All must do Deliverance

17  But these signs will accompany these who believe: in my name they will cast out demons, and they will speak in new languages.

Webster’s Dictionary

DELIVER, v.t. [L. Free, disengaged; to free, to peel.]

1. To free; to release, as from restraint; to set at liberty; as, to deliver one from captivity.

2. To rescue, or save.

Deliverance is the act of delivering

On earth everything is in bondage to Satan.

When you become a Christian The Father removes you (delivers you) from the kingdom of Satan to His Kingdom.  However some things from Satan’s kingdom are still there until you make Jesus their Lord.  In otherwords you do not just say He is Lord but develop the attitudes to make and keep Him as Lord.

Until objects are given to Jesus to be Lord and the demons from them removed these areas are able to be attacked by  Satan because they do not belong to Jesus.

The casting out of Satan is a form of deliverance which means objects and people can be delivered by casting out Satan.

Deliverance of people was not specifically mentioned by Jesus because it is included in the command.  This means that every Christian should know how to deliver people and objects.  This is easy when you know how Jesus meant it to be done.

Satan made it complicated and appear dangerous which is why most people do not do deliverance on people.

As it is part of a command of Jesus you need to learn to do it.