Belief in Genesis chapters 1 to 11

you must believe what the Bible says in these chapters because if you do not you are:

calling God a liar, or

say it was not preserved or transmitted correctly.

The latter states God is not in control of all circumstances or it would have been preserved and transmitted correctly.

If you believe it was not preserved that you have a problem because men did not hear God properly to preserve it and then are now saying I can tell what God wanted to say what they have showed they could not hear what God said in the first place. There is also the problem they really have no original documents that their translation is correct stop.

If you do not believe the King James version is correct then you have a Bible that has error in that that may not have the truths. This means you cannot really use it for anything.

You then have a problem because you do not know what it says about salvation, devil, hell, rewards, what Jesus said, what Jesus did and many other things, is true.

Christ believe in these chapters so if you do not believe in them then you are not his follower because you do not believe what he believed.

So you have a choice:

believe that the King James translation and know everything it says is correct, all

believe in the modern Bible and be uncertain about anything it says you are okay heart