What teenagers need to know


Preface. 2

Why this booklet. 3

There are four influences on you. 3

The Five Aspects of The Christian life. 4

Who is God?. 4

The Trinity. 4

The Father. 4

The Lord Jesus. 5

The Holy Spirit. 5

The Mind of God. 5

How to Hear he Holy Spirit. 5

Preparatory Prayer. 5

How You Hear Him.. 6

God’s Work for you. 7

God is a servant. 7

God provides your needs. 8

God's attitude toward you. 8

God cares for you. 8

You are special to God. 9

God's Love. 9

What is the depth of God's Love towards us?. 10

Relating to God. 11

Why should I relate to God. 11

In what attitude should I relate to God?. 11

Where can I relate to God?. 11

What happened at Calvary. 13

What must you do to get to heaven?. 13

Maintaining your relationship with God. 13

Your judgment by God will definitely happen. 14

Guidelines for living. 14

The Ten commandments. 14

The Fruit of The Holy Spirit. 15

The Commands of Jesus. 17

The Ten Commandments. 17

The mission statement of Jesus was as follows: 18

Various Attitudes to have. 20

Your Rights. 20

Purpose for living. 20

You Worth and Value as a Person. 21

Maleness and Femaleness. 21

Peer Pressure. 22

Self-control 22

Problem Resolution. 23

Time. 23

Modesty. 23

Socializing and dating. 24

Etiquette. 24

Loneliness. 24

Dating. 24

God provides a wife. 25

Gimmicks and romance. 26

Things concerning Satan. 26

What is sin?. 26

Dealing with Temptation. 27

So how do you deal with these attacks?. 27

Dealing with Temptation. 27

How to respond to any attacks of Satan. 28

You only sin if you listen to what Satan suggests. 28

The Five steps expanded. 29

Weapons of warfare. 30

The Armor of a Christian. 31

An Overview of the Armor. 31

The Weapons of a Christian. 32

The Word of God (His Truths). 32

The Name of Jesus (Word of Command). 32

The Guidance of The Holy Spirit. 33

In Conclusion. 33

Choices. 33



Why did Jesus come?

Jesus came to tell us about God's Love for us and that God does not condemn us but desires us to be with Him forever in heaven with all the pleasures He has there for us which means He does all He can to help us get there.

We are told that we condemn ourselves by what we do or not do.  God then evaluates us according to His guidelines AND OUR HEART attitude towards Him (Prov 23:7).  It is not so much what you actually do or say that matters but what you decide to do in  your heart, even though you may not actually do it.

It is not wrong to have a bad thought because Satan places them in our mind.  What is wrong is deciding to carry out the bad thought even though in the end we may actually do nothing about it.

This booklet aims to give you information to help you appreciate what God has done for you and how to avoid thinking things that will ruin your life and may cause you to go to hell.

Why this booklet

Being a teenager is very difficult. You are leaving a time of being trained, guided in what to do and learning how to live, to a time when you will have to make decisions on your own and will need to know how to do things without anyone else's help.  It is a transition from complete dependence to complete Independence .  You Will need to know how to avoid the traps Satan sets up to ruin your life.

Independence is not being able to do what you want to do but is being able to do what you need to do as well as being able to make the right decisions in what you do so you will live correctly as a Christian..

 This document is aimed at helping you learn some things you need to know to be able to be independent  and live as a godly teenager should live and relate to others.

What follows are important truths you are not usually taught as a teenager but which can make the difference between a successful teenage period and one of emotional pain and suffering.  The years between 13 and 19 are a period of growth and finding your identity as well as limitations of your authority and responsibility.

Usually there are no clear guidelines as parents do not realize the need for these and do not often relate Jesus to this period of your life.  I hope the following writings assist you in these areas.

Do not to evaluate God by the way people on earth treat you.  Many treat you badly so they will feel superior to you and they need to do this because they have such a low opinion of themselves they need to make you look worse than them so they feel superior to you And more adequate as a person.  When criticized do not: react, assume anything, argue about something (unless you know you are correct) or reason about it as you may reach a wrong conclusion but ask The Holy Spirit what to do. Satan can use arguing, reacting, assuming or reasoning to try and make you do what he desires you to do.

You might not be important to others but remember that you are always important to God and that He does all He can to develop the relationship you have with him.

There are four influences on you

Your thoughts

Inputs into your life by The Holy spirit.

Inputs into your mind by demons

The pressure to do things from people around you influenced by demons  or The Holy Spirit

The only one you can trust is the Holy Spirit.

This is why we are told that to live in the way God desires you to live you need to be guided by the Holy Spirit so He can tell you or guide to do what God desires you to do is a situation.

The Holy Spirit will only ever ask you to do things that are best for you while demons will suggest things to you that may appear to be good but which will only result in your going to hell if you do not stop doing them.

The Five Aspects of The Christian life

There are ?ve aspects to walking as God desires you too as a Citizen of The Kingdom of God and a member of His Body

  1. You must make Jesus Lord of all you do out of Love and desire to obey Him because you appreciate what He has done for you.
  2. You must learn the truths He requires you to learn by whole heartedly studying His Bible and listening to the instructions of The Holy Spirit as well the advice and instruction of Godly people.
  3. You must learn how Satan attacks and how to repel his attacks as well as how to destroy any of his works you come across
  4. You must learn how to be guided by The Holy Spirit in all you do and learn to walk with one ‘spiritual ear’ on Him Always.
  5. You must never doubt God is Love, Purposes, Plans and promises to you as Satan tries to remove you from God by having you doubt these. God is Love and whatever He does for you is for your eternal best which is more important than your needs on earth.

Remember that earth is God’s training ground for eternity, and The Holy Spirit is your guide in this.  You only get one chance at this life so you need to get it right.

Who is God?

The Trinity

There are three persons in God but only one God.  Do not try to understand it as you have to be God to understand it.

Each member of The Trinity has a separate role to play but they all work as one in unison in whatever happens.

The Father

When we follow Jesus as our Lord and King The Father adopts us as His child, makes us Citizens of The Kingdom of God and provides all we need to live as a citizen of this Kingdom should.

Jesus said to pray only to The Father so it is to Him we go when we have a need.  God promises to provide all our needs so we do not ask for things we need to obtain them but to tell God what we would like and also to talk to Him as we would talk to an earthly father so we can be comforted by Him in our times of trouble.

The Father desires us to relate to Him in the same was we relate to our earthly fathers, sharing our joys, hurts, problems with Him and talking to Him as we would talk to our earthly father.

The Lord Jesus

The Lord Jesus died on the cross to redeem us, He rules the universe (which includes us), protects us and gives us the authority to deal with Satan and his attacks on us.  He is sour King and we need to obey Him if we want to stay in The Kingdom of God.

He is our King so we go to Him with all the problems we have living as a citizen of His Kingdom.

He desires us to relate to Him like we relate to The Father, as our brother through adoption by The Father as well as our Lord.  So according to how we relate to Him will be the way we approach Him, either as our brother or Lord.

The Holy Spirit

His presence is placed in us to mark us as belonging to Jesus, to prevent demons taking over our spirit, to guide our daily life so we will live as God requires us to live and to give us understanding of spiritual things.

When we need to understand something we go to The Holy Spirit as He guides us into all spiritual truth and also what we need to know for daily living.  If He did not tell us there things He would not be a God of Love.

The Mind of God

God is far greater in every area than you can imagine or He would not be God.  This means, that, unless He tells you.  You can never really work out or understand His plans for you (Duet 29:29).

All you can do is obey Him and Trust what He is doing for you, giving Him all your concerns to deal with in the way that is best for you.  To do anything else is really irrational.

