An eminent Greek scholar looks at the New Greek

A scholar looks at the omissions in modern bibles

The effects of leaving out Mark 16:9-11

Salvation now requires our effort

So who is the real God?

The Conclusion

Tests to check Bible Version from

Sites with more information is Jesus King_James.htm  This is a very good site and the article called 'fighting back' is excellant on the problem with modern bibles.

and many others are on the web if you wish to search for them.

Books on Bible Problems can be found here


The Church and The Kingdom of God

The purpose of the church

Authority and Ministry

 The Church and the Kingdom of God

The Compromiseed Church

The Body and Fellowship

The temple of God

Betrothal (Engagement)

New Version updated 11 February 2016
 Old Version
Introduction Love Dating etc. Is it the right person
On relationships part 1 On relationships part 2 Decisions and disputes Exposing yourself



Pauls writing on headship

Why you should love your spouse  Introduction and the Marriage Vows Marriage Roles Stewardship
His needs her needs Introduction to sex Sex Femininity
Covering and ministry


The Final Trial

The Father Weeps


     On Christian Doctrine and Practice

Doctrine as explained to a person who went to heaven

Some basic doctrines


Miscellaneous Articles


  Romans CHapters 1 to 8 NEV  Self-esteem Stress Appreciation of God
An overview of what a Christian is On the Lord Jesus The Christ Communication A simple deliverance prayer
Christmas Why the Tribulation Why am I still here? Reality an overview
  What is the difference Thine is The Kingdom Abuse of Women
The Sabbath Observance   What is sin? Lessons from Job
Prosperity theology The Commands of Jesus Why was Jesus different? What to tell teenagers
The Sermon on the Mount A Psalm of The Kingdom Sinaiticus is a fake The demotion of Jesus

Comparative religions

Ps119 and restoration What to tell Women The Glory of God
Judgment on the lands Til death us do part Proper Relationships Biblical Authority
Activities of a Christian Evangelism Defrauding another The Temple of God
Basis of Character Which Bible The Destruction of Christianity Sexual Amalgamation (are the sexes the same?)
Satan attacks us Satan attacks Jesus How to respondto the attacks of Satan

You need Holiness

How Satan attacked Jesus The Rapture

Why  become Christian?

 Revival principles in the book of Ezra
A commentary on Ps119 written y ears ago udgment on The Nations The last days of Jesus - a discourse on The Last Supper and afterwards If Christianity was a business
Bible Reading Communion Basics Suffering Christian Writing principles
Authority and Ministry This is an old document I wrote  years ago So you missed The Rapture


The Rapture

Jesus said the generation that saw Jerusalem become a nation in a day would not pass away before the rapture occurred and the tribulation had started.  That end date for the 70 biblical years of 360 days is 12 May 2018. 

So what are we to do.  We are to ignore this date and realise that time is short so that the rapture date is getting closer, whenever it is, and that we should always be found doing what God desires us to do so that we are doing it when He comes.  Our real concern should be what we are doing at the moment as our next step could be out last and all we worried and pondered about the rapture will be irrelevant to us and a waste of time.

Jesus said not to worry about the Future.  Concentrate on what you are doing that moment (Matt 6:33-34).  God will meet all your needs but not your greeds and if you do His Will each moment you will be where He desires you to be to meet your needs and to be raptured.

 All I place on this page is designed to be used by anyone.  In writing these documents I have tried to make myself redundant so that I am not needed to present or teach any of the material on this page.

There will, at times, be two documents on the same subject matter.  This is because they were written at different times with a different perspective, so they may contain some similar material but you will find the approach is different to the subject usually.