Biblical Authority


In The True Bible it records accurately what God says is to be done.

In the modern versions man works out what God wanted to say.  In other words “man says what God is to say” by working out what they believe God meant to say.  They believe God was not able to preserve His words down through the ages. In other words their God is not a real God as He has little or no control over the transmission of what He originally said.  In other words He does have not authority over all things like the true God of The Bible has.

This means modern bibles cannot be said to really represent what the true God has said but may at times be correct but they cannot prove this because they believe there are only copies of what He said available and no original documents to compare to what they say.

No wonder the church is in a mess when it uses man’s decision, incorrect as they may be, to evaluate the spiritual things of God and, because of their evaluating what God said from their own perspective, impose their own biases and beliefs on The Bible!

So modern bibles are really man inspired which is why modernist (non-biblical) agendas are now accepted by many Christians.

So Jesus asks?

Do you use a proven Bible (The King James) that can trace its source documents back to the early church, or a modern Bible who editors assumes they know what God wanted to say.

The King James, which treats Jesus as The Son of God and redeemer. or modern bibles that treat Him as a mere human and unable to redeem you.

Which do you use, Jesus asks?

(Neville Salvetti 21 Aug 2016)