How to Hear he Holy Spirit

It is important to be able to hear The Holy Spirit clearly as He is your guide to help you live the way Jesus desires you to live and to fight Satan in the way Jesus desires you to fight Satan. Remember that to be an adopted child of The Father you need to be guided by The Holy Spirit (Rom 8:14).

Preparatory Prayer

Lord, I want to hear The Holy Spirit so I can do Your Will and be guided to be your follower and live as your adoption son or daughter of The Father. I give this desire to you and am sorry for anything I have done wrong in this area or associated areas of hearing The Holy Spirit.

 In Jesus' Name I command any demons that are blocking me  at any time from hearing and understanding the truths and guidance that The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit want me to hear and understand to go immediately in Jesus' Name to The Throne of Judgment to be dealt with by Jesus. I ask You, Holy Spirit, to take their place.

How You Hear Him

Unless The Holy Spirit or Satan actually appear to you, they can only talk to you in your mind. When they are communicating with you it is as if they are your own thoughts or that you are talking to yourself. People often mistake this for a disorder as if there are apparently two personalities in them when demons are speaking audibly in their mind. Also, when The Holy Spirit is speaking, they usually think it is their own thoughts. So you need to know who is interacting with you.

 They communicate through: thoughts, dreams, day dreams, imaginations, emotions, sensations, feelings etc.

 If it is not your thoughts then it is either The Holy Spirit or Satan placing them there. You can actually hold a conversation with the Holy Spirit or the demons representing Satan and ask them questions and they will answer if appropriate. Only answers from The Holy Spirit are 100% truthful. Demons will answer in a way that furthers their purposes for you.

 You will need to silence your mind. You may have trouble hearing Him (The Holy Spirit) especially if you are in a place full of distractions or in a place where Satan rules. Remember, The Holy Spirit, has a still, small (quiet) voice.

 He will place an impression, picture, or thought in your mind, give you an emotion, or even speak to you in an audible voice. You will know it is from Him as it will not cause you to fear or to do anything that God says is wrong to do. He may speak in other ways than these, but these are the normal ways. You may feel a check in your spirit which is a 'No'. If He does not reply it is also a 'No', so you ask Him the reason why He said 'No' as He may tell you and you may find out more by this than by the answer you wanted.

 If He gives you an answer He gives will line up with The Bible, and you will have peace in your heart over it. Remember, God will not contradict His Bible.

The Holy Spirit will not cause you to hurt yourself, condemn, shame or place guilt on you or destructively criticize you as these were all removed at Calvary when the effects of sin were removed.

 Satan will try to cause you doubt about what you are hearing then cause you to reason that it is wrong or impossible so that you believe you are not hearing correctly. Satan will also at times place fear or other wrong emotions in you to cause you to doubt God's Love, Control, Plans or Purposes for you. Satan does this to take away your trust in God and His Love for you, your Joy in Him as well as rewards and His things He has for you.

 Satan will also try to have you misinterpret or misapply The Bible in  ways that suit his purposes. At times Satan will block you hearing The Holy Spirit so you need to cast him out and stop him doing this and ask the Holy Spirit to replace Satan then again ask The Holy Spirit what you desired to know. If you do not hear from The Holy Spirit, ask the following:

Are you in a place in which Satan rules so that the spiritual atmosphere is blocking The Holy Spirit?

 Are you in sin (especially unforgiveness) and do you need to deal with it using the five steps?

 Are you to ask this particular question of The Holy Spirit? If you do not get an answer, it may not be the time to ask It may not be the time to receive the answer It may not be an appropriate question to ask

 Jesus may not want you to have the answer so Satan will not know what Jesus is going to do and try to stop it or replace it with his version of what you are to do :

Are you to command demons that are blocking you from hearing the Holy Spirit to leave in Jesus' Name?

Do you really want to hear the answer?

Are you seriously listening or just going through the motions of listening?

If you are not doing any of these things and the Holy Spirit is still not answering then do not do anything until you hear Him because God is not saying anything as He wants you to do nothing at this time.

You do not really need to know what God is doing as God will always do His best for you if you seek to know Him better and to do His Will. As long as you obey what you know He asks you to do, you will be on the path He has prepared from before creation on which are all the things He needs you to do as well as all the promises and blessings He has given you (Matt 6:33, Eph 2:10).

 A danger is to desire something so much you do not hear God’s answer but an answer that Satan is able to give because it is the one you want to accept. This is why it is good to have another witness like the Bible recommends whenever you have an answer or prophecy from The Spirit.

 The Holy Spirit is your Companion in this life, so it is necessary to be in continual communication with Him as He helps you to navigate the traps of Satan and do the Will of God.

 It is hard to be a child of The Father if yo do not know what He desires you to do and The Holy Spirit has been given so you can hear what The Father desires you to do so you need to be able to clearly hear Him.

God’s Work for you

God is a servant.

God is a servant. If He was not one you would not be here!

He made you.

He keeps you alive, giving you all you need to live and do what He requires of you.

He provides an environment with all you need but not what you do not need

He gives you a brain to think with and free will to accept or reject Him

He does all He can to prepare you for heaven

He prepares a place for you to be with Him in heaven

He sent Jesus to die for you and pay the penalty for your sin so you could personally relate to each person of The Trinity (The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit)

He tells you all you need to do and know what He requires of you and sends the Holy Spirit to help you understand and do it.

God provides your needs

God will give you what you need and not what you think you need.  To give you what you do not need will harm you in some way and would go against God's Love for you and against His efficiency in what He does.

Eph 2:10 (ERV )  God has made us what we are. In Christ Jesus, God made us new people so that we would spend our lives doing the good things he had already planned for us to do.

Mat 6:31-34 (GW)  "Don't ever worry and say, 'What are we going to eat?' or 'What are we going to drink?' or 'What are we going to wear?'  Everyone is concerned about these things, and your heavenly Father certainly knows you need all of them.  But first, be concerned about his kingdom and what has his approval. Then all these things will be provided for you.  "So don't ever worry about tomorrow. After all, tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

God has prepare a path for you to follow in life and on it is everything and every experience and teaching you need to be with Him in heaven.

So if you are not getting what you think you need to do the will of God then ask yourself:

Is there any sin you are doing that will stop God giving you what you want or think you need?

Are you in the position you need to be in for God to give you what you want or think you need.?

Do you really need the thing or just think you need it?

Do you really want what you need and the consequences of having it?

If you want something badly enough and God will not give it to you as it will harm you in some way, then Satan will try to give it to you and it will only cause you trouble.  Also, God only gives you things you need so are you really willing to do what God desires you to do once you receive this gift from God?

God's attitude toward you

God cares for you

God accepts you as you are and see what you  need to become better and then does all He can to have these things happen for you.

Satan tries to make you believe you are worse than you really are and that god cannot love or accept you and that it is no use trying to please God or even anyone else except by doing things God does not like you doing.

Satan uses the following to make you believe these lies:

Thoughts in your mind that point our your failings

People to criticise you wrongly so you believe what they say about you is correct

Emphasizing failures so that you give up trying to do what God desires you to do.

The media to provide standards you cannot reach or keep so you will feel inadequate and suggesting ways to deal with a situation that God says is wrong but which Satan promotes.

This is why you do not accept negative thoughts about yourself or negative criticism but take it to The Holy Spirit and see what He says or ask Godly people whose opinion about you can be trusted.  If there is something you need to change then ask God what to do to change it the way He desires it to be changed otherwise forgive them and ignore what they say.

You are special to God

Jesus gave up ruling a universe He created and owns to come to earth and teach us about God's Love for us and what God had prepared for those who Love Him back.

John 3:17  For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

God did not send Jesus to condemn the world but to show how to avoid what Satan has planned for them that would take them to hell and He gave us The Holy Spirit to help us avoid the traps Satan has prepared for us.

