Spiritual warfare seminar

Point 1

Introduce yourself

This is a spiritual warfare seminar.  If you are not attending one then perhaps you are in the wrong place.

Who to contact for any problems after the lecture is over (usually the minister)


Point 2

What is the purpose of Spiritual warfare?

Mat_11:12  And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

Its purpose is to:

Defend the Kingdom of God against the enemy (apologetics and spiritual warfare)

Remove the demons attacking and obtain souls for Jesus (evangelism)

Remove the damage demons have done to a person (deliverance)

Remove anything that hinders you living as a Citizen of The Kingdom should live

Point 3

What do you expect to get out of this seminar?

How to overcome the attacks of Satan?

How to remove his influence from around you (family, work etc)

What do you expect to get out of this seminar?

Expect nothing and you are usually not disappointed.

So ask yourself: Why do you want to do get out of this seminar as that will give you what you will focus on as we do this course.

Point 4

What are the objectives of this seminar?

To teach you how to remove Satan from attacking you which involves

Knowing and recognising an attack of Satan

Knowing how to deal with an attack of Satan.

The two Kingdoms

There are only two kingdoms:

Heaven where God rules

Hell where Satan rules

All else is disputed territory which we live in  a part of.

At the moment, the earth is ruled by Satan, even though it belongs to God who will come here to claim it very soon (possibly the next 7-10  years).  Christians have not taken it off Satan, which is why he still rules it.

Our role is not to sit in a church twiddling our thumbs but to take territory from Satan:

People (its most precious possession)


Physical geographic areas

The influence of his servants (demons, people, animals he controls) on the people of the earth

If you are not doing this is some way you are missing your calling as a Christian, even if only by being obedient so that God can prepare things for others to do this, especially in regard to the saving of people going to hell or being oppressed by Satan.

Can you imagine God saying to His people:

Go to church, enjoy yourself, don’t worry about the people going to hell, just ignore them.  You do not need to show any love to them.  You have a good time.  Do not worry about Satan and what he does to others, after all you’re safe from him.

But that is how most Christians appear to live.

There are various reason for this:

They do not realise the war they are in because their minister do not teach them about it

They do not know their responsibility to try and save people from hell because ministers do not preach this

They do not realise what hell is because ministers do not tell them about it

They do not realise how Satan works and attacks because ministers do not teach them about this

They do not know how to fight Satan or free people from his influence because most ministers do not teach this.

Ask yourself when was the last time you ever heard a sermon on any of these things that was practical and not just theoretical that showed you your responsibility and how to meet it?

I hope you will learn how to fight Satan from this seminar and be told your responsibilities and how to do it in the areas I do not cover.  You need to find a minister who will teach you these things as they are obligatory for all Christians to know how to do because God’s heart is in these things and if you love God you will do what is on His heart.

If you do not do these things and fight Satan, controlling his attacks on you and others, then he will control you in some way.  There are no fence sitters in this war.  You either fight Him or let him rule you and those around you.

Why do you need to fight Satan?

When you become a Christian you automatically become a target for Satan, the enemy of
Jesus, whose first objective is to get you back into his kingdom (his area of influence) so you will not go to heaven and be with Jesus but worship him in his kingdom.  He also tries to make you ineffective in your Christian like and able to be easily defeated by the attacks of his demons’. So one of the first things you need to know is how to defeat Satan’s attacks against you.  You also need to be able to recognise when He is attacking you.  So this booklet deals with these things.

Fighting Satan results in five important things

It keeps your focus on Jesus

It is your best defence against the attacks of Satan

Fighting him will stop you giving into the temptation he is placing on you

(When you resist temptation you are fighting Satan Anyway)

You are fighting for the Kingdom of Jesus as a good Citizen of His so you are correctly fulfilling this aspect of your role.

It shows you love Jesus or you would not be fighting for Him.

If you are not fighting a temptation then you are removing things from Satan’s kingdom to that of Jesus (Souls, objects, territory etc.) or stopping his plans for someone.

Our Delegation to Cast out Satan

Our delegation is found in Mark 16:16-17

It is the only delegation Jesus gave us

He never gave a minister the delegation to replace Him as spiritual head of a church or assembly or any other authorisation of any kind

The delegation is correctly given to us

It is in writing

Given by the person authorised to give it

Shows the limits of it

It is Authority over Satan and his demons and nothing else

The delegation applies everywhere except hell where Satan has a right to do what he wants too because it is his kingdom.  It also is not necessary in heaven.

