What to tell Children


It is the responsibility of parents to be an example of how to live as God requires you to live and to teach children about what God requires them to know and do.  You parents will have to give an account of how you did this when you face God.

This little document aims to help you with explaining some basic theology.

Spiritual warfare for children and deliverance of Children is dealt with elsewhere on my website: nevillesalvetti.com as well as why they need Jesus


Everything moves. To start something moving you need to have something outside of it to move it.

Creation occurred because something started it to be created and originally it had everything in place because whatever created it was also organised and gave creation organization.

Whoever did this has to be greater than all creation.  The only person who could do this was God.

God is greater than all creation which is why He is called God.

He was not created but is eternal, having no beginning, existing forever and will never die.

There is a God

He is a  Trinity

Do not try and understand what The Trinity as only god can understand how it  works.

The Trinity is made up of three people who form one God:

The Father

The Lord Jesus

The Holy Spirit

Each member of the Trinity is a person

Each member of The Trinity is God

Each has the character of God

Each has the Authority of God

Each has the attributes of God

Omnipresent: Present everywhere and so is able to keep creation going.  If He did not keep it going it would not exist.

Omnipotent: Is all powerful so is able to do what He needs to keep creation going and help His people.

Omniscient:  He knows everything so knows what is best for you and for His creation.

Each person in The Trinity has a different role

The Father rules heaven

Jesus rules creation

The Holy Spirit guides everyone in heaven and on earth to live in the way God requires them do as well as to serve God in the way god desires them too

Role in the universe

God made it so He owns it and rules it.  We are only caretakers for Jesus of what we have.

God tells everyone in it what they have to do

God determines where you go when you die because He made you and so 'owns' you.

He has a Kingdom

It is not on earth but in heaven.

We are born on earth and can belong to His Kingdom while we live on earth if we obey Jesus

We are His representatives doing His work on earth

When we die we go to be with Him in the physical heaven he has made for His people.

It has persons in it



Who were created by God

Who serve God and as directed by God serves us.

Citizens (people on earth and after they, in Heaven)

In heaven we serve God in different ways to how we serve Him on earth because some of the things we need to do on earth we no longer need to do in heaven.

On earth we serve God. We are His




Teachers of  who He is and what He desires us to do

Students learning of His requirements of us

All these requirements are found in His guide book, The Bible, which we need to study so we know what God requires us to do for Him.

There are rewards in The Kingdom according to how you obey and serve Him.

God is perfect Love

He wants to know you personally

All He does for you is what is best for you even though we cannot see this at times

The Father adopts you as His spiritual child

Jesus calls you His friend

The Holy Spirit looks after you as if you are a nephew of His.

He wants you to talk to Him and tell Him how you feel, what your problems are and what you need

He will talk back to you and it will be a thought The Holy Spirit places in your mind.

He will not ask you to do anything wrong and you will feel good about it.

If the thought asks you to do something wrong or you do not feel happy about doing it then you know it is not from God but from His enemy, Satan.  So you need to ask your parents what to do about it.

Jesus came

To show us what God required of you

To help us relate to God by showing and teaching us how to relate to God

Removing what stopped us relating personally to Him

When we do wrong we separate ourselves from God

We deserve to be punished for our sin of not doing what God said we should do

We cannot remove the punishment required by God

God knew this so sent Jesus to die on the cross and take our punishment for us

This means we no longer have anything stopping us from relating personally to God.

There is a heaven and a hell

Heaven is a place God rules that He has made for you where everything is enjoyable and fun

Hell is a place where the enemy of God, Satan rules, where all he does is to try and hurt you.

How to get to heaven?

You must try your best to do what God wants you to do

He knows you will do wrong

All He wants you to do is to stop doing what is wrong and to try hard to do what is right.

How to end up in hell

If you deliberately ignore what God wants you to do and do not stop doing it then you become a citizen of Satan's kingdom

God says that the king you are serving when you die is the one whose kingdom you go to when you die.

You are responsible for where you end up, either in heaven or hell

There are two worlds

One you can see called the physical world we live in

The other  is called the spiritual world where the home of God, His angels, Satan and his demons are.

Sometimes people in the spiritual world come to earth and we can see them because they let us see them.

The earth we live in is a fighting ground where demons try to take people from God by making them do wrong things that God does not want you to do.  This is so that when these people die they will go to the kingdom of Satan and be punished by him forever!

So on earth Satan will always try to get you to do wrong things.  It is not wrong to say to God that you are sorry and then try to do what God want you to do.  It is wrong to keep enjoying the wrong thing and not trying to stop it.

God will help not to do wrong if you ask Him too and He has always made a way to not do the wrong thin so that you really have no excuse for doing it.

The worst part is standing before Jesus and having to tell Him why you did not want to stop doing wrong things.


Obey God and you will go to heaven.  Disobey God and you will go to hell if you do not stop trying to do the wrong thing.

Ignoring what God wants you to do is the same as disobeying God and you go to hell.

You choose whether to do good or bad things and you will have only yourself to blame if you end up in hell.