God does not condemn you but He will convict you if there is something you are doing wrong. Any shame. guilt. condemnation or low self-esteem you feel comes from Satan who is trying to hide God's Love for you from you so that you will be with Him forever in hell.  Jesus dealt with the causes of these at Calvary so that they no longer apply and should be ignored.

Every negative emotion or thought comes from Satan as God does not give these to you because He is Love and if you love someone you will not do anything to hurt them in any way.

God's Love

(Author unknown)

Based on 1 Corinthians 13

Because God Loves me, He is slow to lose patience with me.

Because God Loves me, He takes the circumstances of my life and uses them in a constructive way for my growth.

Because God Loves me, He is for me. He wants to see me mature and develop in His love.

Because God Loves me, He does not send down His wrath on every little mistake I make, of which there are many.

Because God Loves me, He does not keep score of all my sins and then beat me over the head with them whenever He gets the chance.

Because God Loves me, He is deeply grieved when I do not walk in the ways that please Him because He sees this as evidence that I don't trust Him and Love Him as I should.

Because God Loves me, He keeps on trusting me when at times I don't even trust myself

Because God Loves me, He never says there is no hope for me; rather He patiently' works with me, Loves me, and disciplines me in such a way that it is hard for me to understand the depth of His concern for me.

Because God Loves me, He never forsakes me, even though many of my friends might.

Because God Loves me, He stands with me when I have reached the rock bottom of despair, when I see the real me and compare that. with His righteousness, holiness, beauty, and love.

God's character is also expressed in The Fruit of The Holy Spirit. The Spirit expresses the character of God, which is Love, and the expression of this love results in certain attitudes which can only occur if God's type of Love is the attitude behind them.

We know the fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, from which the other fruit: joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance all flow. So how dose God express these in His dealings with us?

He joys in the relationship with us which He delights in it.

He gives us His peace in the midst of all our problems and trials.

He patiently waits for us to learn our lessons so that He can help us even more.

His gentle towards us like a parent is to their child and does not punish us as He should.

In everything He does He seeks our best and all He does for us is for our good.

He puts His faith (trust) in us even though He knows at times we will fail him.

He humbles himself to help us, even in a sense 'living' in us. Demons despise us as lumps of earth, but God ignores our physical state because He Loves us for who we are as a person and not because of what we look like, achieve or are made of.

God is temperate in all He does to us for us. He never gets overexcited or rejects us. But always deals with us in a calm, reasonable way.

What is the depth of God's Love towards us?

God is infinite so we can never reach the depth of His Love or understand it.

A person was taken to heaven, to the banqueting room where the marriage supper of the Lamb is to be held. And there spoke to The Father who was weeping.

The father told him that he had prepared this banquet everyone but that so many would not be there. The Father was weeping over those lost to Jesus.

If God weeps over the lost. How much more should we.

Relating to God

How do you relate to God? The question really is: How do you relate to each member of the Trinity? Each member of the Trinity is a person and you need to know how to correctly relate to each one of them.

The basis of any relationship is God's type of love. So the questions really are:

Why should I relate to God.?
How should I relate to God?
When should I relate to God?
Where should I relate to God?

Why should I relate to God.

I should relate to God because it is vital to my eternal fate to be in a correct relationship with God in my daily life and when I am dead (Jn 17:3).

This means I need to know gods requirements of me as well is how I am to carry them out.

In what attitude should I relate to God?

God's quality of Love should be the basis of all relationships and this is specifically so when relating to God.

Where can I relate to God?

As God is everywhere) I can relate to Him wherever I am and at any time of the day or night. I am never alone as The Holy Spirit's presence is in me and accompanies me through life. He is my friend and companion in all things Godly and never deserts me when I do wrong, but patiently guides me back to God and what I should be doing at that time.

Why should I love God

Out of appreciation and thanksgiving for what He has done for me.

It is out of my love for and appreciation of Him that I obey Him. Any other reason for obedience is selfish and personal and is not a form of worship. Loving God is a form of worship and should be a natural expression of my attitude toward Him.

We are to relate to The Father as our spiritual Father and provider of every good and perfect thing we have. We are His adopted child and should relate to Him as a child relates to their parent.

How does the child relate to their parent?

They enjoy spending time with their parents.

They delight doing things with their parents.

They seek to please them and do their will.

They delight serving them

They seek to be like them.

They rely on their support and guidance.

They appreciate, respect and love other family members as well as how they are served by them.

These are some of the things that should be exhibited in the relationship we have with Him if we decide to relate to our Heavenly Father in the wat a child relates to its parents.

God and Salvation

Why you need Jesus

You need to know why you need Jesus so you will appreciate what He has done for you and you will know why you follow Him and obey what He requires of you.

Originally God and man had a close personal relationship, walking and talking together as close friends would. Man lived in a beautiful Garden God had prepared for him and his wife where there everything was perfect and there was no death and decay.  Man had everything He needed except a wife. So God gave man a woman to be with the man forever as his wife and partner. She too enjoyed this close, personal relationship with God.

However, they both disobeyed God and by this rebelled against him.  This is called treason which is punishable by death or banishment from the kingdom of the King.

The man and the woman suffered both fates. They were cast out of the garden and would die physically now. The world they were in also started to decay and no longer was perfect. They were now in a place ruled by the enemy of God. They could not stay where God ruled because of their rebellion so went to the only other place they could go to… on the earth outside the garden. A place God had prepared for His enemy: Satan, the devil.

Man and women both died physically and also died, in a sense, spiritually, because they could no longer go and talk to God and would be forever separated from Him after their death.

Whoever king you are obeying when you die is the one whose kingdom you go to when you die. If God is your King you are restored to all that the man and the woman lost through their rebellion. If you do not go there you go to the only other place left, called hell, where Satan is king and he hates people so that he really causes them to suffer terribly.

God does not send people to hell. They go their because they have chosen to follow Satan and rejected what God required of them. This is because they have done something which they know is wrong and do not want to stop doing it because they enjoy it so much.

So man was in this predicament. God required a punishment for their rebellion and mankind was not able to meet it as God is infinite and man is finite so that the rebellion required an infinite punishment or restitution to God and mankind is finite so could not meet either of these requirements.

God saw that He alone could do something about this situation. God is Love by nature so He sent Jesus to die on Calvary and meet both requirements of mankind's punishment for every one that ever lived if they decided to wholeheartedly try follow Jesus as their King.

So Jesus met the requirements of God's punishment and mankind was once again able to have God as a close, personal, friend and to go to the beautiful place called heaven when they die where the original perfection that was in the garden of Paradise still exists, where there is no death or decay and all is perfect.

What happened at Calvary

Sin is rebellion against a ruler and, like all rebellion against rulers sin against God is punished, by death. God saw that we could not stop this punishment and so He did something about it.  Unless He dealt with this punishment we would not be with Him in heaven.  We would be saved but still defiled by the sin and defiled things cannot enter heaven.  The defilement of sin preventing us from entering heaven was removed by the death of Jesus.

God needed a perfect sacrifice so He sent Jesus, whom being God was able to be a perfect sacrifice.  Because Jesus is God He is infinite, covering all time, space and all people in the universe.  This means all our sins are dealt with and forgiven by God and we no longer have to confess them or ask for forgiveness for then.  We do have to admit we have an area of weakness in our life or we will not deal with it and remove it.

A deliverance ministry or using properly The Five Steps explained later in this document will help you deal with the weakness in that area.

At Calvary, Jesus died in our place, taking on Himself our penalty for the sins we had committed.  The penalty having been paid so that there was nothing we needed to do our  defilement of sin was removed so that there was nothing stopping us now going to heaven and being with God.

Calvary is not about Salvation, but the redemption of us By Jesus so that we could go to be with God forever in heaven.

