After Deliverance

Deliverance removes demons from your soul so that have nothing in you they can use so they have to make you accept something in that area again for them to be able to use and they use areas you have been delivered from and are not strong in.

Their attacks do not mean you have not been delivered. It means one of two things:

You missed something or

They are on the outside trying to get back in.

Why does Jesus allow it: He allows it to either to:

Remove more demons or

Strengthen an area of your life you are weak in.

The solution is to use the five steps in case you need deliverance in that area attacked and also because they remove any attack and strengthen the Lordship of Jesus in an area attacked. For the first 10 years I had to use the five steps a lot but they are more careful in the attacks because they know what will happen when they attack – that the five steps will be used to send them to Jesus.

Having wrong thought or feelings does not mean you are evil. It means Satan has lost you in that area and is trying to get you back. You are only evil if you act on these things.

Satan uses thoughts placed in your mind, or feelings and emotions placed on your body to attack you hoping you will thing they are yours and act on them. You will know by their affect in you whether they are from Satan or God because of the lack of peace you feel when you have them.

The five steps will always remove and demons and remove attacks