Authority and Ministry

All correct authority is from heaven.  Man has not been delegated the authority to give spiritual authority to another.

Denominations are the manufacture of men and are only legal entities not been created under Bible authority and so cannot give spiritual authority and can only give legal authority.

A person may fulfill a denominational role having spiritual authority but that is only because God has given it to Him.

When you examine authority in The Bible it is never spiritual or controlling but serves, advises and encourages so that authority as practiced in the denomination or church is usually not biblical but legal.

When roles are examined in The Bible (see Acts 6) ministers are to wait on God so they can advise and help people with their spiritual life and not to become involved in the day to day running of the church.  That is delegated to deacons while the elders help the minister in their role as spiritual advisor, comforter and encourager to the Body.

Spiritual Authority is the right to determine what a person does spiritually.

Ministry is service of another for their benefit.

As we have a king we told by Him what is required of us in each of these areas.  He determines what each person does in His Kingdom and everything we do must b e able to be traced back to His requirements of us.

He has given us The Holy Spirit to guide us in ministry and to lead us spiritually so that we really do not have authority over another unless The Spirit has given to us on behalf of Jesus..

If you are not certain Jesus has authorised what you are doing (as told to us by The Bible or The Holy Spirit) then you may be doing the wrong thing, even though in the eyes of  the church or the world it \appears to be the correct thing.

This is why you need to learn to hear The  Holy Spirit clearly so that you know what you are doing is from God for yourself or from man's guidelines and rules such as churches and denominations have for their members.

So the first test of any ministry or authority is to determine if it is from God or from the suggestions of Satan.

IF it is from God it will:

Line up with what The Bibles says we should do

Advance or serve The Kingdom of God in some way

Express God's quality of Love

Help or encourage someone in their Christian life, even if only to show God has not forgotten them.

If it does not do all of these then examine carefully the source of the suggestion for that authority or ministry as it may not be from God or you may not see what appears to be missing of these four things but they are there in some way.

It must be remembered that we serve Jesus and He is the one that tells us what to do, when to do it and how to do it and not man or his guidelines.  As for spiritual authority, Jesus has not delegated this to man in The Bible and specifically states He is our spiritual authority in 1 Pet 2:25 so that anyone who claims spiritual authority over another except temporarily for the purposes of mentoring is displacing Jesus and has made themself into an idol for all who follow this supposed spiritual authority.