What must you do to get to heaven?

You must believe Jesus is Lord of all, that He is God, that He died for you on Calvary and then you must try wholeheartedly to obey Him in all He asks you to do which means you need to study His guidebook, The Bible and find someone who can teach you what it means to be a Christian and not just preach to you once a week in church and you also need to find a group of Christians you can socialize with and learn how to live as a Christian.

Jesus does not expect you to succeed in everything as you are learning how He wants you to do things in life but He expects you to wholeheartedly try to do what He desires you to do and to keep trying, even if you fail.

Maintaining your relationship with God.

When you become a Christian the Father makes you a citizen of The Kingdom of Heaven and it then becomes your responsibility to maintain your part in this citizenship relationship. The Father will give you all the help you need. He is. a good king and a good king looks after all the needs of His citizens.

You need to know the rules of The kingdom to do this. There are found in The Bible. If you are willing to learn and apply these He will give you all the help you need to do this.

Satan will try and stop you obeying these guidelines so at times it will take self discipline and real effort to do them so you need to know how to remove Satan when he attacks you.

He does not like you and will do anything he can to stop you going to heaven so that you will end up in hell with him where he will torment you forever where you will forever suffer thirst, burning and fear.

You need to learn the altitudes of the Kingdom of which Love is the basic one and other altitudes Which are an expression of God’s quality of Love

The altitudes resulting from this basic attitude of Love are expressed in 'The Fruit of the Spirit".

God has placed the presence of The Holy Spirit in you and if you follow His guidance you will express God's quality of Love and it's fruit

Life in a preparation for heaven so you need to develop now the altitudes you will have in heaven to prepare you now for life in heaven

The choice to learn and do the things required by God and express the attitudes of Love is yours alone as no one else can make you do them and you will have no-one but yourself to blame if you do not end up in heaven but end up in hell.

God judges you on what you do with what you know about Him and not what others say you should know or do.

Your judgment by God will definitely happen

One day you will have to face God and give an explanation of what you did with your life and the things He gave you on earth and you will either go to heaven or go to hell based on your answer to this question.  It is your choices that determines what you have done with the things Jesus gave you to care for Him so choose wisely as you go through life.  You are long time in eternity suffering the consequences of not serving Jesus by not doing what He asks you to do for Him.

Remember, whose things you are doing when you die is the king you will go to.

If you are doing the things of Jesus you will go to heaven

If you are deliberately doing things God does not want you to do you will go to hell with Satan to be punished by Satan forever.

Remember that God does not send people to hell.  They go there because they chose to do what Satan said for them to do and rejected what God asked them to do.

Guidelines for living

The Ten commandments.

There are 10 basic guidelines for Christian living and because they are eternal spiritual principles they still apply today.

In commands 1-3 God says:

He alone is God and you are not to worship anyone else or anything else as a god.

You are not to misuse any of His names or ridicule Him any way (such as in artificial comedies about religion).

You are not to worship images or statues.  Rock, movie and sports stars are images in your mind so you should not place them before what God desires you do.

In command 4 we are told to respect our parents while they are alive regardless of our age.

In commands 5-7 we are told not to lie, steal or kill.  All these show a lack of God's love to another in some way.

Commandment 8 forbids sex outside of marriage. Adultery harms a family which is God's basic unit which Satan tries to destroy.

Adultery only occurs because the person feels rejected by their spouse, so really both spouses are to blame.. This is why you need to work out problems before marriage.

Command 9 and 10 deal with desiring something you do not have which God would have given you if you needed it as He promises to give us all we need to do His work (Matt 6:33) and live in th e way He desires us too.  If He did not He would not be a God of Love.

These commandments are all based on showing God's quality of Love to others.

The Fruit of The Holy Spirit

The passages on love a found primarily in Gal 5.22-23 and I Gr 13.4-7. We are told that it is the Fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life and expresses the character of God as it expresses the character of The Holy Spirit, who is God.  So if you want to be like God then express His quality of love and its Characteristics in your life.

I discuss Galatians 5:22-23 below.


This is the attitude God has toward you and every one else and expects you to express this to all others,

Love is very important. This is why it is the first ‘Fruit’ of The Holy Spirit’s presence in you and the other fruit of the Holy Spirit are how this love is expressed.

The world says you show love through having sex or buying things for a person. God says you show His type of love by helping people when they need help, expecting to receive nothing in return.

The fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life are the altitudes that should result from your relationship with God which will result in His Love being shown (expressed) through your life!


The joy you have  because of the relationship you have with God with all the benefits it has now and in eternity. If you love others you will want them to have this Joy because of their relationship with God  which is why we tell them about Jesus.


The peace you have because you are a citizen of His Kingdom. under His protection and care,

knowing He is a good King to His citizens so that everything that happens to you is under His Control and is for your best.

Patience (long-suffering)

You realize how patient God has been with you so you show the same patience with others. He waits until you are ready for What He desires To do in your life and does not expect instant results as He  prepares you for life in heaven and uses the patience taught in trials to mature you and help prepare you for heaven. You realize this is the attitude you should also have to others.


God does not force you to do things but gently encourages and guides you in what you are to do and does all He can to help you do His Will. He does not control  or threaten you but patiently helps you understand what you are to do for Him. All service is really to God who tells us then how we are to demonstrate God by serving others and helping them to know and obey Him.


All God does is for your benefit. There is no evil in it. If we think there is evil in it then it is because you do not understand what God is doing in your life.  To be like God then whatever you do for others must has no selfish motive in it but is purely to help them know God and His Will for them in a better and clearer way,


You trust God completely which is why you can have these altitudes and can do all you can to help  others also to trust Him

Meekness (Humility)

Being meek does not mean obeying the will of another. It means placing the needs of another before your own so that they become more important than your own.  But you should never do for another what God desires them to do for themselves as you are robbing them of a learning experience God has for them.

Remember! Never do for another what they should be doing for themselves. Love helps another to do things when they need help but does not do for them things they should not have another doing doing for them.


God does not ask you to do more than you can do so neither should we ask others to do more than they can.

The idea behind this concept of Temperance is to have self control to do only what God desires you to do

or to obtain only what God wants you to have. Anything more than thus causes problems as you have to care for things you should not have which takes up time maintaining these things

you should not have which should have been used for the purposes of God.  They also can replace what you should have so you do not have what God needs you to have to do His Will.

This is why Satan encourages people to spend without asking if God wants them to buy these things.

In Summary

If you have their worldly altitudes you will never do what God does not want you to do and you will not sin against Him.

Sin is a deliberate rebellion (disobedience) against God so as long as you wholeheartedly try to obey God you will not sin if you fail to obey Him in an area.  Your heart attitude was to do the correct thing it is just that you failed to do so.. It just means you have a weakness you need to make Him Lord of and that deliverance is probably necessary.

The Commands of Jesus

The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments are based on the expression of God's Love to others and this is why The Fruit of The Spirit is Love and its expression.  Jesus gave us some commands and if you love others (the children of The Father - whether or not they are citizens of Heaven -  you will express God's quality of Love towards them and do what Jesus said we were to do.

The commands of Jesus can be broken up into two periods: Those He gave in His life and those He gave after His death when He had the Authority to command them.

The one He gave while alive was as follows:

Joh 13:34  A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; just as I have loved you, that you also love one another.

Joh 13:35  By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another."

All Jesus did was to restate the attitude behind the Ten Commandments and to advise them that if they followed this they were His disciples as He also followed them.

Note that there is no way out of this command.  You must love people because they are fellow children of The Father, even if they are not citizens of The Kingdom.  You may not like what they do but that does not mean you can judge them or reject them as a person.