It has to be used for the purposes of The Kingdom of God

A problem is that most modern Bibles cannot be used for authorising deliverance

Turn to Mark 16:9-21

Does your Bible imply this passage is not scripture

It does it various ways because the passage could be:

In Brackets

Separated by a space from the preceding verses

Have a note saying it is not in the best manuscripts and/or only some (implying that not many) early manuscripts.

If you believe this passage is not part of the Bible then you have no delegation to do deliverance or to cast out Satan in other areas.

You should leave as the rest of the seminar will be irrelevant to you but you are welcome to stay and listen to what you do not believe you can do, if you consider your Bible is a good translation, because you have no delegation in it to do deliverance.

In regard to Mark 16:9-21, 1750+ manuscripts have an ending of Mark in them.  Of these only 5 do not have this passage.  You wonder why the editors of the modern Greek ignored 99.9% of manuscripts and said only some had this passage in them implying it was not part of The Bible but was introduced by man.

It is also difficult to trust modern Bibles when they imply Jesus was a sinner so cannot be redeemer and that anyone can be baptised as a Christian: demons, atheists.

Jesus a sinner: Matt 5:22 He was angry or similar) , John 7:8 (He lied)

Anyone can be baptised Act 8:36-37 which reads as follows

Act 8:36  And as they went on the way, they came unto a certain water; and the eunuch saith, Behold, here is water; what doth hinder me to be baptized?

Act 8:38  And he commanded the chariot to stand still: and they both went down into the water, both Philip and the eunuch; and he baptized him.

According to this passage there is no need to believe in whom Jesus is or to follow Him as Lord.

So what are the results of Jesus being a sinner as the new versions tell us He is”

He cannot be sinless

He cannot  be redeemer

He cannot be God sow as created

He does not rule everything

He has not defeated Satan

Christianity is built on an edifice of lies

You need to find a Bible you can trust and do what it says  and not the modern Christian Bibles which are full of lies about Jesus.

The biggest worry is that Is 14:12 in the modern versions uses the titles of Jesus found in 2 Pet 1:19 (Day Star) and Rev 22:!6 (The Morning Star or Son of the morning) an d removes the title of Lucifer as if to imply Jesus rebelled and was cast out of heaven so that He is not divine and was thrown out of heaven.  But this is to be expected from modern versions that are Gnostic, which is why they have removed so many of the titles of Jesus so the he appears to be a man and not divine.

Another problem with modern Bibles is that they cannot be scripture.

The Holy Spirit gives us what God desires to say and they will always agree with what He tells others.

The two main documents used by modern bible translators do not agree with each other in thousands of p[laces so cannot be from The Holy Spirit or there would be n o difference.

To compound matters, these are not considered originals by modern translators and so not inspired and need to be interpreted by these translators to find out what God meant to say.  This means it cannot be inspired by God so they cannot be scriptures or called a bible.

So the modern bibles are based on two scriptures that cannot be inspired by God and translated by theologians who decide what should be there and do not listen to The Holy Spirit or there would be no disagreement or differences between modern translations.

So they are bibles but not to the truths that God wants to tell you about.

Only Satan would do this and pass off error as truth.

We cannot know what God desires and requires by us as He did not tell us and man has tried to reason it out but we do not know if he has correctly reasoned this out.

Closing comments

So if you want to do deliverance make sure you use a Bible that accepts Mark 16:16-17 as part of the accepted text and does not imply it is not part of it or you will not have the authority to cast out Satan and do deliverance.

I only know of two:  The Syriac Peshitta and the King James Version.

Your Authority

The most important thing to realize in spiritual warfare is that you can do nothing except command in Jesus’ Name according to His Will. You are only a catalyst to release the power of God. It is a partnership with you a very, very junior partner.

Your authority is delegated by Jesus

Your instructor and guide is The Holy Spirit

Your mandate comes from the Father as it is for the purposes of His Kingdom.

Your authority is that released by the death of Jesus at Calvary and delegated to you

The Kingdom of God comes through force and even the gates o hell, Satan’s kingdom will not be able to overcome it..

You have to fight to maintain it and to expand it because Satan’s pride will not allow him to give up his territory and possessions(people, objects).

