In Conclusion

You will only get out of your betrothal and marriage what you put into it:

Love your betrothed (future spouse) as Jesus Loves them and show them respect and courtesy and appreciation of who they are

Do not lead them into sexual sin or similar and load them with guilt

Prepare each other for marriage through serving and helping each other with problems and weaknesses as well as removing all fear in the relationship (deliverance may be necessary).

Concentrate on preparing, as a couple, the things needed for wedding ceremony, honeymoon and living together as a married couple

Learn to serve each other in the daily things of life

Learn to express love to your partner without the need for petting and/or sex

Be led by The Holy Spirit in all you do individually and as a married couple.

In all things keep Jesus central and the focus of each of you and the betrothal and marriage will be as He desires it to be and He will be able to bless it in the way he desires to bless it with children and service to The Kingdom of God.