It also does not mean you overlook their weaknesses or sins but you are to help them overcome them to the degree they allow you too.  We are to guide and not force people to obey God  After all He wants obedience to be out of love for Him and not because evil will happen to them if they do not obey God.  However, we are to advise them of the consequences of not obeying God in their circumstances but we are not their Judge because only Jesus is that but we are a person showing them what God says and trying to help them avoid hell or other punishments.

We are told we will suffer the consequences of our actions:

Gal 6:7  Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for what a man sows, this also he will reap.

Gal 6:8  For he who sows to his flesh, from his own flesh will reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap everlasting life.

You do get results from the good or evil you do.  Not necessarily in this life but you definitely will in the next.

Jesus said to them:

Joh 14:15  "If you love Me, keep My commandments.

In otherwords, if you love Jesus you will obey Him.

After He rose from the dead He gave new commands which were an expression of this Quality of Love and His authority to be able to give them, especially the delegation over demons.  Jesus expressed these commands in His capacity of God so they are important.

The mission statement of Jesus was as follows:

(Luk 4:18-21) The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,  To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

And he closed the book, and he gave it again to the minister, and sat down. And the eyes of all them that were in the synagogue were fastened on him.  And he began to say unto them, This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.

His example was as follows (Matthew 4:23):

And Jesus went about all Galilee,

teaching in their synagogues,

and preaching the gospel of the kingdom,

delivering people from the effects of Satan on them

and healing all manner of sickness (short term sickness)

and all manner of disease among the people (long term chronic).

This is what our objective should be:

The last words of Jesus to His people can be summarized as follows: "All power (authority) is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations I have risen,

Baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you

And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in My name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.

He that believeth and is baptized  shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. 

And these signs shall follow them that believe;

 In my name shall they cast out devils;

They shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents;

And if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover

And, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world."

These actions will be observable in the life of a follower of Jesus as an expression of God’s quality of Love in them working through them to others.

Obedience to Jesus will result in The Kingdom of God manifesting in and through our lives and we will demonstrate  it as He commanded us too in Mark 16:17-18. Jesus said the signs in these verses would be performed by His followers:

They shall cast out devils;

They shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents;

And if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them;

They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover

They will show God’s quality of love in all they do

Remember that evangelism is really telling people what Jesus has done for people in the kingdom of Satan to deliver them from this kingdom as well as how He has affected your life as a result of your accepting what He has done for you.

If you love others with the same quality of Love that Jesus Loves them with you will go and tell others what He has done for them so they can enjoy what you have received as a result of your accepting what He has done for you. To not do these shows you are hypocritical or fearful and need training and/or deliverance to do these things.

This work should be an expression of our faith and it will be an expression of our faith to the degree we are able to express it without causing offence to another.

Even if our faith can only be expressed in our heart's attitude it must still be expressed in the attitude we have towards others.

Remember!  God does not judge you on what you do but on the attitudes you have in your heart towards the thing you do which includes obedience to His Commands.

The Bible says how we think in our heart will be who we are.

The final warning is given by Jesus in Mark 8:38:

Mar 8:38  For whosoever is ashamed of Me and My words among this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of him, whenever He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels."

In conclusion we are reminded that God’s purpose for is us to believe in Jesus:

John 6:29  Jesus answered, "The work God wants you to do is this: to believe in the one he sent."

And if we believe in whom He is we will obey Him fully.

Attitudes to have

Various Attitudes to have

Your Rights

The only rights you really have are the one who created you gives you to have.

Do not stand on your ‘rights’ if you are a Christian but do what Jesus says you are to do.  You are servant of Jesus and the only rights you have are those He gives you.  While you have rights under the laws of the land they are not necessarily the ones Jesus says you have, especially when they break His laws.  If you love your family and people as Jesus does you will not worry about any rights you have or the defending of them.  You will have the attitude of Jesus who gave up all to come to earth, showed what God required of us then died to make it possible. (Phil 2:5-8).

Perfect Love does not care about personal rights

If you try to obey God He will help you.  He only requires you to wholeheartedly try and obey Him and to keep trying if you fall.  He knows you are not perfect and will fail Him at times but if you repent and Keep trying you will eventually succeed in obeying Him and overcome the temptation forever.  It may require some deliverance though.  He will provide you with what you need ( Mat 6:33) and not what you think you need and whatever He allows to  happen to you will be for your best (Rom. 8:28) no matter how painful it is at the time.  It always takes some sort of pain to change from wrong habits to correct ones but it is worth the effort (1 Cor 15:58) especially if it keeps you from going to hell.

Purpose for living

Everyone needs a purpose for living. Because God owns us (He made us and keeps us alive) our purpose is to serve Him. This should not be a problem because He loves you and only asks you to do what is best for you.

By obeying Him you do what is best for preparing you to be in heaven with Him. Everything God does for you is to help you learn more about Him  appreciating what He has done for you as well as to prepare you to be with Him in heaven forever enjoying all the good things He has for you.

So you have a choice

Ignore what God wants you to do and have fun on earth for a short time, or

Ignore your desire for fun now and do what God wants you to do here and have fun for eternity.

The Choice is yours

You are to serve God and not man because God made you so and is the one you are also owned by and more importantly  God is the only one who can send you to hell.  Remember that He did not come to judge you but to show how to have eternal life in His presence and sent Jesus to die and make this possible.  You need to learn all you can about God and your relationship to Him so you can live as He wants you too.

You really serve God and then you serve those He tells you to in the way He tells you to serve them.

So do not react to what people say about you but listen to The Holy Spirit and do what he tells you God wants you to do and then God will help you and give you what you need (which is often different to what you think you need).  He knows what is best for your eternal future and will do all He can to help you in this area so that you can be with Him in heaven forever!

He has already prepared the path for you to walk in so He knows which way you are to go and what you are to do.  The Holy Spirit has been given to show you this path and to help you stay on it.

You need to understand the principle in Mat 6:33 that as you seek to know God more closely and seek to do His Will He will give you all you need to live and serve Him.  To desire more than God wants you to have will only lead to problems as these will distract you and sidetrack you and take up time in which you should be doing God’s work.

You Worth and Value as a Person

You self-esteem, self-worth and self-value should not come from what others think of you.  Other people are too often busy protecting their own self-esteem, self-worth and self value to properly evaluate yours and will make you out to be inferior to them so they feel good about themselves.  The more insecure a person is the more they will try and make you look inferior to themselves.

There are various ways of making yourself feel good and dull any emotional pain: putting down others, sex, drugs, alcohol, exciting activities, putting on masks (acting what you want to be and not how you feel) etc., to name a few.  These coping mechanisms (as they are called) do not resolve the situation or problem, they only cover it up or dull the pain.  The only real way to deal with this pain is to give it to Jesus and deal with your identity (who you think you are), problems or circumstances with His help.

Your self-esteem, self-worth and self value should be based on what Jesus (God) thinks of you and places on you.  Jesus gave up all so you could know He and The Father.  That is how much value He places on you.  When your worth, esteem and value is based on what God thinks of you then no one can harm or damage it but you need to realise God’s Love to you and the value He places on you for this to occur.

The teenage years are also a time you learn how to relate to others and how to show God’s love to others.  Do not fall for the trap that sex=love as that is what Satan promotes as it is so wrong!  The consequences of sex before marriage can be overwhelmingly disastrous and run your life for a long while.

Maleness and Femaleness

God made men and women. so they must be different it. If He did not want a difference He would have made them made them all male or all female. This means each has a different role in life. Men are designed by God to do different things to females which is why men and women are different in the things they are able to do well.

The difference may not mean much to you now but when you are married you will find these differences in men and women complement each other so that the family works properly as each express expresses the different abilities God has given them. This is why the husband does the heavy lifting and maintains the garden outside the house as well as does all the maintenance and the wife maintains the house and supports the man in his providing support and caring for the family.