To remove things from his kingdom (people, property)

You need to bind the strongman

This has already been done as Satan was bound at Calvary

You need to enforce this through using the delegation Jesus has given you over Satan

There is no battle as Satan has been defeated and all you have to do is cast him out in Jesus Name

He will resist these attempts

His pride will not allow him to lose them

He wants to control everything so cannot afford to lose anything

He will attack back in which case you attack him back as the best form of defence against him.

Your relationship with God must be squeaky clean so that you have no known sin you are holding onto and you are wholeheartedly trying to do God’s Will.

Remember you will fail but God understands and knows we are dust and all you have to do is to wholeheartedly repent if necessary, learn the lesson you need to from the experience and to keep wholeheartedly trying to do God’s Will.

There is no more shame, guilt or condemnation for sin because these were all removed at Calvary, but Satan will try and place these on you when you do wrong.  So you need to remove the demons placing these on you.

The Holy Spirit never places these on you but will convict you of sin and help you overcome it.

You do not sin for having wrong thoughts as Satan will place these in you,  You sin by accepting them and doing what they suggest.

The battle is 24/7 because Satan never sleeps

He will attack any time he thinks he has a chance of winning

Demons are cunning having had 6000 years to study man and the way they think

They even understand women!

How does he attack:

Places thoughts and images in your mind

Emotions and feelings in us and your body

Daydreams are especially dangerous

This is why you never argue, react, reason or assume because Satan uses these for his purposes

You can see the need to take all to The Holy Spirit and check the spirit behind the inputs into your mind and body.

Areas of attack

Relationships, especially between spouse and family members

Our Faith

Our Love for Jesus

Our health

Our finances

Our Godly purposes



Current state of serving Jesus as being inadequate

Satan aims to make us think the way He desires us to think so he can control us

The Battle is for the mind

It just is expressed in different ways in our life

If Jesus is not Lord of what we think and feel Satan can use it for his purposes.

Night time is especially dangerous because we react automatically

We usually are not focused on Jesus as are usually only half awake, if even that

He places ideas and imaginations in our mind while we are not fully awake so we will accept them

H gives us dreams so we will think they are from God and listen to them

You need to give your sleep to Jesus to protect


He has peo0le give us wrong prophecy

He has us live to make prophecy happen instead of allowing God to make it happen

He makes us anxious over the prophecy ever happening so that we worry and feel unloved or forgotten when it does not come in the time frame we expect.

When we are given a prophecy we need to test the spirit behind it and ifi ti si not a warning or their no requirement to obtain it, then we are to put is aside and wait for God to do it and get on with what He desires us to do for Him at that time.

Babies see demons and this can cause them sleepless lights or fear in the daytime so you need to protect them by removing the demons and asking God to show them angels instead

The victory has been already one

There is no need to fight demons

Satan was defeated at Calvary

We just enforce the victory of Jesus using the authority He has given us over Satan and his things

Satan has no legal rights any more

captivity captive

He is a prisoner in hell

He can be punished for escaping it and coming to earth

Whatever else he is doing or whatever rights he claims he has he can be sent to Jesus to be punished for escaping from hell and has to drop everything else he is doing and go there.

Who do we attack and punish

Satan (overall planner and approver/designer of the attacks on Christians)

Demonic Prince over the demons (organises the attack or Satan)

Territorial Spirit (Gives permission to do it in his territory)

Demons actually doing the attack (the ones actually attacking)

Where to send them

They can be sent to Jesus

To the Lake of Fire

To the dry places

To the outer darkness

Confined in a box

Wherever Jesus says to send them

How to punish them

Holy Spirit will tell you

Each punishment is specific and not necessarily the same as a previous one

God is original and not bound to what we think He should do

You punish them in the way Jesus tells you too

So what do you command”

Command them to suffer the equivalent of 7 times what they cause a person in pain and suffering until the person is fully healed

Whatever the person loses in property commend them to lose seven times the equivalent property starting with their most important possession and they are never to be replaced.

