Appreciation of God

God is a closed system.

There is nothing outside of Him

Everything is:

Contained in Him

Given existence by Him

Sustained by Him

Given life by Him

Given what it needs to live

God will not control our will, so if people reject Him (sin) or desire to reject Him, He is bound by His own rules to let them do the wrong action but also reserves the right to punish them, a right every king has against those that rebel (reject) against Him and his rule.

What He does for us are reasons we should thank Him and in every thing we do we should make certain it is what He desires us to do. Our focus in life needs to be on the king and His Will for us in all we do.

We should appreciate:

What God has done for us

What He said He will do for us

His Love for us that provides all we need

Not to do so is a wrong appreciation of whom God is!