God has programmed that way so they would find it easier to fulfill the roles He gave them.  This does not mean you do not help them do their roles but that they should be in charge when you help t hem as God has prepared them to do the specific task.

Learn the roles God gave so that you can be a better man or woman and learn properly the roles you will have in marriage so you can perform them properly.

Peer Pressure

Just because everyone is doing something does not mean it is right to do it.

How many girls are pregnant because everyone was having sex and so they had sex and have ruined their life and careers as a result of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

How many young men have criminal records or are in jail because everyone was doing it so they did it.

How many young people get drunk because everyone else is drinking alcohol.  The girls wonder who they slept with and boys wonder if they committed a crime of sorts and few remember what happened after they got really drunk. The following day when they find out what they did they are usually embarrassed and/or ashamed and have trouble explaining to parents why they did what they did.

How many are taking drugs like cigarettes, alcohol, Amphetamines, cocaine or heroin because everyone is doing it and find they turn to sex or to crime when the money runs out and find out later in life that they have ruined their health and will die young as a result.

Many lives are ruined because people do not have the self-control to find out what God requires them to do and as a result also go to hell unless they desire to repent and carry out this desire.

It does not matter how many are doing it.  If it is wrong in the eyes of God then it will only cause you harm.

The choice is to go with the flow to hell or resist and go to heaven.


To survive in this world you need to control your reactions and attitudes so that you will be able to relate to people correctly and do not offend those who may cause you emotional or physical harm and also so that you are able to sufficiently control yourself to obey the laws of God and of the land.

To obey God you need not only to obey His laws but the laws of the land you live in that do not contradict His Laws.

You parents control and guide you while you are young so you learn how you are to react and behave toward God and others.  As you become a teenager you desire more and more control over your life and parents seem to be trying to control you and so there is conflict.

Your parents are usually only trying to guide you so that you relate to people and to God correctly and do not get harmed in any way.  Do not fight them but listen to what they say and if you cannot see why they are saying it then ask them why they are advising you to follow the course of action they are telling you to follow.

The reason "because everyone is doing it" is not a good reason.  You need to discuss your reasons for wanting to do something with your parent so they can evaluate them and guide you in your reasoning about them.  This way you will learn any errors in your thinking and they will have a better understanding hy you want to do something and may even agree happily with you doing it.

Remember that a parent tries to stop you hurting yourself and that what they say usually has experience behind it so should not be taken lightly.  So ask The Holy spirit what to do and then do it but explain to your parents why you are doing it but not in an aggressive voice as that only leads to wrong attitudes and emotions which you really do not want to have toward your parents as they break the fourth commandment and cause rejection, the opposite of the love you are to show people.

Problem Resolution

Do not argue, react, assume or reason out things as Satan will try to use your habits and reactions against you, especially if they are wrong ones.  Determine the actual facts of the situation and see if The Bible has anything on how to deal with it.  If The Bible does not cover the situation then ask The Holy Spirit what to do and then do it..

Du not afraid to admit you are wrong..  You only grow try dealing with your character weaknesses and problems and not by denying them.

If your are criticised do not react.  If the person is correct. then you need to change something in your life. If they are not correct  then ignore what they say.

People often need to tell you your faults, real or imagined so they feel better or superior than you and so feel good about themselves.


People live as if they are going to live forever and forget Two things

They are one day closer to the return of Jesus

They are one day closer to their death

We really live on earth on borrowed time. So that what we should say "If God allows we will do that".

You have no guarantee you will take your next breath or step.

When you die is up to God and not to you.

So avoid doing evil. The last thing you want to be doing when you die is something you know is wrong which could cause you to go to hell!


Do you want a person to love you for who you are or for your body?

Clothes should cover the body so that your face is the focus of what a person sees.  Besides a woman is more desirable if you cannot see her assets.

If you marry someone who desires your body, when you beauty fades they will often go elsewhere.  But if you marry someone who loves you for who you are, then they will be there until you die.

A woman's long hair is her crowning Glory God said and your body is His temple to keep and preserve in holiness and not in flagrant display or misuse of its private parts   If you are a good steward of these th8ings then you will care for them and if you have problems doing this God will always help you if you are serious about looking after them.

Socializing and dating


You need to learn how to behave in your culture and this is basically taught by your parents by their example and teachings on it.  To be socially acceptable you need to learn your culture and how to behave in it otherwise you will be on the fringe of things and not part of the main social scene.

As a Christian there are cultural things you may not be able to do but also as a Christian you are to try and learn how to socialize with people so you can represent Christ in all you do.

This is part of the relationship skills you need to be able to correctly relate to people you help or who you relate or socialize with so you will behave acceptably in all you do in public.  You also need to learn the skills to react properly at home so you do not cause relationship problems in the family.  But then parents


If you are lonely ask Jesus to give you godly friends who will help you and encourage you in your relationship with God.  God promises to give you all you need and if you need friends He will provide them for you.  It may only be a few, but then God deals with quality and not quantity.



Dating to find a marriage partner is not God’s way of doing things

It allows Satan to find a partner for you

It shows you do not trust God to provide a partner for you

Going out as a group is not dating but really socializing

Dating cannot be an indication you are to marry.  If God has brought you together and you are now getting to know one another in preparation for possible formal engagement and marriage dating should be  a result of both being brought together by God.  Otherwise it is idolatry by placing someone before what God has planned for you.  So do not go on a date but socialise and remember it is safer for more than one woman to be in a group of men.

Dating is just another name for socializing and you must do that within the parameters God sets for you and not those of Satan.  Satan has made it what it is today but it was never intended to be that way in God’s scheme of things.

You should only start dating after you both agree you are to marry.

Romancing should now occur in the dating period not to win her heart but to show you appreciate her for who she is and desire her because God has given her to you to marry.  It also when you learn to adapt to each other and share each other’s problems, learning how to handle them in a Godly way.

Formal engagement cements the betrothal period and marks the time to begin setting up the marriage household (if you have not done so already).  Relational problems should have been sorted out early in the betrothal period before formal engagement occurred.

Remember, the moment God informs you both that you are to marry you are betrothed in His eyes.

God provides a wife

Prov 18:12  Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.

How do you find your wife?  God puts you together and brings you to each other.

Matt 19:6 Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

Before God can bless you it requires you to be in a relationship with Him that  allows Him to bless you.  You must be doing what He requires you to do for Him.  He will not bring a godly wife to an ungodly man (and vica versa) but Satan will.  This is why you need to be guided by The Holy Spirit to discern who has brought this person to you to marry.

To find a godly wife focus on your relationship with Jesus and He will bring one to you without you having to search for her or worry about ever being married.  It will be on the path He has for you, in His timing and not yours (Matt 6:33, Eph 2:10 apply).  When you are ready and matured sufficiently to manage the responsibilities of betrothal and subsequent marriage He will give you a wife.

A Christian will find a partner using Satan’s worldly methods but heartache will result and it usually will not be the one God wants them to find.  Through this wrong marriage partner Satan minimizes any effectiveness of ministry they would do for God as a couple when compared to what would have been achieved if they had each married the right person.

So wait for God to bring you the one He wants you to marry and be guided by The Holy Spirit in that relationship showing God’s love to the other person in all the ways you relate to them and you will have a relationship that will be admired and desired by all who do not have this Godly type of marriage relationship.

Remember that Satan will try and bring his wife to you before God brings His choice so that dating may result in marrying Satan’s  choice of wife and not the perfect one God has picked out for you.

Gimmicks and romance

If Jesus has betrothed you then you do not need the gimmicks that Satan promotes through the media He controls.  He tries to suggest you need these gimmicks to attract a spouse (so you will not find God’s one for you).  But these are not necessary to attract and keep a spouse as God knows who you are to marry and will bring you too each other.