Command they go to the lake of fire or other place as directed

The Holy Spirit will tell you what to command and how to punish them

We only need to exercise delegation of Jesus

The king, Satan is addressed he is their ruler and all under him are affected because he is affected and what happens to him happens to his kingdom

How to respond to attacks

You can ignore the attack

The demons are still there attacking the person

The attacks keep being repeated

They can be cast out in Jesus' Name

They can still return

The area can still be attacked by other demons

More worse demons can attack

Healing and restoration of any damage they did is not done

You can use the five steps

Attacking demons are removed

They are cast out and sent to Jesus to be dealt with

Jesus is Lord of the area given to Him

The area now belongs to Jesus so is protected by Him

Healing and restoration is done

The Holy Spirit now there in place of demons so they cannot return

The spiritual damage they did is healed

Territory is gained for The Kingdom of God

You only sin if you listen to what Satan suggests

You have to agree with what he is suggesting to sin

If Jesus is Lord of the area he is attacking this will not happen

If Jesus is not Lord of an area use the five steps to make Him Lord of the area attacked

Having sinful thoughts is not wrong if you reject them.

They come from Satan so are an attack

You are not an evil person if you have them as they did not originate from you

They are only wrong if you accept them and do what they suggest you do.

You are only an evil person if you delight to sin and do not want to reject the sinful thoughts

If you sin:

Tell God your sorry

Wholeheartedly try not to do the sin again

Guilt, shame and condemnation now come from Satan

They were removed at Calvary along with the guilt and punishment of the sin

The Holy Spirit will convict you but not make you feel guilty, ashamed or condemned

Use the five steps to deal with the situation,

Weapons and helps for the  warfare

Delegated Authority of Jesus

Guidance of The Holy Spirit

The Words of The Bible

Angels sent by The Father

People to warfare with us

Things that fix our focus on Jesus and off the attacks and these drive demons away as they hate then.




Bible reading

Meditation on God and His Bible

The five steps are an easy way of waring against Satan

They are used for what you are steward of

Other things are cast out in Jesus' Name

Defences against Satan's attacks

Attacking him back

Bible reading




Anything that focuses on God or brings His environment around you

Satan will try and isolate you so that you do not have any support as he finds it easier to manipulate your mind when you have no one to help you think through things.  This is why the five-fold gifts are there to encourage and support us not just to help mature and guide us.

Giving the sin and the wrong attitudes to Jesus to be Lord of using the five steps.

Examples of areas of attacks

Everyday family life you need to warfare for




Property you are steward of


Otjher areas to warfare against Satan's plans and attacks:



Christians being persecuted

Legal areas and media

Plans for government, law courts and local councils

Education of any type

Groups that cause peer pressure on people

Look for his attacks in these areas and attack them

People will accuse of seeing a demon under every tree but there are for more demons than people so Satan can send at least two demons to attack every person.

Also attack the demons telling these people to say this thing

The command to remove him if you are not using the five steps is as follows:

In Jesus’ Name Satan

I forbid you to (name what he is not to do)

And to go to (name where you are sending him)_

And to take all  you have dome to (name person harmed) with you

And I command you be punished (name the punishment)

Until (name the event stopping the punishment)

I command healing and restoration in Jesus’ Name (name the thing attacked)

And ask you Holy Spirit to take the place of the demons that have gone

Thank you father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit


Global Warfare

The Regulations of The Kingdom of God

The Biblical Authority for the Regulations

In Luke 9:1 Jesus gave His followers authority over all demons for the purposes of removing them from the people of the Kingdom or stopping them hindering the work of The Kingdom. Jesus came to destroy the work of Satan and has passed that responsibility onto us (Mark 16:17, 1 Jn. 3:8).

Mat 16: 19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on

He also said that what we bind and loose on earth is also bound and loosed in heaven and because it’s part of the regulations of The Kingdom of God they are also those of Jesus, whose Spirit has told us what to regulate anyway (Jn. 16:13). This occurs because we always make regulations that express the Will of Jesus.

The heaven referred to cannot be The Kingdom of God (the third heaven) as there is nothing to bind or loose up there.  It  must refer to the second heaven that demons inhabit trying to stop things going between heaven and earth like prayers, angels etc.  They also try and cover an area to block out the light of God and stop people hearing God.

Jesus gave His followers the task of destroying the work of Satan. Deliverance of people does it in a person. The regulations attack Satan on a global scale. They hinder Satan’s working and as they are recorded in heaven they do not need to be repeated each time we need to attack him. All you need to do is to declare in Jesus’ Name that the regulations in heaven be enforced on every devil and they all are enforced.

I have proved the se by experience as I had commanded them in the way Jesus told me too.

As they are written in heaven they are carried out by Jesus and do not need us to do anything but by declaring them we show our faith in them and Jesus honours this.

