Which God do modern theologians worship?

God said He would preserve His word so we would know what He required of us.

Modern theologians say He has not done this.

So they have problems which are  as follows:

  1. They have a Textus Receptus text the basis of The King James they say is not correct and they have to correct to make it say what they believe God meant it to say.
  2. They have no Bible that is 100% accurate to compare what they come up with as a correct translation.  If they had one they would not need to alter the Textus Receptus(according to them) to make it correct.
  3. As they do not know what errors are in it they cannot really use any part of it.
  4. They have used texts that are 80% in agreement with the Textus Receptus.  They should not have used these texts as they do not know what errors are in them because the Textus Receptus has errors and they use 80% of it and can only assume something is an error as they do not have a 100% accurate Bible,.

So any translation they make may have more errors than the King James and the Textus Receptus so you cannot accept anything based on the Vaticanus or Siniaticus which means all modern bibles should be rejected along with the King James.

So according to them we really do not have a Bible you can trust unless you consider what they believe is the correct translation of it.

To do this they have to reject 1800 years of Christian traditional doctrine which was given by Jesus to the early church.  So according to them Jesus got it wrong also because what He taught, as found in the Textus Receptus was not right.  Or if they say it was incorrectly passed down  how do they know what is correctly reported of what Jesus said does not have error in.

So they need to find a God they can trust, a Bible they can use and saviour they can believe and because they cannot use the Textus Receptus (King James) or trust God, its writer or traditional church doctrine as given to the church by Jesus.

So who is their God?

It cannot be Jesus as He may be in error because we may not have what He actually said to know it was correct or may have  been in error having given incorrect doctrine to the church.

It also cannot be the God that lied about preserving His Bible

Who is left?

Only the other god, Satan.