Satan also suggests you need makeup, perfume, modern clothes etc to be beautiful in direct contrast to what God recommends in 1 Pet 3:3-4.

Expressions of love (flowers, chocolate etc.), even though not needed, should be an expression of your love and not attempt to cause another to be attracted to you.

A man needs to show love and respect and dress modestly in a way that pleases his future wife.  He must also learn how to be a gentleman and show her manners and consideration appropriate to the relationship.

A woman must dress modestly as she does not need to reveal her flesh to attract her spouse.  Too much exposed flesh may cause desire that will result in sin.  She is to hide her body and keep it only for her betrothed  for when they are married.  She needs to know how to behave as a lady in a way appropriate to his gentlemanly manners towards her.

The lives of both are examples for people to see Jesus and should show His love and desired behaviour in all the things they do.  This will turn their betrothed period and marriage into an act of worship to Him and bring Him Glory.

Each must learn to anticipate the problems and needs of the other so they can serve each other as needed.

Remember also th at sex does not equal love but lust and if you are loved you are served and not asked to have sex.  In marriage sex will be result of loving service to you.

Things concerning Satan

What is sin?

Sin is a desire to be like God, to make your own decisions as to what is good or evil and occurs when this wrong desire is acted upon.  You become your own idol, worshiping what you think rather than do what God requires of you.

Any disobedience, either moral or legal (in other words against the moral laws of God or the obedience He requires of you in regard to the laws of the land or local government area) is a rebellion against the authority of God.  This is why Satan works on our desires to cause us to sin as it is wrong desires acted upon that results in a sin .

There are a few main reasons go to hell:

Not forgiving another their offence against you

Not wanting to give up a sin

Not obeying the laws of God or the laws of the land that do not go against the laws of God.  Some examples are speeding, defrauding the tax man, illegally copying movie or television shows.  These are against the laws of the land Jesus said you had to obey.

Dealing with Temptation

Satan is the enemy of God who tries to make you do the wrong thing so you will not go to heaven but be with him in hell forever and that is an awful long time.  To do this Satan has to persuade you to do something God does not like you to do which is called 'sin'.

To do this Satan has to persuade you to accept what he wants you to do as he cannot force you to do anything.  You must agree to what he suggests before you will do it.  So the first line of defence is to reject the evil thing he desires you to do.

Satan can only place  thoughts in your mind, desires in your body or emotions in your heart which you have to accept before you will 'sin'.  You will know they are wrong thoughts, desires or attitudes because you will feel wrong about them and will have no peace in you when you think of them and you will feel uneasy about doing them.

So how do you deal with these attacks?

You reject them and in the Name of Jesus command them to go to Jesus to be dealt with

You ask The Holy Spirit to take the place of demons that have gone.

If it is a weakness you have you cannot seem to stop

  1. Give the area to Jesus to be in control of (Satan can only use it if you give it back to him as Jesus will now protect it for you).
  2. Tell God you are sorry and will not do the wrong things again in the areas you are giving to Him to be in control of  and forgive anyone who has hurt you in any way
  3. Tell Satan in the Name of Jesus he has to leave that areas you have given to Jesus to be Lord of and to go to Jesus and take all he did to you with him. .
  4. In the Name of Jesus command healing on all Satan did to you and restoring of thing Satan took from you in the way Jesus wants it restored
  5. Ask The Holy Spirit to fill you completely so the demons cannot come back in.

Dealing with Temptation

Satan is the enemy of God who tries to make you do the wrong thing so you will not go to heaven but be with him in hell forever and that is an awful long time.  To do this Satan has to persuade you to do something God does not like you to do which is called 'sin'.

To do this Satan has to persuade you to accept what he wants you to do as he cannot force you to do anything.  You must agree to what he suggests before you will do it.  So the first line of defence is to reject the evil thing he desires you to do.

Satan can only place  thoughts in your mind, desires in your body or emotions in your heart which you have to accept before you will 'sin'.  You will know they are wrong thoughts, desires or attitudes because you will feel wrong about them and will have no peace in you when you think of them and you will feel uneasy about doing them.

So how do you deal with these attacks?

You reject them and in the Name of Jesus command them to go to Jesus to be dealt with

You ask The Holy Spirit to take the place of demons that have gone.

If it is a weakness you have you cannot seem to stop

  1. Give the area to Jesus to be in control of (Satan can only use it if you give it back to him as Jesus will now protect it for you).
  2. Tell God you are sorry and will not do the wrong things again in the areas you are giving to Him to be in control of  and forgive anyone who has hurt you in any way
  3. Tell Satan in the Name of Jesus he has to leave that areas you have given to Jesus to be Lord of and to go to Jesus and take all he did to you with him. .
  4. In the Name of Jesus command healing on all Satan did to you and restoring of thing Satan took from you in the way Jesus wants it restored
  5. Ask The Holy Spirit to fill you completely so the demons cannot come back in.

How to respond to any attacks of Satan

You can ignore the attack but:

The demons are still there attacking you

The attacks keep being repeated

They can be cast out in Jesus' Name but:

They can still return

The area can still be attacked by other demons

More worse demons can attack

Healing and restoration of any damage they did is not done

You can use the five steps which results in:

Attacking demons are removed

They are cast out and sent to Jesus to be dealt with

Jesus is Lord of the area given to Him

The area now belongs to Jesus so is protected by Him and demons need His permission to attack unless they somehow manage to persuade you to give it back to the demons

Healing and restoration is done (in God’s timing)

The Holy Spirit’s presence is now there in place of demons so they cannot return

The spiritual damage they did is healed

Territory is gained for The Kingdom of God

You only sin if you listen to what Satan suggests

You have to agree with what he is suggesting you to do to sin even if you do not do it.

If Jesus is Lord of the area he is attacking this will not happen

If Jesus is not Lord of an area use the five steps to make Him Lord of the area attacked

Having sinful thoughts is not wrong if you reject them.

They come from Satan so are an attack

You are not an evil person if you have them as they did not originate from you

They are only wrong if you agree to accept them and do what they suggest you do, eve if only in your heart.

You are only an evil person if you delight to sin and do not want to reject the sinful thoughts

If you sin:

Tell God your sorry

Wholeheartedly try not to do the sin again

See if th ere is any area of your life that needs deliverance in

Guilt, shame and condemnation now come from Satan

They were removed at Calvary along with the guilt and punishment of any sin you have done, are doing or will do

The Holy Spirit will convict you but not make you feel guilty, ashamed or condemned

Use the five steps to deal with the situation,

The Five steps expanded

Step 1

Give the weakness (Moral or physical), the problem you have, any area of sin, things that have upset you or things you want to do properly and anything else The Holy Spirit tells you, for Jesus to be Lord of along with the causes, results and anything else associated with what is being given. Something like:

Lord Jesus I give to you everything to do with (name the thing being given here) including the causes, results and anything else associated with it for you to be in control of and look after it for me

Step 2

You must forgive anyone who has hurt you and repent (stop doing) of any sin you are deliberately doing.

Lord, I promise I will try not to be angry with anyone and I forgive those that have hurt me and I will try to stop doing any wrong thing I am doing.

Step 3

Then you cast out Satan and command him to take all he did to you with Him and go to Jesus to be dealt with.

Satan, Jesus says you must now go to him and take everything you did to me with you and so go to Him and be punished for what you did to me.  I command this in the Name of Jesus

Step 4

Command healing and restoration.

Jesus said He would heal me of all you did to me as well as give back to me all you stole from me Satan so I command this in the Name of Jesus

Step 5

Now you must ask The Holy Spirit to fill you so the demons cannot come back in.