I usually command as follows when I want to enforce them:

In Jesus’ Name I command the regulations recorded in heaven to be enforced on every demon to the Glory of God who alone is worthy of Glory, Honour, All Authority, Praise, and worship. Who alone is able to enforce the regulations, consolidate the gains and protect them.  Amen.

We are guided by The Holy Spirit to command the regulations God wants made against the work of demons on earth. This means they are part of The Will of God for Satan, his kingdom and his works. When the regulations are enforced demons have to do what the regulation says. This is because they are captives who have escaped from their prison they have no rights so can be dealt with summarily.

The Holy Spirit will show you what regulations to make to be recorded in the records of The Kingdom of God.

Anyone can make a regulation if The Holy Spirit tells you too. Unless the regulation is mandated by God it will be ineffective as it is not His Will.

When you command one demon to go only one demon goes. When you make a regulation then every demon outside of hell or other designated holding places caught by that regulation have to go.

When attacked, unless I need deliverance in the area, apart from attacking the demons attacking me I may make a new regulation to deal with that type of attack and after making it I command in Jesus’ Name for all the regulations in The Kingdom of God to be enforced on demons everywhere or make a new one that God desires me to make. This removes the demons attacking me and anyone else.

The newspapers are a good source of things to attack using regulations.

The format for a regulation is something like:

In Jesus Name I command a regulation to be written in the records of heaven for all time that any demon that... here list what you do not want them to do... Is to go to The Throne of Judgment and be dealt with by Jesus, whether they have done it in the past, are doing it now or will try to do it in the future.

I give what they left to Jesus to be Lord of and ask you Holy spirit to take the place of the demons that have gone.

What can you regulate?

Against anything that demons are doing against the Will of God or His Kingdom (which includes His People).

Against anything that opposes The Kingdom of God

Whatever The Holy Spirit tells you to regulate

Parts of a regulation

It is commanded in Jesus Name

To be recorded in the records of Heaven

For all time (from beginning of creation to the end of time)

State what demons are not to do

Ask the spirit what to bind

The regulation then will be according the Will of God

You know then it will be enforced

Because God is the one who has told you what to regulate

Command anything against The Will of God to be stopped in Jesus’ Name

Command punishment as advised by The Holy Spirit

State time period of enforcement for any specific punishment and condition for it to end, e.g.:

Until they stop deceiving a person and the person is back where God wants them to be

Until a thing is restored as God wants it restored

Until a person is healed of the damage they caused them

Send them to The Throne of Judgment either  or wherever Jesus tells you to send them

When they finish what is commanded of them

When they transgress a regulation

Remember Satan, his  Princes and territorial spirits are to be punished as the demons are punished and they are to be punished not with what we feel but the equivalent of what we feel

They are their leaders

They are accountable for what the lower demons do

How to command the regulations to be enforced

In Jesus’ Name

I command the regulations that are recorded in the records of The Kingdom of God  Be enforced on every Demon and Lord I give you what they left to for you to be Lord of and ask you Holy Spirit to take the place of t he demons that have left.

To the Glory, Honour and Praise of God who alone is worthy of all glory, honour, Authoirty, praise and worship (Rev 4:11) and of enforcing the regulations, consolidating the gains from them and preserving them.

Thank you Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit.


How I use them when myself or anything I am Steward of is attacked

If I need deliverance because the demons are inside of me I do the five steps then I do the regulations

If the demons are external so I do not need to do the five steps then I do the regulations and the demons are removed though I may need to make a regulation against the activities of the demons first.

I also look at the news and see what Satan is up too and at times The Holy Spirit will tell me to make a regulation against it.

Don’t knock them until you have tried them for a while


It is a battle to the death.  You either fight or be a casualty.  The choice is yours and Jesus will help you all He can if you fight this battle for Him.



Casting demons out of Christians without their knowledge

Demons have no rights on earth so that they can be removed from a Christian and have to go.

You need to command healing and restgoration

You need to ask The Holy Spirit to fill th em and replace the demons that have gone

You need to stop Satan blinding them to the sin they are committing or wrong attitude they have.

This is very useful for children to remove demons influencing them.


Remember you do not cast demons out of non-Christians or seven more worse ones come in along with the original demon.

You forbid the demons in them from using or attacking them in any way

You forbid any demons from entering them regardless of what right the demon reckons the person has given them

You remove all the demons o or outside of them

You remove and block any demons hiding or stopping them understand thier need of Jesus.


You command whatever else The Holy Spirit says to in either situation you are dealing with above.