Exposure in the betrothal period

A woman needs the security of being loved for whom she is and if a man starts wanting to look at her body and not who she is as a person she loses a sense of security and wonders whether he likes her for whom she is or her body.

She will expose herself to her husband in the marriage act after the wedding and treasure the complete giving of herself to him.  Exposing her before this sours this precious time and she will not feel as special as she should as she has lost some of her specialness through previous exposure of her body.

Anything that mars this special time on the wedding ever will mar the specialness of the event in her heart.

Keep your betrothed’s body till the act of marriage and focus on the relationship and who she is as a person and you will reap dividends your whole married life.

Exposing yourself to your betrothed or spouse

A woman’s body, displayed wholly or partly naked, should only be seen by her husband or doctor. or nurse  The husband: when they have sex, she is changing her clothes or bathing or they are conducting heavy petting or similar, and the doctor for medical purposes and then even they are to expose only what they need to see.  This stops a woman being the subject of lust, lewdness or pornographic displays, all which demean women.

Likewise, a man should also only be seen naked for the same reasons a woman can be seen naked.

If a person loves their betrothed the physical is not important.  It is the mere fact that you want to see your spouse’s body and not who they are that causes the problems, especially with women exposing any part of themself except in time if intimacy such as sex and heavy petty where it is appropriate to be so exposed in part of whole.

Note, being naked with your spouse is not God’s definition of intimacy.  It is Satan’s.

Expansion of the above

A woman who loves Jesus does not want a man to focus on her body but on who she is as a person and does not want to exposer herself to him until they are married.  This results in the spiritual being built up and not the physical.  It also means the commitment of marriage is there so that she can freely expose herself to her husband in the marriage act and afterwards as she desires for the sake of giving each other pleasure.

A woman who follows the worldly ways of Satan is told to reveal her beauty and use it to attract men so she shows off her body and is willing to expose it and offer it for her boyfriend to use sexually.  She has been taught sex = love and it is not necessary to be married to have sex so she has it when she wants it or when he asks her for it so she can ‘keep’ her future spouse or boyfriend as well as express her ‘love’ for him through sex and heavy petting.  The spiritual is neglected and the physical pleasure is the focus of the relationship.  This type of relationship lasts as long as the woman’s beauty or until they tire of the physical relationship unless they both become Christians.

Inside people is a need to be appreciated for who they are and not what they look like although this is important to women.  Men who desire women for their looks leave a part of the woman unfulfilled and this will affect the relationship.

A man should love his wife for who she is as a person and not what she looks like but he should appreciate what she looks like and love her how she is.  When she exposes her body to him in marriage he should appreciate it and tell her so but also reinforce that sex is the result of the love have they for each other and not a cause of it.

Always look at the eyes of your future spouse and let them see the love in it for you.  In their eyes will be a reflection of how much you love them.

The intimate act of love was designed by God to seal marriage and the commitment of the husband and wife to become ‘one flesh’ and this is both spiritual as well as physical. (The physical is always the result of a spiritual decision of some kind, even if only of obedience to God).  When Adam and Eve fell into sin as a result of their choice to defy God  they saw their nakedness and were ashamed.  Not because they were naked but because they had sinned.

When a woman is asked to reveal her body to another for sexual or other reasons it implies there is a depth of relationship only seen in marriage and that it is their spouse asking to see their nakedness for the purposes of cementing the marriage further. This also has spiritual implications. This exposure before marriage is against the act of marriage (sex) and the unity this act results in and therefore invites demonic spiritual interference and counterfeit of the marriage act (premarital sex).

A woman needs the assurance and safety of the covenant of marriage to have the correct sense of relationship and commitment so that she feels protected and secure within the sexual boundaries set by God.  Otherwise there is a sense of being used or defiled at a spiritual level because they are not in a correct relationship with the person spiritually so that sex in the physical feels wrong and the woman feels used or like a prostitute.  This happens especially when a woman allows a spouse to see her body for the purposes of keeping him or getting self-esteem from what he says or does to it.

Many women, Christian or otherwise, cannot explain why they  feel ‘used and abused’ when they are asked or enticed to expose themselves outside the safe place of the marriage covenant.  Even in the marriage if the husband does not have the right spiritual intent or reason to be intimate with his spouse she will also feel this sense of defilement.

This is why it is so important to be spiritually and emotionally right with your spouse before you have sex  because the spiritual must be in place or the physical will not be satisfactory and fulfilling and the spouse will feel used.

Sex begins when you wake up in the morning and the preparation continues through the love and appreciation you show of  your spouse through out the day.  You do not just jump into bed and have sex unless you have no emotions in which case you need deliverance.

Any man who truly loves his wife for who she is will not ask  her to exposer her nakedness to him or have sex with her before marriage.  If either desire to show the other their nakedness or have sex before marriage then they need deliverance so that the relationship can be as God intended it to be.

Another aspect of exposing yourself before marriage

There are two aspects to marriage:  the spiritual (God controls) and the physical (controlled by God’s laws of how the marriage is to be expressed).  Ideally the physical is an expression of the spiritual.  The expression of the marriage (nakedness and exposure of yourself to your spouse can only occur in marriage.

The betrothal period is a period of spiritual interaction where the spiritual side of the marriage is developed to later be expressed in the physical.  To express the physical before the marriage proper is to sin as it is not in the order God made things to be.  Only as you are in a position to express the physical (married or conducting the ‘act of marriage) can you correctly express the physical in a relationship.  To do so otherwise is sin.