Holy Spirit please fill me completely so the demons cannot come back in .

Thank you Jesus.

Weapons of warfare


Every soldier needs to know their defences and their weapons so that these can be used to fight the battle properly. As the battle is spiritual our weapons are found in our handbook on all things spiritual, The Bible and are given to us by Jesus, our commander.

As a citizen of The Kingdom of God your duty is to learn as much as you can about your weapons and defences so that you can use them properly.

If there was no battle we would not need amour or weaponry .  The fact God provides these to His Citizens indicates there is a need for them to be used so that there must be a battle to use these in.

As there is a battle you must fight or go under unless you are resting, training or being trained for the battle.

Every Christian following Jesus is at war, if only because they are hated by Satan and he is trying to destroy them.  Satan is the enemy of your king and never sleeps so that he is always seeking ways to attack you. Thank God he is limited in what he can do as he is not allowed to attack you more than you can stand (1Cor 10:13) and only when your King says he can.

The citizens have weapons to defeat the enemy but these weapons are of no use if the citizen does not have the knowledge of them, how they are used, the maturity to use them and the desire to use them.  There is also armor provided for the citizen to assist them in this battle.

The Bible plainly states what you should be doing, as a citizen, in this battle so that you are without excuse to ignore it.  If you really want to obey Jesus and fight this battle then He will send people to train you and you will also have the help of The Holy Spirit in this training and battle.

The Christian life is a series of attitudes resulting from what a person believes. The armor is one of these groups of attitudes. The attitudes of the armor result in maintaining your side of the salvation relationship (Jn 17:3) and the maintaining of our position in the Kingdom of God as a citizen of that Kingdom. Because of this relationship we are in a position for Jesus to protect us and use us to defeat Satan.

The Armor of a Christian

This armor has no rear protection as a citizen is always to face the enemy and be ready to attack them or hold ground as is necessary.  There is no way to turn your back on the enemy and run from the battle without being seriously hurt.

It is only as you trust God to provide the parts of the armor that you will use it and fight for Him.  If you cannot trust what your King provides you will not use it.

The more a citizen loves their King and spends time with Him and seeing his Love working for them, the more they want to serve and represent their King and protect what is His.

The armor is a result of our attitudes and resultant position in The Kingdom, of God and as long as we maintain these attitudes correctly Satan cannot harm us spiritually or cause us to lose our salvation (Rev 3:5). Satan has to persuade you to give up a God’s viewpoint about something so that you will accept his viewpoint and do something God does not want you to do (sin).

The armor is not physical as it is designed to protect you in a spiritual and mental battle. Which why your armor is a result of your relationship to Jesus and your position in The Kingdom resulting from your attitudes towards the King and His things.

Armor is put on by a person before they goes into battle. It identifies them as belonging to a certain army and ruled by a particular king. It allows them to fight with the weapons provided by their master. In the armor, they are  be protected by Jesus and are able to attack the enemy and plunder the enemy’s territory!  The armor of the Christian is received at salvation and it is developed as you mature as a Christian in the things that form the armor. It is proof you belong to Jesus and The Kingdom of The Father and are a part of their army on earth.

An Overview of the Armor

The attitudes of a person who has The Armor of God on them:

v10 They trust their King and their relationship with Him

v11 The fight The King’s Enemy, which is why they put on the amour. It is not just for show!

v12 They realize their enemy and the battle is spiritual

v13 and the only way to defeat the enemy is to use The King’s

Methods to fight him

v14 They know the truths to defeat the lies of the enemy

v15 they know the Gospel of The Kingdom and the freedom it brings people

v16 They trust Their King in all things so the enemy cannot in any way get them to doubt their King or His love

v17 They know they belong to the King and use His truths about

Him and The Battle (The Bible) to defeat the enemy

v18 They are guided by The Holy Spirit, supporting each other in this battle to the death

v19 They are guided by this Godly teacher (The Holy Spirit) who leads them into the truth of their King, teaching them how to live and how to fight this battle.

The Weapons of a Christian

These are the two main resources of God for this battle:

The delegated authority of Jesus used according to His Will (Mark 16:17, John 14:13). When you command anything in Jesus’ Name you are declaring you doing so in accordance with His Will and can only do so if it is actually in accordance with His will. If it is not in accordance with God’s Will Jesus may still do it for the sake of the person being ministered too.

The Sword of The Spirit, which is the Word of God.  The truths of The Bible (The Word God) sets you free from the mental assaults of the kingdom of the enemy as well as protecting your mind (John 8:32).  The truths of God are used to attack the lies of Satan and free people from these as well as guide you to know what your King requires of you as a citizen of The Kingdom of God.

The Holy Spirit is the one who teaches you and guides you in what you are to do as well as to help you to do it.  The Holy Spirit knows the strategies of your King and can guide you to fulfill your part in these. He also will show you areas you need to deal with so that there are no weaknesses or wrong attitudes for the enemy to use to attack you.

The committing of all problems, circumstances and needs to Jesus to be lord of is important in an attack. This removes the area from Satan’s attack and is usually the first step in a battle. (The framework of the five steps is designed to do this).

Our attitude should be to seek the Will of Jesus in all we do so that His Kingdom is expressed to all around as well as His character (the character of its King).

The Word of God (His Truths)

The Truths of The Bible fight the lies of the demons in our minds and give us our foundation for spiritual warfare, deliverance and healing ministry. Thus, the Bible encourages meditation on God’s word as it will clear your soul, give you understanding of the things of God, fill your mind so that the demons cannot place thoughts in it, and give you joy as you meditate on the Word, Jesus and the promises He has made to you! This also gives the Holy Spirit a source to use and draw from as He teaches you.

The Name of Jesus (Word of Command)

This is the authority of Jesus delegated to you that allows you to command a demon to leave. It is the only authority you have been given that enables you to command a demon to leave (Mark 16:17). You know that when the delegated Authority of Jesus is exercised in accordance with the Will of God, it will come to pass.

You may wonder at the implication in modern Bibles that we do not have this authority. They cast doubt on the passage containing it being in the original documents and makes you wonder why they do not want you to have authority over Satan. Satan has tried to alter modern Bibles to remove the knowledge of the delegation of authority from Christ which empowers the believer to triumph over Satan.

This means you cannot use a modern translation to justify your use of The Name of Jesus when you cast out Satan.  You wonder what else they got wrong.

I cannot imagine God removing this delegation from the Bible. So who did then and under what authority did they do it.  It does not appear Jesus gave the authority to remove it.?

The Guidance of The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit can see the whole spiritual side of the battle so His advice is very valuable. He expresses His advice directly to you or through people using the various gifts He has given them: Words of Knowledge, Words of Wisdom, Prophecy, and Discernment of Spirits. He guides us through the battle as He is the only one who can see the full spiritual perspective of the battle as well as the impact of our actions done in obedience to Jesus.

God will give you what you need in order to do His work (Matthew 6:33). He will equip you emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and in any other way He needs too.

In Conclusion

God is Love and all He does to you is out of this Love for you.  It is up to you how you respond to it.  You will have no one else to blame for your eternal fate but yourself.  Choose wisely.  Choose the things of God eternal life.


Whatever you do will be a result of the choices you make.  Good (Godly) choices will result in God blessing you.  Bad ones will result in Satan hurting or using you.  Make Godly (good) choices and you will mature as a person and as God desires you to mature.

If you do not give your problems to Jesus to deal with as He desires too on your behalf but deal with them yourself you will always have pain and/or confusion.

Memorise the Five Steps and learn how to deal with Satan and the attacks He makes on you and it will be easier to make Godly choices and avoid the traps Satan makes for you.

You also need to know the truths of God as these will set you free from Satan’s snares so that He cannot trap you in them.